The Long Road Home: Defenders

The Long Road Home: Defenders

It’s that time of the season where all coaches sit down and work out how to polish their team off, preparing to fly down the home stretch with Bradbury-like joy as your opposition falls to the wayside. But it’s hard to soar like Bradbury when your team is full of Lay-Down Sallies.

We’ve all heard the talk about Goodes turning into a points scoring machine in the second half of the year, but is it actually true? Can Scotland keep his average pushing 100 until the end? Will your upgrade targets take you to glory?

I’ve done some research to see who might bring it home strong for you, and who’ll drop off like a fat kid forced by his mum to enter a little athletics race.

By taking a player’s average for the first half of the last two seasons, and comparing it to his average for the last half, we can get an idea as to who is worthy of a seat in your brand new FJ Cruiser, and who ends up wearing its tyre marks. This first article of four looks at premiums/upgrade targets in your defence.


The guys who come home strong.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22


















It’s worth noting here that Adcock played 16 out of a possible 22 in Rounds 1-11 of the last two completed seasons, and only 7 out of 22 in Rounds 12-22. Looks his injuries occur mostly in the second half of the year. Broughton, on the other hand, likes to get his injuries over and done with earlier, playing only 12 out 22 in Rounds 1-11, and 18 out of 22 in Rounds 12-22.

Lay Down Sallies

The guys who drop off when the going gets tough.

Ave for Rounds 1-11 Ave for Rounds 12-22 Difference












A couple of Carlton players in the list here. Although Scotland has had scores topping the ton in the last two weeks, he seems to like to ease off towards the end of the year. The Duffman doesn’t seem to follow in his mate Broughton’s footsteps, also slacking off as the season goes on.

Steve Moneghettis

The guys who keep it steady from start to finish.

Ave for Rounds 1-11

Ave for Rounds 12-22






H Shaw












S Fisher




These guys are pretty consistent, keeping their averages steady throughout the season. The roller coaster that is Heath Shaw is interesting. While he can give you a stiffy one week then send you to the Calvin’s shed the next, he actually keeps a consistent average throughout the year.

I should point out that when looking through the stats, I ignored any games where points were severely affected by an injury, such as Adcock’s 5 points in Round 15, 2009. Also, I didn’t mention Suckling as he hadn’t played enough games over the past two seasons.

So, if past seasons are anything to go by, those who stuck with Broughton through his sluggish start to the year may start to smile a bit more as the season goes on, whereas Scotland owners may have a slight brown stain in the undies, hoping his slow second halves don’t continue into this season.

The next article will look at the premium midfielders, with some more interesting stats. Look out for a couple of guns that really lift, and a couple that make Lay Down Sally look like an energiser bunny.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any defenders I’ve left out that you’re interested in, and I’ll look them up!

TOMORROW: Midfielders.


  • Awesome!

  • stanley to broughton? or should i wait till after coll/stk have their bye and get shaw/fisher. broughton has tonned up last to weeks so its know or never with him but I’m not sure. Thoughts?

    • I’m doing this trade for sure this week. Gives me room to put Goddard into the mids to cover Swan this week and I’m sure plenty other times down the track.

    • broughton has been given a more creative role due to freos run with injuries. i dont see this changing any time soon.

  • Very nice right up, very interesting. I to am looking at broughts this week to finish the backline, could be a gamble tho. But no pain no gain right!

  • I am going to do Duigan to Broughton and Tapscott to Howe who looked good on Friday night.
    Team will look like this
    DEF: Gibbs, Scotland, Deledio, Goddard, Rawlings, Broughton, Heppell (Puopolo, Jacobs, Toy)
    MID: Pendles, Boyd, Swan, Thompson, Bartel, Selwood (Prestia, Hibberd, Smith)
    RUC: Cox, Smith (Sandilands, Derickx)
    FWD: Johnson, Sylvia, O’Keefe, Franklin, Riewoldt, Knights, Mzungu (Howe, Matera, Richardson)

    • I am going Tapscott to Howe and Duigan to Fisher.

