DT TALK 2012: Preseason Episode 2

AFL Dream Team is now open for 2012 and with it comes our second episode of the preseason. Roy, Calvin and Warnie look at the game and the new features including the Assistant Coach (which we write for, please support our work by subscribing… only $20 for the season!). Warnie chats to Nathan Buckley about all things Collingwood and DT, Roy and Calvin grill Andrew Swallow from North Melbourne and we hear from Jonathon Patton, Chad Wingard, Lin Jong and Elliott Kavanagh at the Draftee Induction.

Do you want to WIN AN AFL PROSPECTUS? Well, get us an intro from someone famous and email it to warnie@dreamteamtalk.com and if you are aired, you will receive a signed (or defaced) copy from us! Wowee! Thanks to the guys from How Ridiculous for their video for this episode!

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  • “A father can’t split his children….” HA HA Classic Bucks quote

  • Another great episode boys!
    One quick question, will the betting segments be coming back? I remember someone did it last year and it was really helpful despite the bets not going down (it was a real strange year). It kind of stopped halfway through the year, I’m praying for a comeback!

  • yessss its up and onnnn

  • hey boys. just signed up for assistant coach for DT and supercoach and gave your articles a read… was wondering when more team previews etc. will be up as they both came up about 7 hours ago on both!

    • 4-5 articles will go up each week. Basically one every business day! Can’t all be there now! There are some rippers in the works!

      • I have signed up again as well, where abouts canI find the articles. I have been having a flick around at work and can’t find where to get the articles or ther assistant coach features ?

        I notice that you can get the projected scores & breakevens and that sort of stuff by clicking on the graph icon on the player names within your team but where do i acess the other ass. coach features ??

        Thx mate !!!

        • The yellow tabs at the top on the team page is where you find stuff. Should be there?

          • Thx Warnie !!

            Domestic blindness obvioulsy – Mavbe shoud have listened to my mum all then years ago and looked further than my nose !!!

  • shame i couldn’t carry my team picker team into the actual team, but got it pretty close.

    Am fettling my bye strategy as I write and will be close to zero donuts with no injuries and a few trades used :)

  • Oh god guys, I was pissing myself laughing.

    classic call on the bottom 2 spastics calvin :P

    and I loved the Lin Jong interviews (to paraphrase)- ahhh I probably won’t be playing… don’t pick me
    or Pattons- well, I’m injured…

    solid effort guys.

  • was this the live episode that was happening at 7 or just a pre season episode. I could swear you guys were sitting on a black couch before and thought that would be uploaded.

  • Another great video!
    Hey boys, I’m having a super competitive league this year, so if you pro’s can join that would be awesome! I’ve always wanted DT Champs in my league. It has been my dream.
    So please everybody out their, jump on!

    Thank you!

  • If you missed our live show last night, here is a link to it: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20129072

  • Great lauch episode guys! Keep up the solid work.

    Just wondering if anyone has expereinced the following problem with the new interface?

    I registered this morning to try and create my DT side using my iPad, when I went to select my team no players were available to chose. Has anyone else had a similar issue with their iPad?

  • wow

    say goodbye to the loophole. i struggle to think how it can be done without having someone not playing in round 1

  • Great stuff again lads. Nice interview with Bucks too Warne dawg. Clearly star struck. Click click click, Dayne Beams, spit it out son.

    Anyway. Tweeted earlier. Don’t worry about the prospectus as a prize. Every serious DreamTeamer already has one. My suggestion is a league created by DT Talk, feat. all the big names Roy, Calvin, Warnie, Tbetta etc

    Spots are filled by the winners of your competition. Give us all a chance to compete against Dream Team royalty.

    Dream Team’s alright with me, Dream Team’s alright, Ohhhhhh Yeeeahhhhh!!!!!


  • Join this league if you are serious about AFL Dream Team and want good competition code: 323095 thanks :)

  • So the HMac will only “pinch-hit” in the ruck according to Swallow and spend most of the time up forward and on the pine. Hmmm, it seems that Derickx and Rowe will do the same for 170k less.