Deck of Dream Team 2012: Greg Broughton

Name: Greg Broughton
Club: Fremantle Dockers
Position: Defender
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $416,200
Bye Round: 12
2011 Average: 84.14
2011 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 94

Why should I pick him?

Greg Broughton has been a popular DTer ever since he averaged 87.6 in his debut year for the Dockers, just 3 years ago. He played 15 games that year, and backed it up with another 15 in 2010 at 89.3 per game. The reason why he was so successful early in his career? Just another mature-age success story. He played in Subiaco’s three-peat in the WAFL before being rookie-listed by the Dockers.

2011, however, was a highly frustrating year for DT coaches. All signs pointed to his production sky-rocketting, especially if he played 20+ games – even Warnie was smitten (check out last year’s DoDT article). But two things happened that derailed his 2011 season and brought his average down to 84.1.

1.  Mark Harvey started acting like a twat. Broughton’s bread and butter was that loose-man rebounding role coming out of defence, a role that had defined his career until then. But Hero Harvey decided to play Broughton as a lock-down defender, giving him one-on-one assignments early in the year (although, to be fair, this could have had a bit to do with Ibbotson, Mzungu and Hayden all being injured before the season even began). This messed with his mojo, and Broughton was one of the biggest DT disappointments to open the 2011 season.

2. Injuries struck Fremantle in a bad way. Broughton was moved into the midfield because of it, which marked the return of Greg the DT Slut. He continued to dominate through the middle until Round 19 against Hawthorn where he sustained a mysterious leg injury of his own. He didn’t miss any games, but was obviously hampered by the niggle and was sent back to the back-pocket for the lock-down type role that was so harmful to his scoring ability. If Fremantle had any other fit players in the WAFL, I have no doubt Broughton would have taken a game or two off, and freshened up for the last few rounds to kill it for us DT coaches.

Check out his stats for last season, split-style.

Rounds 1 – 8

Rounds 9 – 19

Rounds 20 – 24

6 Games

10 Games

5 Games

62.0 avg

106.5 avg

66.0 avg

The point I’m trying to make is – when Broughton is fit and playing his preferred role, he is an absolute DT fiend. He’s had a full pres-season, and Harvey has pissed off, so it’s looking as good as it can for him at this early point in the year.

Another reason that you should consider him is the way the byes have fallen with the premium defenders. Of the 17 players who averaged over 80 and are listed as DEF this year, 10 of them have byes in the dreaded Round 13 MBR. This leaves 4 from Round 12 and 3 from Round 11.So if you’re looking for a premium defender with a R12 bye, it comes down to Enright, Shaw, Heppell or Broughton.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

There have always been injury concerns over Broughton, having only played those 15 games in each of his first two seasons, and he likely would have played less last year if it wasn’t for the plague that hit the Dockers. If he’s injured, he either won’t play, which sucks, or he will play and average close to 60, which is probably worse.

The other big issue is what role new Fremantle coach Ross Lyon will decide best suits Broughton. With Suban and Ibbotson both fit and firing, Broughton should be freed up to play his damaging rebounding role (I say that without any confidence). But considering how Gilbert, Gram, Goddard and Fisher all flourished under Lyon at St. Kilda, I think it’s safe to be optimistic that Reckless Ross’ game-plan won’t have a negative impact, if any.

Deck of DT Rating.

KING – Broughton is one of the better options from the defender with a R12 Bye, especially given Enright and Heppell are at opposite ends of the age spectrum and Shaw is on many ‘Never Again’ lists. There is a fair amount of risk involved with picking him, but the rewards are generous – at his best, Broughton is an elite DTer. Watch closely over the nab cup to see whether we see Dr. Greg Jekyll or Mr. Greg Hyde.


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  • 1st for the first time, for anything!

    • What an odd time to be writing articles btw, are you DT Talk boys burning the candle at both ends this pre-season?

      • It’s called article scheduling which allows the boys to pick a times and the system will automaticly send it’s at the given time. Tbetta lives in Perth so imagine what time he would have had to have been writing lol. Btw Great ready as always…

      • 6am everyday you’ll find the latest Deck of DT article! I’ve actually got a couple of mine still ‘in the bank’. They’re written, just scheduled to go up on my dates.

    • Great read as always tbetta! I had broughton last year and rode the DT rollacoaster! When he was freed up produced some monster scores! If winderlich doesn’t come good I’ll down grade him and upgrade a midrange player to Broughton. As always all speculation until we see Nab cup form. Thanks for your articles tbetta!

  • Thanks tbetta great write-up. Like most I had him in my side last year then out again. A couple of variables this year before I pick him – namely new coach and price, but i will watch him closely pre season.

  • Interested but will watch NAB cup form closely as well as the role he is put in

  • I love Broughts. He’s a huge chance to go around again for the Warne Dawgs. Potential is one thing that I like selecting players for (consistency is another funnily enough), and I want to back in a full season from him at a 90+ average. Hopefully High Possession Ross wants to use Gregory in the midfield, where he showed a lot for us last season, and makes him an auto selection.

