A League Win

Stop reading if you are chasing the car.

My sole goal is to destroy my mates in my league, win a few beers, a bit of coin and most importantly have gloating rights all summer.  There are many tricks to a league win, and I am just going to run through a few I have picked up to start.  Feel free to have a crack at me, but I speak generally and there are exceptions to all the generalisations and issues I raise below.   But I want to highlight the issues and then you apply them, adapt in your own way to your league – the one you must win!


Firstly ladder position at round 19 is not that important, so clear out that competitive nature of yours, you do NOT have to be no 1 on the ladder to achieve the right result. Your sole goal in the home and away season  is too finish top 8, lets hope top 4, starting finals with 4-6 trades.  You need the trades in finals, monitor and guard them with your life.  Plan them out now roughly if you really do care.   Analyse the teams in your comp, know your weak links, easy wins, likely losses.  Do what you need to do to make finals, and minimise your trading where possible.   The trick is not to leave your run too late, whilst cashing up so you do not make top 8.  You may cop a bit of flack from your mates during the home and away but suck it up… until finals, then let rip.

I can almost guarantee that the top 2 in your league will have 0-1 trades left heading to finals.  They are going to fall over themselves with a any LTI’s etc.  Let them have their minutes glory during the home and away, hold your fire – smack’em in the finals.    Finishing 8th with 6 trades is more important that finishing first with 0-1 trades.

The other little trick, is pretend to you mates, that you have used more trades than you have, I use a plus 3 rule, so you don’t forget.  ie. I have used 19 trades however when my mate rang on Friday I told him 16 – he promptly traded as only used 17.    Feel free to encourage mates to trade unnecessarily, in any way you like.


For a League win this is just as important as trades.  Much more important if chasing a public league win.  You need to set your team for round 20, start thinking strategy now, especially if you are certain of a top 8 finish.  The biggest problem with round 20 is Collingwood v Swans at ANZ.  The Swans are a shut down side and merciless on DT gods.  Beware, you have been warned.

Hawks v Melbourne, GC V GWS.  These will likely be ripper DT friendly games.  Gablett if on the park, might smash out a lazy 150.  But the first GWS v GC game yesterday needs to be reviewed.   I have not done that.   Overall you need to get across round 20 now, and work out who you think will rip out a lazy tonne, and who will stink it up.  We all know that Swan is better than Mitchell, but in round 20 who will you back?  A big call, made way to early but I am backing Mitchell for round 20.

The Problem with the Hawks is round 22 – tragically they run into the Swans at the SCG.   Load up with Hawks for round 20 & 21.  Trade a couple for Round 22.   GWS actually has a great run, in some respects through the finals.  GC round 20 and then Melbourne in round 21.  Melbourne by that time, may have a new coach… but if they have not sacked him yet and run the current game plan of ‘absolute feeble efforts’, at about that time the Melbourne players themselves look for a new coach ala Geelong game.   I think GWS will get plenty of the ball and rack up at leisure the DT points in two consecutive games.   Hence say a Greene might be good for 2 tonnes in consecutive weeks….   So do you upgrade him… to Swan type or hold, save the trade ahh the imponderables of DT.

Anyway could analyse every game and team but wont at this stage, give everyone something to think about on a league win against the boys. I have plenty of other tricks up my sleeve..  so all good.  I note my name could not be published as my mates will read this…


  • Good Stuff

  • Team:

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Birchall, Scotland, Hargrave, Bugg, Ellis( Brown, Townsend )

    MIDS: Pendles, Boyd, J.Selwood, J. Kennedy, A. Swallow, Horsely ( Shiel, Gibson )

    RUCKS: Sandi, Macca ( Giles, Redden )

    FWDS: Franklin, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Robinson, Treloar, D.Smith ( Couch, Hall )

    What do you reckon the trades should be this week?

