Dream or Nightmare

There once was a young DPP named Isaac Smith who found his way into many Dream Teams around the world. If you are lucky enough to have him in your team there are a number of ways he could have found his way onto your ground this week, but unfortunately there are also stories where he is being wasted on the pine. For some owners that have missed him on the ground, there is still hope of gaining his massive 138. Here are a few scenarios from Smithy stories that I am hearing:

Buddy cover: The most common celebrations are from those who simply asked Isaac to cover Buddy for the week.

To Gu or not to Gu: Many coaches were scratching their head over a Boags before lockout weighing up whether to play Mzungu vs the Lions in WA or Smith vs the Bombers. A popular choice here was Gu vs the lowly Lions for understandable reasons despite Smith falling just short of the ton vs the DT friendly Suns last week.

Twitter rumour: A twitter rumour (that may yet be true) has Gu ruled out with injury meaning some coaches that got wind of this either swapped or confirmed Smith as the starter. This scenario could also work out for people that clicked Smith for emergency if Gu does withdraw.

Bartel concerns: Many coaches have Smith clicked as an emergency for Bartel which has violently swung their mindset from “please play Jimmy” to “play it safe Jim Bob, have the week off”… and he has been announced today that he won’t play tomorrow!

Either way, there is no way Bart or Gu would pump out a score like that this week so hopefully it works out for you. Let us know your good/hard luck Smithy story.


  • don’t have him was worried about js and needed to trade selwood and cover a ruck doughnut.. SPEWING !!!!

  • Had Smith as EMG to cover for Bartel then got wind of all the rumours about zungu being a withdrawal so went okay yeh i will go zungu into mids then slap the EMG on swallow to cover Jim-Bob and put the EMG on smith in the forwards to cover PAV cos I was paranoid that he might be out aswell and everything looked SAFE!!

    BUT NO Pav will play and i’m stuck with him (CARN PAV)

    But the worst thing is my best mate who I am playing in league has SMITH on field and a god damn donut (Harper) + zungu on field with no FWD emergency and I am still expected to LOOSE!!!


  • I chose Howe over Smith last week. Happy with Howe so far but would have been happier with Smith after last week and last night.

  • DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! WOW what a kid! Amazing pick up, but can he do it consisently (90+) New Barlow

  • Got Smith in my starters. Had a feeling about a breakout game and BAM he jizzed all over the Bombers.

    Traded in Howe for Nick ‘likes to show my dick to Dawson’ Riewoldt. Has been a keeper for many years but this year he’s got a case of Duthie cooties.

  • I have to laugh at my efforts this week, double trade of Knights – Sylvia and Harris – Higgins.

    To bring Higgins into my fwdline I swapped him with Smith, Higgins scores 55 and Smith has 138 on my mids bench. To top it all off I had Smith in the rucks instead of Petrie, and Howe on the field with JVoldt on the bench.

    Holy crap, if I’d just kept the same team as last week I’d be about 100 points better off this round!

  • ‘Bout time I had some luck. Had Smith as Eng, then Bartel pulls out :D

  • Trying to remain calm but a bit difficult……………. I had Bartel on the ground with Gu as cover. I Smith on the bench with Bewick. Bewick is 48 at half time and I smith has 138. Not happy JAN!

  • To everyone who is complaining about having Smith on the bench: You have him, he’s going up in value and looking the goods. Stop crying.

  • Have Bartel on field. Had to choose between Mzungu and Smith as Mid Emergency. Chose Mzungu. Therefore have my first donut of the year instead of Smith’s 138. Will probably lose 2 out of 3 league games by less than 138 points. Not happy!!! (But yes, upside is he will shoot up in value and become a premium upgrade in 3 weeks)

  • Had Bartel on the field with Mzungu as cover, going to give me a donut… I did have Smith in the forward line though, which is good… brought Howe in this week, not happy with this weeks score. Looking forward to what Ian Callinan can produce.

  • Total nightmare this week, this year. Put Howe on the field. My opponent had Bartel but Smith as cover. Then Watson and Rioli get injured. I chose Sylvia over Cloke. I previously had Suban, Selwood, Warnock. Kept Watson, Rioli and Sandi through injury. Still have Goddud and Volt. The litany of bad decisions and bad luck keeps coming. I am hoping to limp into the finals.

    Love DT. Look out 2012.

  • emg cover for bartel :)

  • Got Isaac Smith as emergency to cover Bartel

    and Callinan to cover the Gu’s donut.

  • I put Isaac Smith onto the field 2 minutes before lock out.