The Friday Scramble: Round 6

Another week, more DT problems.  It seems to be the norm now after we had those two great weeks at the start of the season.  Not only did we have Ablett‘s injury to deal with we had the now well documented Late Withdrawals to contend with.  For me, I copped all 3 of the significant late withdrawals from Birchall, Hargrave and Porplyzia.  Whilst I was ok with Porplyzia being out since they were playing my team, it meant I had to wear Devon Smith’s 39 which didn’t please me, and then my real team lost too which just compounded a very average weekend of footy for me!

But thats what Footy’s all about… there is always next week (until you get to finals of course).  My week started well with the joyful news that Joel Selwood was cleared by the MRP and would be free to play this week, however this was short lived until we found out that Nat Fyfe went down at training and the decision was made to send him off for surgery forcing the hand of those coaches that kept him.  Then to top it off on Wednesday morning we heard that GAJ would probably be out for another 3 weeks with that knee injury making it a 4 week injury!  Now if we had known that from the start many of us would have pulled the trigger straight away!  Then on Wednesday night we hear from Bluey that GAJ may be back in a week.  This is ridiculous!  Who do we believe!!

However, we all know that this is part of the game, we lose players here and there and we have to work around it.

It was always going to end in tears…

Well on Tuesday afternoon the news started to filter through that Nathan Fyfe had hurt his shoulder at training and not long after that was the confirmation that he was going in for surgery that sees his DT season end but for the real stuff maybe come back just before the finals.  So for those that traded him two weeks ago.. well done… however, for those like me that gambled… what to do now?  Well there are a few choices like Cloke, Chappy or TommaHawk.  Check out this article that Warnie put together on What to do with Fyfe?  Then also check out the trade talk article by JimBob.

Is it time to cull the herd?

There has been a lot of talk this week about people starting to cash in those cows that they have out in the paddock.  Some of this talk has come from me!  We have all had a look at them and are starting to get itchy slaughter fingers.  To these people (and myself) I say… hold on just a moment.  DT isn’t a game of emotion and rash decision (really? could have fooled me), but it is a game of science and mathematics.  The first thing I urge you to do before you decide to cash in a cow is to click the little toggle button at the top of the team screen ( you all have assistant coach right?) and ceck out your players BE.  If your guys have some fairly large BE’s that are approaching their expected score or their averages then you should be starting to look at trading them out.

To me there is only really one obvious candidate this week and that is Devon Smith.  He has a BE of 52 and and average of 65.8.  This means that he is dangerously close to that threshold.  However, this was really made worse by him copping the green vest last week.  If it wasn’t for that he would have had an extra week in the fields.   Adam Tomlinson is another that is in this category with a BE of 42 and average of 49.2.  I think that at best these guys have one more week unless they punch out a big score well above their average.  However, the problem here is that Tomlinson is out of the side this week.

Of course all the best advice in this area comes from Chook so go back and read Chooks Rooks from Wednesday and make sure you know everything there is to know.


One of the fun features of DT starts this week and that is the Eliminator.  You can see your opponents now if you click ont he eliminator button.  When you do that you should be pleasantly surprised with how rubbish the team you are playing is (cause we know that everyone that reads this site regularly should be well entrenched in the top half of entries).  For those new to the game, this portion pits you against another team in a knockout competition that is based on the prior weeks weekly ranking.   It is generally fairly easy to get your way through the first two or three rounds of this comp but from there on it can become tricky particluarly if you have an off week and get matched up against a really good team. 

You could get lucky though as I have heard of a lot of teams that are playing against sides that don’t have people actually playing.  One of those is my son’s team.  He was very pleased to see that his side is playing someone that has 11 players that haven’t even taken to the park yet including all 4 of their ruckmen!

 GWS vs Gold Coast

Now I know that this game isn’t on til next week, but I wanted to make a different comparison, that is, that the Gold Coast lineup last year was much more settled and there weren’t wild changes to the lineup each week.  I am sure that this was better for the team and I know that it was certainly better for us DT coaches!  For example, many of us traded in Treloar last week before his first price rise and then BOOM! he is out with the General this week!  Now I know that he had a limited preseason, but surely the guy can play two weeks in a row!  Now the other guy that we are worried about Devon Smith is a chance to miss too after coping a vest last week.

It would be nice if we had an idea what Sheeds is doing!  It is bloody hard to settle a team if we never know who is playing and who isn’t!