  • Great article and some nice ideas there.
    I have 19 trades (after 2 this week) and sitting pretty on 5th spot, losing only to some guy who has either made tonnes of trades or somehow picked all the right mid pricers. Most likely the first. so looking ok for a private leauge win

  • Team:

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Birchall, Scotland, Hargrave, Bugg, Ellis( Brown, Townsend )

    MIDS: Pendles, Boyd, J.Selwood, J. Kennedy, A. Swallow, Horsely ( Shiel, Gibson )

    RUCKS: Sandi, Macca ( Giles, Redden )

    FWDS: Franklin, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Robinson, Treloar, D.Smith ( Couch, Hall )

    What do you reckon the trades should be this week?

    I’m thinking about going for D. Smith to another cash cow and A. Swallow to Ablett.

    • why would you trade out swallow now? the whole article was about saving trades. just wait till the cows fatten up and get ablett in for one of them.

  • I like the ideas presented here, and in no way am I having a crack at the author, but some of the punctuation in this article is just horrible…

    • No offense but your a tool…

      Still offends doesn’t it…. Why don’t you write an article?

      • You can’t deny that I’m correct though.

        • Just seems picky to me. I focused on the content, not the grammar each to there own… I try to be positive and support the contributors to this FREE resource rather than be a hero and pick them up on mistakes.

        • You shouldn’t throw rocks…

          “You can’t deny that I’m correct though.”

          Didn’t you just ask a question with the statement above???????????
          A question mark is your friend. :-)

          • His was a statement, not a question. If he had written “Can you deny that I’m wrong?” then that would have been a question.

      • I agree some of the grammar was not great, but yes, enjoy the article just the same. Please.

      • Calm down rider. Benny is on the money. Punctuation was a bit off.

        The other thing is you might want to be careful of what you say otherwise you might end up looking like an ass.

        Love the blog Benny! Keep up the great work ;-)

        • Cheers Ridley! I’m not meaning to downplay the content, but a little bit of proof reading wouldn’t go astray.

          • I hear ya. Overall though the intended message gets through.

            With all the assignments and reports I have been doing lately I have found that I have become ultra picky with punctuation lol

            Well done holding onto Sandi and Gaz! Fingers crossed you will ride both into contention sooner than later.

        • Sorry whilst Benny has his own site/blog thing going on I don’t remember him regularly contributing articles to this site. If I am wrong, oh well, either way my point was more about the fact he was picking on the authors grammar big deal… I’d rather read compelling information than well drafted crap. Thanks for your input though Ridley it was real helpful.

          • Your point is very valid rider. Maybe the execution was off a little.

            Sounds a little familiar lol

      • you’re*
        Nothing wrong with proper use of spelling and grammar mate so relax

        • ‘Nothing wrong with proper use of spelling and grammar mate so relax’

          *Nothing wrong with proper use of spelling and grammar mate, so relax.
          hahaha gotcha

      • According to Warnie you wanted to remain anonymous but then you jump out to defend the first post that “have a crack at you” (as you asked us to do in your opening paragraph)… Benny was just making an obvious point as it makes the content of your article easier to read and produces a more fluid effect. But we also thank you for contributing and enjoyed the read.

        • I can’t take the credit. Was just trying to support those that do contribute.

    • +1

      Grammar is turrrrrrible

  • Agree with most, but with the MBR I have been quite aggressive as I want wins in the bank before that 3 week lottery, has worked so far. I am still going to have 12+ trades left once my team is complete before those three weeks.

  • Really good write up anonymous.

    Really good points about not having to finish top (top 4 is nice) and looking at the games in the finals.

    Given my current overall performance….league focus it is!

  • This article is GOLD. Bookmark this shit for future reference everyone. I will need all of my 12 trades. Yes. 12. That’s how many I have.

  • Good story. I was never aiming for the car so it was always league wins – apart from the Mighty TKOL league where we are all aiming to finish number 1.

    • I would love to win my league. Myself, 4 close mates, 3 celebs, and the rest random DTTalk members! Would be amazing.

  • Anonymous just what I needed

  • Nice article!
    it is worth getting zaha in now at his cheap price?? or should I wait until i have more $$$ and get a super premo eg. beams, chappy, stevie J???

    • I grabbed Zaha last week. He has had two hundreds in a row (102 and 105 I think) and is looking in good nick. Great buy for his price.

      That said I already had Stevie J, and would have bought him first if I didn’t. Just to confuse you :D

      • cheers

        • Hazza. I also brought in Zaha last week. He is very good value.

