Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 5

Gary Gone!

Talk about a double slap in the face! Firstly, Gaz scores 97 and then he is now set to miss the 1-3 weeks with that knee injury. Personally, I believe it will only be one week, 2 at the max and therefore trading him is pointless. But, as predicted, Raines did get the better of him though, but with so many going Ablett last week after his 162 against the Bombers… the 97pts as captain was shared by many Dream Team coaches but for me it proved how on the ball I am with my sh*t!

Some people have been saying to me on Twitter (@CalvinDT to join the fun)… “Ablett is my lock in captain every week…” well, just when I thought I’d be laughing at these people this week… we have a LOOP HOLE and this means ha ha, for the people who are happy with their VC score… they will actually be having Ablett captain again ha ha – I LOVE IT!! Lock in captain alright!

LOOP HOLE – Partial Lock-Out

Ok stay with me, especially you simple ones… This is how it works!

Today (Collingwood Vs Essendon) we can have a crack at the Loop Hole. Simply… put your VC on someone you like from this game and if you like their score, place your ‘C’ on a player NOT playing (Ablett). This will score you a 0 and the score from the VC is doubled and stays. Make sure you have also selected an Emergency in this position so their score replaces the 0 as well.  If you don’t like the score from you VC from today, then place your ‘C’ on another one of your superstars as you normally would. Easy hey!

Dane Swan is BACK! Swanny had a very solid 134 last week and looked awesome. So far this year he has only averaged 109 at the MCG, which is up already from his 2011 average. Last time Swanny played the Bombers was in Rd. 19 last year where he had a massive 171pts with 45d and 10m. Before that in the Rd. 3 ANZAC Day clash he had just 104. Swanny averages 130 on the Bombers in his last 3 and is a great option for the Vice Captaincy job this week.

Jobe Watson doesn’t look as good here with an average of 97 in his last 3 against the Pies and an average of 80 in his last 3 at the MCG. He had 105 last time he went against them with 27d, 8m. He posted 101 in the ANZAC Game last year and should be overlooked unless you don’t have anyone else.

Brent Stanton … somebody call 911, is on FIRE (NBA Jam). Stanton had a mammoth 175pts last week with 36d and 17m to average 128 in his last 3 games this year. Last time he played Collingwood he had 155pts from just 28d… but with 11 marks and 14 tackles (bloody hell). The dude is a DT god. Stanton has a pretty good record at ANZAC Day matches too. Back in 2010, he racked up a game high 139pts only to be ripped off by Pendlebury for the medal who only had 97 that day… top DT scorer gets the medal in my book! Stanton is the ultimate VC this week and whether he scores 70 or 170, he will most likely make the decision easy for you as to if you will need to name Gaz as the ‘C’ or not.

Scott Pendlebury loves ANZAC Day matches and has the last 2 medals to prove it. In 2011, he scored a big 166 (34d) and in 2010 that 97 (29d) as previously mentioned. Add to that… the last time he played these guys (Rd. 19, 2011) he had a huge 141 (32d, 10t, 3g). He averages an amazing 147 on them in his last 3 and carries an average of 105 over the same period at the MCG this year. It’s a toss of the coin between him and Stants for me… but it’s the single fact that Pendles walked around at training on Monday with his leg strapped is what is worrying me. If he is slightly injured… a 4 day turnaround isn’t ideal. With that said… it is ANZAC Day and this gun should be digging deeper than ever.

VC Sucked? – Loop it up! Get Another Captain

So if your VC fails and scores less than 120 (is my cut off) it’s time to look at one of these lads.

Brendon Goddard plays the Demons… and he loves playing the Demons! With previous scores of 122, 122, 107, 132, 116 and 108 on them… look out for a big one from him. He doesn’t usually post good numbers at the MCG though after averaging just 80 from his 6 games there in 2011. With that said, he will rip Melbourne to pieces and score very well.

Joel Selwood plays the Lions at the GABBA and after what Raines did to Ablett… you’d be a gutsy dude to be going with him. To prove it, last time he played them Raines tagged Selwood to just 70pts, and that was at the GABBA. Gotta be a pass sorry Joel.

