DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 5




  • 2nd 1st today! Appologies.

  • Ellis or Morris, decisions decisions….

  • cheers for the prize

  • 9:42 greatest moment in DT Talk Live history!

    Another great show lads, keep it up!

    • Couldn’t agree more, was crying with laughter at midnight, probably woke up the family but it was worth it

  • If you a DT Talk fan this is a must watch.

    Kinda like that Simpsons episode where Lisa breaks Ralph’s heart on TV and Bart replays the event to Lisa and pinpoints the moment when his heart is broken, you can pinpoint the moments when Warnie realises he stuffed up big time.

    @ 9:11 Warnie realises his move probably wasn’t the smartest thing. And if you’re only going to watch 6/7 seconds of DT Talk stuff this year. Make it @ 9:30 to @9:37 in the video. HILARIOUS! That poor sigh mixed with an “oh” Warnie makes at @ 9:36 had me in stitches! And of course @ 9:43 Warnie admits his terrible mistake, hilarity ensues !

    • Best episode yet. You guys are ledgends. Your only human Warnie. At least you didn’t miss out on Swannies points like I did. I’m thinking Swannie will be more important to have then Gaj for a while to come.

      Good to see the boys chuggin the fat yaks. How’s about some sponsorship Mr Yak?

    • Had me in stitches! Put that bit in the pilot you send around to get your own tv show, which also must be live

  • Good call bad call.

    Playing a reasonably tough competitor this week, but have like 3 weeks playing easy opponents but want to make a trade that might help me end of season time.

    Looking at Either C.smith -> Jmac and Redden -> Treloar
    or looking at C.smith -> Jmac and Redden -> Barlow
    Or simply just one of the trades above.

    This time I really want advice…

    I’m leaning towards the rookie options of Jmac and treloar as I can sit pretty for 3 weeks (depending on injuries) and let my cash cows fatten up).

    I cant help but feel that rookie options will dry up, and that dual pos rookie that is treloar is very handy.

  • Bloody funny Ep guys, Glad i kept Gary after the shit you gave Warnie…haha. Good decision in the end

  • Best live episode ever :D

    @9:42 I just lost it when I saw that live, glad I can go back and watch it over and over again hahaha

  • Hilarious episode BTW. Love hargraves

  • Oh Sweeet the friday game is at 8:45 pm. Usually the friday trade sucks balls for me, as I work until 8pm, and have to sneak to the loo to trade on my phone, which I barely manage to do as its slow and tedious.

    So I can check if Fyfe is yet again a late withdrawl lol

  • Traded out Ablett. Have tough opponents next few rounds and I really need to win to make the workplace bearable.

    Have the cash to bring Ablett straight back in though as long as at least one of my rooks is over 200K in one or two weeks time, which is a monty.

    Agree with Warnie. Ablett will miss at least two.
    If I didn’t have the cash to trade him straight back in I would not have done this though.

  • Quick thing with the loophole, instead of using GAJ as my Captain on field, I use Dickson in the forwards. Dickson isn’t named as a emergency so therefore cannot be a late inclusion. The reason I want to do this is because I have cover on my Mids (so incase there is a late withdrawal i can cover). Where in the forwards it will not matter who I have the emergencies as two will not play.

    Just seems like some added security, what do you boys think?

  • Agree with above posts….

    Possibly the funniest spray in dt talk history, big wraps on your hard push Roy and kudos to WarneDawg for admitting he made a fundamental mistake, even if it did work out really well.

    Just like last year when I decided not to start with GAJ, I made a little voodoo gazza and have been tirelessly poking needles into his leg for weeks and its once again worked, just a pity it wasn’t in the first quarter this year.

    But alas karma’s a b*tch and I traded in Sandilands last week for Mummy…FMDT

    Great show guys, keep up the good work!

  • Great show boys loved it especially at 9.42
    Haha but it’s good to see Warnie admits when he is wrong
    “I f ***ed up ROY” comic genius, I could not stop laughing at that point
    But Warnie it must feel good to have that 342 under your belt instead of that 0 I’m sitting on

    • Sorry only 171 from swan u didn’t have him as captain and u couldn’t use the loophole Trademark Calvin. Right???

  • Kennedy, Hall, Pfeiffer or Kerrdge to Treloar?

    Any one else should be a potential target?

    I really just wanted to go Fyfe to Robinson but its all been turned upside down now. If Fyfe pulls out its a donut coming my way.

    Many other potential donut munchers out there?

  • Bit surprised you guys didn’t mention Taylor Adams or Kyal Horsely.

  • I think if you were going to trade Gary out it had to be to a rookie. That way when he’s back you’ve got the cash to get rid of Magner/Smith/whoever and go straight back up to Gaz. That way you’d be spending two trades: one would essentially be rookie to rookie and the other would make you a bit of cash.

  • Also, the picture for this article really needs to become the banner for the website. It’s freaking gold.

  • What do you think we can expect from Fyfe if he does play?

  • awesome video !!

    completely lost my shit at about the 10 minute mark when poor warne dawg was breaking down over the decision to trade ablett. feeling for you mate! i think the only way that anyone trading ablett can come out on top is if they brought in swan with the VC (which you did!) so at least in that regard you’ve gotta be satisfied

    • Between that and his loss to Calvin it was a funny as piss intro.
      also loved his no green vest excuse….

  • Was all set to trade out GAJ, even if out for 2 weeks, but talks of him trying to get up for this week o_O have kind of made me think it might only be a 1 week thing.

    Aside from the GAJ tweet earlier in the week, has anyone read or heard anything else about when he might be back?

    Chin up Warnie, if you think he’s out for 3 or more weeks let alone 6, I reckon you made the right call. Don’t let the lads grief you, they just want a patsy for the green vest :D.

  • Just watched the episode, absolutely hilarious talking about the Ablett trade. Best live show since last year, (dont know what tops it). Keep it up!