          If you have good $ and trades remaining then the other 3 you have mentioned would be my preference though. I chose Zaha as a point of difference from some of the other teams high in the rankings for overall. For me it would be Beams, Chappy, Zaha, Stevie J in that order

          I wouldn’t be contemplating A. Walker.

        • Hazza stop posting this in every article

  • Agree about ladder position – I won my league from 5th last year (GF opp was 6th). I only had 2 trades left going into the finals but had excellent bench cover; I remember Lower cracking a very handy ton in one match.

  • Good points all round and not a bad article.

    At the moment the focus will be at the car but that will change when I slip into obscurity.

    • I like that you are aiming for it. Good luck!

    • I sort of have to Blair for now lol

      Do I think I will win? That would be a definite NO but while I am still in the mix, why not have a shot haha

    • The only car I’ll be chasing, is my partner’s or mate’s car when I realize I’ve left my keys/wallet in it! :-)

      • Haha. That will be me soon enough mate ;-)

        • I’m a bit (really,) drunk, (day off tomorrow,) and I may have already posted this, so incase you missed it here it is again.

          You are a valuable asset to this site, with your well thought out advice/criticsm…….

          Sad thing is I believe your wife will be back soon, or is infact back already, and the number of your posts will decline.

          Seriously, tho, BEST of LUCK, I’d honestly be a nervous wreck if I was ranked anywhere in the top 500,
          I’d definately need Xanax!!! :-)

          • Cheers mate!!

            The wife isn’t back till the end of the month. I do start the new job next Monday though so everyone will be happy to hear that I wont be swamping the forums as much. I will still hopefully contribute as much as I can. As I have said previously, I have been playing this game for a long time just never felt it necessary to appear on these forums. Wish I got involved earlier though as I have had a blast.

            Already had 2 top 200 finishes previously. Last year got down to the last 16 or 32 in the eliminator as well. Was a nervous wreck but failed at the last hurdle. Let’s see what happens aye ;-)

          • +1

            Ridley at 16th overall your comments are valid, insightful and factual. Im back at 422 and just under 500 points from number 1 and look forward to your posts as it helps keep my team progressing up the rankings.

            Also nicely said eeeps – ….. even in you drunken state you can still manage to spell and punctuate.

          • Cheers Gruff, I’ve always taken pride in grammar/punctuation……old school, I guess!
            But, I’ll keep it a secret, as to how long it takes me to type the posts, drunk or not! :-) :-) :-)

            Hangover- Boooo, Day off- Wooohooooo!!!

  • how many trades should we have left at the moment, i currently have 18 but want to get the horse in, should i do this and then leave the 258,000 i would have left in the bank if i want to have those 4-6 trades left for finals

  • Good article mate.

    I know I’m intoxicated, shouldn’t it be I have used 16 trades but when you’re mate called you saidyou had used 19?
    But, yeah some good pointers for those aiming for league win.
    I just want my league to be ranked 1, All the other coaches are “GUNS,” and I’m letting the down!

    It’s like being in a speed boat race and I’m the Anchor!

    • Forget about number 1 league mate! The DT Tigers are on the move. Beware the Tiger lol

      • I think I’ve seen you over @ BennyDT, so all I can say is GO, THE CHALLENGE- HUUU HAAA! :-)

        • Asked a question once over on BennyDT. I really just love reading how the big boys are traveling.

          Have a lot of respect for guys like TKOL, Benny, PKS, yourself, Brapp etc. I may not have been involved in the DT forum world before this year but have followed many of those guys for a while now. Keep up the great work boys!

          • Yes BennyDT is imho the perfect compliment to this site!

            I’ve visited FF, but way too much drivel.
            Same threads over and over and over again, but it would certainly suit the needs of many, just not my cuppa tea!
            We are actually blessed to have all these differen’t sites- DT Smorgasbord!!!

          • Couldn’t agree with you more! Enjoy the rest of your night mate.

            Have a few for me ;-)

          • Nice effort finishing top 200 twice, my best is a top 500! Takes time to figure out whos comments to pay attention too on this site though, not all comments are good, some just make me cringe.

