North Melbourne: AFL Dream Team Picks

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

TeeTee’s five from the Kangas…

Okay, it has to be said that while the Kangaroos have a young, talent-laden squad, on balance they don’t boast a long list of DT-relevant players compared to the likes of Collingwood and Geelong. So what we have here is pretty much a selection of ‘uniques’ for your consideration. Bon apetite!

1. Andrew Swallow (MID) $491,500

A real point-of-difference MID, Swallow senior comes into his 6th season off the last three years of averaging 89.8, 98.3 and 99.3. With a big 2012 ahead of him as the new skipper of the ‘Roos, we can expect to see him step up, marshalling the joeys at Arden Street and leading the charge out in the middle. He is crucial to the success of North Melbourne and the fearless on-baller should up his average to around the 105ppg mark by season’s end.

2. Liam Anthony (MID) $378,200

Remember when this guy was unleashed in the second half of the 2009 season? Anthony went on an absolute rampage and ended up with an average of 96.2 in his 10 games. Sure he’s had his injury woes and went missing in 2011, but he looks like he is back to his ball-winning ways in last weekend’s NAB Cup match against the Doggies. There’s plenty of risk involved in picking him in your starting squad, but if he can keep those shoulders intact, he could reward.

3. Todd Goldstein (RUC) $491,600

There has been a heap of preseason chatter about how McIntosh’s impending return to the ‘Roos lineup for season 2012 will have a detrimental effect on Goldy’s Dream Team output. I don’t doubt that it will diminish somewhat, but he is an outstanding mobile ruckman who should still be able to average around 90ppg for the year and feature regularly in North Melbourne’s best, both on-ground and in Dream Team scoring. While that may be a drop from his 99.3 average in 2011, what won’t drop is his high work rate and his effort around the ground.

4. Hamish McIntosh (RUC) $273,500

I have to admit to being a bit of a HMac fan since picking him in my team in 2009 and riding out his breakout year. He had a very unlucky run of injuries in 2011, but he has put it all together this preseason to come out fighting fit for 2012. He looks the goods and even if his scoring is hampered by Goldy, an average of 80-85ppg for $273k makes for a great pathway to an elite ruck come the Kangas’ Round 11 bye.

5. Jack Ziebell (MID) $384,900

If there is any MID crying out for a breakout year, it’s got to be J-Z!! He has the ability to get his hands on the ball almost at will, putting himself in the right spot at the right time, but his consistency has been lacking. He played 21 games last year and managed to pump out massive scores including a 129 and a 156 in nine 90-plus games, but on the flip side, he went missing for nine sub-70 games as well. His awkward price tag makes him a difficult proposition, but if the vice-captain raises his game and brings consistency to his application, he is ready to explode into premium territory.

On the watchlist…

Of course, mature-aged Sam Gibson (MID, $85,800) is on many a shortlist, but his NAB Cup form has been a little up-and-down. An inside/outside goal-kicking midfielder for the Box Hill Hawks for the past couple of seasons, Gibbo wouldn’t have been picked up by the Kangas just to build depth. He’s cheap-as-chips, so watch his performance in this weekend’s final NAB Cup round and listen out for any news of his elevation in the coming weeks. Fellow new recruit Will Sierakowski (BAC, $104,200) could be a handy downgrade option when he gets his chance. A ready-to-play rebounding defender, he gives the ‘Roos an option down back and will want to seize any opportunity to impress at his new club. Keep an eye on DTTalk’s main man at Arden Street, Nathan Grima (BAC, $279,900). His preseason was looking good until he tweaked his knee, but monitor his return in the early rounds to see if he has a bit more freedom across halfback this year. We all saw how brilliantly Drew Petrie (FWD, $432,900) came back from spending 2010 on the sidelines, but he’s lost his FWD/RUC DPP this year and the riches available in the FWD line will relegate him to being a very unique pick. He’ll be playing as a key-position power forward and will no doubt bag a few 6 goal+ games this year, but only you’ll know if he’s a fit for your strategy.


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  • Thanks TT

    Where’s TKOL – can someone tell him to go down to Arden St and tell them to give Gibson a game. Mid rookies in my midline has become a lot more difficult in last couple of weeks. Carrying Hibberd last year until he scored a few games was very costly.

    • I was hoping Gibson would have a really good pre-season, mainly so I could watch as everyone picked him up and then complained when he got dropped for Ziebell in Round 3 :P.

