The Long Road Home: Midfielders

The Long Round Home: Midfielders

Dream Team coaches always look to their midfielders to smash out big scores week in, week out. This part of the team is usually the first to be completed, being filled up with hot shot premiums ready to bring you home the chocolates. So which ones can you trust? And which ones would you not even risk putting into your grandmother’s, best friend’s, ex-son in law’s dog’s team?


The guys who come home strong.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


S Mitchell




J Selwood




M Boyd




D Swan




S Thompson




You could do at lot worse than having these five in your midfield. And it seems that the top three really turn it on in the last half of the season. Selwood and Boyd would appear to be must-haves, while Mitchell could be a good unique as long as he isn’t tagged out of the game.

Lay Down Sallies

The guys who drop off when the going gets tough.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


G Ablett




J Bartel




J Watson




Maybe Ablett’s shift to the forward line in the last half of 2010 didn’t help, but these figures include 2009 as well. That’s a huge drop off for the little nude nut. Bet his dad didn’t drop off like that as the season drew on, eh Blighty? Bartel is another one who drops his bundle late in the season. Is it a Cats thing? I’ll look at Stevie J and Chappy in the forwards article and see if there’s a pattern.

Steve Moneghettis

The guys who keep it steady from start to finish.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


L Hodge




S Pendlebury




D Thomas




L Montagna




M Murphy




D Mundy




With Pendlebury and Thomas lifting their averages this year, we can rest assured they don’t drop off at the end of the year. You would think with Hodge’s slow start to the year, he will lift his average in the second half. The other guns drop off a bit, but not enough to sound any warning bells.

It is worth noting that there weren’t too many games missed by the above midfielders, with Pendlebury being the biggest culprit, missing 3 out of 22 games in the second half of the past two seasons.

Once again, feel free to suggest any other players in the comments below and I’ll check them out and let you know.



  • hey mate im a big time user of this website but only just signed up.. could you do some research on andy swallow from kangas for me and see how he compares in the second half of the season??

  • Does anyone think all of these last years stats is mostly relevant to this year or is it just me? It’s very general, every player has their own reasons when they peak in price, stay stagnant or drop in price from year to year.

    • Irrelevant I mean

    • I’m definitely not taking any of it to heart. A player might have an easier draw in the second half of the year, get more time in the midfield, have better support from their team mates or vice versa. Unless you actually take any of that into account, they’re pretty meaningless. Too small a sample to get meaningful statistics.

      Never hurts to have a point for discussion though.

  • It makes me laugh how many people kept Curnow but now after he’s back and played his first game after an injury everyone wants to trade him out. Why did anyone keep him to begin with? He was never quite going to be a mid premium and he wasn’t going to make you any serious cash while he was injured or in the first few weeks after he got back..

  • F*cking top write up Dusty.

    Love your work mate.

    Keep em coming….


    The Unemployed

  • Will be getting on Mitchell in the near weeks
    Who should go for him:
    Swallow or Curnow?

  • hey guys im ranked about 600th overall, and i dont really want to drop off, so do you guys think it would be a good idea to trade swan for mitchell? i have 14 trades left and only 3 more players to upgrade

    • but swanny couldnt be president then?

    • Nah in all seirousness, I rekon thats a good move considering Swans form drop and hes out for 2 weeks. Although, he may come back stronger after a break who knows

    • Nah. But lucky for me I have the midfield anyone needs :)

      not really :(

      But its good :)

  • News Just In :

    Leigh Monty is out for this week.

    Extreem Sad Face


    The Unemployed

  • Pendles, Boyd, Selwood, Swan, Hodge, Kraks (Harris, Bewick, Irons)

    Midfield struggling in terms of bench cover, but only going for league win.
    Who should I get for my 6th midfielder?