DT TALK Live 2012: Round 7




  • loving your work lads – time to ride the Horse…

  • Hey Guys, can you start the show a bit later, about 8:30 would be awesome.
    Also looking forward to seeing chopa next week.
    Warnie, can you get a decent cap…the one you wear looks one from a show bag in the 1980’s.
    Roy, you have a Fosters shirt on and drinking imported rubbish. At least support aussie jobs and drink our beer mate.
    Great show considering could only watch last 15 mins live. Will now watch the rest of it with a cold aussie beer in hand.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Yeah, can you please revolve your life around Grotto, I don’t really enjoy watching the shows unless it suits him.

      Thanks a bunch.

      • If you dont ask you wont know. As teachers I know they knock off at 3:30 so they have plenty of time to be ready by 7:30. For some of us we are just getting home or having dinner or playing sport or putting kids to bed or……..Later might be better for some (lots) or viewers???????

        • If only life as a teacher started at 9 and finished at 3.

          It’s a little more complicated than that mate.

        • But yeah, let’s make sure they revolve their life around us, right Grotto?

          • Personally I would love to see it move to Fridays in the lead up to lockout. I think you would get far more views as many of us dream team fanatics play footy ourselves and have training on a thursday night.

  • Who to trade out for Horsley out of Toby Greene, Magner, Coniglio, McDonald, Treloar or D Smith?

    Feeling Magner but not completely sure.

    • Take Greene, Mcdonald, D. Smith and Treloars name out of that and you’ve cut down the names. Yeah go Magner or Conigs

    • Cannot possibly trade out Greene, Treloar and McDonald. The rest are cullable, but I think Smith has a bit more value to gain in the short term, so I’d be trading the others out first. I went for Magner myself, and haven’t paid any attention to Cogs as he is not relevant to my team.

      So yeah, I reckkon Cogs/Magner first, depending on who you have your eye on for upgrades/byes.

  • on the game plan the guy said gazzas a guarantee to play!

    whether he’s right or not….

    • might be a late withdrawal i hope so. traded him out for stanton in rd 5 when he got 77. my opponent has him.

  • Clancee Pearce.

    DT suicide? Can’t afford much else and really don’t like/want Dangerfield.

    Also, A Kennedy or Magner. Lose DPP if I go A Kennedy but hopefulley get it mack with Zorko soon.

    Or go Magner and Hope Kennedy lifts then go Kennedy to Zorko and never loose DPP.

    • Don’t like dangerfield either but gotta like his numbers, especially hard ball gets.
      If you want to succeed at DT you can’t pick / not pick players cos their knobs.

    • I think Clancee was a good value pick before round 1, and probably a few rounds later, but at this stage, I’d rather go for a tried and tested performer. That’s not to say I don’t think he can’t put out the same numbers, as I do, but I think you could probably pick up players who offer less risk/same reward in other lines.

      On pure value, I don’t think he’ll lose you money, so you can’t really go wrong.

  • Toot Toot Chugga Chugga big red car #the_dt_wiggles_are_back
    Nice work again guys hey porps or c cornes a 7th def have dickson on bench

    • Why have you got cornes????????

      • not sure really got him in for beams just B4 rd 3 lockout not sure Y. Hoped he would consistently get 115+ scores

        • Would go porps and trade cornes before his value drops any further due to that 25.

        • Wow, that backfired pretty fucking epicly.

          DT Rule #0.00000001: Don’t doubt your premiums.

          I think you should relax and let it all wash over you FMDT, there’s not much you can do to fix the destruction you have wrought on your team.

          Why did you not jump off Dickson 3-4 weeks ago? Why did you downgrade a premo to a mid pricer?

          I expect 70-80 from Porps, but you would think Cornes has the capacity to score higher this week given he’s playing a low ranked team.

          • Good advice junglemuffin….just hold and see how cornes goes v gold coast. You must be spewing you got rid of beams….

          • Yes i am Motto. Looks like i’ll be going porps on bench and cornes on field.

  • Warnie, IMO green vest should stay until the ball is bounced to start the next round.
    Fashion tip: Basketball umpires shirt under green vest with red flanny is not a good look.
    Farken funny though…..

  • Or should i put dev smith on bench instead of props?

    • d smith fwd pocket score more than porps?

    • Toss a coin FMDT. I have changed and swapped and DPPed the rookies all year and every time my emergency outscores most of my on fielders, unless they are needed.
      I reckon I have dudded myself at least 500 points this year by unlucky (bad) decisions.
      Not including the doughnuts due to late withdrawls and lying coaches.

  • If you have a serious set of balls, Beams could be an ultimate captain smokey, I just can’t see how he will be held accountable vs Brisbane!

    • I haven’t looked at the numbers yet but I really don’t have alot to choose from for the Cap’n so I’m thinking of Frontbum.

      Ya never friken know…

      • But once you do the numbers you can confidently scrtch that idea.

        I got no one this week ffs. Ablett, Pendo, Jelwood or Boyd.

        Might have to trust me ol’ mate GAJ.

  • both named fwd pockets whos gonna score better?
    Porps got 88 from pocket last week against sydney.
    Smith had 97 against carlton (GO BLUES!!!) ummm not sure where played though

  • Get a green high vis vest for Warn Dawg, better than the shirt. Would be more flattering on his manly frame, show off those shoulders etc.

    P.S Warn Dawg, who needs the hat when you have GAJ setting the setting the trends!!!

    • Haha, could put the green high vis vest, with a construction helmet, and call him “The TRADIE” considering his penchant for trading guys like GAJ out of his team :P

  • At least get a bigger size vest for Warnie if he’s going to be wearing it the rest of the year.

    Looks more like someones stolen their teenage sisters boob tube.

    • Thats farken funny….
      I assume Warnie is married cos no single man who hopes to score in the next millenia would wear that.
      My wife constantly complains about my dress apathy since I sucked her into marrying me ; )

    • Oh no u didn’t :O!!!!!

  • I missed Treloars first price rise. Will Treloar be a better trade than T Adams?

  • Hey boys, long long time reader. Thought it was about time I commented and got noticed on this site!
    Great show again, would rather watch this on Telly than on a laptop! Why you guys don’t have a show on telly is beyond me, hopefully next year as that news report or today tonight report thing or whatever it was on you boys was a good step!

    It’s Friday and here comes another good week of Dream Team!

    Need to ask a question though. Because the last game of this round is Monday night, will we have to wait till Tuesday until lockout is over?


    • Should get away with Monday night, probably 9pm EST. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was open a bit sooner.

  • I miss chopper, is he any chance to return one day?

  • I luv when Warnie gets the green vest, it really accentuates his man boobs.

  • I love your work guys

    the still photo reminds me of the foo fighters low film clip