Golden Stubby – Round 3

Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 3. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Gary Ablett (162). Calvin’s number one choice and the captain for most coaches. All that much sweeter when your opponent had Pendles with the C on.
  • Matthew Boyd (146). The fourth highest scorer of the round pumped out this score in a 10 goal loss. Calvin’s second choice and in great form this year so far.
  • Scott Selwood (150). Yes, the 150 was against GWS… but this backs up from 98 and 131 in the opening rounds. Unique midfield choice.
  • Mitch Robinson (127). On a night where coaches were seething at Pendles awful score, Robbo and his ‘nutter-ness’ managed a huge score pleasing his 11,000 coaches.
  • Greg Broughton (109). I had to put Broughts in here… and not just for me! I got quite a few Tweets requesting him to be nominated for those who held onto him! Anyway… with the unpredictable defenders, Broughts came through.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 3

  • Gary Ablett (78%, 1,955 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (4%, 89 Votes)
  • Scott Selwood (7%, 172 Votes)
  • Mitch Robinson (3%, 67 Votes)
  • Greg Broughton (9%, 232 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,514

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Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board!


  • I’d like to be the FIRST to pick the forgotten man G Ablett

    • Managed to sneak the dirty word in, and still avoid the backlash.

      Classy :D

      • I think as long as it isnt just a boring old FIRST its ok.

        If you actually take the time to work it into a nice play on words you will not be executed for it.

        Did you sea what I did there?

      • Indeed. Mature young adult right here!

  • Hahahahaha. Just voted. This isn’t going to be one sided at all.

  • give it to boydy, gaz had it last week. share it around

  • I think it is pretty clear that Ablett is going to win it again. And he deserves to.

  • Ablett. No contest.

  • Putting my vote for Scott “Scooter” Selwood. Picked him up last week in exchange for Broughton and he didnt let me down.

    • Well done… Good move. Do you reckon his early season good form will drop off?

      • I can see his AVG dropping off from 126. But i recon he should be okay for a 100-110 AVG come seasons end. Provided he continues his offensive gamestyle, which will be seen this week if he tagges Mitchell or not.

  • Im glad i kept Broughton
    pulled through for me in a tough week

  • Can we just have the golden slab and hand it to Gaz now?

    • +1

      At least he will have a bye along the way to give someone else a go…

    • Get sick Golden Stubbies in a calender year, and you get the Golden 6 pack. Move over Charlie Brownlow.

  • Scooter!

  • Gaz deserves it easy this week. Pumping out a 162 with the C on is a good feeling and helped save a lot of us who had Fyfe and a couple other underpeforming guys.

    Ablett will have a carton of golden stubbies the way he’s going

  • this shouldn’t even be question

  • To be honest I would rather see someone like Scooter get it. I expect SMJ to pump out a massive score week in week out so it is nothing special to me that he once AGAIN pumped out a massive score.

    He is by far the best in the competion so 130-140+ week in week out is something I expect from him now.

    IMO Scooters 150 or Boyds 140+ is far more impressive purely because neither of these 2 are SMJ.

    Just my opinion lads…

    • Then again, to look at things from a different perspective….scooter had a day out against GWS children in a training drill for the eagles, whilst Gazza (as good as he clearly is) was a LONE hand against the bombers in a tight game…it was almost essendon vs ablett! Gazza all the way for me!

      • Dont get me wrond im not trying to take anything away from the man that is Sweet Merciful Jesus, the fact of the matter is he is just that damn good so I expect him to pump out 140+ consistantly. So when he does it, it’s no as big of a deal as if say some one like Scooter or Robbo does it. You get where im coming from?

        • I hear u loud and clear mate! :) well done grabbing scooter by the way, I wish I’d taken him.

        • Yes, but it’s a shit point.

          Usain Bolt shouldn’t have to run 110m because he’s faster than everybody else. (Although I’m sure he’d still win).

        • According to Clarko (on Hawk TV) Birchall received a ‘kick to the calf’ and Clarko saw it as an opportunity to sub Savage on. So he didn’t seen at all worried about it, Birchall will most likey be ok for next week…hopefully.

  • Wish I was on twitter, h-mac deserved to nominated, a ton as a 280k ruck man against geelong!

  • Ablett deserves it….but my vote went to Mitch Robbo. Owned by 4% of coaches and will pump out 90-100+ each game, absolute gun!

  • Lake given 1 week! Pretty happy with that, comes back for a big game against GWS. In terms of Goodes its a bit annoying but not terrible, I thought it was soft but I guess if his record wasn’t GOODES. Going to be an interesting weekend.

  • don’t jump the gun people. lucky trades are reversable this year.

    • A big question I’m going to throw out there, is do you stil ltrade him even if he does play?

      With a loose shoulder, he is more likely to pop it again in future games, and the club will be more likely to manage his minutes and amount of matches he plays.

      Is it a scenario where all the warning signs are there……?

      • I’d keep him if I was you and play it this way all year: If Fyfe is playing, put Broughton on the emergency bench and if Fyfe isn’t playing, take Broughton off the bench and put him on the field.

      • It’s a possibility Muffin, but by the same token his dicky shoulder could mean a more freed-up outside role for him that could see him pick up a lot more uncontesed marks.

        Only time will tell, but I’m not going to burn a trade until I get a better idea of the situation.

        Of course the news could come in tomorrow that he’s going in for surgery and season is over so we won’t have that headache at all…

        • He played a fair chunk of last year with a dicky shoulder and did allright. Trades are like gold to me so I’ll give him every chance to get up.

  • Any award for Fyfe, might be playing this week!!!

  • GAJ is going to win it anyway, so it wont matter if I throw a charity vote away, so I voted Greg BroughTON, for his 2 week rope a dope which sucked in all the doubters.

    How good was little Gary though? Finally have him after 2 seasons, and am reaping the rewards.

    Firmly entrenched in the Team GAJ camp.

  • Give it to Dempsey, just to stick it up all of those whom traded Broughton out for him and got burnt for it :lol:

  • I reckon the BUGGer should have at least got a mention. As much as the giants are getting flogged each week, if it wasnt for him and Cornes the scorelines would have been even worse

  • GAJ on track to win the golden carton at this rate

  • Broughton? Turn it up fellas

  • garry ablett early lead……

  • I had to give it to Boydy bc even though he wasn’t my captain was probably the one thing that stopped me from clicking the ‘delete team’ button.

  • Easily Gary Ablett
    Even if Mitch Robinson played a decent game I could never bring myself to vote for this tosser!

  • Has to be Gaz, he saved my ass from an absolutly disgusting score this week because of the likes of Burger, Fyfe, Martin, Zaha, Cloke, Magner (bit harsh I know) This week could not have gone much worse. Thankyou Gaz you blad headed beast!

  • Is it time to create a Platinum stubby for SMJ and leave it on hm until someone beats his score and then let the best of the rest play of for the slightly less shiny gold stubby.. gee would have hated to see my score if i had decided to go with watson for the C .