Greg Broughton: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Greg Broughton
Club: Fremantle
Position: Defender
Bye Rounds: 6 & 16 (both multi byes)
2010 Average: 89.3
2010 Games Played: 15
Predicted Average: 95

Why should I pick him? Greg Broughton had an amazing debut Dream Team season in 2009. He finished with an awesome average of 87.6 for the year from his 15 games with 6 scores over 100 points (105, 122, 114, 120, 129, 128). Last year in his 15 games also (hopefully that isn’t a sign for 2011), he improved his average by 2 points with only 3 scores over 100 points, but a much more consistent effort – highest score of 120, lowest of 60… but with more than half of his games with scores in the 80’s and 90’s. The numbers there show us how much of a DT star Broughton is and will be be for a long time to come.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? It all depends on your structure, and if bad shit happens this preseason I suppose. I have no doubts that he will improve again and should be one of the top 10 defenders in DT, but it is a big outlay considering he has copped a couple of injuries in the past. Last year he missed 7 weeks for an ankle injury and took some time to come back. He did however finish the season well averaging 95 over the last 5 games of 2010.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – I’m a huge fan of Broughton and will be locking him into my team. My concerns are his body, but his preseason is going well thus far and the fact both of his byes are multi bye rounds. Sharing the Round 6 bye with Cats and Hawks and the Round 16 bye with Crows and Demons (the worry here with Otten and Grimes for me). Covering players will be very important! If you’re going for a league win, then Broughts is a no-brainer! Get on him!


  • I’ll have either Broughton or Duffield in my side, haven’t decided on which one yet. Any Freo fans out there want to speculate on why one’s better than the other?

    • I reckon Duffield is super reliable = less stress, particularly given this season’s crazy format.
      Broughton is a star and is every chance of averaging 10+ more points (than Duffield) yet is a little bit of a dodgy proposition given his stress fractures(?) last season. Conservatively, Duffield for me.

      • There are a lot of rumours coming out of Freo that Broughts is going to be stepping into the midfield this year to increase the number of players that can run through there. Could be a good thing for his scores.

    • Im going for Duffiled, druable and consistent.

    • In my league side, I really like both.
      Reckon Duffield will play a much more significant role in the midfield this year.

    • I am thinking about both of them – league win as priority. However the boys in my comp love the aggregate thing too – it is prestigious and always a rigorous intellectual battle. An interesting decision awaits … I have watch for the multi bye rounds.

    • Broughton vs Duffield – I don’t know, both have problems – Broughton will probably miss games, while Duffield can’t score outside of WA. I’d only consider Broughton if he plays midfield preseason and Duffield if you’re chasing a weekly win – he’s capable of huge scores at home.

  • It’s Broughton vs Enright for 4th spot in defence.
    Hating rnd 6!!!

  • I’m on broughton, Enright struggled with a tag last year, and I’d expect teams to show him the same amount of attention this year.

    I’m looking for younger players this season, and also changing up from the usual suspects like Ablett, Enright, Selwood etc etc etc.

    On on the Broughton bandwagon. Locked and loaded.

  • He is certainly is the mix ……… NAB cup,and we will see if he has his body right foe 2011

  • i’m going Duffield over him

  • Duffy is definitely more reliable. If you going for a League win, you could lock in both.

  • But the multi bye isn’t much of an issue if you’re chasing a league win

  • Surely you won’t have otten still in your team at round 16? Anyway i’m on :)

    • Upgrade all other rookies/cheap draftees to guns and then have Otten relegated to bench as 1st emergency well and truly by then. That’s part of the plan that will win me the overall… ;)

  • He is locked :D

    Good write up Warnie ;)

  • Gonna go with Duffield over him. But I might jump on Broughts if he plays well in NAB cup. Big question – Duffield or Broughton? :s

  • I’m playing for national rankings so are only willing to take one of Broughton, Duffield, Enright or Kelly (assuming Kelly has back eligibility) to avoid a terrible score in Round 6.

    All four have been nominated for more time in the midfield in 2011 – so I’m waiting until after the NAB Cup / Challenge to make this decision.

    Seven scores under 80 in 2010 worry me about Duffield (see

    • plugging your site will only work if the link you posted isn’t broken.

      • 1) it’s fanfooty – we all use it (To plan out teams for 2011)
        2) It’s not his site, it’s m0ntys

        • nah man its fantasy footy no fanfooty – this other type of game this dude is trying to plug

  • He’s locked and Loaded for me!!!

  • broughton or bruce 4 me atm as my 5th defender

  • I am leaning more towards duffield, i feel broughton may give me the shits with injurys again! Bruce may also be a good pick up this year.


    off topic but i reckon the afl should do something like this

    or maybe warnie and the boys could take the piss out of it

  • Great write up guys, i was wondering if you guys could please do a write up on adam goodes? I am very seriously considering him due to the fact that his byes are both multi-byes and he is extremely durable, he also finished last year with a bang.

  • is the prospectus in stores and how much does it cost?

  • I’m definitely considering Goodes and probably ROK too

    • dunno about ROK after he let me down last year, but he may improve

    • I’ve tracked Goodes both last year and year before (I have no life), and he always drops early and then surges late. ROK is a gun and only dropped off last year because he was playing injured. If fit he’ll be back to huge DT scores again.

  • They were a headache pair last year as one would perform and the other would stiff! Should be all roses this year though

  • broughton is on my radar in the backline. all the people here talking about getting dudfield, just be aware of the roller coaster he will put you on when playing away from home.

  • I’m taking Broughton over Duff. You gotta aim high!

  • Should definitely improve, still did ok with a busted groin. Set to come back to his dominant best this year I reckon

  • more midfield time i suspect.

    very juicy.

  • Slightly off topic, however selecting guns this year has been more difficult than in past years due to age. Forget byes and fixture, there are alot of guys whom are +29yo, according to the prospectus. Broughton may be the new breed that take us forward?

  • Really like the way this bloke plays – hard worker and rebounds very well. Rumors of more midfield time are just the icing