    Bring on the NAB Cup.

    • Going to wait for NAB. If Rossy plays him in the mids, I’ll give him a 2nd chance. If not, pass.

    • what is slyvia’s price and what are your thought on Andrew mackie??????

      • SYLVIA, Colin[MID]

        MACKIE, Andrew

        Mackie was one I was looking at – but the guys around him just have so much more potential (adcock, broughton , harbrow, heppel ect…) so I’ld pass

        • Thanks for that but with the recent retirements that Geelong have had he will probably get more midfield time…. What do you think

          • Yeah you are right – keep a close eye on his pre-season
            make sure he doesn’t have any niggles or whatever and make a decision after that I’ld say :)

          • mackie will probably be required to play more backline because of the lack of milburn … but that said he was being used by scott on the wing to great effect… all depends on the rotations and whether joel corey/jimmy bartel play down back which often happens to be able to free mackie up

  • I got stung by monty and bartel last year, but at least I didn’t have broughton.

  • Once again, on the watchlist. Like 75% of the popular picks, you have to wait for NAB form.

  • I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Broughts.

    I initially left him out but picked him up after he had two good scores (rd. 11 I think)
    He really did go on a tear during that period, heaps of 120+ and one me a load of league games.

    If he plays the rebounding role and plays 22 games fully fit, I can say with some confidence:

    That’s why if he is playing that role in the nab cup and he is not named on the back pocket for round 1 he is LOCKED AND LOADED!

    • You can say with confidence that he will average more than Deledio, who has actually been touted as being a midfielder this year by his coach, more than Broughton who has actually had next to no information leak out about his role or Lyons game plan?

      You sir are either a) Ross Lyons, b) a Greg Broughton fanatic, or c) a time travelling internet hoon.

      Persnoally I’m hoping you’re (c) and not (b), because I would love to lock in Broughton with any certainty. My fear about waiting for NAB Cup form, is you can almost be certain that Ross Lyons will use it to work out what his youngsters are capable of, and not to lock in individual player roles and positions.

  • Ahh everytime i read these articles i have so many questions that can be answered in the NAB cup. Warnie/tbetta/one of the boys, you should deff. make a summary “Deck of DT guide” just before the NAB cup.

    Eg Under eat team have the players name that you’ve talked about, the rating and a sentence or two of things to look out for. Maybe something like the following,

    Greg Broughton (King): Look out for what role he plays under new coach. If a lock down defender (like most of last year avoid) but if free to roam the midfield… Lock and load. Injury concerns also need to be monitored


  • Hard to say what will happen with Broughts, with all the mids we picked up in the drafts its a bit worrying to think he’ll play midfield, but on the other hand we picked up Forster,Spurr and Dawson who are backs. The inclusion of Dawson will be good for him. I really hope he gets more mid time, he gets heaps of possessions, marks and tackles lots. Fingers crossed

  • I think your starting backs will be the key to this year with minimal guaranteed guns getting your starting combination of Broughton, Adcock, Lake and maybe Marty Clake will be crucial there the main ones with question marks over what role they’ll have this year. The NAB cup is useful but doesn’t help eliminate all the risk. It’s what makes this game so addictive

  • I’m not going to strain myself wondering what role this gun will have in the first game of the season for real so I’ve convinced myself I can’t fit him in. Hopefully he plays a DT-friendly role, cranks out some massive scores and I can look forward to upgrading to him over the bye rounds.

    • That’s what I’m thinking of doing, we’ll def know what type of role he’ll get by round 11 if it’s more mid time and scores well then I’ll jump on.

  • I’ve had enough of Broughton after being in my side from the beginning the last 2 years, maybe it’s me but he always frustratingly has a bad stretch of form or he get injured. Fremantle in general is the team i’m most interested in seeing with Ross Lyon coming in.

    Good stuff Tbetta

  • great read as always but what about his partner in crime… duffield? could he return to form under ross?

    and on the flip can gilbert improve without ross?

    • Fluffield can not improve because he has to spend ten hours a night sucking satan’s @#$%.

  • tbetta, I’ve had this cat in my team since I first learned that monty was insane enough to start a fanplanner in freaking october. (may have been later but it seemed that way!)

    I think your three part breakdown will have made my mind up even more. Greg can score.

    Ross Lying is good for backs so I’m on!

    Would love to see the Photographer (Gilbert) do well in 2011. No, I take that back, I am not going to pick him so he can go back to Queensland and snap away.

    I’m actually thinking of getting on one of those dodge internet dating sites, I need a few shots of the old fella, anyone have Gilbert’s number?

  • Lock, Stock and your mum loves Cock.

  • His role and scores fluctuate too much.
    I had him last year and you knew he was going to smash it when running through the middle but were always on edge when playing negating roles.

    Unless its clear he will play mid-field I dont think I can start with him this season.

  • what is your thoughts on ibbo in 2012?