Brisbane Lions: AFL Dream Team Picks

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

Warnie’s five from the Lions.

1. Tom Rockliff (MID), $554,200.

We love the Rockwiz… so much so that we are now his Victorian player sponsors! After increasing his average heaps last year, Roy’s man crush has filtered down through all invovled with DT Talk and we’ll back him in as being one of the top 5 midfielders again this year.

2. Jack Redden (MID), $540,100.

Rocky’s housemate had a break out year last season taking his average to 109. I can see him keeping this up and would be a massive point of difference for your Dream Team. Going off the last couple of NAB Cup games, Reddo finished with 132 DT points from 29 touches and  whopping 9 tackles against the Blues on the weekend and 92 points against the Crows coming from 29 disposals also.

3. Pearce Hanley (DEF), $396,600.

The Irishman took his DT average to 82.5 last season playing every game. He gathers plenty of ball in the back half for the Lions and on the weekend, it was just the same with a score of 87 points coming from 25 disposals and 7 marks. Currently in only 1.5% of teams, Hanley could be a unique ‘premium’ defender for you with the Round 11 bye.

4. Matthew Leuenberger (RUC), $459,100.

The Burger rounds out the RedRock Burger combo after a smashing 2011 season where he finished the year with an average of 92.8 from all 22 games. He’s looking like a durable ruck option playing 22 games for the last two years. Using the Assistant Coach projections, he is tipped to score 123 first up. Nice! Many have jumped off him because of the recruitment of Ben Hudson (I see him as security) and first round pick Billy Longer. Leuenberger is a beast and will continue to pump out a 90+ average this season.

5. Sam Docherty (DEF/MID), $130,200.

I’ve snuck Docherty in here purely because he will get his first NAB game this week and is one of the few DEF/MID ‘rookie’ priced options that are worth considering. The kid was taken at #12 in the 2011 draft and averaged 66 at the Under 18 Championships  and 86 in the TAC Cup last year. Keep an eye on him this week as one of the few first year players knocking on the selection door for Round 1.

OTHERS ON THE WATCHLIST: I need to mention Dayne Zorko (MID/FWD, $104,200) here. The 24 year old is ready made and despite a pre-season hip injury, he should play game early on. Maybe a downgrade target. Jonathan Brown ($331,400) is heaps cheap this year but we won’t see him in the first couple of weeks after another facial injury that required surgery. Elliott Yeo ($98,700) has racked ’em up in the pre-season but didn’t play on the weekend and most likely won’t figure. I do also like the look of Jed Adcock ($417,700) as a premium defender too.


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  • only redden in themids for me.

  • Docherty is the only real lion on my radar at the moment. Rockliff or Redden is planed for my second upgrade midseason, but I’m sure they’ll both kill it again this year so you can’t go wrong picking either.

    Good work on pumping these two articles out today Warnie, are you releasing two per day over the next week?

    • I agree not really interested in any lions this year besides Docherty and Zorko
      There are much better midfield options than Rockliff and Redden

      • I agree, i mean who would want either of 2 guys who don’t know how to stay away from the ball, seem to always be in plenty of space for those precious +3 marks, love to go forward and kick a goal and will literally tackle the shit out of anything that moves…i’ll be looking else where to…

      • lolwut

  • Redden is a lock for me, will go under the radar when other teams will be putting effort on Black, Rockliff etc

  • I was looking forward to seeing Docherty and Zorko in the NAB but they’ve let me down so far even though they were set for DT stardom.

    I would’ve loved to fit in either Red or Rock but they don’t have anything over Boyd, Gablett, Jelwood or Sloane in my opinion. (even though they will score more than Sloane, not as much value obviously)

    The Burger was destined for my DT but the recruitment of Minson and Longer says NO Thank You

    However, I’m not going to be Lion-less, I’m looking at Adcock or Hanley in my backline (and Docherty or Zorko if they play round 1)

    Any Brisbane or DT experts, will the Lions backline be DT friendly this year? If so, Adcock or Hanley looking the goods?