            I am a little hamstrung at times as I work in the mineral exploration industry in WA. I cant express how frustrating it is to a week or 2 without internet during the dream team season, no research during the week, wish I had found this site earlier, do a lot more in a short space of time.

          • Hey mate. Tough job that one. Don’t know if I could live without the internet for a day let alone 2 weeks. How times have changed. I remember growing up in a world where there wasn’t an internet. These days I can chat to a guy working in WA on a site talking about a game based from AFL. The most amazing thing is that I’m not that old even. Well 35 (soon to be 36) doesn’t feel that old lol.

            I understand what you are saying about what to pay attention to and not. At the end of the day I have always said that it is you that hits the buttons so make sure you take full responsibility for the decisions you make. It is great to get advice from others but it should only be advice if that makes sense.

            It looks really dumb now looking at my previous post. I am not one that usually tells people of my past achievements/results as no-one really cares lol. Anyways, whats done is done.

            Hope your season is going well so far!

  • Most of we dter’s want to finish Nr1. All that research etc. In the end do you want a high ranking or a league win. I want both ! I would hazard a guess to say that after the MBR’s that will become a bit clearer for most of us. Luv to make the DT guns league finals and finish top few hundred, can you have it all…probably not, go for it anyway!

  • I will definitely be pushing for a top 4 finish. Doesn’t have to be first but I would really like that little buffer in case of late withdrawals and the like

  • Thinking

    Mcevoy to roughead will be able to move him forward if I get Rowe anyways so seems like the best ruck choice for me
    Other option cox

    Second neale or magner to horse!

    Magner bench keeper but won’t go up as much as neale will at their current prices


    • Good decision with roughead i think, im looking at him also for my ruck upgrade.

      Get rid of magner for sure, not only is he tagging but played in the forward pocket for long periods last week and another mid rookie should pot up eventually who can average enough to be a bench keeper.

      Chad Cornes hahaha

  • An interesting article and thanks for submitting it.

    Have to say, though, that sideways before the last round based on opposition is a huge waste of a trade imho

    • I agree 100% on this, I remember last year in the dreamteam grand final that Hawthorn were playing Gold Coast who were considered the easy beat that everyone rackes up points against. I traded Mitchell in for top $$$ and he scored 90 and I made him captain. I also traded Suckling in as he was chopping it up all year and he scored about 70, 2 totally wasted trades as the people I traded out scored more. Frankin was rested for this game as well. I think that saving a couple of trades is needed for the general soreness only.

  • Exceptional article and man, I have so many LTI’s at the start of 2012 with Goodes, Carrots, Mummy and Gaz all forced trades due to the LTI’s (4+ weeks).

    Looking to win a few leagues and my MIDS: Swan, Murphy, Pendles, Boyd, Thompson. Horsley (Shiel, JMac)

  • Would like some thoughts on my team, going for league win. Team currently is:

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Bugg, Hargrave, Morris, Tomlinson (Smedts, Spurr)

    MID: Boyd, Thompson, Ablett, Jelwood, McDonald, Horsley (Magner, Neale)

    RUC: Giles, Stephenson (Redden, Mumford)

    FWD: Robinson, Sidebottom, Franklin, Zaharakis, Martin, Smith, Porplyzia (Hall, Treloar)

    I have 17 trades left (including the 2 I’ve done this week for Zaha(Goodes) and the Horse(Ellis). I am regularly copping the donut for Mummy but legitimately believe hes a top averaging ruckman and want him there at the end with Sandi. I only have 1 league win so far and starting to think I won’t make it! 685K in the kitty. Should I continue sitting on Mummy? Any other thoughts? Just feels like I’m burning through trades for league losses

    • At the moment I’m thinking keep the trades I’ve made this week, cop the donut, then Scotland + Sandi to come in next week

      • Assuming he’s named of course – getting Sandilands in is a more pressing trade than getting Goodes out, as you will probably cop a 0 in the rucks this week otherwise. Plus you have decent forward cover in Hall and Treloar. The only issue you will have there is round 12 with both Sandilands and Mumford out.

  • Great article, anyone who takes any satisfaction from a league win (most of us) should take note. Only one team can win the car.

