The Friday Scramble: Round 1A

Alright, this is it, enough of this nice friendly stuff, we finally get serious.  Blokes at work will start looking over your shoulder to see who you are picking (not that you do your team at work of course). 

Last season I brought you “Get Off The Bench” on a Friday morning as we had the weekly byes to consider and a much bigger bench.  But since we don’t have that problem this year, and when we get to the MBR’s this year we won’t have much choice!, I am going to bring you The Friday Scramble, as that is inevitably what Friday turns into.  A mad scramble to get the right guys on the ground and make the right trades.  I hope to bring you some topics to consider, some things to remember and highlight some of the things from the week just past to think about.  I hope you like it as it should help you solidify your strategies going into each round.

We are all now starting to really finalise our teams.  There are a few things that we need to in this next 36hrs before our first of 3 lockouts for round 1. 

Are you there yet?

A strategy that I think is very important is to have your team set to pretty much how you would have it if the full round 1 lockout was in effect as of the first game this week.  This means you should have your strategy in place, you should have settled on your premiums that you want to carry into the season and you should be also settled on the rookies that you plan to have, even those that don’t belong to GWS. 

What this means is that from Sunday to Thursday night next week, you don’t have to try and fit things in around your locked in players too much.  Any changes should be sideways trades and not complete structure changes as that approach could lead to disaster.

How many is too many?

I posed the question on twitter this week as to how many GWS players should you have and how many of them should be starting on the field for you in round 1.  I got a lot of answers to this and most seemed to be in a fairly tight range.  The consensus seemed to be that between 4 and 6 was the right number of GWS players to have.  I think if we look back to our starting squads last year, 6 was pretty much the minimum number of guys we had from GCS, however, in remembering that, also remember that we had an extra 3 players last year.  So you can’t afford to just stash a heap of cows out in the back paddock knowing that you will never need them to come into the main paddock. 

This year with only two spots on the bench picking the right rookies and cheaper players is critical and you can’t afford to pick a guy that might not play all that often.  Personally I am looking at having between 5 and 6 in my team and I am concerned that this might be too many.  However, based on what we have seen in the preseason and what we know about these kids from their time in the lower grades, there are some guns there.

The other thing to remember about the GWS is that they have taken a very different approach to the Suns and that is that they have picked a heap of these younger guys and they raided the old folks home a lot more than the Suns did.  This means that guys like Devon Smith, Stephen Coniglio, Steve Clifton and Anthony Miles aren’t going to be competing for midfield time like their Suns predecessors were against Ablett, Rischitelli and Stanley.  So their job security and time in the middle of the ground should be a lot higher.

The second part of my question was how many on the ground?  Well the consensus there was a resounding 3.  For me that sounds about right.  I think the guy that will be on the ground in a lot of teams is Jonathan Giles as there is a lot of talk around the DT world about running with a 1 and 3 setup this year.  This means that there will be 1 premium like a Dean Cox or Leuenberger and then have Giles at R2 with rookies on the bench.  This is a risky strategy, but it does leave you with more cash to use in other areas.

I think that you can’t do enough research on the GWS, so check out as many articles about them as you can and make sure that you have had a full read of @ChookDT‘s Rooks article from yesterday as he has some great information for you.  Also check out RLGriffin‘s article on GWS Picks for some great info on who you could be looking at.  Another article that RLGriffin did was on Who Are the Giants?  Well worth a read but keep in mind he did write it back in December so just make sure you look at NAB form for some updates.

 But he hasn’t been named??

So you had your eye on a Rook… thanks to our mate Chook.  But you find when you look at the teams that he hasn’t been named.  What do you do?  Well we are faced with that often and this week it comes in the form of Sam Darley who hasn’t been named, but we all know he is a good player.  There are two distinct schools of thought:

  1. Pick him anyway.  This will save you a trade and you know he will play from round 2 onwards soon enough and score well.
  2. Don’t pick him yet.  This allows you to see how he is going and if he doesn’t play til round 2 or 3 you will be able to trade him in for one of the other rooks that you picked (without Chook’s help) who has turned out to be a dud or does a Coad (gets a season ending injury after just 2 games with no price rise).  It also means that you have an extra week or two (if he doesn’t play til rd3) before he has a price rise.

