Gary Ablett Out for Rd 20

Gary Ablett will miss this week with a hamstring injury, meaning he isn’t there for our last roster game and he won’t be making the trip back home to Kardinia Park.

Here are the facts:

  • hamstring was injured a fortnight ago against Collingwood and he didn’t pull up to well.
  • Gazza said that he “should be right” for the last 4 games.

I think we all picked him this year knowing he may miss a game or two in the run home… but when it is getting to crunch time, it makes things very interesting. This round we will be missing Matthew Boyd (in over 85,000 teams) thanks to his bye and there is probably some more carnage to come as well. Luke Hodge is no certainty to return and Sam Mitchell is listed as a test after going over on his ankle last weekend.

Is it worth a trade? If you’re fighting to make the 8, then yes! Get rid of him! He’s worth $393,400 and you can ‘almost’ straight swap him with Tom Rockliff, Dale Thomas or Matt Priddis who should all be solid over the last 5 games.

We’re interested to see what people are going to do with Gazza!


  • SPEWIN ! will use the gu as cover. FMDT

  • trading boyd instead because i can’t afford selwood from the gaz trade

    • You must be desparate for a win this week because Boyd’s in great touch at the moment!

      • not at all, on top of the ladder, trying to make up 200 or so points this week to win the state schools comp. got second wrapped up though

        • Selwood has a bye to come. Dumb Option. U r not as awesome as u think u r!!!

          • not a dumb if you are a)confident of winning the 1st final and getting the bye and

            b) going for an overall win

  • Hes too cheap to trade out. worth much more than his price suggests. ill be keeping him even though im playing off for 8th spot this week. also cross is out for me. wont help much either

  • What do you reckon Mitchells likelihood of playing is?

    • I would rate him a 75% chance…
      Although I’m no expert, he did keep playing on after his injury albeit a few minutes which is usually a good sign :)

  • GREAT NEWS!!!! It was only 4 weeks ago that he got 175 and I had all these DT Wannabes telling me that I was an idiot for not having him. Well,,… you all know who you are, eat ya own words and suffer!!!

    • Manzzoid,
      Who do you have champ…………Hodge, Daisy, Higgins, Rioli???
      Welcome to the world of DT you goose……..most player miss games during the year, its all about your cover!!!

      • Look me up dude, Im 695th … zOiDz InViNcI-BaLz ……….best team in the world!!! 4 trades left.

        • Apart from the other 694 above you………

          • HAHAHAHA you just owned him
            …yeah I hate cocky pricks like this guy.
            Injuries are all about luck and they would’ve happended to his players as well,,,

          • I ride the bumps mate, and I get over it. I did my research at the start of the season, had a good team from the start and didn’t go poaching players that had spirts of 175 Gary Luck. Lets hope he’s out for a month!. Whats your team name and ranking Chuck? & did you do your pre season research?

          • & whats your ranking Blue Boys?

          • I’m ranked above you and my team is far better.

        • Your team might be good Manzzoid, but it’s got a shit name.



      • You might be ranked 695th (which aint that good) but you probably would be ranked alot higher if you had been playing gaz for the last few months. You’re only gloating due to relief, I bet every time you play someone with gaz and you dont have him you’re shitting your pants

        • Not this week! :)………. WALKOVER In all my 5 leagues!

          • must be shit leagues then, in most of my leagues there are no easy games

          • I’m In one of Warnies Leagues. and in all I’m ranked top in ranked points

          • You must be in some real tough leagues!!!!
            How much research did you put into the Jono Brown trade……..obviously not enough!!!

            Guessing by your team name “zOiDz InViNcI-BaLz”, that you are only young though……..cause most blokes who’s balls have dropped wouldn’t have bothered to put it this way!!!

            Enjoy the remainder of the year though……..especially with all those premiums in your side still to have their byes!!! :-)

      • what was your exact reason for not having gary in the first place?
        He’s only going to miss 1 week and considering we got him dirt cheap and hes pumped out some huge scores (with more to come) i really cant see how you are praising yourself for such a ‘genius’ move.

