Dream Team Finals: How it works

Below is the finals fixture and how it works. DT finals work exactly the same as the real thing. You must think about the following byes;

  • Round 21 Bye: North Melbourne
  • Round 22 Bye: Geelong (week off if you are top 4 and win Rd 21)
  • Round 23 Bye: Carlton
  • Round 24 Bye: Essendon

Where did you finish in your leagues and will you be trading out players who have byes during the finals?


  • Does anyone know if the Schools Competition State Runner-Ups have been finalised or if it drags out to Rd. 24?

  • Damn! I wish DT finals would wait a week. I’m 3k off getting Brad Green. Anyway the players I will miss are

    Week 1: Goldstein, Petrie
    Week 2: Bartel, Chapman, Enright
    Week 3:Gibbs
    Week 4:Heppel, Hibberd
    I’m looking good cos in one of my teams I prob won’t play Week 2 (qualifrying final win)

  • I will miss

    Week 1: No-one
    Week 2: Chapman
    Week 3: Gibbs, Judd, Duigan
    Week 4: No-one (Got rid of Heppell 2 weeks ago)

    Will be trading out Chapman to O’Keefe/Cloke/Goodes
    Gibbs to Suckling/Birchall/Broughton
    Judd to Rockliff
    and will upgrade Duigan to Suckling/Birchall/Broughton

  • Placed 1,1,1,1,2

    I’m missing heaps… 2 trades left.

    North Melb: Petrie (Pedo), (Harper)
    Geelong: Stevie J, Chappy, Bartel
    Carlton: Murphy, Scotland, Gibbs
    Essendon: (Heppell)

    W1: Petrie covered by Z.Smith. Smith and Cox better play this week or im buggered! Both might not play. I might have to bring in Mcevoy for Petrie here team lists will be interesting. (if needed only 1 trade for LTI)

    W2: I’m planning on winning week 1 in all leagues. For overall using Z.Smith, Heppell and Sylvia that week. (0 trades) (if needed only 1 trade for LTI)

    W3: Murphy trade to best available premo and cover Gibbs with Heppel and Scotland with form player from Jacobs/Puo/Pedo (1 trade definately) (if needed only 1 trade for LTI)

    W4: Heppells benched anyway. (0 trades) (if needed only 1 trade for LTI)

    I only care about overall so I can hold onto the 2 carlton guns for the last week and get out Murphy, that’s why im not considering monty or bartel trades.

    Hopefully it works out for me.

  • I will miss

    week 1 no one
    week 2 chappie
    week 3 gibbs scotland duigan and kruezer(ouch)
    week 4 heppel

    no trades left…bugger

  • Placed 2,3,12,4,5
    Week 1: Petrie, Harper
    Week 2: Enright, Johnson, Bartel
    Week 3: Gibbs
    Week 4: No one
    4 trades left and $78,100

    Week 1: Given Sylvia comes back in (he better) i wont trade
    Week 2: Enright to Suckling, Bartel to Redden/Priddis/GAJ
    Week 3: Gibbs to Enright/Birchall
    Week 4: Someone to someone.

  • Placed 3rd.

    1st week: no-one.
    2nd week: Stevie J.
    3rd week: Bryce Gibbs and Marc Murphy.
    4th week: Heppell.

    Really gunning to win week 1 and avoid having to lose Stevie J, and give me sometime to consider what to do in week 3. 3 trades left, so I will spend the week tossing up whether to use one or two this week bulking up my team (I really need one or two defenders). I’m leaning towards using the trades, because I’d rather have used everything available to me, rather than spacing out and getting bounced in straight sets (which I don’t think will happen, but anyway, better to be prepared).

  • Billz

    Placed: 2, 4, 5, 7, 2
    Round 21 Bye: Rawlings (Been Emergency on bench anyways)
    Round 22 Bye: Enright, Bartel (Cover Enright with Gram, Bartel traded out)
    Round 23 Bye: Gibbs (Cover with Gram)
    Round 24 Bye: Nil

    Only 2 trades left, Possibly going to trade Bartel out next week, hopefully make some cash off it, and upgrade Z.Smith too

  • How bad is cox’x injury ? And why is Z. Smith out ? im stuffed if they both are.

    • Cox

      “[Cox] stayed out there and was a bit sore, so we basically just tried to keep him out of the action. Hopefully he’ll come up all right.

      “However, the club, which has had an excellent run with injury this season, is confident the key ruck duo will not miss next Sunday’s clash with Melbourne at Etihad Stadium”.

