Official Injury Update: Ahead of Round 14


David Mackay (shoulder) available
Brent Reilly (knee) available
Taylor Walker (knee) 2-3 weeks
James Craig (hamstring) 3-4 weeks
Jason Porplyzia (shoulder) indefinite
Phil Davis (shoulder) season
Scott Stevens (ill) retired


Todd Banfield (hamstring) TBC
Mitch Clark (ankle) TBC
Callum Bartlett (knee) 2 weeks
Jed Adcock (finger) 2 weeks
Brent Staker (knee) 2 weeks
Daniel Merrett (back) 8-10 weeks
Jamie Charman (achilles) indefinite
Claye Beams (foot) season
Ryan Lester (foot) season


Joe Dare (thigh) test
David Ellard (concussion) test
Jeremy Laidler (knee) test
Setanta O’hAilpin (hand) test
Jarrad Waite (hamstring) test
Simon White (knee) test
Shaun Hampson (knee) 6-8 weeks
Blake Bray (shoulder) indefinite
Andrew Collins (shoulder) season
Luke Mitchell (shoulder) season


Ben Johnson (hamstring) test
Darren Jolly (knee) test
Brent Macaffer (foot) test
Josh Thomas (foot) test
Ben Sinclair (leg) 1-2 weeks
Dayne Beams (foot) 4-6 weeks
Nathan Brown (knee) season
Tom Hunter (neck) retired


Heath Hocking (concussion) test
Cale Hooker (hamstring) 3 weeks
Anthony Long (hamstring) indefinite
Courtenay Dempsey (knee) season
Jason Winderlich (knee) season


Jack Anthony (calf) test
Ryan Crowley (back) test
Peter Faulks (calf) test
Antoni Grover (adductor) test
Aaron Sandilands (toe) test
Hayden Ballantyne (hamstring) 1 week
Gavin Roberts (quad) 2-3 weeks
Adam McPhee (knee) 3 weeks
Tim Ruffles (knee) 3 weeks
Nick Suban (leg) 3 weeks
Justin Bollenhagen (knee) 4 weeks
David Mundy (leg) 5-7 weeks
Viv Michie (foot) season
Anthony Morabito (knee) season


Jimmy Bartel (concussion) test
James Kelly (ankle) test
Darren Milburn (calf) 1-2 weeks
Mark Blake (finger) 4-6 weeks


Zac Smith (ankle) available
David Swallow (ankle) available
Jake Crawford (shoulder) 1 week
Steven May (shoulder) 1 week
Tom Nicholls (knee) 1 week
Brandon Matera (groin) 1-2 weeks
Lewis Moss (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Josh Caddy (foot) indefinite
Michael Coad (hamstring) indefinite
Piers Flannagan (hip) indefinite
Roland Ah Chee (shoulder) season


Chance Bateman (ankle) test
Brent Guerra (ear) test
Rick Ladson (thigh) test
Ryan Schoenmakers (foot) test
Clinton Young (hamstring) 1 week
Xavier Ellis (calf) 2-3 weeks
Cameron Bruce (knee) 4 weeks
Brent Renouf (gall bladder) TBC
Stephen Gilham (knee) indefinite
Angus Litherland (foot) indefinite
Jarryd Roughead (achilles) indefinite
Ben Stratton (knee) indefinite


Colin Garland (ankle) test
Mark Jamar (knee) test
Luke Tapscott (hamstring) 1 week
Rohan Bail (knee) 2 weeks
Neville Jetta (hand) 2 weeks
Aaron Davey (knee) 4 weeks
Michael Newton (foot) 4 weeks
Jack Fitzpatrick (ankle) 4-6 weeks
Jack Grimes (foot) season
Jake Spencer (knee) season


Todd Goldstein (ankle) test
Jamie MacMillan (facial fractures) test
Ed Lower (knee) indefinite
Ayden Kennedy (knee) – season


Jarrad Redden (hamstring) test
John Butcher (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Ben Newton (groin) 2-3 weeks
Tom Jonas (hand) 6-7 weeks
Jarrad Irons (shoulder) season
Paul Stewart (shoulder) season


Pat Contin (quad) 1 week
Daniel Connors (quad) 2 weeks
Matt Dea (leg) 2 weeks
Nick Westhoff (hamstring) 2 weeks
Matthew White (knee) 2-4 weeks
David Astbury (knee cap) TBA
Tom Derickx (ankle) TBA
Dylan Grimes (hamstring) TBA
Kel Moore (hip) TBA


