Trade Talk Tuesday: With destROY #577

Whether you are making your run at the top 8, or consolidating a top 4 finish, it’s time to finalise your team with a form player who has completed their bye. Did you notice how my primary focus is all of a sudden on a league outcome? Yeah, that has nothing to do with me dropping from 270 to 570 the last 3 weeks. Anyway, here are a few players that have completed their byes, that I think would round out a team nicely. Whether you agree or disagree, discuss your plans in the comments.

Name: Jack Redden
Price: 429,700
BE: 127
Average last 3: 114
Bye’s remaining: 0
Predicted 100’s/5: 5
Owned by %: 3
Quick thought: With 8 100+ scores out of his last 10 games, Redden is the perfect unique to assist you to making the finals. During that period his worst score in 93 and the run home includes a game against the Suns.

Name: Matt Priddis
Price: 407,700
BE: 90
Average last 3: 113
Bye’s remaining: 0
Predicted 100’s/5: 5
Owned by %: 5
Quick thought: Priddis is in awesome form with 5 100’s in his last 6 games including a massive 150 against the Dogs. He has a great run home and should average over 110 in the finals series.

Name: Adam Goodes
Price: 366,500
BE: 50
Average last 3: 116
Bye’s remaining: 0
Predicted 100’s/5: 4
Owned by %: ironically its 37
Quick thought: Adam Goodes is renown for his awesome finishes to the season and now that he has completed his byes, its time to pounce. He is coming off a score of 150 and has 2 100’s in his last three. He has a good run home, with the only concern being a game down at skilled.

Players on the block: Nick Lower, Michael Hibberd, Andy Otten, Jack Darling and even Isaac Smith and Tendai Mzungu if it means getting to an elite premium. Just remember that if your trades are low, don’t get rid of reliable cover as this years finals will no doubt produce previously unseen carnage. Discuss your ideas here and good luck.

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  • Can’t argue with those trades Ike.

    Personally I have a trade issue. Want to make one trade this week if Dawes still not playing.
    Plaenty of cash and trades left.

    Should I trade Dawes to Neon or to CR?

    Neon more consistent but CR has much heigher ceiling.

    If someone can’t come up with good advise think I will ask my wife or if desperate toss a coin.

    • who else do you have?

      if you have plenty of cash and trades i think you should try to aim higher than Cyril or Neon – more info!

  • Hey lads, I have 4 trades and $18k left. Looking to trade in 1 fwd and 1 back.

    I already have Gibbs, Lids, Suckers, Goddard, Broughts, Adcock
    I am looking at:
    $311 400
    Last 5: 77, 0 100+
    Opinion: Dirt cheap, only reason for his bad form is injury, pretty consistent, not unique, ok ceiling, ok run home

    $355 700
    Last 5: 92.2, 2 100+
    Opinion: Expensive but will go down, good form bar 50 v Cats at Skilled, pretty consistent, unique, low ceiling, easy run home

    $334 900
    Last 5: 87.4, 1 100+
    Opinion: Good price, bad form, inconsistent, unique, massive ceiling, easy run home 

    I alreay have Buddy, Chappy, Pav, Rok, Sylvia, Higgins
    I am looking at:
    $372 900
    Last 5: 100.6, 3 100+
    Opinion: Expensive, good form, freakishly consistent, not unique, big ceiling, tough run home

    $366 500
    Last 5: 104.6, 3 100+
    Opinion: Expensive, great form, inconsistent, not unique, massive ceiling, ok run home

    N VOLDT:
    $326 700
    Last 5: 87.6, 1 100+
    Opinion: Very cheap, good form, very inconsistent, not unique, big ceiling, ok run home

    So which two players should I trade in?

  • Check out the length of Essendon’s injury list.

    It’s like their team bus got into a head on crash with a semi.

  • Further to my previous post above, I’ll break it down simply for just this week – Howe upgrade to Goodes, O’Keefe or Pavlich (has to be a DPP fwd/mid)? Fire away!

  • Probs using my last trade this week to go Lower>Gram. Straight swap.

    He’ll be my 8th defender, but also gives me another quality mid cover. On debut he’d be my mid emergency I think. The Saints are on the march and Gram’s a downhil skiier – he’ll stat up for the rest of they year I reckon

    My final, tradeless squad will be:

    Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Enright, Broughton, Suckling, Adcock, Buckley, Jacobs, Howard

    Redden, Pendlebury, Swan, Ablett, Thomas, Hodge, Gram, Higgins, Mzungu

    Cox, Petrie, Warnock, Keefe

    Fyfe, Pavlich, Franklin, Goodes, Sylvia, Riewoldt, Petterd, Krakouer, Smith, Lobbe

    I know peeps will continue to think that I am doomed without trades for finals. My response is that I got two fricken donuts last weekend with a full squad, three named emergencies, plenty of depth behind the emergencies and a trade up my sleeve, so what exactly am I risking? More donuts? I only need 4 more scores for the year. My depth and DPP will get the job done. My weakest bench is my defence and this final trade addresses that too.

    Using my last trade means I’m stuck with Gibbs but I’m effectively recruiting his replacement this week anyway, and Gibbs just might be a Maker in the GF. Assuming Grammy helps get me there

    • I agree, you’ve got a lot of quality depth. Just have to hope for no big injuries. I’m in the same boat, one trade atm!

      • Good luck with it BBH. You’ve gotta seize opportunity while it’s there, I reckon. I nearly used this trade last week to go Higgins>Montagna. Joey would have been strictly mid cover, but he is is very much a gun and may have even knocked Hodge out of 6th mid until the GF when the Hawks play GC.

        I wouldn’t have regretted that trade I don’t reckon, and of course now that ship has sailed because Monty is back up to 360K. Not letting the Gram ship sail as well. Peeps are going to have trades if they need them in the finals, but they will wind up having to do downgrades or double trades because there may not be any value around at the time.

  • Is Shiels to NDS or Redden a good sideways trade? Team complete. 4 trades + $$$ left.

    Cheers boys!

    • Why do you want to Sideways trade?

      If you see it as an upgrade then yeah but sidewaysing won’t get you anywhere.

  • can someone confirm if you get more trades in finals? or is it all false rumours…

  • Goodes or Pav?

  • Upgrading higgins, need a fit and firing forward, i dont mind if they have a bye (geelong player) but who should i get out of the following: O’Keefe, Cloke, S.Johnson and Chappy?