DT TALK 2012: Preseason Episode 3

The NAB Cup is underway and some of our questions are being answered as we work hard to finish our teams before Round 1. What better way to get into it than having a chat about the mature age rookies that we all want to get on board (hello Sam Gibson, James Magner, Gerrick Weeden and Aaron Hall), speak with Hawthorn MIF/FWD Jordan Lewis and get in Stephen Coniglio (that’s a silent ‘G’ there Roy!!) to talk all things GWS! We also hear from some of our Rookie mates on who they will be first picked in their Dream Teams this year.

We would like to thank FIRST10 for their awesome sponsorship of our DT TALK / FIRST 10 GROUP – which has over 2,000 people in it already. The winner will receive an Apple iPad 3 at the end of the season if they are the highest ranked. For more details on FIRST10, see www.first10.com.au




As we spoke about in the show, meathead.com.au have kindly offered up a $100 voucher for the DT Coach with the best Meathead Moment. Let us know in the comments on the Meathead Moment post (not here!!).



  • Good episode boys. Nice location. Are you going to announce any more leagues?

  • da da da dant!
    da da da dant!
    da da da dant dant dant dant dant!
    dreamteam’s alright!
    dreamteam’s alright!
    OH YEAH!!!!!

  • great episode, cant wait for the season haha

  • haha stephen hill? Jordan Lewis doesn’t even know his own teammates!

  • nice Foo Fighters shirt Roy!

  • DT gold as always. Calvin’s meathead moment is priceless

  • For those who don’t quite get the Sheedy skit at the start….Sheeds is a well noted Supercoach over Dreamteam person

  • Jordan Lewis is in my team at the moment. As are a few other Hawks players…. is this a good idea?

  • Whats with Warnie slapping Coniglio on the leg. He was a bit worried about the errant Warnie hand for the rest of the interview. Watch out for it 7:24!!!

  • I never knew Zac Efron is playing for GWS.

  • @Warnie – When you said there was no other Set & Forget ruck options past McEvoy (who is in my team atm) have you considered Sandi? he is underpriced due to his turf toe injury and when fit is the most dominant DT ruckmen (behind Cox). Also Jacobs and Mummy are solid options with there easier draws.

    • Interesting… I don’t mind Sandi as an option, but I think that massive body will need some form of rest during the season. I just don’t think I can back in a heap of games from him. Mummy and Jacobs are great option in my opinion. Jacobs looks like he will be a premium this season… I think I need some more NAB to help me – but most likely weeks 3 and 4 will be the telling times.

      • Yeah good point, Sandi hasnt put together 22 games since 2008!

        • With the exception of last year, Sandi has been a pretty durable player. I wouldn’t have thought it appropriate to label him as an injury risk. I think for his price, at this stage at least I’ll be considering him (He’s in the initial squad ATM). After Hmac’s performance tonight a Sandi Hmac combo could be a tasty one, if of course, Scott continues to play him, Goldstien and Petrie in the same team. Although, squeezing 2 of Giles, Big O and Redden on the bench seems to be as big a problem as selecting my starting rucks ATM.

      • What about Trent West? Haven’t seen him mentioned but being the No 1 ruckman at Geelong now, do you think he’s an option?

  • Great episode
    “The Magnet” is tempting me

  • Warnie has guns

  • Current Ruck Combo of 1 PREMIUM, 1 MID, 2 ROOKIE

    Sam Jacobs, Matthew Kreuzer, Giles, Big O.

    Why havent people been talking about big Jacobs, will dominate first 5 rounds this year and has nobody else fighting him for minutes. Kurt Tippet will maybe give him a rest for about 10% of the game.
    Jacobs plays GWS & GCS in the first 5 rounds, remembering that last year he scored 140DT pts against GCS!!