        • By in the first place i mean what was your reasoning of not grabbing him when he was dirt cheap after his two byes were complete

          • I had 7 PRIMO MIDS already … didn’t need him. There has been only 3 weeks where he has performed and 3 weeks that u could have bought him… since that 175 he’s been crap. when he reached his peak you should have used a double trade and upgraded a gu and got 2 good players!

          • That just proves you dont know shit. Since his price bottomed out in rnd 8 he has avg 128 not inc the 23 or 117 even if you did include it. I bet that is better than most of your 7 premo mids

          • Hook, when you work out averages,… include the 23’s and the DNP’s, whats Garys average then???…they all count… otherwise ill just say ohhh Stevie J oh, his average is 171 !!!

      • I disagree with your ‘richmond’ typo, its essendon you’re looking for their champ. ;)

    • If u did your research you dick why are you number 1 once again DICK

      • When you’re all as higher ranked as me, then you can gloat,… the form is on the board. The wins are in the bag, just call me the Jason Akermanis of DT. I know I’m not liked but that makes a real champion. Someone that can lift when it all matters. Someone that doesn’t make stupid decisions when the pressure mounts. I’ve got my throne and I sit in it all day long looking at my peasants below me in 2nd right down to 16th. I’ve got toejam in those toes, get down for a lick boy!!! :D

        • Get over it mate, I’m ranked 237 and see that guy Benny who commented further down the page, he is ranked 7th, now he could gloat and I would say its justified but nearly 700th aint nothing to brag about dude

          • Heads Up dude? whatever your challenge I’ll win…U a poker player?

          • lol yeah right mate, I’m allready beating you in DT so there goes that theory. I’m ok at poker (not good enough to brag about) but I prefer the more active sports bball, footy, cricket, running ect

          • hook if i were you i would left hook his primary school arse then fake a cheeky right hook then give him another left hook to finish this kid off

    • So what’s Boyd scoring for you this week then champ??

      • Fyfeys in my MIDS, everythings covered. Kuruki & Fresh Prince,… another 2 wannabe DT pretenders, theres one born every second LOL!

  • Just to keep it relevant, I will be keeping Gaz as I am sitting pretty on the top of the ladder…

    However, I would love people’s opinion on who I should trade in for forward line:

    FYFE: the most expensive option, most consistent, not a very high ceiling (bar a 137), tough run home
    GOODES: a bit cheaper, inconsistent, high ceiling, always has a strong finish
    N ROO: cheap, inconsistent, high ceiling, ok run home

    Also, does anyone have any news about MISSY HIGGINS?
    Obviously he’s out with the bye this week but how serious was the injury that kept him out last weekend?

    • ROO, back in from, fingers crossed

      • Yeah Riewoldt is definitely at a great price, cheap enough to straight swap for Higgins although I just can’t trust the man this year…and Fyfe is very consistent

    • I reckon you’ve talked yourself into Goodes for good reason.

      I traded out Higgins last week for Le Cras and saw the WC game, really poor service to him a few kicks flying over his head. My gut feel is at best Higgins will play some of the remaining games, fewer once their finals chances are gone. I think all the planets are aligning for Higgins to miss the rest of the year.

  • Wondering what to do with higgens i can get Stevie J or LeCras who should i get

  • Have one donut now (unless Bewick makes a surprise return). Hodge better be back this round or else I’ll almost certainly lose my league match

  • Mitchell not in doubt:

    Thank god, otherwise I would’ve been eating a donut.

    • YES!!! Best news I’ve heard in a while as I already have Gablett and Boyd sitting on the pine as well as Higgins who may be out for the rest of the year…

      • Yeah, sick of playing Prestia, Mzungu and C. Rich! My kingdom for a clear round with all premos available. How many more byes does Port have? ;)

  • Oh right, NOW I get it. The reason why everyone was so set on having plenty of trades up their sleeves late in the piece is so they can do fucking retarded sideways trades to get rid of the most elite of elite players because they are getting the week off everyone’s been predicting they’d have all year. Why didn’t I think of that?