Jarryn Geary (fibula) 1-2 weeks
Michael Gardiner (knee) 2 weeks
Jamie Cripps (calf) indefinite
Lenny Hayes (knee) season


Alex Johnson (calf) test
Gary Rohan (knee) test
Mike Pyke (quad) test
Ted Richards (ankle) test
Jed Lamb (hamstring) 1-2 weeks


Andrew Strijk (calf) test
Beau Waters (elbow) 1 week
Mitchell Brown (thumb) available
Ryan Neates (elbow) season


Ayce Cordy (back soreness) test
Barry Hall (ankle) test
Brodie Moles (shoulder) test
James Mulligan (calf) 1 week
Ryan Hargrave (foot) 3 weeks
Tom Hill (foot) 4-5 weeks


  • 1st peanuts

  • Good to see big 211 should be right either this or next week, however disappointing to see Tapscott was “test” last week and finds himself back on here and Matera has made no progress by the look of it…eating a donut or 2 up forward this week…BUGGER!!!

  • Sandi a 80/20 chance of playing according to interview on Perth news… Pav gonna play(just to put an end to ppl saying he won’t)
    I thought barts would have to rest, I thought after a concussion it was mandatory to sit out a week or some shit?

    • No they just can’t come back on the field that game…

      It is NFL where they have to miss the next week

  • I heard Sandi was 50/50, I would love for him to sit it out for another week after trading him out last week. Planning on getting Sandi back in round 18 so he would have played 2 or 3 games by then, but that seems an eternity away now! Ah well, fingers crossed we’ll be right….

    • What a waste of a trade… Trade a prem out an then back in???

      • not if he had smith. Would have freed up heaps of cash and probably avoided donut and the possibility of more with Sandi looking unlikely for the cox bye at that stage

        • McEvoy is a monster, I’d be tempted to trade him in instead of Sandi, Sandi might take games to get back in form and McEvoy looks a lot more mobile around the ground. 4 big tons in his last 6 games too with a 140 against the Pies.

          • Leunberger looks the goods to with 3 tons out of last 4, Kruze too but he has the bye of course.

  • Unlikely for the eAgles bye… Pfft… IMO it’s a waste of a trade…

  • im might trade…



    Week after…

    Kraukeour>Didak (I would be doing this this week but I need to cover a donut)

    Thoughts for other upgrade targets…

    • You post the sam question over and over again, just put it through!! Who cares what other people think?

      • +1, Seen this posted multiple times on the same article not to mention this post being mentioned in the comments of every article I have read this week.

        “Thoughts for other upgrade targets…”

        Why dont you do some research and watch a few games and then suggest who you were planning on upgrading to. Its the business end of the season and people don’t want their exact trades copied by someone. People want to differentiate their teams to give them the edge and score more points.

        e.g “what are your thoughts on trading player x to player y in the backline” (maybe give some analysis or your thought process). Rather than cookie cutting everyone elses trades, ask for the peoples opinions on the players you want to bring in. Posting the same trades over and over is not only repitive but f**king annoying.

        Do them trades if they are both named on team sheet. Also whats your ranking?

        • +2 So sick of this dude spamming every single article, his ranking would be shithouse!!

          • Thats why I want to know his ranking because I bet without DT talk it would be in the 100,000 area.

  • How many times have you posted this same question this week? At least three.

    Sounds like three fantastic trades you have there and you should win the car.

    If you’re looking for upgrade targets, click on the trade button marked “T” under any player.

    Then select available players based on either round score; average; or price. Generally speaking, a higher average means an upgrade target.

    These upgrade targets could include players like Shaw or Fisher in the backs: Murphy or Ablett (you know him yeah?) in the midfield; or perhaps Chapman or Franklin in the forward line.

    Do it now so you won’t miss the bus to school!

  • Lotta love in the room tonight :)

  • Gold coast – Jake Crawford – 1 week

    If I’m not mistaken, there was quite a bit of hype about this guy pre-season…
    Does anyone have any info on him?

  • Big Tommy Derickx listed on the injury list I see. Where has this guy been?? Just curious coz I picked him up as my 4th ruck as I thought he may pick up a few games due to being mature age and Richmond not having the best rucks. But I spose Browne is playing 2 well for him 2 get a look in now..