    • as the silence of the jacobs fans tells you …. shhh

      • Sorry mate, just wasnt hearing too much about him and was starting to get unsure as to keep him or not…

    • sssshhhhut uuuuuupppppppppp *in best homer simpson voice*

  • Guys – great episode and piss funny stuff! Warnie if I hadn’t had the snip already I’d be naming my son after you!

    OK – first up I’m going to apologise for the length of this rant, also whether this is the right place to be posting this and the fact that I’ve had a couple of pots under my belt.
    I’ll also apologise for the lack of pictures and the fact that the target audience for this rant will have probably switched off by now given their lack of attention span.

    Now I’d probably be happy to have a beer with 90% of the people on this site, 5% of people I suspect aren’t old enough to have a beer with and the other 5% I’d quite happily hold their heads under water for an extended period of time! This is directed at the 5 to 10% that ruin this site for the rest of us.
    Maybe it’s because we’re still a few weeks away from the season proper but there’s a high level of angst and niggle that’s crept into the site recently and a fair few people are forgetting themselves when posting complete crap that has nothing to do with anything that’s going to help me win my league or the car!

    Maybe I’m just sick and tired of the lack of respect in general that is prevalent in society today – I mean how could anyone possibly say that Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is a dud root!
    Anyway it’s getting me down and I don’t want to see this site continue to be hijacked by dickheads!
    So I have decided to come up with a set of rules that can hopefully guide the 5 to 10% that are dragging this site down so that they can make life easier for the rest of us.

    Rules of Fight Club
    • The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.
    • Show some respect – Warnie, Roy, Calvin, Adzman, tbetta and the rest of the gang run this site in their spare time (whilst holding down jobs) and as far as I’m aware they don’t receive mega bucks for doing so. We now also have the benefit of exceptional contributors like Rainman and McRath who have added another dimension to this high quality site.
    Is it so hard to acknowledge the great work they do by actually discussing the subject they write about?
    If you don’t agree with something that they’ve written state why in a respectful way and back it up with a reasoned, logical argument rather than trying to belittle them.
    • Keep on subject – If I want to talk about climate change I’LL GO TO A BLOG ON CLIMATE CHANGE! Don’t make me have to go through half a page of dribble to finally get to a relevant post about the article that has been written!
    • Do some research – this site provides an amazing amount of information which we can take on board but buy the prospectus, assistant coach, AFL Record and maybe watch a game on Foxtel or go to a game yourself. Stop asking people to do the research for you!
    Too many people aren’t prepared to put in the hard yards and actually look stuff up for themselves.
    • He who comes first ends up a lonely old man – Saying “first” at the start of an article was probably funny in 1956 but it doesn’t hold up today – stop it, it’s annoying and you instantly have 1,000 blokes wanting to snot you one if they ever meet you in real life.
    • We’re not here to wipe your bum – stop asking people to make decisions for you, only you can be responsible for the team that you put on the park on Saturday the 24th of March.
    • Stop posting the same question / team over and over again – if no-one has responded to your question / team it means that what you’ve put up doesn’t warrant discussion so stop reposting! It could also mean you were unlucky enough to post it at the bottom of the page and a new page has started BUT THAT’S TOO BAD!
    • Respect seniority – Now I’m not saying that you have to bow down to old people but there are people who have been on this site for 5 minutes and are mouthing off as if they own the place! As mentioned above listen to the awesome contributors to this site but also respect people like Brap, TKOL, MTooler, Benny, xFactor, the irrepressible PKS and others who have been on this site longer than most and who generally give good insight. I think we should have a rule that in your first year on DT Talk you should only be allowed to write 1,000 words in total, hence you would be very careful with what you’d say.
    • Don’t post your team in anything other than the My Team section – highest level of disrespect known to man!
    • Think before you send – It always pays to read what you’ve said before you submit your comment (although I’ve forgotten to follow this rule in posting this rant)!

    This is easily one of the best sites on the net and we have a responsibility to keep it that way. This is where boys become men and if you take the time to listen you’ll learn some valuable life lessons along the way.
    Over and out!

