Partial Lockout 1: In Effect

The GWS v Sydney game is underway so Partial Lockout #1 is in effect!

After all of that scrambling and waiting for subs, making sure our team is in position, etc… we can breathe our first sigh of relief. We now have Thursday night’s partial lockout (at 7:45pm) ahead of us before the full lockout on Friday (at 7:50pm) and all of our pre-season work will be over.

Alright – so who do you have locked in (and where) from the Giants and the Swans? Are you attempting any form of the loophole?

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  • Not really too shattered that I picked Smith over Kennedy and Ellis over Bugg, over preseason Kennedy and Bugg (Darley) never ever got off my bench. Meant I had an avg of 75 from my 4 on field players
    instead of the 85 from the 3 on the bench! Sucks but cant expect too much for a rook really!

    Coniglios score is annoying, last quarter pretty much a write off for him but he did look like a bloody good player at times didnt he, gave a quality Dusty Fend Off anyone see that?! The extra 60k would have been handy in the backline though, in the past ive opted out of the top draft picks but hope Cogs is different.

    Dont think I will go for Bock, still undecided there, if Enright has another week off though look out!

    • Coniglio looked like he was about to cry when he came off with cramp :D. BT was taking the piss out of him. The fend off was very nice though.

  • pretty gd start so far 524 mummy,coniglio,kennedy,bugg,old mac and smith..bench townsend,shiel,giles and i had hampton changed last minute to cameron not the worst though,, u gotta have as many of gws boys as u can i think,

  • 674/8 players have bugg and kennedy onfield, pretty happy loaded up on gws rookies and will trade early think there some good players that you can take in the next few weeks to score well.

  • shiel was always going to get subbed.
    only played 75% of a reserves game in the lead up.

    457 from 5 gws players for me, could not have asked for more.
    now just got to get the rest of the team right this week because i’m off to a good start.

    I have shiel emergency so magner or clay smith has to play, if not one of them is out.
    no way i’m taking a 36.

  • 291 from 3, Kennedy, Old Mac and Giles on field. Plus Bugg’s an emergency, so fingers crossed either Ellis or Morris doesn’t play so I can move that 97 onto the field and have 388 from 4! Looking quite good for this round :)

  • I had Kennedy on my forward line bench (as emergency). So now I have traded out Porplyzia for Zorko,who is out for the first couple of rounds, and BOOM! Now I get Kennedys 116 (and get rid of injury prone Porplyzia who I was never certain on!!)

    • I was thinking Zorko, but is he guaranteed to come straight in? Know he’s on 4 b&f’s in the local league.

      • Mate, I played against Zorko and he is an absolute GUN! Should have been picked up as an 18 year old, but size was an issue. Now hes got some bulk will be a walk in to that Brisbane Lion forward line.

        • Around the 20th of February it was stated as a 4 week injury to Zorko.

          It has been over a month now so maybe Zorko will play round 1 after all

  • 426 from 5: Bugg,Coniglio, Mumford, Smith and Kennedy. anyone wanting to join a very competitive league with people from top 5 last year rankings : 604660

  • 338/5

    Coniglio, Smith, Parker, Goodes and Giles… Bugg (E) and Kennedy (E)

    Not a very good start…

    Goodes didn’t even try, Parker did well but must’ve been out of it after McDonald’s hit, Coniglio and Smith both played well but didn’t score well… Bugg (E) and Kennedy (E) just compounds the misery!

    At least Giles did well!

  • 403/5
    Goodes, Mumford, Giles, Coniglio, McDonald…Shiel (E), Kennedy (E), Bugg (Bench)

    Slightly depressing I didn’t have faith in Kennedy and Bugg, but at least I have them in my team, ready to start accumulating cash.

  • 176/3 coniglio, Tomlinson, D.Smith with Bugg and Kennedy on the bench :(
    Not a good start but had no idea how GWS players would go

  • Played
    Kennedy, a
    Other than shiels very happy with my 570 something dt score this far!

    • I think you’d just about be the only guy who isn’t raging about Goodes not scoring 400 points lol.

  • played shie and devon smith

    had bugg, kennedy and giles on the bench…

    forgot to emergency them as well

  • Tinkering with my team I’ve traded out Callinan for zorko and put zorko on field (Kennedy was emg) and with the extra coin I’ve upgraded Guthrie to Duffman (who’s had 2 81’s and a 107 this preseason). Shame I still have Bugg on bench won’t make that mistake next week :)

    • *next round

    • Duffield could easily be pre-season fool’s gold. He didn’t perform well last year without any major injuries, so you need some evidence of a positional change to drag in a sub-premo like him.