Whilst on Gold Coast, what did Aaron Hall do wrong?  The kid has played well but just can’t get a game!

Mmmmm Donuts……

Well last week we managed to find ourselves eating some not so lovely donuts.  This week I reckon we will have quite a few teams finding themselves with some more donuts.  Particlulary those with Treloar, Devon Smith and Hall in your forward line along with Porplyzia who could be another late withdrawal (read my team here).  I am quite nervous about this.  The other people that are nervous (yes me again) are those that have Ablett and Jelwood.  It has been pointed out all week that the Cats are going to take a “conservative approach” with Joel.  This really worries me and what also worries me is that he is named on the interchange?  Since when does your captain get named on the interchange bench??  So I would make sure that you have some cover here on this line just incase Joel is rested.

Things to Remember for Round 6

  1. Trade out Nat Fyfe – We know now that he is out for a minimum of 12 weeks.  And as Warnie pointed out in the live show last night, make sure that you are trading him out for another premium. 
  2. Check your Emergencies – After last week’s carnage, I can’t see this week being any different.  So make sure that you have an emergency in each of the lines that you are weak in or there are rumours of a late withdrawal. 
  3. Check your Captain – Given that we all had a crack at the loophole last week make sure you have reset your C and VC after consulting Calvin’s Captains.  Just make sure you haven’t left Ablett on the field with the C.
  4. Check your team if you used the Reverse Trade button – With the carnage you have probably played with trades this week and reversed them, so make sure your team is set right.

Here is the part of the program where we all join hands and pray… or grab a beer and get pissed to pretend we didn’t hear that our player was a withdrawal this week cause if we have another week like last week it could break a few coaches!  Me included!!

Have a great weekend, hope you score well (but a bit less than me) and let me know in the comments what you are going to do with Fyfe and GAJ.

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  • Who should i play Magner or McCarthy

    • Play Magner – McCarthy is a wasted Mid ave only 79, noticed he is now in the forward pocket

  • In two or three minds with what to do in my midfield…
    Currently have: Boyd, Bartel, Old Mac, Magner, Palmer, Greene (Ablett / Shiel)

    With about $310k in the bank, am looking at a number of options at the moment:
    Palmer -> Swan (Leaves me with ~40k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> JPK (Leave me with ~70-150k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> Ebert (Leave me with ~120-210k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> Power (Leave me with ~140-230k)
    Any other combination of the above…

    I guess the main question is – Do I go with a proven Uber Premo in Swanny, or save some cash and grab the likes of Kennedy or even Ebert who are proving to be value cheaper picks. Leaves room then to upgrade another fat cow to a prem.

    Power also offers DPP status which is handy come the MBR’s… decisions decisions! Any advice/opinions?

  • on my 2nd team…

    currently ranked 2,738.

    should i replace Kruzer?

    which 2 should i start with out of
    A.Kennedy, D, Smith, Cripps, Pfieffer?

    trying to go for the car but not sure if im too far out to get in for it.

  • 2 trades to get steve johnson (including getting rid of GAJ for murphy) or 1 trade to get zaharakis and keep GAJ?

    • im keeping gaz… will be too hard to get him back with the way the season is going with injuries and under performers…

  • Smiths price has pretty much peaked?
    So thoughts on a

    Smith > Cameron
    Gaff > Thompson


    • Smith has peaked if he continues to play less than half a game.
      He scored 39 last week with 34% TOG – worthy of a full game – if he gets one

  • Sub Roughead to Rucks then trade

    Sandilands to Beams

    D.Smith to Chapman

    Good trade?

  • fyfe for – chappy, zaha, danger?

    • fyfe for > chappy , is a good move

      Things are not difficult to make;
      what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them.

      Fight on,
      HUUU HAAA!!!

  • I think we’re approaching critical mass in terms of how many questions one fantasy footy blog can handle…

  • I was tempted to sideways Ablett but in the end decided on a different strategy.

    I have gone Fyfe to Horsley and McArthy to Swan

    Horsley is mature aged, was awesome in the WAFL (which is a strong comp) and 101 in first game so fingers crossed he averages around 80. So out of this trade big cash gained and only a few points lost on what Fyfe would score.

    I thought McArthy might have the potential to average 90-100 at a very cheap price, but instead he is averaging around 80. This is ok though, he has done a job and made a bit of cash, but he is no longer a keeper.