    • it looks like vossy has gone with a high possession game style at the moment- i’m on adcock but not so sure about hanley

      • Yeah I thought that was the gameplan cos there were heaps of good scores on the weekend from the lions! I think Redden, Rockliffe, Black and Adcock were all 100+ even with the shorter NAB cup games. I think Adcock is the safer option and is still fairly unique (although he did burn last year :( )

  • Jed Adcock averaged 66 when J.Brown was playing, and 97 in the games when he wasn’t (and he took over as acting captain).
    Nevertheless, it seems that the lions want to hog possession this year, like the hawks and like the doggies this year as people are saying. If there’ll be lots of +6’s along half back Adcock should be in the thick of it.
    Another thing… Golby’s 14 possessions on the weekend were ALL uncontested… he’s fast, could he be the guy to run into space to grab those +6’s?

  • I go to Uni with Docherty’s girlfriend, and I must say he that he has done very well indeeed, lol.

  • Mitch Golby ($265k DEF) has been doing well this pre season

    Rd 1 – 37 (tri series)
    Rd 2 – 100
    Rd 3 – 73

    Dont know too much about his JS?

    • Haven’t watched many Lions games, what kind of role is he playing?

      • Ace Manuva posted a couple comments up that he was the link man down back, im not too sure on his position, havent even noticed him until i checked out the lions players this P/S. One to watch anyway this week, if he pulls out another 70-100 could be decent

        • mOnty mentioned on fanfooty that his numbers were down on the weekend due to Adcock and Hanley being back in the side, so who knows if he’ll even get a run this year

        • From memory of seeing him last year i’m pretty sure he has a nice left foot boot on him, could be looking for someone to fill the void that Drummond left about 3 years ago when he was relevant…very well could be the link up player this year.

  • Got Rocky locked in as 3rd mid. Will hopefully come close to the 120 barrier and I love the player.

  • Nice article Warnie, I’ve only got Rockliff atm but my change him to Boyd…

  • I only have Hanley from the lions, love the fact he is unique and durable.

  • Redden is my fourth mid… anyone trembling? (I have a cheap ruck).
    I’m hoping Docherty gets up this week, another solid rookie in defence would be handy.

    • probably have him in the mids though for dpp purposes with the backline ;)

  • Adcock the only Lion is my team, but would consider Hanley. Aren’t convinced their FWD or MID options offer enough value.

  • Thanks for these write ups Warnie.

    Redden managed his average of 109 last year off of only 24 (from memory) possessions which gives him huge room for improvement. With his tackling numbers, he could push top 5 this year.

  • Have to have rockliff as I’m expecting he will nudge past 115 this year. Have the big burger too aswell as adcock. Was looking at golby but not now but really want to fit in zorko(will he be ready in the first 3rounds of the season).

    Any news from the guru’s about zorko?

  • Have Rockliff and considering lueunberger but his preseason has been a little off

    What are people’s thoughts on luenberger??????

  • Loving the articles Warnie! Gets everyone commenting!
    Sam Docherty would fit perfectly into my team if he gets the nod. I also like Redden but atm he is an upgrade target.

  • I find it hard to fit Redden or Rockliff in my team, at least to start. I’m sure they will score well, but it’s just hard to justify picking them over Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, etc who have got a number of years under their belt. Then again they will probably score similar numbers anyway, so there’s no real wrong choices with those super premium mids.

    I had Berger “locked” (that is much too loose in this context) over summer before I thought about byes, realised how good some rookies are and looked at him in the NAB Cup. Although I don’t think you can read too much into it, he’s a pass now for me.

    I think the defense is where there are possibilities for the Lions. During the NAB Cup i think the 2 teams that have really upped their DT scoring are the Bulldogs and the LIons, both primarily in defense. This brings a few guys into my calculations, since it looks like this will be the place to take on some midpricers. Along with the premiums in Adcock and Hanley I’m looking at Golby and even James Hawksley as a real smokey. If either can nail down a spot at half back they could be very lucrative.

  • Redden locked in for mine – I think he’ll get less attention from opposition that Rocky not that the latter seems to mind. For the same reason I grabbed Cross last year instead of Boyd…yeah, good one me.

    Annoyed Hanley on this list, was going to be my likely unique…so much for that.

    • I think that Hanley will still be unique. Most looking for a Bris defender will go Adcock, or maybe Golby after his NAB form.

  • Looking forward to Docherty and Zorko.

    Other then that not many Brisbane players interest me.

    Had Redden all last year though, what a star!

  • On the Lions website they said Sam Docherty will been playing for the reserves this weekend.