DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 4




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  • First & last time we’re going to see Warnie out of the vest I reckon!

  • Good to have you back DT Talk.

  • Would much rather watch 40 minutes of this than watch the Channel 9 footy show.

    Good point on overthinking the benches, I did the same with Ellis over Bugg last week, those Giants are gonna be on the field this week.

    Going Boyd as captain though, understand the white sheep black sheep logic but if Raines smothers Ablett I’d be pissed if I went Ablett.

  • Great show boys!

    Warnie didn’t sound too convinced on keeping Fyfe tho…

    Whatabout Fyfe for Goddard then?

  • SO What are people doing with Nathan Fyfe? I for one am keeping him.

    • I cant keep him…I just cant….If I see him hurt again, and gives me another 22 and THEN goes for surgery I’d lose my mind and commit a homicide, I’m 100% sure of it. And for that reason and that reason only I traded him for S. Sidebottom…For the sake of people around me. But seriously with Ball gone…someone has to step up…

    • I’m struggling to keep him too.
      Even if he cracks the ton, he’ll drop in price next two poss three rounds. Can look at bringing him back maybe after the bye if he’s on fire again.
      There’s a lot of good, fit mids around 450-500k. Any thoughts on upgrade to premo def like Goddard or Carrazo even?

    • As a Crows fan who went through Porplyzia the last few years, I’m out.

      • yeah. i’m gonna have to leave the fyfe express at the stanley station
        even if he plays for 5 rounds and averages 100.
        he is still going down in price and then if he does his shoulder again, he will leave my team 100k cheaper. also rhys stanley will be 100k more expensive. its a 200k turnaround. what a waste…

  • Did Roy say he was given to extra trades by virtual sports? How does that work?

  • Now who to put on my bench Golby playing Gold Coast….Conca playing Geelong…or Clarke playing port… who is gonna score less out of those 3?

    • Tough call… I’m playing all 3 on field, I think Clarke but it’s a very close call.

      BTW, nice trolling Roy with the whole ‘extra trades’ ;)

      • Cheers! Think I might bench Clarke Golby better perform!!!

        Yeah I can not believe he didn’t elaborate on the trades, very interesting!!!

  • Fyfe to Chapman?

  • Fyfe to Chapman

    • nah… got chappy atm and not all that happy chappy.
      his BE is pretty high, so wait another round

      • It’s more about Fyfe’s BE than Chappy’s
        if Fyfe gets injured, I don’t have many round 12 forwards that I could afford.

  • fyfe to chapman????

  • Too much SEMEN Captain???? nice Warnie nice…………………

  • broughton to duffield??

  • Ross Lyon stitched us again. calvin said “If Freo play Fyfe, you play Fyfe” problem is, freo were never going to play Fyfe, they bullshitted us. Bloody Lyon. Glad I traded him out. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s announced he will go under the knife.