    • Cheers mate. A lot of what we think is in there. We want this place to be the best it can be for all of those who visit and take part in our community. Time is a factor for us… I wish we had more of it to get involved more. But thanks for the kind words! We love what we do… hopefully one day it’ll become more than just a hobby for us!

    • hahaha!

      well ranted you big…..


    • Go Big Fella! (clap, clap, clap!). Hopefully people switch on, fight their short attention span, and read it!

    • If any of you just skipped that post because it looked like too much text to read, do yourself the favour and take the time to read it. Would have to agree with all of the points made. Well said

    • Well said Big Feller.

      • Spot on Big Feller….

        It was not a rant in my opinion – it was well thought out, logical and to the point ( even had a touch of humour )…..well done.

        “Do yourself a favour” – if you missed it, like Quanzo said, go back and read it!

    • Well said mate.

    • Nailed it. Well put

    • AMEN! Well said Big Feller.

      • Thanks for the support guys. I’ve woken up with a hangover but alcohol must act like that pill in the movie Limitless – I seem to think clearer with a few in me!

        • 100% agree

        • And look at the rise in standard of posting since!
          Well done Big Feller, AND well done DTTALK community!

        • Now limitless…. that was a good movie…….Sorry, just joking….. well said B F.
          Get on the piss next Satdy and write an article, you have a cult following now with me included.
          once again top job……

    • Superb.

    • what is with everyone kissing big fellars ass?

      if people keep breaking the rules……ban them, that is why rules are in place.

      if you dont ban them…your rules become a farce…..and hence the disrespect.

    • This is blasphemy, this is madness…. madness?
      This is DREAM TEAM! ;)

    • Should make everyone who signs up to this site read and accept these terms or be banned.

      there should be a ‘call of duty’ style ranking here, if someone gives a good response or a ‘post this in the my team section’ you get a point, and you get a ranking etc. it’ll encourage everyone to do the right thing and in doing so show up who the idiots and newbies are. Warnie you prob do this kind of thing to your students…haha. but seriously for those who like myself have been on this site for more then 3 years knows who the respected people are by now

  • Another good episode guys, thanks for the laughs!!

    That was quite a rant Big Feller! Most of it was right on the money. Well said.

  • Hi guys i have spots avilble in 4 super coach leagues an3 dream team leagues if any ones dinterested .my supercoach league codes are 709923, 693604, 945797,and the last one is an essendon supporter only league with only 7 spots left and the code is 496812.and the codes for dream team are. 750186, 888541, and the last one is a essendon supporter league only the code is 177498 and theres plenty of spots left in my dream team leagues.

  • Do you fellas live in Lonny? ..always drinking boags.. if not then you just have good taste in beer.

    Coniglio was right on the money with Devon Smith wasn’t he!? 108DT! I even like the 2 frees against – 4 FF and 2 FA says he really gets stuck in after his own ball

  • @Warnie
    How do I disable the notifications to my email address? everytime I go to settings and then notifications it says the ‘webpage cannot be found’

  • Been following the episodes religiously for a while now! Just signed up as a member and first ever post. Love the access to the game that you are now able to demand. Really hope Fox the AFL or one of the free channels pick you guys soon because you are delivering a product that is helping to grow the game. Thanks lads.

  • Great episode boys!!

    Rucks are causing a lot of discussion and a touch of angst! I have 1 X premo, 1 X mid pricer and 2 X rookies with the hope my mid pricer becomes a keeper… I call this a set, hope for the best and forget method.

  • Anyone see big H-Mac’s score last night?? :O I didnt watch the game but his 100 DT pts is quite interesting.

    -How much of the game did Goldstein play?
    -Who spent more time in the ruck/forward?