    So Effectively Swan comes in for Ablett and I don’t burn a trade sideways trading Ablett.
    I will continue to down/upgrade while Ablett is out strengthening my side, then when Ablett does come back in effect I am bringing in Ablett without having to make a trade.

    I have been very cautious with trades and avoided most of the carnage so this week I have used my first 2 trades, so still 22 after this week.

    I will keep an eye on teams tonight though because I need Porps and Devon (cashing in next week) to play so I have 7 forwards plus emergency

  • So I’m facing a rough week like everyone else due to the donuts and GAJ. I’m content on resting GAJ as we all know he’ll dominate on return. My biggest question is whether or not to trade Shuey? He started off the season promising but ever since he injured his shoulder he has been below par and now faces a BE of 148. Eeep. What makes it worse is that he has already slumped to 417K and has been named on the extended interchange. This worries me. I’m contemplating completing a double trade of:
    Sandi-H Mac

    Which will leave me with only 16 trades :\ Less than ideal. Thoughts DT’ers?

    • put it this way

      you will need 6 trades for the bye Rounds
      and 6 trades for the final’s

      Total = 12 trades

  • These would probably be my trades.

    This week:

    Cognilio to Hoarsley/Pfeffier
    D.Smtih to Zaharakis

    Next week or the next:

    Ellis/Morris to Spurr or another rookie.
    Ellis/Morris to a rookie

    Two or three weeks:
    Mcdonald to premium
    Shiel to Premium

    My Team would then be

    Def: Delids, Goddard, Waters,Heppel,Hargrave,Bugg,Clarke (SPURR,ROOKIE?)

    Mid: Ablett, Boyd,Rocky,Swan,MURPHY,PREMIUM?( Magner,HOARSLEY/PFEFFIER)

    Ruck: Cox,Giles(Big O, redden)

    Forward: Buddy,Goodes,Martin,Sidey,Robbinson,Zaharakis, Trealor(Hall,Dickson)

    Left with 13 trades left

    Thoughts would be appreciated

    • have a look at sam shaw for the crows
      as a crowss fan i see him playing a fair bit with Andy otten out of form

  • Considering something a bit out of the box for this week

    The ruck is a serious problem. I went Mumford to Sandilands a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had enough. I do not want a donut this week so I have a few options:

    1. Redden to Longer: I don’t love this since it might make me 50-60 points this week, but not do much else

    2. Sandilands to McIintosh: HMac has been going well, but I’m not sure he will average 90 for the year so this is risky. Also, he could easily pick up a niggly injury similarly to 211. This also is bad for bye structure, since I may cop 2 ruck donuts in Round 13.

    3. Redden to Maric: I would get the money for this from downgrading Ablett to a forward premium. This would give me 3 top 10 ruckmen, which seems like a bit of a waste, however it is excellent cover. This is much safer than running with any 2 premium ruckmen and gives me perfect bye structure.

    I’m leaning towards number 3 at the moment, mainly for safety. Normally I wouldn’t condone going for the safe approach, but I feel that the ruck this year could be a lot of pain. Also, I believe Sandilands is worth holding onto due to his potential to average 10-15 points more than anyone else.

    Any opinions on these options?

    • I actually dont mind number 3, will help more during the multi-bye rounds too?

  • Sub Roughead to Rucks then trade

    Sandilands to Beams

    D.Smith to Chapman

    Good trade or not?

  • Ablett->Chapman and Fyfe -> Robinson, with a possible donut.
    Or Ablett -> Swan and Fyfe -> Chapman with at least 2 donuts.

    • Should`ve dumped Fyfe last week

      • Thank you for the advice. Thank god I filled my time machine up with gas today.

        • Obviously, using the wrong fuel!!

          • Fyfe was in exactly the same position last year and played for the rest of the year.

            So it could of easily been a risk worth taken keeping him, which is what I did.

            It’s easy to be cocky and smart in hindsight though…

  • In two or three minds with what to do in my midfield…
    Currently have: Boyd, Bartel, Old Mac, Magner, Palmer, Greene (Ablett / Shiel)

    With about $310k in the bank, am looking at a number of options at the moment:
    Palmer -> Swan (Leaves me with ~40k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> JPK (Leave me with ~70-150k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> Ebert (Leave me with ~120-210k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> Power (Leave me with ~140-230k)
    Any other combination of the above…

    I guess the main question is – Do I go with a proven Uber Premo in Swanny, or save some cash and grab the likes of Kennedy or even Ebert who are proving to be value cheaper picks. Leaves room then to upgrade another fat cow to a prem.

