DT TALK Live: Round 20





    Stevie J didnt play and destROY copped a zero,
    He was gonna give him a life time ban, the former DT hero.

    Stevie tweeted to his coaches ‘hed make up for it next week’
    and in the dark, at kardinia park, he played like a DT Freak.

    He racked them up and scored a huge one hundred and seventy one.
    He got the cherry but we all know that he should have got the gun.

    And although the grog didn’t mix with the Stevie J of old
    It cant be questioned that he deserves the James Boags Stubbie of Gold.

  • Green vest round 20 odds
    Calvin- 1.02
    Warnie- 1.97
    Roy- 5.45

    • Go Hodgey!

    • Oh dude! C’Mon thats rough
      But good odds I reckon… I’ll put $100 on myself to win 2 bucks!

      • If you dont like those odds check these out.

        Players to miss the top 1000

        TheColonel’sChoice- 1.02 (currently sitting in around 3-4k ranking range. I’ve got him in a few multis to miss the top 1k. This one looks likely to come in, out of the 3 he looks set to miss out on a top 1k berth by the most)

        TKOL- 1.56 (my personel favourite, I’ll be outlaying a lazy 10k on this one as he looks to miss out on a top 1k finish. Currently sitting in around 1,600 odd, minimal trades, rawlings down back. Gone missing over the last few weeks for a reason and has cracked under the pressure)

        destROY- 12.45 (this person has a reserved spot in the top 1k. Dont even bother outlaying any money on this super star)

  • i warnie and others – but mainly warnie. i know it says hibberd out indefinitely – but do you knwo how long indefinitely is? i know you got some pull inside the bombers.

  • anyone else having trouble with the replay loading?

  • It’s not working for me aswell

  • Working now :)

  • a bit late for contemplation on the show but what do you guys think about tanking for finals. If i lose this week I get myself into the easier side of the finals draw form wise. It’s a bit hard though with all my guns playing easy sides this week.

  • Ah got my thursday fix, cheers fellas great show i’ll be runnin the C on cox this rnd, Ruckmen kill it against the tigers. It depends if nic nat plays tho.

  • Thanks guys – definitely going out and buying the Chris Brown album now.

  • DT is such a drag once you are through with your trades. Have been sitting on 3 for several weeks now. Going OK, in the top 2% and in the finals in all of my leagues. But here’s my choice every week – Swan captain or someone else?

    Guess it will be OK when I can trade out a gun for another premium over the finals, but still…

  • LOL

    Well that warrants good form, keep him in the team!
    Yeah, keep him in… the national dodgeball team, because hes obviously awesome at it!

    good laugh as always, keep up the great work gentlemen!

  • lmao I hope viney was watching!! what a coaching genius, sylvia dropped, moloney named. I’m a blues supporter and you just made the boys job even easier. thanks todd :0)