NAB Cup Rd 4 Chat: Our Last Chance


  • anyone alse thinking clancee pearce?

    • It’s hard to argue with his stats, scored roughly a point per minute consistently across all four rounds of the pre-season. But I don’t know, hard to be convinced about him.

      Maybe it’s just his name putting me off?

  • Luke Parker anyone?
    Has had a solid preseason and he did look the goods at times last year.
    Solid hard midfielder, just what Sydney love

    • Mmm so tempted to try and fit him in. Great to watch as well, tough as nails – I don’t think he would disappoint!

    • Luke will score well and appreciate nicely this year. Unfortunately I can’t fit him in to my premo-laden midfield. Will enjoy watching him knock a few on their backsides this year though – tough kid….

  • DId anyone Catch the Role Broughton played and where he was playing under Lyon,

    So depending on this and tonights game, I will be able to Work out Goddard+Hargrave or Broughton+Waters :)

  • A few spots left in my league…jump on board – 606303

  • Is anyone looking at Mitch Golby? Was on the Lions FB page they said he lead the DT scoring in the game against the bombers scoring 94 points. Also looks like Longer will be playing round 1 was name among best.

    • Yeah looks like he’s got the Drummond role off half back. Got 100 couple weeks ago, 70 odd last week and 94 this week. Trying to make room though

    • Golby has been pretty consistent throughout the NAB, JS looks good too.

  • Anyone know what kind of role NVB played against west coast? I think he’s gona have a huge year, but worried he might get stuck on the back flank again..

  • thoughts on brad ebert

  • Dangerfield, Porpy, Lynch and Callinan all putting their hands up for my forward line.

    …oh yeah and GO CROWS!!!

    • Yeh I think the saints may have made another stuff up trading lynch and think they traded him for cheap .
      When roo retires in a couple of years who will they have as a tall mobile forward who can take a mark?

    • +1

  • hi guys i have heaps of spots left on my last league if anyone intererested 269254

  • Hi Guys! I have got heaps of spots left in these leagues!
    Pete’s League,13 SPOTS LEFT, for beginners only (1st or 2nd year): 803525
    The Reckless, 3 SPOTS LEFT, for unique teams only: 514137
    Big Footy, 15 SPOTS LEFT, for people who are looking for some fun and laughter, but have good teams and also don’t mind some competitiveness: 432096

    Thanks guys, and enjoy dreaming!

    Cheers :)

  • Whilst I am loving this work of Kruezer so far I am hoping not too many people jump on his bandwagon to be honest, was hoping to be a little bit unique and have a McEvoy/Kruezer ruck combo

  • This last fwd position is tricky, I currently have Weeden, but he isn’t filling me with too much confidence. What do you guys think?

    • By the ‘last’ spot, do you mean the 7th or 9th spot? If you’re having trouble filling your team with players you’re confident in, I’d suggest you’ve probably picked too many rookies.