    Power also offers DPP status which is handy come the MBR’s… decisions decisions! Any advice/opinions?

  • In two or three minds with what to do in my midfield…
    Currently have: Boyd, Bartel, Old Mac, Magner, Palmer, Greene (Ablett / Shiel)

    With about $310k in the bank, am looking at a number of options at the moment:
    Palmer -> Swan (Leaves me with ~40k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> JPK (Leave me with ~70-150k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> Ebert (Leave me with ~120-210k)
    Shiel/Palmer -> Power (Leave me with ~140-230k)
    Any other combination of the above…

    I guess the main question is – Do I go with a proven Uber Premo in Swanny, or save some cash and grab the likes of Kennedy or even Ebert who are proving to be value cheaper picks. Leaves room then to upgrade another fat cow to a prem.

    Power also offers DPP status which is handy come the MBR’s… decisions decisions! Any advice/opinions??

    • Get Swan….Why on earth did you get Palmer?

      • Was trying to go for a bit of a unique pick as a point of difference. GWS rate him so he was clearly going to get games, and he has got the proven potential, but unfortunately just lacks consistency. Got a couple of good scores from him atleast.

  • Fantastic article as usual.

    Looking at trading out the little master for Murphy after hearing reports he’s out for 4 weeks which will hurt the big V Superstars

    Ablett —> Murphy
    D Smith —> Chapman

    16 trades reserved for the MBR’s. What do you think of the above trades?

    • Was thinking of going Murph too, but,
      with Judd out this week, he’s probably going to cop a heavy tag.
      Just a note of caution. :-)

  • Thoughts on

    Ablett > Kennedy
    Fyfe > Pffier

    Then one of my rookes to ablett or another premo in the coming weeks?

  • anyone have any thoughts on T. Adams from GWS…worth trading in for kennedy? then i wanna go

    porps > Chappy


    • or is it better to go pfeiffer?

      • pfeiffer

        • neither

          • whys that what u thinking?

          • How many games will Adams and Pfieffer play?
            …….Not real good JS

          • yeee true i hear ya…got any other ideas for bringing chappy in i wouldnt mind snapping him up at the price he is now.

          • It`s a tough week…hard to know not knowing your team…Ablett or another injured player if you have one may have to go….otherwise hold on….dont waste trades just for the sake of covering a donut

      • naa not covering any doughnuts just looking to upgrade my team and chappy is very attractive at his price.

        • I`d hold off then, for now (wait for Zorko, maybe)…Kennedy will be back and better for the rest. Both should rise more in cash… If you have plenty of trades then i`d lean to Peiffer if he`s named or maybe Young?

    • I’d stay away from Adams mate, coaches saying he’s a fill in for resting players, he’ll get less games than other GWS players

  • Looking at donut courtesy of Ross Lyon and Sandilands missing again this week. I have Giles as my second ruck and my bench consists of the Big O and Redden (port)..

    What looked to be a great combo has fallen away sharply over the last few weeks with both my backups falling out of favour in their respective teams and Sandilands being out for what was apparently only one week has now become two..

    Obviously I’m not really wanting to offload Sandi for the sake of one zero as they are probably just giving him an extended holiday due to facing a softer opponent, but I’m pretty worried about having no backups.

    I’m guessing I’m not the only one in this position?

    Only solution I can see involves burning a straight swap trade of Redden –> Longer who has been included this week.

    Anyone able to offer some advice? I’m living in China so it’d be fair to say I’m pretty out of the loop.

    Is Redden likely to be out of contention for a long time? Renouf seems like a spud.. Longer also looks like he might be in and out with Huddo doing most of the work for the Lions.. But maybe more consistent than Redden to get a gig?

    • Longer got dropped after a decent game last time which was strange considering Berger was out.

      I think Redden will come back and get some games. I feel Longers going to put you in the same shit spot in the future but you’ll be minus one trade.

      The way things are going, the bloke your playing may well have a donut anyway. Longer may even eat the vest. Not worth it IMO.

      • Thanks Ghost.. all solid points and I have to agree.

