Deck of Dream Team 2012: Aaron Sandilands

Name: Aaron Sandilands
Club: Fremantle Dockers
Position: Ruck
Bye Round: 12
2011 Average:  95
2011 Games Played: 13
Predicted Average: 106

Why should I pick him?

Because he is 211cm. Every ball-up, every ruck contest, every collision… Sandi’s going to have a massive advantage (just ask Phil Davis). It means he’s primed for;

  1. Hitouts – Ranked 1st in 2010 with a huge 34.9 per game, and 3rd in his injury-plagued 2011 with 33.2 a game. That’s a guaranteed 30 points a game before you even count his marks, goals or possessions!
  2. +5 Combos – What do you do if you’re coming out of defence under more pressure than Duigan’s shorts? You roost it to the wing where the flesh-coloured Hulk is waiting to swallow it up. Then what does the mammoth do next? He flicks off a handball to the nearest midfielder to then deliver it into 50.
  3. The odd goal when resting in a pocket. Over his career he has slowly been kicking more and more goals, until his injury interrupted 2011 of course. In 2012 I wouldn’t be surprised if the 211 kicks close to 20 goals – more than handy points!

He’s also very underpriced, think Dean Cox last year. The value is there, we know what he can do – he just needs to not stub his toe and I guarantee he will deliver in spades like Coxy did for us this year! Sandi only averaged 95 this year, but that includes his 47 from the half a game he played when he was brought back too early, and the subsequent injury-affected efforts to round out the season. Before he broke his toenail though, he averaged a huge 105 – only the great man Dean Cox averaged more than that in 2011!

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Because of his colossal toe. But seriously, Turf Toe is a one-off injury…. It’s not like he’s made of the same stuff as a Higgins or a Drummond, who would lose a fight with a box of tissues. No, his little piggy has had all the time to recover it needs, and provided he doesn’t have some other untimely injury, he will be the leanest he’s ever been according to all reports out of Dockerland.

As always, the MBR’s need to be considered. Freo share their bye with Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney. Mumford, Ryder, and Orren Stephenson are the relevant ones here – but unless you are set on Mummy, Sandi’s basically in the clear (although don’t forget Stephenson won’t be able to cover from the bench).

Deck of DT Rating: ACE – Sandi is close to being locked for me at this stage – only Mumford supplanting him will change my mind. He will definitely improve on his 95 average from this year, and at his price, he’s going to be very hard to ignore. He’s also primed for a Sandi-Berger, McSandi or SandStein combo, and I’m tipping one of those to be the premier ruck combination of 2012. Get on the big 211!



  • Agreed tbetta, looks like a lock for me barring a pre season injury.

  • he has never averaged over 100 in his career, not too sure bout him yet. Good write up though

  • Good article. I think i’ll pass on Sandi this year

  • Good write up Tbetta. Unfortunately pass on Sandi this year.

  • What do you guys think of my midfield at the moment
    Swan – Ablett – Murphy – Griffin – Barlow – Clarke (Zorko, Shiel)

  • Excellent write up, but I’ll go Luey/McEvoy as the turf toe is worrying.

  • nice write up tbetta, but im sticking to the McBurger combo (Leuy and McEvoy(

  • Great write up tbetta. You’ve convinced me to start with 211.
    I was considering going a unique option of Jacobs. But if fit, I have more confidence in 211, than Sauce, giving me the desired ton average from my second ruck.

  • Looks like Sandi will be a unique WTF. Sandi locked and loaded.

    • I’m with you. No one told me that he wasn’t the second best ruckmen behind Cox, who, I don’t have the balls to go for.

  • Only issue for me is being rested by Lyon, which is pretty easy to do with Griffin and Clarke able to cover for him.

    Not sure at the moment.

  • how can people actually be worried about his toe it is such a rare injury the chances of it happening again are about as low as adam mcphee winnng the brownlow

  • Sandi plays he scores big dunny matter who plays in the side with him

  • lock and load sandi-berger!

  • guys, off-topic I know but which is the better combination

    Waters and J.Brown
    W.Hoskin-Elliot and any decent defender with a round 11 or 12 bye. Think
    Hanley/Broughton/Adcock/Shaw/Enright <- and who out of that bunch.

    Help would be very much appreciated!

  • Pass. Going to McEvoydonald’s, to get a Big Berger Combo. LOL :)

  • Hasn’t playes a full season since 2008. Played less games each year since then. Has never averaged 100.

  • Not for me, my ruck line is already locked in, Goldstein Leuenberger Giles and Stephenson. Only if he has a good pre-season or I need the extra 20k that I can make by going Goldstein to Sandi will fit him into my team.

  • The way I look at it, his body has had a bit of a rest and he’s ready to go!

    As we all know, Dream Team is about getting the best scorers. Sandi is a lock for me.

    Not sure who’s going to play second fiddle yet, but it’s good to see that there is going to be some cow$ on the ruck bench for 2012.

  • Best injury of the year,…. Camel toe :P