      HMac is the one to watch, though I think most are overlooking him for the ludicrously dangerous three rookie approach.

      • Reckon anyone will go with a four-rookie approach with Bailey down: Stephenson, Redden, Giles and Hale’s understudy? Save a mint, earn a packet and upgrade much sooner has a lot going for it. Especially with a dearth of standout rookie pics in Def and the Fwds…

        • no way because I got burnt last year when sandi went down zmith was my no 2 and he stunk it up big time. I would prefer to play a rookie mid than a rookie ruck

        • Save a mint, earn a packet? Second ruckmen tend to score in the 40-60 range. No packets of any sort will be earned. If either Lobbe or Renouf work their way back into the number one position at Port, the three rookie strategy is too risky for the reward on offer IMO. Four is even worse, especially when its compelety unnecessary with the number of value rucks available this year.

          In case you were wondering, Hale’s understudy will likely be Broc McCauley (the Hawks have stated already that Roughead won’t be rucking this year).

          • Most rookies are priced around 20pts per round, so if they score 40-60 per round they’ll double to triple their price. Some people might be happy to roll with this given the job security of a number of the rookie rucks this year.

            I’m not entirely advocating for it… just saying that for the dosh you save, why not have 6 guns in the mids instead of 4 and hit the ground running? Sure you’ll have some low scores in the rucks, but you’ll have low scores somewhere anyway.

    • True… It’s said there is a lot of quality mid rookie depth this year but I’m not so sure.

      • compared to backs and forwards the midfield is a rookie gold mine.

        • as always… well had a couple of good mid/fwds last year but then they got injured

        • +1.
          I have 12 rookies on watch list, to fit into 5 mid positions + 2 forward positions. (dpp)

  • I am thinking about putting Leigh Adams in my squad. I watched their last game and he was playing high half forward pushing into the back half like steve johnson does sometimes, what do you guys think? Also i have a league with a heap of spots left for anyone interested 927000. Cheers

    • If he gets to run deep or even rotate through the middle this season, Adams could bump his average up to the 90-95 range. Starting price is a drawback, but big watch!

  • What are your thoughts on Brent Harvey? Still worth considering?
    P.S. 11 stops let in tis league for people that have very unique teams. 514137

    • *11 spots left in this league for people with unique teams.

    • It’s sad to go searching for the next North Melbourne breakout player and, in frustration, your mind keeps taking you back to Brent Harvey. Watched his season closely last year and in a lot of games up to three quarter time he had only a handful of touches; his redemption being a good last quarter. A year older – will he still be able to kill that final quarter?

      • Short andswer is yes, thats what champions do mate. They can turn a game in 1 quarter.

  • Leigh Adams was going to be one of my unique pick, though my squad is already well overweight with rnd 11 bye players so will be giving him a miss at this stage though will hopefully get a last look at thim this w/e.

    • Yeah, round 11. Keepers with the round 11 bye I wouldn’t mind, but it seems the midpricers I want all seem to have that bye, the worst of the three. Ideally mid-pricers should have round 12 or 13 byes, so they can be upgraded to a round 11 bye super premium after round 11. The right time to do it and a trade to make anyway. Lake-Hargrave-Gaff-L.Anthony-Golby, all round 11.

  • nice right up TeeTee

    its McIntosh for me only from the Roo’s

  • Big HMAC as R2, thats it for Kangas

  • Can’t understand Sandos line up based on the current good form of Kerridge and Lynch (named as emerg). Instead Henderson and the slow S Mckernan have been given spots on the int bench. These guys havnt done a great deal in the past 2-3 seasons. Would much prefer Lynch and Kerridge to be given more gametime so we can see just how good they really are. Got Kerridge locked and would seriously consider Tommy Lynch as a viable downtrade option

    Any thoughts?

    • Well I think McKernan has to play ruck/CHB. Maybe if Rutten was available his spot wouldn’t be there, but then Tippett would have to back up Jacobs?

  • I’d be happy having -5 North players in my team, they have to be the worst side for DT.

  • And my smokey remains safe…

    Also, in other news, a spot has opened for a rookie elevation in the Swans’ lineup, atm the top bets are Campbell Heath (showed promising signs in the games he played last year…) and Harry Cunnington (impressive pre-season)

  • HMac for value is a definite good pick up…only other 2 North lads I was considering were Swallow and Patch Adams but again the dreaded bye kills that for midfield picks.