Insight From Kangaroo Nathan Grima

Big thanks to Nath for this chat… please note that this interveiw was done before the Kangaroos 1st NAB Cup games. We also wish Nath a very speedy recovery from his knee injury he recieved on the weekend and hope he can get back asap.


Howdy Nath… thanks for joining us here at DT TALK. Who’d be the first player you’d pick this year?

My first picked played each year is Dane Swan…But I have to say, Brian Lake is another must have in 2012!

Thoughts on some of your team mates heading into the season?

Sammy Gibson ($85,800 – Mid) is a rookie who will have a huge impact this year. He’s a 25 year old mature aged rookie who can rack it up! Dream team specialist who is rookie listed.

Shaun Atley ($239,300 – Mid) is a good chance play off half back this year so possibly plenty of cheap footy at a juicy price .

Ben Cunnington ($260,000 – Mid) is as fit as he has ever been, lays tackles and gets plenty of contested ball and I’m tipping him to be a improver this year!

Kieran Harper ($248,400 – Fwd)  is in ripping shape and will hopefully kick 20-30 for us.

Levi Greenwood (287,700 – Mid) is back from an injury and loves the tough stuff so tackles hard and racks up plenty contested ball.

Hamish McIntosh ($273,500 – Ruck) has had a ripping pre-season so he is a must at that price.

Todd Goldstein ($491,600 – Ruck) is an elite ruckman so you’ll have to pay top dollar for him. So maybe see how he starts and trade up to him early in the year.

Liam Anthony ($378,200 – Mid) averaged 96 in his debut season in 2009. He has had his fair share of injuries and had a really bad shoulder reco which effected him last year (avg. 76). He can rack up the footy and hopefully Liam is back to his best this year. Loves watching his highlights post match so loves getting the footy.

As for myself ($279,900 – Def), I was a disgrace last year so for the 50 people that picked me, I let you down. But I’m cheap as chips this year. (True, but selling himself a little sort after averaging 70 in 2010, Nath is priced at 57 this year and a top bloke to keep an eye on).

Thanks for hanging out with us mate, all the best for the year!!

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    • Team name: Westyz Warriorz

      DEF: Scotland, Goddard, Shaw, Grimes, Ellis, Smedts, Morris (Darley, Blee)

      MID: Pendulbury, Ablett, Selwood, Thompson, Hayes, Shiel (Miles, Magner)

      RUC: Sandilands, Giles (Rowe, Stephensen)

      FWD: Franklin, Beams, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Saad, Zorko (Hampton, Hall)

      $41,500 in the bank.

      What should I do with the leftover cash?

      Please rate it out of 10 and please give fedback! :)

  • nice article calvin

  • Good luck with your injury Grima, we urgently need you back in there… go Roo boys!
    If you’re reading this can you ask Liam Anthony to watch the hawks nab cup game again if he’s feeling figjam.
    Firstly his man kicked 2 goals in 2 minutes to start the game.
    Secondly he roosted the ball out of bounds on the full with no pressure around him.
    Finally ask him to watch over the moment he burst through the middle at top speed, looked up and kicked it long to three waiting hawks who then rebounded and scored a goal.
    By all means, I hope he has a very successful season in the 2’s and can watch himself rack it up every week!

    • TKOL,

      Do you think the Dish’s game will lift this year or will he continue to get no support from his teammates who bomb it in long in the hope he can beat 3-4 defenders every time?

      • I think the Roos moved the ball through the middle a lot quicker in the second half of the year which in turn opened up the forward line for Petrie.
        The only skill still lacking is our kicking accuracy. Let’s hope the guys have gotten a sharper in the off season because we were miles off the top sides and it was evident watching from the grand stands.

  • I really can’t think of anyone from North outside of Hamish, Gibson, Swallow and Ziebell who warrant selection. Maybe one of their top forwards, but I doubt any of them will be top 10 in the position.

    North just isn’t a great DT side.

  • What about Gav Urquhart at 145k ?

  • Great interview! You just can’t buy this stuff! Thanks for the tips and article.

  • I’m a huge kangas fan but have to admit their pretty shocking when it comes to DT, I’ve still got Swallow, H Mac, Harper and did have Sierakowski until grima didn’t even mention him, does this mean he won’t get games? Great article and awesome to get a players prospective on DT.

  • What’s better 3 keeper defenders and 5 keeper mids no kitty or 4 keeper backs and 4 keeper mids and 350k?

    350k to much to start season with? Team still looks the goods this year some how.