      Speculation concerning a laboured performance in the game.

  • can’t wait to get my 4 free trades and a certificate of achievement mailed out!! Will be checking the mailbox every day!!

  • Has anyone created a DTtalk League in he Barclays Fantasy Premier League @ http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and if so whats the league code to join?

  • Week 1: Harvey, Swallow.
    Week 2: Nobody
    Week 3: Gibbs
    Week 4: Nobody

    1: Will trade Swallow to Redden
    2: Will trade Lower to Enright or Suckling
    3: Might trade Montagna to Rockliff or someone. Will keep Gibbs on the bench and have Rawlings cover him.

    • Swallow to Rockliff.

      Monty to Mitchell then Selwood. Assuming you have Swan and pendelles already.

      • i got swan, pendles, mitchell and boyd. if i win this week then ill get selwood.

  • WK1: –
    WK2: Johnson, Enright
    WK3: Gibbs
    WK4: –

    3 trades. Gibbs will go to Adcock or Birchall. Hopefuly I won’t need to play second week but if so then probably Johnson to Pav and Enright to Birchall.

    Lobbe to cover Cox if required.

  • Placed 1st, 1st and 3rd

    Will miss:
    week 1 – Petrie
    week 2 – bartel and stevie J
    week 3 – gibbs and murphy
    week 4 – heppell (will probably trade to scotland)

    6 trades left with $263,000. Although getting suckling and birchall this week, will have heppel and brennan on bench to cover players with byes

  • Finished 1, 2 and 1.
    Three trades left and $140k

    Week 1: None
    Week 2: Bartel (he has been my mid bench cover, shouldn’t need to trade barring an extreme injury round)
    Week 3: Gibbs (will upgrade a bench player to cover this round)
    Week 4: Heppell (sideways if I can, but expecting utter carnage as premiums are rested)

    Haven’t loaded up on in-form Carlton and Geelong players this year due to finals draw, which has cost me overall ranking but am hoping will start to pay off now. Many teams planning to burn ALL of their remaining trades before the GF… given the draw and current ladder positions that round is looking ominous, a perfect storm for general soreness. Even more so than last year, 1 or 2 trades in hand for the GF could net you an enormous strategic advantage.

  • What’s the name of the cup that the bottom 8 play off for?

  • Placed 5th.

    Week 1 – Nobody
    Week 2 – Nobody
    Week 3 – Gibbs, Judd
    Week 4 – Heppel

    Have 2 trades left. I should go as far as Prelim, but I can’t see myself in the GF. Will trade out Gibbs & Judd. Don’t know who for yet?

  • Franklin being charged could hurt!!!

  • Petrie
    No Cats
    Juddy, Gibbs

    4 trades left, looking at cashing in Sandi or Zmith, upping someone and sideways Juddy and Gibbs. Fingers crossed no injuries or suspensions. (f**k you Franklin)

  • Interesting thoughts for those with Pies & Cats. Will it really happen in round 24 though!!!


    • if it does, then it will be carnage for me with Stevie J, Chappy, Swan and Pendles all out in round 24.

  • Hawks may rest players I hope so.


    Mitchell and Hodge likely contenders I would think.

  • My question is – If I win the first round of finals and earn a week off, will I be able to make trades in that week or will I be locked out? I have 8 trades left with the plan to use 2 per week until the end! I could end up with 2 trades left over if I win i suspect!

    • You’ll be able to trade, other wise the system wouldn’t work, ie you get the week off in one league but not the other.

  • Will miss;
    Round 21- Petrie Dish and Cam Richo
    Round 22- jSelwood, Chappy and Stevie J.
    Round 23- Murph, Gibbsy and Scotto
    Round 24- ZackaRacka and Hibberd
    Will trade Zacka to Rioli or something round 24 and use my other remaining trade to cover injury.

  • would love some opinions guys.

    atm i have cox and smith and are looking to upgrade smith to help me in the finals.I can get anybody, but i don’t know who…. I’m tossing up between mcevoy, goldstein and mumford.

    mcevoy – has good history against the last 4 teams he’s coming up against. however how far away is gardener away from returning cos if he comes back into the side mcevoys scoring will drop significantly…? anyone have any news on this

    mumford – probably has the least scoring potential of the three and this worries me.

    goldstein – probably the best ruck man of the three but has the bye. will macintosh return before the season is over? i heard someone say he got 44 hit outs in the vfl last weekend.

    also where is sand at these days?