This one is really a bit of personal preference.  I am not sure which way I am leaning but I guess I have to make a decision sooner or later!

Love in an Elevator

Alright, so it was a bad pun, but I know you all love Aerosmith.  But one of the things that happens at this time every year is the Rookie Elevations.  There are two types of rookie elevations.  Firstly there is the Nominated Rookie.  They can stay on the senior list all year as the team don’t have as many veterans on their list as others.  Secondly there is the Long Term Injury elevation.  Here a club has a player on the LTI and hence they can elevate someone in their place.  So far we have the following elevations (to the best of my knowledge):

Adelaide: Ian Callinan (Nom)
Carlton: Zach Tuohy (N0m) Ed Curnow (Nom)
Melbourne: James Magner (Nom)
North Melb: Aaron Mullet (Nom)
Port Adelaide: Darren Pfeiffer (Nom)
Richmond: Addam Maric (LTI) Brad Miller (LTI)
Sydney: Harry Cunningham (LTI)

So the keys for us here are really Darren Pfeiffer and James Magner who have both done well in the preseason comp, but beware that Magner was injured and may not get a game round 1. 

There are still some rookie spots open, ones that I know of belong to Port and Melbourne who have guys on the LTI but haven’t listed people to be upgraded as yet in those spots.  I think I have covered all the ones that have occured, but if I missed any pls add them in the comments.

Generally these guys are dirt cheap unless they have been in the system before which is the case with Pfeiffer.  But if they are getting a regular game, ride them as far as you can, but if they are LTI, keep an eye on the injury status for that club to see when you may need to jump off.

What the Vest?

The vest has become the most hated thing in Dreamteam I think.  We pick our side, select a few guys we think are gun rookies or mid pricers and Boom, they get a bloody vest!  This just destroys you, but if it is yellow you are hoping for an injury to someone not in your DT so your guy gets on, and if he starts on the field and lands the red, it just shatters you knowing that his score simply won’t change for the rest of the game.

If your guy does get the vest round 1, don’t be too disappointed, particularly with GWS as I can see them sharing the vest around a bit early on in the year whilst they are getting their structures right.  But if the guy is coping 3 or more in a row (yes looking at you Gaff) then start to be concerned a little.

 Bring it on!!

So we come to game 1 of the season this Saturday night.  And for us DT’ers, probably the most anticipated game of the season as we finally get to see how our Giant rookies go in their first game that actually matters.  I can’t wait, and although due to other commitments I can’t watch the first game live, I will be glued to my phone (unless the Mrs confiscates it or I get too drunk as the night wears on) to see my DT scores ticking over…. hopefully!

As you make your final decisions on Saturday avo, feel free to tweet me for any ideas… @pkd73




  • Couple spots left – DT league # 545410

  • Shiel has to vested first game right?

  • Not to much talk about Jimmy bartel this year whats every ones thoughts on him

    • Went him over jelwood last year so he is now on my never again list !

      • Fair call just thinking he may go bit under the radar this year and still can average the 100+ mark

      • Bit harsh…though Selwoods average was better Jimmy’s total points where higher for the year…I had him, and from memory he sood up late in the dt finals….
        He could have almost been given dpp/forward statis this year…

  • Hampton on bench midfield? good or bad???

  • Team Midpies

    D: Goddard, Carrazo, Deledio, Waters, Lake, Guthrie, Ellis (M Clarke, Paine)

    M: Pendles, Swan, Ablett, Goodes, Lucas, Coniglio, (Zorko, Sheil)

    R: Sandilands, Giles, (Redden, Stephenson)

    F: Franklin, Fyfe, Cloke, Martin, Tomlinson, Pfeiffer, J. Cameron (Smedts, Schneider)

    $217,000 in bank

    Noticed no one has Swan & Pendles. Is it a Pie thing or is there another reason? What about Lucas?
    Thought Tomlinson would be more popular a a dual position player?

