Dream Team Extra: Round 5


Here we are, unusually poised in the midst of a split round and already we’ve had one excellent footy match to whet our appetite for the coming weekend. There hasn’t been a great deal of breaking news this week, just plenty of fallout from one of the biggest weekend’s of carnage that we’ve experienced for a while – Cyclone FMDT anyone? Let’s have a quick look-see at how the week’s unfolded.


ANZAC Day: Epic!

Collingwood v Essendon lived up to the ANZAC tradition, with no quarter given in an extremely tight contest that came down to the wire. By now, you’ll have read match report upon match report, so rather than bore you with yet another match report, let’s highlight a few DT-worthy points to take away from the game.

Dane Swan. He is a DT god. Never doubt him again. Ever. Most of the time, he’ll roam around the ground looking like a lost puppy, but don’t let his on-field demeanor fool you. Pendles is all class and a real Mr Reliable in Dream Team. Sidey is staking his claim as a must-have FWD. Keep an eye on Beams – if he strings together a few 90+ point games, he’s worth a look too. Don’t stress too much about Marty Clarke; I doubt he’ll be used as a tagger in very often, although he was remarkably effective.

Dyson Heppell is looking better and better with every game this year and is one to watch if you want a unique-ish defender. If you got Stanton in for his high ceiling (like I did), just be wary that he does have a quiet game here and there when he cops a hard tag (see above regarding Clarke). Pre-season FWD/MID MPP fan fave Zaharakis has had a couple of quiet rounds, but looked good yesterday. At a sub-$400k price tag, he is worth considering in the next couple of weeks.


Oh Vice-Captain, My Vice-Captain

If you slapped the ‘VC’ on Swannie yesterday, there’s absolutely no question that you’ll already have stood on your study table shouting ‘oh vice-captain, my vice-captain’, will be keeping his score and probably be leapfrogging up the leader board come end-of-lockout this weekend. Unless you’re the unluckiest coach ever, you should be able to find someone who isn’t playing to slap with the ‘C’. If you’re um-ing and ah-ing about Pendles, have another read of Calvin’s Captains to see if @CalvinDT has earmarked anyone else you may have in your squad in his juicy picks. Failing that, I’d stick with the mad Irish pirate’s VC caveat – 120 points is the cut-off for keeping your vice-captain’s score!



Every season we expect injuries, suspensions, rests, etc to cause us coaches a few headaches in a phenomenon commonly known as ‘FMDT’. They usually come in small doses and they are likewise usually manageable with bench cover and maybe a trade or two. However, 2012 has kicked off with the Dream Team equivalent of the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption, with FMDT reigning supreme for the past few weeks. As the sky fell on our heads, teams were grounded, the value of certain players fell dramatically, aspirations of moving up the rankings were dashed and many a grown man was reduced to a bubbling mess.

Let’s do a roll call of the DT-relevant players who have featured so far, in no particular order, through injuries and suspension. Keep in mind that this horror list doesn’t even include our vested cash cows or those struck down with General Softness!

Injured: Fyfe, GAJ, Mummy, Birchall, Berger, Carrazzo, Heater, Dempsey, Gray.
Suspended: J-Mac, Goodes, Lake, Grimes.

There will have been quite a few coaches with a combination of those aforementioned players who have really suffered through the last fortnight. It seemed to peak last Friday eve when Mummy was withdrawn and the Tweetvine went into DT chatter overdriver, but then hit again with Carrots going down for 1 point during the round. It’s been a rough old start to the season and we can be certain that there’s plenty more to come, particularly as we get to the bye rounds, so take a deep breath and brace yourselves for one hell of a ride! Don’t be scared to tweet your #FMDT moments either – not only is it therapeutic, but you can be sure that there will be quite a few other coaches who share your pain.