    How awesome would it be if you traded selwood for ablett when he got suspended, now you can switch them back again. Fucking brilliant trading strategy, that.

  • This makes my planned final trade of Lower>Gram an even better idea. Gram will cover Gary this week, enright for the cats bye and Gibbs for the prelim. At 3 out of a possible 5 games he’ll make a more consistent contribution than effing Shaun effing higgins who seems to have missed about half the games since I traded him in

    • You traded in Missy?

      oh lol

      • Indeed. I got a 91 from him, then a twenty something and then a pile of donut-littered crap. Now a dead body DPP which is at least still handy

  • If Hodge and Mitchell both miss I’m screwed.

    That will make 3 gone from my mids.

  • Higgins needs to have Vertebrae fused at season end. Dont be surprised if they wrap him in cotton wool for the rest of the year. Been carrying injury since first listed as out with general soreness/ groin earlier on in the year.

  • I’ve tried to create a deep bench to cover for things like this.

    Boyd bye – Bartel in

    Dont have Ablett, at times i’ve kicked myself, but now I feel lucky to have passed.

    No point in trading him. 1 Week is hardly worth it, and you could trade for someone who could get injured, so you could be further up the creek.

    Relax and deal with it peeps

  • Anyone else having problems with the site? For the past week I’ve been getting the “login to reply” button on repeat, even after I log in, and I’ve also not been able to see any of the new articles since Sunday, until they all suddenly appeared together just not?

    Either it’s my PC or the site that’s lost the plot, and I haven’t changed any of my PC settings? WTF?

    I don’t want to get into the old “Told you so” thing, but really, surely the GAJ owners aren’t surprised?

    • Have no idea what happened there… I turned off a spam filter thing (fingers crossed that has worked). It has worked fine for me in Firefox, but not in Explorer. Who uses IE anyway?!

      • I noticed recently that on one my pc’s using firefox, if I didnt clear the cache history, then all I would get is the same updates as when I last looked at the site. Eg, once a topic such as ‘Chooks Rooks’ was on the site, I could read that, but any more recent posts wouldn’t be able to be seen unless I cleared the history. weird…

        • Yeah, I use Firefox aswell. Getting all the new posts showing now, so it might be sweet, if not I’ll try clearing my cache.

          Thanks for your help fellas <3

    • I got that log in thing aswell last week and couldnt post for about 3 days till it sorted itself out randomly/

  • Need to downgrade!!!!
    But who?
    My Options,
    And to who?

  • Just quickly:
    Fyfe, Goodes or N Roo (for his price)

  • I don’t have GAJ, Mitchell or Hodge, I hope they all miss!

  • With Ablet out this week i have the choice of playing
    I Smith, T, Mzungu, T Liberatore, and Z Smith (DPP)
    allready covering boyd with swallow
    who do you think thanks guys

    • I Smith.

    • as much as I love the way I Smith is going about his footy – i just can’t afford a vest depleted score…and seeing as the hawks are playing on Sunday and he is likely to be named on an extended bench, we will have no idea if he will play all 120 mins… Safest would be Mugatu on fri night, you will at least be able to see if he is 1. definately playing & 2. not green vested – so for me Mugatu this week, even though I would prefer Smithy :)

      • thanks mate
        i had smith on 2 weeks ago and he got vested and this wekk i didnt play him and he pulls out a 90 :/
        ut it will be good to get mzungu out of the way early

    • might i suggest not covering boyd with T. Liberatore

  • I’m trading in a MID/FWD this week to start covering byes.

    It’s out of ROK, Goodes or Pavlich.

    Leaning towards Goodes but like ROK’s consistency. Thoughts?

  • I’ll hold off on trading him. I only have a couple of trades to go, plus I have a superbly easy final round game (Matty Lloyd) which I will probably win.

    Although, if he is out for more than this week, it will throw a huge spanner into the works. I’m down to 3 trades to go, and using one for a guy who might only be out for a game or two is something I’d rather avoid, particularly since I’m almost guaranteed a top 4 finish. Hoping the initial positive assessments are right and he is back for next week.