    • A lot of people starting 4 premo mids and the smart ones are starting 1 Rd 11 (Boyd) 1 Rd 12 (Swan) ans 2 Rd 13 (Ablett and Mitchell/Murphy) makes the whole MBR’s less painfull. Anyways thats what I’m doing. People that know these thinkg also tend to not post their teams everyday looking for help….

      • I think that’s a good rule of thumb here.

        If the person giving advice on your team has also posted their own team – then ignore everything that they have to say.

  • Hampton??? yes or no?

  • Chapman and duffield


    Broughton and Sidebottom


    Hayes Broughton sidebottom


    Scott thomson, duffield, dangerfield

  • For those interested I had a chat to Zorks last night and he’s not far away at all….

    • Did he mention like a couple of weeks or having a run in the magoo’s this week. I have seem a couple of weeks become a couple of months too many times.

      Do you know what his injury was?

  • Play Kennedy or Shiels or both on the bench???


  • are Nahas (richmond) and Monfries (essondon) worth having my team?

  • Kennedy or Shiels or both on the bench?


    • id go Shiel but I’m fighting between the experience of J McDonald and Coniglio to start

  • I think he will play :)

  • Giles on the cheat sheet is madness IMO. It’s a valid option for sure but resting your entire set up on a GWS rookie is suicide and it’s just not worth risking for me.

    I’ll pick him for the pine for sure but I have a niggling feeling the article next season will be something alon the lines of “The Gile Gamble”

    If you want a bargin ruck go Kreuz. Anything happens to Giles your season is gone.

    • it is risky having a player like this on your field because if he does get injured you will have 100k max to use in addition if it happens before round 5-6 and you won’t find a good ruckman at that sort of price. But we only need to think back to last year when zac smith took the ruck for gold coast. Although we did have him on the bench which eliminated the risk he is the trail blazer for faith in Ruck rookies. Giles in this case has more experience having played for port and a bigger frame than smith so be wont. E as risky. Also, most if not all of the premo rucks have 1 problem such as age risk, 2nd ruckman risk or just potential scoring risks. This has never happened in dream team before. Personally I have Giles on my field and redden and big o as backup which is also a minimized risk. Kruezer has great potential but he is the riskiest ruck of them all, last year we found clarity when he took a big mark and landed safely on his feet and his knee didn’t fall to bits. I see a positive in both ruckman and if Giles was to get injured I would jump straight on Kruezer but for now would u rather have an extra premo in the fwd/mid/back than the ruck

  • I notice no-one has mentioned Townsend, he hasn’t set the world on fire but he’s been consistent and has played some solid footy through pre-season. He’s also had the call up Rnd 1.


    • Had him in and out then named on the bench so dropped him….

      • how many rooks from any club won’t be on the bench? if you think he’s good enough pick him i reckon

    • Probably won’t be the best scorer, seeing as he’s more of a defensive player.

  • Currently have Bugg, Coniglio, Kennedy, Giles and Smith.

    How do I go about starting/benching players?

    • I’m going to make sure I have three GWS emergencies, that way I don’t have to worry about it if one of my rookies doesn’t get named.

  • I know this is the wrong forum lads but there is one more spot in my private league.
    Should be very high standard. Code: 311546

  • How come the likes of Curnow Mullet and Callinan are being upgaded if they already played games last year? surely that would mean they got elevated last year too?

  • hey all,can someone please tell me how the heck to add a celebrity on dream team,i cannot see any options anywhere or any links please

    • If you go into your league there should be a big green box saying invite on the left hand side. Underneath that are the “celebrities”, click on the plus and there you go. It’ll only show up if you are the admin of the league you’re looking at.

  • can i just save gws and syd players and dont put any other players in ? I dont want my mates to see my team !!!!

  • league 456847 still has 9 spots left

  • What do people think of kreuzer and hale as my first two rucks with redden and giles on the bench

  • I also have a few spots to fill in my league, mixed range of experience – 728063

  • Please join my league, came top 2k last year so be good to have some better than average DTers… league code 203205

  • Join league 546796. 4 spots left