Sam Mitchell averaged 127 at Aurora last year with a lowest score of just 119 during that time. He loves it there and meets the Swans who are flying nicely at the moment. Sam hasn’t scored over 100+ on Sydney in his last 3 games against them. But he is averaging 113 in his last 3 this year so he should be ok on his favourite track.

Marc Murphy is another good option. He has scored 3×100+ scores on the Dockers in his last 4 games against them and is on fire with an average of 123 in his last 3 games this year. He is a sure thing to pump out another solid score again this week.

Matthew Boyd I like a lot this week. He is playing GWS – need I say anymore? But I will anyway. Last year against the Suns (comparison side) he scored 136 and 125 and will be out to have a better day than the 84 Magner tagged him too last week. I’m not sure why two members of Team Calvinator are doing that to each other, but I’ve spoken to them both and Boydy said he’ll make up for it this week at Manuka Oval where he has averaged 112 in his last 3 outings there. Boydy does have the tendency of having low scores from time to time but bounces back well. In 2011 he had scores of 70, 85 and 89 but followed up his next game with 136, 120 and 134. A big score on the cards if you need him I reckon.

We’ll there you have it. Relax, the hard work has been done for you. Pick a VC and then assess the mess and go from there. Personally… I will be picking from the order on my list. Swanny will take the VC (with Ablett the ‘C’) and then I’ll be switching to Boyd if Swan scores <120.

Have a great ANZAC Day everyone!

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  • what if you put a rookie that you know won’t play as captain, then select emg can u still change it?

  • Is it worth holding off on Carrazzo to Waters until Waters is actually named?

  • question: warnie said you need to un-select your captain to do your loophole, tried doing this through trading and it doesnt work.

    calvin says you need to put the C on a player who isnt playing this week, can you still do the loophole if you have everyone on your team starting?

    • No u can’t…… someone in who won’t play!! ;-)

    • if you have Ablett then put him ON field with the ‘C’ on him. the whole point of the ‘VC’ is if the Captain doesnt play you have a back up so the system thinks your captain didnt play which is true and counts the VC score instead of the C. Make sure you have an emergency selected in mids for Ablett so you dont get a donut…pretty easy

  • Is anyone worried about Old Mac going to Boyd and doing a job on him like he did on Thommo last week?

    It will be Swan VC for me. < 120 will mean Goddard or maybe Thommo will get the nod for the C.

    • old mac won’t be able to stay with boyd, boyd is too strong/tall for him. Thommo still has 27d and a goal last week, thats hardly doing a job on him.

    • Good point. Hopefully Sidebum can pull 120+ so I dont have to decide between Boyd & Goddard :/

  • Would have Swan ahead of Pendlebury and Stanton this week as a VC choice.

  • VERY IMPORTANT INFO for anyone considering utilising the CAPTAINS LOOPHOLE this week!
    According to “in the mix” on the AFL website, Stephenson is a strong chance to return this week as are redden (port), c.smith, cameron and smedts is a chance as well. So if you considered starting one of these players on the ground as your captain assuming they won’t play, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

    • I have the understanding you won’t be able to undo any trades which involve collingwood or essendon players. Anyone else will be able to be reversed. Is this correct? My brain is fuzzy.

    • What about Dickson? Do you have ANY info on that? He is the other player I can use besides Stephenson and Smedts.

    • Damn… I just had a read and it says Dickson and Smith both in the frame for a recall. FML. I bet the one time I don’t want my entire team playing… They will all play.

  • Hoping Stanton will smash it again. If not i’ll be switching to Boyd although Goddard is a tempting prospect. Good luck!

  • In a case where (C) Abletts going to be traded later in the week,can i VC say Watson and still have the option to change my captain away from my traded in player, e.g i want to choose Boyd as Captian? Hope that makes sense.

    • Yes.

      • Cheers Poor Body Odour Pete,Im still not convinced tho im not gonna fluff it. In the top 20 so not sure i want to be taking too many risks at this stage.

        • nice work being in the top 20 chewy!! lucky bastard!!

          • Yeah it looks such an ordinary team as well, Darleys in there. Maric and Giles starting rucks. Shaw on the bench,Brad Ebert. Started with pavlich and Mumford. I really don’t get why/how its been successful

      • That itself is why. Cause yours isn’t like the other 299,980 teams.