One thing I’m mindful of is to try not to re-hash what the other guys have covered. So if you are still debating about whether or not to trade GAJ out, have a read of @camosmith‘s The Ablett Theory. If you’re having an existential crisis about the meaning of Dream Team, take the time to peruse Supermufacho’s On why Dream Team is not (really) about winning…. If you really feel that you’ve got nothing left to give, I hear these guys are always looking for fresh meat…


Bye-Bye Mummy

If you’ve been on a desert trek through the Sahara or have just surfaced from a good old self-imposed Interweb ban, you may have missed the masses of news about how Mummy’s sore back was caused by a reaction to a cortisone injection that was meant to ease his pain. He misses again this week, so if you still have him, look at moving him on. I’d love for him to prove me wrong, but I don’t think this is something that he’ll be able to completely shake in the short term. Mummy’s mobility will be affected while his back recovers, so don’t expect big scores from him for a few weeks if you do decide to persist with him.


Pick Me! Pick Me!

Picking which rooks to play is becoming less of a guessing game now with a few rounds behind us to help make more informed decisions. Yes, they’re rookies, and there will be some random scores among them, but a few of these guys are looking half-decent. In defence, Bugg and Ellis are solid, followed by Morris, Hombsch and Mohr. J-Mac, Magner and Miles take the first line in the midfield, with Shiel not too far behind. Jon Giles is now streets ahead in the rookie ruck ranks, end of story. Adam Treloar is marginally ahead of Dev Smith up front, then Kennedy, Milera and Hall.


Anyways, that’s the rub for this week. Let’s hope the DT gods are kinder to us this weekend than last, with minimal carnage and decent scoring. Feel free to add any news bits, rants, raves, etc below to stoke the fire. See ya next Thursday for another bout of media trawling and good luck this round!


Any questions, suggestions, general chit-chat or spelunking advice for next week’s Extra?
Hit me up on the Tweetvine: @TeeTeeDT



  • Who would you get Barlow or Ziebell and why?

    • Who do you think will be a keeper? Of those 2 I reckon Barlow is the best chance. He will probably be in your team come finals probably as M6. Just not sure Ziebell can sustain his form, but Ziebell has the better bye, in regards to who he shares it with.

    • Both could end up averaging the same but ziebell will have higher variance. eg 70s or 130s
      u pretty know what u are gonna get every week with barlow

  • Ok, in all seriousness guys. What do you think about Swallow as Captain against a young Suns side that doesn’t have their star captain? In reality he SHOULD gun it, but i just don’t have the balls to do it. I’ve f**ked up three of my first four captain choices (which has caused me to be sitting at a woeful 13,000 overall), and really don’t wanna stuff up another. I have Pendles as my VC (should i take that?) and i also have the option of Murphy and Goddard.

    What are your thoughts? Take the gamble?

    • Why not???
      Your not gonna improve your rankings with a 113 as captain. Swallow should gun it. Why? The suns cant tag and without star player ablett points sould be everywhere for swallow.
      He could score 160 he could score 120, but i doubt hell get less than 110.
      Its i risk you’ve gotta take. Personally, i’m going murphy over goddard, thompson, jelwood and sidey’s vc score of 109.

    • He’s not a certainty to play due to his own injury concerns, and will be the first choice for the opposition to tag.

      • I saw him tweak something in his leg towards the end of his last game, he limped off and was absent for about 5 mins… It probably prevented him from getting a ton. However he is named smack bang in the middle. I really dunno what to do. Should i risk it or not.

  • More rookie carnage with Aaron Hall dropped.

  • are teams out at 6.25 est

  • teams are out!

  • Kennedy is out. Milera and Smedts both named, who would you play?
    Thinking Milera less likely to have a vest?

  • Fuck you Neeld. Play Couch pleasssssssssse

  • No Kenneddy, No Hall, No Dickson, No Sandilands.

    Looking at 2 donoughts here unless I trade Treloar in for Dickson.