    Last year the bye structure meant that coaches had to be mindful of finals draws. This year, the focus is on managing the mutli-bye rounds. Trading in premiums with favourable finals draws will give you an edge on many opponents at the business end of the season.

    In a competative league, it is quite possible to pull off a win from 5th-8th position with an edge in finals matchups and trades in hand. Odds are that half of your top 4 opponents won’t be able to make a trade to cover rested players, which gives you another ace up the sleeve come team selection for that all-important elimination final.

    • I like the article too but I go a step further working out how many trades everyone has used – I track and count them. When it comes to dream trade numbers, coaches tend to speak like politicians.

      If you look at a team’s summary page (via the league ladder), even after matches start, and compare it with with what the match centre says, guess what you can see?

      As I see it, given the team in the final eight, with the highest recent scores and enough trades to cover form drops, injury and “general soreness” basically wins. Top four also helps with the possibility of a double chance if you have a one off hell week.

      To get to finals, I reckon 10 wins gets you in for sure and 14 for top 4. Lower numbers are possible but these are for sure. 14 wins would be great but 10 wins and good team value, at round 19, is a must. Beyond that, ladder positions don’t matter

      I have work to do. I have 4 wins but I’m about 70 points per week behind the top scorer. Perhaps I can bluff him into using too many trades.

  • i have got 18 trades left, i was going to go montagna to horse and bock to goddard. should i save trades at not jump on the horse and sideways bock to grimes or malceski?

    MIDS swan pendelbury jelwood watson montagna mcdonald (shiel magner)

    the only option for horse is getting rid of montagna i think.
    what are your thoughts?

    • or i can downgrade ak40 to a rookie forward from rd 12 or 13 bye (hopefully) and then upgrade bock to goddard. this will help bye structure as well

    • i would be keeping joey and cashing in magner

      • then i would need to trade out swan pendels jelwood or watson for ablett though

  • Nice article mate. I am (at this stage) making a run for the car, but will probably switch it up after the dust has settled from the MBR’s. Would be nice if they could do 3 teams over 6 weeks instead of 6 teams over 3 weeks, but not likely :(

  • Winning ur league is like being the fat kid that got the’ tried hard’ ribbon coming last in a running race.

  • Good article mate.
    I couldnt agree more. I have finished 1st in my private league with my mates for 2 straight years, and for 2 straight years have crashed and burned in the finals. SAVE YOUR TRADES!

  • This week
    Barlow – Horse, then save cash to upgrade fwd’s or backs.

    Next week
    Fwd option Cloke – Sidearse
    Back option Ellis – Heppel

    Good idea or stick with Barlow and Cloke?

  • won from 6th two years ago against a league created with 15 former coaches and current and former players (Couldn’t stand to put langdon in the league). I beat Darcy in the final, my proudest DT moment. Not bad for a yank who has become a student of the game. Top four is def easier though if you win your first final, lets the others spend trades to get through.

  • I’ve been looking for the best fwd or fwd/mid upgrade target and came up with Steve Johnson, Paul Chapman, Clancee Pearce, David Zaharakis, Allen Christensen, Ryan O’Keefe.

    Trouble is that all of them are from clubs with a bye in round 12 and I’m a bit overstocked r12 fwds already!

    Am I missing a good upgrade fwd with a r11 or r13 bye or should I go shopping for a defender instead?

  • I have 15 trades left (I actually have 15 left) should I trade in horsely for a midfielder to grab more cash and T adams for dickson

    • yeh thats a good trade but if you got the money upgrade a mid pricer or cash cow to a premium with the left over money, thats what i would do

      i have 17 left and im planning to get rid of ablett for the horse and upgrading hall for gold coast into mitch robinson, then next week get rid of another rookie for deledio

  • What a load of fuss pots lol!… breezed through the article without a problem. Didn’t really notice anything until someone brought it up. Sometimes there’s no right or wrong when writing. Different people have different styles. I’m sure no-one walked away not understanding what the author was saying. Do you want him to be a fancy author and use fancy words that probably a very large majority of the population can’t understand lol!

    Shame on the guys who brought it up.

    Continue your good work and style Mr. Author