        Now to waste a trade downgrading D Smith if he isn’t named tonight..

        • I think he’ll play. GWS have proved they just rotate everyone.

          The last 3 weeks people have been burnt trading out GWS players for more GWS players only for those they traded in to then get swapped back in with the original players they had!!

          It’s a merry go round. People are just burning trades because they don’t want donuts and not thinking about the bigger picture.

          It seems Maca, Bugg and Giles are the only sure fire things at GWS.

      • Redden might not get back in as Lobbe has started playing SANFL, and Port don’t seem to be keen on going with two ruckmen. If Renouf holds his spot for a few more weeks, Redden will probably slip down the pecking order behind the other two. Hope to be proven wrong though, I need a few more $$$ from him

    • I love it how we now blame Ross Lyon for everything. Sandi’s knee is caput, blame it on Ross Lyon. The local fish and chip shop closes down, it’s Ross Lyon’s fault. The mining boom goes ass up, damn you Ross Lyon. From here on, the phrase FMDT is banished from my vocabulary to be replaced by FMRL.

      • Yes. That’s because everything IS his fault.

        • Then we all agree..!

          haha no seriously it is his fault though. He spun some crap last week about Sandi being almost 100% but why risk it if he has a backup at 100% and that this week he would be fine.

          Next week he changes his mind.


  • fyfe – chappy
    d.smith – adams.

    will have 1 donut

    • go chappy and cop a donut

      • if i just go chappy i will cop 2 donuts…

        trading smith for adams saves me a donut…

        or i could trade Hall for adams…

        • How many games will Adams play? is a worry….I thinh Smith has more JS than Adams….trades are goinig to be important this year

  • considering these trades…

    ablett/smith > pendles/christenson

    reports that ablett didnt train today and the more and more this grows my gut is telling me its 2+ weeks for the little champ! thoughts on christenson guys??? worth it?


  • fark it…

    fyfe – robbo
    hall – adams…

    not looking at DT anymore… im starting to go bald…

  • WTF is with S.Darley (GWS) is he ever going to get a game…

  • I got back from holiday and the DT shit has well and truly hit the fan Dunny. I knew I should have appointed you as interim manager but I thought your workload was well and truly enough. So last week, I “heard” that it was going to rain in Melbourne on ANZAC Day so I changed the C from Swanny to Pendles at the last minute. Not satisfied with the the paltry 113 Pendles gave me, I didn’t have confidence in Boyd et al to go massive so I Ced Goddard who dropped the shit that hit the fan. Then Geary locks down old mate Aaron Davey for an old-fashioned 14 points, Conca does his best for 48 points, the Porp is out with a tear, his replacement smashes out 39 and then I hate Marty Clarke for only getting 45 in a lock down role on another outside player. FMRL (…Ross Lyon).

  • D.Smith for J Cameron and now the tough decison Fyfe for either Goodes, Hawkins, Chappy and even Steele Sidebottom who to go with?

    • DSmith > Cameron is an awful trade, even if Smith is out. Surely you can find a better solution than that. Remember that Cameron is on the same extended bench as Smith.

  • Went Devon Smith to Pfiefer and via some DPP juggling I went Fyfe to Murphy.

    Could easily reverse it thoughts?

    • Oh yeah my only issue is I lose the DPP link. in my mids. I suspect as I do some other upgrade downgrades I could get that back.

  • ANYONE no how Gazz’s run went today>? Update on his prediction of return?

  • This is how my forward line reads: Dangerfield, Martin, Goodes, D. Smith, Milera, Kennedy, Porplyzia (Treloar, Horlin-Smith). Obviously it is a very inexperienced forward line, mainly because I’ve been trying to set up my defence and midfield with premos. My question is, with Treloar and Horlin-Smith definitely not starting, Devon Smith likely to be put in the emergencies or vested aswell as Milera who is one of the two prime candidates for a vest in St. Kilda’s line-up and finally Porplyzia still having lingering chances of being a late withdrawal, what in the world could I do to escape the donut? I don’t have players I can DPP link into my forward line by the way.

  • Good luck to everyone on the weekend, May the 4th be with you

  • Great article Dunny… Looking forward to Magner being a unique in my side…has gone from being one of the most popular players to a majority trading him out….he might have tagging dutys but still punching out some nice rookie scores….hope to see him fatten up a bit more yet….