DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 6


(NOTE: This week is split into two parts due to our internets stuffing up)










  • got a big dilemma i got cameron and devon smith out and no back ups in fwds?
    what do i do?

  • Cheers for another great show boys! The Sub Marine siren is so bad it’s good – cracks me up :))

  • Got a dilemma named Luke Shuey. Gun player but feel like his shoulder is not good and may be rested this week????

    Got Ablett on bench already. Do I upgrade Shuey to Murphy – only got 19 trades left.

    Stress city.

  • talisha cooper

  • BOOOOOOOOM 2 – 4 WEEKS straight from the horses mouth there is no way they will risk bringing him back in two weeks 3 minimum

  • Great show as always fellas! Am considering Luke Power as a keeper in the fwds (need a rd 11 bye player) what do ppl think?

  • Sidebottom or Beams? Absolutely torn between the two.

    • beams has the potential to be ultimate premo as Calvin said. Sidebottom is consistently there and works hard. For max value for money I’d go Beams.

  • Great show as always boys! Appreciate you answering my twitter question.. Bye-Polar Bears are welcoming Allen Christensen into the starting 22..

  • So glad I started with hmac & giles!!

  • Why can i see a picture of one of the boys surrounded by 30-40 babies for the “Late withdrawal Larry” character?

    • Would have to be Warne Dawg as Calvin has the Captain and Roy the Submarine.

  • Great episode lads

  • anyone thinking of lenny hayes

    • lookes like its a bit late to hop on the hayes train now unless you just wanna make some quick cash but not worth trading him in now same to barlow and ward good thing i got barlow in rd 4 when his price was at low. :)

      • Interesting you think Barlow was worth it at 400K but not at 425K!!! How do you figure that???
        To me there is still good value in Barlow and Hayes if people wanted them for a particular reason.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking “Shit I’m glad that I’ve had you since Round 1 you beautiful man now ton up again.”

      • Barlow is a good midfielder but not a premium midfielder….i want 120+ from my midfielders

  • Has there been any news on kruezers knee injury? Can’t see anything on Carlton or afl website injury lists.

    Am considering a trade from kruezer to Maric. Has been consistent and did well against best Ruck combo in the competition last week.

    • Its the soreness that cripples your players in the lead up to play GWS, only lasts one week and they are fine. (It’s not politically correct to “rest” players as thats kinda like tanking but winning anyway)

  • Pendles or Jelwood for the big C this weekend?

    Nobody could forget the Cats anally pulverizing the Dees down at home last year, yet who at the Doggies right now could possibly stop the P-train? Both champs.

    Which also begs the question, Manger to go with Selwood could mean many frees against… Magner or Shiel to start on the field?

  • Here’s my flamin forwards. Do with with them what you want. Any ideas are better then what I can think of.

    Sidebottom, S. Franklin, L. Martin, D. Johnson, S. Smith, D. Fyfe, N. Kennedy, A
    Hall, A. Pfeiffer, D

    Got Treloar in the mids to keep my DPP link alive.

    4 trades burnt already. All to cover donuts just like these next two will be for.

    Fyfe > ?
    Smith >?


    Robinson was my aim weeks ago but it seems that boat has sailed. Not keen on Chappy no more either.

    • Chappy is the one you want.
      Who is S. Smith?

      • he prob meant D smith

      • Ah, D Smith…sorry. Not a lot out there in that price range. Perhaps use DPP to move something in your Mids down to the Fwds.

    • Here are my mids. The problem is it their all pretty much the same type of cow but the reason for narrowing out Smith is that he and Fyfe are the two impending donuts.

      Treloar is the only DPP in the mids and I just got him in.

      Boyd, M. Pendlebury, S. Selwood, J. Magner, J. Shiel, D. Macdonald, J.

      GAJ and Treloar.

      And ideas?

      • I need either Pfeiffer (listed 7th) or D Smith (listed 5th) to play. If that happens I can sideways Fyfe with one trade or downgrade but seriously my whole team is like a kindergarden at the moment. :(

        • It looks like I am forced to go Paul ‘timebomb hammy’ Chapman.

          Really don’t want to…

          • Personally, I’d trade out GAJ for one of the premo DPP’s you don’t have (Chappy or Robinson). I can understand if you don’t want to do that, but i traded him last week as i just don’t think it’s smart to keep that much firepower/cash on the bench.

            Otherwise, stick with Smith and hope he gets to play. He only played just over a quarter last week, so he virtually had his rest. That’s what I’m doing.

          • Disclaimer: I am sitting at around 15,000!

  • Another gr8 episode lads :) A Miles, K Stevens, and Horsely are all on my watch list for the next few weeks. Horsely was a lock all pre-season till i saw he wasnt named in rd 1 squad and thougt he waould spend more time in WAFL. Lock of job security and went Clay smith instead. that backfired -_-
    Also thinking of Stant or Robbo as “UNIQUE” option for capt with most if not every1 going swanny

  • Is it to late to trade GAJ? I am way to forgiving in this friken game. All I have learnt from past injuries is that if you hold, you lose. I will be pulling the trigger from now on at anyone who hints as little as a pending dentist appointment.

    You so much as sneeze, you have the target on your back. You have been warned.

    • Haha i’m along the same lines.

      My bloke in the GC camp should confirm this arvo whether Gaz will play next week.
      I know its the GWS game but Bluey would definitely lose his job if he risked the little master too early.

      Eyes on this forum for update…

      GREAT SHOW LADS! Full team this week, with FWD n DEF benchcover.
      If I cop a donut this week, I’ll go postal.

  • lol @ people who started the season without swan.. he ain’t dropping for awhile now! ;)

  • and I am on the same points as Roy in DT :D