        • I also have pav and man he’s giving me the shites!! Didn’t pay top dollar for a guy scoring in the 70’s every week, that and his price is dropping quicker than Pamela Andersons undies do!

  • I don’t think we can use scores against the suns last year as a prediction for what they’ll get against GWS, GWS (bugg and Townsend) are tagging the better players and doing a very decent job of it, players who are scoring well against GWS seem to be the second tier players…

    … Just a thought

  • C.Smith in for Magnet(e). My reasoning is smith is likely to be recalled and will be playing gws, and magner might cop another tagging role this week. If c.smith isn’t named I’ll stay get magnets score anyway. Goodmove/bad move?

    • I heard the ‘Magnet’ may get the job on Lenny. If he continues to tag we might need to come up with a new nickname….

      • oh he’ll still be the magnet, but instead of being the “ball magnet”, he’ll just be the magnet who’s stuck to the oppositions elite midfielder each week.

  • I already have Stanton and Boyd heheh so im putting VC on stant and boyd on C

  • Hi guys:

    I’m going Stanton (VC) and Boyd (C). I’ve decided to keep Ablett and not trade him for a few reasons:
    1. He’s the best player in the AFL and he’ll be getting the absolute best treatment available
    2. My weekly matchups are all definite wins anyway, so losing about 50 points with Magner and JMAC as cover is not a big issue.
    3. With the advantage of the Loophole this week, I’ll be able to maximise my score with Stanton, Boyd, Murphy and Thompson still to rack up big scores in the middle.

    Good luck all and remember what today is all about, the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this wonderful country of ours – lest we forget.

  • So you’re saying 119 from Watson and I will give the captaincy to Boyd?

  • the bombers really do epitimise the anzac spirit today, cause if they can get over the pies with injuries and just a 4 day break it will be the equal to the diggers walking the kokoda trail malnourished, malaria ridden and thru 6 feet of mud and sludge. Last weeks win against the blues was heroic but backing it up this week would be monumental!

  • who do people think i should put either lake, morris or ellis

  • Locking Ablett in as Captain now. Calvins Loophole and swan (VC) 171 FTW

  • Swan (VC), Ablett (C)

    Happy days.

  • Stanton = LOL (not at you Calvin, you went Swanny) – at all those that traded him in and put the VC on him

  • Not surprised by Dane Swan’s score at all. Has been pushing out 100+ scores all year and has a good DT record against the Dons.

    Although I went with just Pendles at the beginning of the year, Swan is definitely an upgrade option come round 13 plus for me.

  • so I’ve used the captains loophole and put the VC on pendles (who scored 113).
    My problem is who if anyone to put the C on as I’m not entirely happy with his score
    my other players who have scored tons are-
    Scotland, Barlow, Magner(?), Goddard, Chapman, Goddard, Martin, Deledio, Cox and Ebert
    Any thoughts on who to choose

    • Pretty sure he listed Goddard as the second best option for captain…

      • I wanted some other opinions thats why I wrote it. As much as Calvin it good as picking them I was hoping for some theories on say Chapman who is playing against the lions

    • Good luck. Personally with Delidio, Goddard, J. Selwood, Thompson, Franklin, Chapman and Cox as my only real options (I’ve only got a 3 gun midfield – a mistake I made especially now GAJ is down) I’ll be sticking with Sidebottom’s 109 at this stage I think. I have Martin and Magner, they aren’t serious options surely? I have Broughton, Waters, Hargrave, Dangerfield and Kruezer as well, I won’t be taking them.

      Greed isn’t good unless you’re desperate I reckon. On a side I am thinking of playing Giles ahead of Kruezer my opponent will probably play Giles and I’d rather get a guaranteed same score than lose because Giles has 100 and Kruezer gets flogged in Freo.

      • I’ll be playing Giles and Krooz – if I didn’t have to, I would put Giles on the field in front of Kreuzer regardless of opposition. But your strategy is very logical.

  • Sticking with Boyd as captain this week. Put the VC on Pendles and got a 113. Not bad, though I feel Boyd is more than likely to surpass that against the GWS.

  • Can someone clarify this for me plaese.

    Loophole with lockout. I put VC on Swan and the C on Ablett. {good move}

    Now when I chuck Ablett on the pine for Mcdonald he then collects the C/captaincy.