  • Hmm Adam Kennedy is interesting, no general soreness or injury just dropped may not get another chance for a little bit

  • Arghh fuck it, wasn’t going to get Treloar. Might have to now given I will face a doughnut.

    Couch or Kennedy?

  • Hall and Kennedy out. Dont trust Ro$$ Lyin with Fyfe and Whitecross on the extended bench… awesome….

    I swear Miles must have upset Sheeds he smashed preseason and last week…

  • Another donut in the bloody rucks… Why Mummy do dis?

  • I turned Kennedy into Pfeiffer before the first lockout in order to get the cash to turn Pav into Sidebottom. I so nearly reversed the trades because of the wet conditions just before the game – wasn’t sure Sidey would do enough to justify the trades this week rather than next.

    Sidey 109 and Kennedy dropped means I’m very glad I went for the biscuit

    • All good…….until Pav starts knocking out 100’s.

      • I gave him 4 games – which is two more than many gave Broughton, and Golby – both of which I still have.

        And, thanks to the byes, I can’t have Pav and Sidey because I already have Cloke. So to get Sidey I had to ditch Pav anyway. Slightly different scenario to years gone by when sticking with your guns made total sense.

    • And pfeifer gets dropped

  • Sheedy said kennedy was rested no need to worry i think, but i have hall and kennedy on my foward bench possible risk of a donut from a late withdrawl should i downgrade or stay calm and have like a 10% chance of a donut.

  • Hmac sole ruckman :)

  • Devon Smith and T. Greene on bench. Any chance one of them to get vest?

    • I doubt it Smith will be on the field in 5 minutes if he doesnt start on the field… No Jacket

  • Broughton named BP, and with Betts and Garlett out there you can understand why.

    You can almost lock him in for 58, can’t you?

    So I’m wondering if I should bench him – for…

    – wait for it…

    – you’ll probably laugh, but think about it…

    – KHunt?

    • Surely you have to start broughts, even if he gets a 55 he’s capable of getting 100+ which k-hunt isn’t. If broughts and Khunt both get 50’s then it was pointless worrying about it at all…but if broughts was to get 100+ you’ll be kicking yourself!

    • Im on the same boat mate with broughts but youve spend the cash on him might as well back him in, my option is Morris in his place :O

    • I think you’ve gotta start Broughton, but I wouldn’t be surprised if KHunt performs really well this week. He’s going to have to without Gaz and Swallow.

  • Townsend or Cameron last Emg. Have Magner as Emg for Ablett with Swan as VC. I also have Giles as Emg with Cox and Kreuzer on field

    • Wouldn’t waste an emergency spot in the rucks. Especially with Carlton playing Friday night. Giles is only covering one spot. I’d have Cameron and Townsend both emergencies.

  • Great to see Birchall back! But can’t get my head around Hall’s omision? He played well last week, yet he was dropped? s***!

    • just resting him, he is still lacking a decent tank, looked absolutely dead in the last quarter of most of the games hes played so far. he will be back next week im sure

  • Gee this ruck caper is hard to follow.. Redden not playing the Big 0 unlikely most teams have these two on the bench… Dont know what Redden has done…..He aint on the injury list…

  • who should i play as my final back on field:
    1. Bugg
    2. Golby
    3. Smedts

    at the moment i have bugg on field, but judging by golby’s form last week, not sure if it was a fluke or not though. Any thoughts appreciated :)

  • MATCH CENTRE – I did a test with my mate who i am playing this week and he changed his captain on his PC. I then went to my Match Centre and saw his new Captain. Is this a glitch ? I dont remember this before, and it takes away the x factor of being able to select a totally different captain and I assume that he’ll be able to see any trades I do in this game and I wont have the ability to do it at the last moment tomorrow night.
    Apologies if posted elsewhere, but I couldnt see it.

    • You can see who his captain is because the round has already started.

      • You can also see trades. My mate traded out Mumford for HMac and I can see it in the Match Centre. Just the way it is but would have been good to know…