Good Trade, Bad Trade: Round 7

So we are heading into round 7 and the beginning of a very important month of football where trading in our dream teams will be more common than an eagles free kick for a ‘high tackle’. These trades will go a long way to shaping your team before the multi bye rounds and ultimately whether or not you will be having a crack at the FJ or not.  What trades are the go this week? Well I think Darryl Braithwaite sung a song about that

We’ll go riding on the Horsley (yeah yeah)

Mature age recruit Kyal Horsley will go close to being the most traded player in a round ever, and rightly so. KHorse and started off with huge bang, and with a b/e of -146 and projection of $104,000 in the first week,  he will definitely be making his way into The Running Man this week.  The question for which cow was covered by chook (fortunately, he didn’t cover captains), but other stagnating  midpricers like Chris Masten (+$84k ) or John McCarthy (+$72,500)  may provide a healthy injection of cash to your coffers. No doubt it will come down to your teams bye structures and which rookies have a visit from the general this week (I think Shiel is due IMO)

Hello this is Arnold, your instructor.

As Mr Universe instructed, DOWN. UP. DOWN .UP, come on, more energy! A popular strategy is to upgrade to a premium player as soon as that extra cash is available for culling a cow, but is this the best strategy?  Currently we have rookie prices players such as Greene, McDonald, Shiel pumping premium like scores in absence of midfield guns Ablett ( for those patient enough to keep him) and Joel Selwood,  why would you cull them now?  These players still have very low b/e and plenty of fattening to do, while some premiums had below par weekends and will be due for substantial price falls and will need to wait a few more weeks. Other rookie gun Taylor Adams is also on the bubble this week, so maybe a ‘down down’ (oh no, not the Coles ads) trading strategy may the best strategy this week to build your team for the bigger picture.

Ruck my life

The ruck line continues to cause the biggest headaches in DT this season with popular ruck Ben Mcevoy going down with a 6 week injury to his knee. Comeback king Hamish McIntosh is still relatively good value ($402,00 b/e 43) and a solid option. Looking down at rookies, long term injuries to the other Josh Kennedy could give an extended  run to rookie ruck Scott Lycett, but more about that next week. The issues of the big O (more like the big Oh FFS) and Jarrad Redden still not getting a guernsey only adds to the conundrum, but there is no point trading them as they will likely get a game once you have traded them out, and to rub it in, get a game in the the bye rounds.

Goodes not so

This week we saw Mr Durable himself Adam Goodes receive a long term injury, going down with a hip flexor for 6 weeks and needing to be traded out, and now his usual 2nd half season domination in real doubt. With Goodes having the same bye as Nat Fyfe, there are a plethora of options in the same round such as cats Chapman, Johnson, Christensen Dockers Pavlich and Pearce, but magpie Dayne Beams looks like the most likely candidate to come in for Goodes, averaging 114.3 for the last 3  rounds andwill very likely be in the top 7 forwards of the season.  with a b/e of 56, he aint gonna be under $500k anytime soon.

This is personally my favourite time of the DT season ( probably cos I get to trade a lot) so get discussing what trades you’re doing this week!

**apologies for the shortness this week, I have been at a work conference since Monday, and wrote this on the plane home

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