    • TG was subbed off at HT. I think they shared ruck duties in the first half though, to some degree (TG got 6 hitouts to H-Mac’s 14)

    • You can see who was subbed at fanfooty.com.au’s match report, or in the ‘by quarter’ report

      • Cheers fellas!!
        I’m gonna watch Carlton play today coz its a toss up out of McIntosh v Kreuzer for my R2 spot

  • Is anyone taking the punt on Hogan? Cos i got Treloar, Magner and McDonald as rookies there is he worth it?

    To me it seems like he’ll be getting a lot of vest time red or green

    • I’m certainly thinking about it. Ling’s spot is up for grabs and he seems to want it.

  • Its funny how many people still Giles as they’re number 2 ruck.
    After yesterday’s efforts he is a lock forsure..

    Also been thinkiing about McIntosh. I currently have Kreuzer but maybe I should go back to HMac providing he plays games?????


    • I’m thinking the exact same thing!!
      Giles is an R3 mate, he will average 60 as Brogan is their number 1

      • Totto it seems your and I are on the same ruck page….Giles as R3 is perfect back up for our premo and mid ruck combo…..no sleepless nights from the rucks – DEF now thats another story…

    • He will play games no doubt about it. Goldy knows his place, the boss is back.

  • Does anyone know what has happened to Ryan O’keffe, please help??? is he injured or what? he has not played in either of the NAB cup games and i cant find an updated injury site for the swans. I really want him in my DT please help!! Thanks guy.

    P.S great video’s guys keep them coming.

    • Traded for Walsh and now plays in Ireland.

      Or perhaps he’ll miss three to six weeks with bone bruising to his lower left leg after colliding with teammate Ted Richards in an intra-club practice match. Expected back round 1 or 2.

  • What is wrong with Ryan O’keffe is he injured? please help! great videos guys

  • Should I go McIntosh over Kruezzze or stick with Krueeze???

  • Hey boys just a question. Is it better 2 go for a 4 prems and 2 rookies in the mid and 5 premiums and a mid priced player and a rookie or vice versa with 5 premiums in the mid.

    • Mare, there is a lot of really good MID rookie options at present so having 4 premos starting and 4 rookies allows the extra cash cow to mature and then combined with clever trades to turn them into a fallen mid gun sooner. Have seem some really strong teams with 4 premo mids

      In the end it really comes down to your own team structure and how quickly you believe you can get the best 22 players in your team and settled – with trades left for LTI’s.

  • Calvin reminds me of Heath Franklins Chopper hahaha hilarious

  • Hey Warnie,
    Will Daniel Markworth from St Kilda play this year? If so, he will be a cheap buy at $98,700 because everyone said he was gonna be a first round draft pick last year but the saints nabbed him at 35. Will he play?

  • Don’t know what’s more intriguing – the Nathan Buckley ‘no game plan game plan’ or the fascination with ‘who will be better’, Bob Carrmichael Hunt or the Big IF. Also, looks like James McDonald who was forcibly retired one year too soon, has come back one year too late – might not last as long as Daniel Harris did last year.

    • To be honest, if the rooks we all want get elevated, I dont think I’ll have the room for him.
      Not the lock I thought he might be, well for me anyway.
      But I’m sure he’ll do more than enough to make some decent dollars.
      75/25 I’ll keep him.

    • Harris lasted just long enough lat year…I’ll be happy if Mcdonald does the same.

  • The ruck decision is absolutely doing my head in!

    Value for $ or set and forget


    • I’ve finally decided to go 2 premo rucks, namely Cox/McEvoy. (thev only 2 i remarked on in DofDT.)
      Giles locked in 3rd, 4th up for grabs.

      • Redden is starting to look like a tempting 4th spot with West #1 and Orren #2 down at the cats

        • redden does look tempting…. i’m keeping a close eye on jenkins at ade too…. jacobs may need back up…

  • Archie hat! quality!

  • Roy and Warnie, you guys are certainly looking like you’ve spent some time in the gym over summer.

    Super sexay