    If I leave that C on Mcdonald will Swan automatically become captain once full lock out starts?

    Or have I ballsed it up?

    • Mate, you just need to leave Ablett on the field with the C and put McDonald on the bench as your emergency. It’s that easy!!!

      • Ive never used that before. 3rd year doing it too haha!

        Ok so my midfield right now is C/Ablett, VCSwan, Boyd, Mitchell, Thompson, Macdonald. with Magner and Shiel in emergency.

        I click the E on Magner and it lights him up in lovely light purple.

        I leave Gablett on the ground and when he doesnt play Magner [or who I choose as E] will replace the non starting Ablett. Yes?

        Ohhhhh FMD!

        • Jason, exactly right mate.
          PS: Disregard anything ‘Maxs’ said below cause he obviously has no idea.

          • Beautiful, thanks for the help fellow blue boy! Us Carlton supporters stick together! Go Blues!

    • you stuffed it haha, im not entirely sure how it works but you cant have a captain on the field just your VC

  • I have Boyd and i am planning to make him captain.
    But do you all think he will get tagged by Macdonald ?
    Macdonald did a pretty good job at tagging S.Thompson last week.

  • I can’t decide captaincy this week, I had Pendlebury VC scoring with 113, which i am not completely satisfied with. I have decided to keep Ablett, I have cut down my potential captains to Mitchell, Sandilands and Rockliff.

    Mitchell and Sandilands would be the ovious picks, but i was thinking Rockliff is playing Geelong at the Gabba where he traditionally scores well and Geelong haven’t looked very good this season. Also, with no Ling, Taylor Hunt has become the tagger, and he hasn’t looked very impressive in a shut down role.

    Do you think it’s worth a go?

    • Maybe have a look at Sam Mitchell carefully but as a fellow Rockliff owner I want him to explode this week and he should have a lot on confidence after last week, will be risky but could be a good P.O.D

    • Sandilands. Definitely sandilands


    If i have Swan as my VC now @ 171 goodness and i want to tree out Ablett (C) this week, what do i need to do to keep the 171 goodness? when i trade ablett out will i need to put someone on the flied that is not playing, and have a premo on the bench to cover that 0 so i get the VC x2??? I’ve never used the loophole so need guideness.

    so Swan 171 as VC, if i got say Smedts as Captain and have S Johnson on the bench as emergency for the forward line (where smedts is right now) willS Johnson become Captain or will i keep my VC score and get S Johnsons score as well???? This is of course if Smedts doesn’t play.

    TIts Out!!

    • I’m in the same position as you Titalicous!!! i really don’t know!!!

    • when u trade ablett out, you could put the C on anyone, but i think 171 would suffice, put someone on the field that is not playing, and have a premo on the bench in the same position to cover that 0 so u get the VC x2???

      • so if i put C on Smedts and have Kennedy as E in the forward line, because my Captain hasn’t plat, Kennedy does not get the Captain and i get the VC x2 ????

        Tits Out!!

  • had swan as vc and ablett as captain!!! yeahhhhh baby!!!!!!

  • Swan is going to have caused alot of upsets in the leagues.

    I don’t have Swan and the only guy I always arm wrestle for the premiership with does but didn’t know about the loop hole. Currently he has Boyd as captain and our teams are almost similar but in favour of his IMO.

    I think the only way out of this is to take a risk on Goddard and hope Boyd goes bad. This way it wil close the gap OR make it even more of one if Boyd smashes Goddard.

    • well he will know about the loophole if he gets on youd think ya would of told him by now about it..most people tell friends ,or other people they play again

      dont worry it wont give him an advantage haha especially if he picks stanton as captain

  • hahaha deeerrrhh!!!!…what a genius….really went out on a limb there calvin (and it snapped)

    loophole— yeah we know about that


    swan.pendles.boyd.murph.–gee how did ya think that up

    and before warnie bites/crys whatever comes first..just pointing out that yous arent any better than anyone else with half a ya might have to ease up on dr dt if ya gonna get stuff wrong yourselves

    like yous have done so far this year

  • Ziebell Vs GC with no Ablett, Rischa, Swallow?

  • What do you guys honestly think about Swallow as Captain? He is versing the Suns who are minus their star Captain… Should I risk it? Or go Murphy/Goddard?