AFL Dream Team Grand Finals Chat and Discussion


  • He’s got a half from Howe plus 23 points, and I’ve got a full game from Riewoldt.

    Will be disappointed if I don’t win.

  • Come on Tigers! Hurry up and tag Harvey! :( He needs about 130 to beat me, but is on track for that so far. Crap.

    Would be nice if Lobbe had a big final quarter, that will put it beyond reach.

    • Yeah I agree! Shouldn’t be too hard to tag a 40 year old!!!

      • If he gets 67 or less in the second half, I win. If he goes more, I lose.

        …. Surely he can’t keep his current rate up the whole game? :(

        • I hope so because only have a half from Goldstein and 78 points against halves from Rawlings, Petrie and Boomer… Im a goner :(

          • Yeah you are in a bit of trouble, Petrie is having a big game too.

            Lobbe has dropped a point in the last minute, so its now 66 or less from Harvey in the second half for me to win. Before the game started I wouldn’t have expected much more than that for a full game from him…

  • Someone bloody tag Boomer Harvey, PLEASE! Houli’s doing a sh*t job!

  • It’s gonna be tight but im definitely the underdog:

    I have a 42 point lead with a quarter from Goldstein (77)
    He has Boomer (93), Petrie (86) and Rawlings (60)

    • How did you go? Scrap in or miss out?

      I made it by 12 points. Certainly ended up being a hell of a lot closer than I thought it would be before the games today started!

  • Wow, 6 points that quarter from Riewoldt.

    All of a sudden gone from 25 in a half, to 19 in a quarter. Looking 50-50 at the moment.

    Mark and Goal and I only need 7 points.

    Swan dogged me.


  • Hi guys whilst there is not an official finals dt for anyone who wants to run one you can download this team selector file

    and the setup a blog at to post your ladder and add up the scores using fanfooty i am running one myself (already full so dont ask) simply take a screenshot of your side using the team selector which has unlimited salary cap, then email it to your nominated league administrator.