      Backline will be then

      Gibbs, Heppell, Goddard, Deleido, Broughton, Fisher and Lower
      (Stanley, Oshea Jacobs) Stanley to cover Fish when St.Kilda bye.


      Boyd,Swan,Bartel,Dal,Higgins, Harris. (Hibberd, Irons,Smith)

      Rucks Cox, Mummy (Smith, Bailey)

      Forwards Slyvia, Franklin, Chappy, N.Riewoldt, Dids,Darling Krak (Richo, Howe L.Thompson)

  • I had the second highest score in my league this week, to loose by 1 point. I am pretty much done with DT 2011.

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    • Eddie will smite you.

    • Another forthright and accurate comment from the adzman – not enough media scribes have the courage of their convictions to tell it like it is and take eddie to task for his continued hypocrisy (excepting maybe Gerrad Whately and Patrick Smith who still feel compelled to choose their words carefully).

    • +1 it’s only racist if it happens to collingwood. if it’s actually collingwood people making the comments, then I’m eddie wouldn’t of had the same reaction… He is such a joke

    • It’s a lot off topic.

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      • he still makes a very good piont. the collingwood fan base yelling out “milney’s a rapist” is a million times worse then anything bloody eddie heard that night!!!

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          • a bit hard to have an opinion when it’s not reported what was said – and how it was said…
            i agree – not a topic for here…or anywhere if you don’t have proper info:-)

  • My defence looks like this:
    Goddard, Gibbs, Adcock, Enright, Birchall, Heppell, Lower (Puopolo, Hibberd, Jacobs)

    Option 1
    Rd 12

    Rd 14(after collingwood bye)

    Option 2
    Rd 14

    Rd 15(after saints bye)

    Option 3
    Rd 13

    Rd 14

    Leaning towards option 2

    What do you reckon? Is heppell a keeper or is lower good enough for the eighth spot? Or are Puopolo, Jacobs and Hibberd good enough cover?

    Thoughts Pleaseeee

    • Need more info. How many trades/money left. What is the rest of your team like. This is the business end.

    • Just check the stats centre. I know Heppel averages in the 80s, what about Broughton? Is it really worth burning a trade if Broughton gets 5 more points?

      And what if Broughton’s form drops and Heppel starts lifting and getting hundreds?

      Heppel is a keeper for me along with Lower (averaging 97 in last 3 weeks as a rover)

  • 10 trades left and 2 spots for premiums. 178k

    Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Enright, Adcock, Shaw, Dugian (Lower, Puopolo, Stanley)
    Swan, Pendlebury, Hodge, Bartel, A Swallow, Boyd (Iles, Hibberd, Muzngu)
    Cox Sandi (Smith, Mcauley)
    Franklin, S Johnson, Voldt, Knights, Chapman, Darling, Krakouer (Tapscott, Lynch, Prestia)

    Duigan to Fisher 100k

    Krak to Sylvia is 100k now but only 78k left so he needs to drop 22k with a 177 BE.

    Only 2 weeks under 2000 and I want to keep it that way. ranked 416

    • You still need to upgrade darling..

      • I will have no cash or trades left so I will wait towards the end of the season and trade to a Hawks player due to them playing GC round 24. Wanting to load up for the last strike.

    • I like it but what about finals mate? if you have to play second round without chappy,stevie j, bartel & enright with no trades it could turn messy…
      Only a thought
      unless you’re only interested in the car that is..

    • You have Lower on the bench and he has averaged 97 in the last few weeks. He has been named as starting rover 3 weeks in a row. If he keeps that up bring him on the field, bench Duigan and save yourself a trade :) At the moment I am viewing Lower as a premium

  • Hey guys, I need some help on these 2 options

    Option 1

    Harris > I.Smith

    Knights > Franklin / Stevie J (and which one)

    Option 2

    Liberatore > I.Smith

    Darling > Franklin / Stevie J (and which one)

    Thoughts and suggestions please…….

    • definitely option 2, but depends when your planning on trading. probably would wait if i was going buddy or stevie j, they will both drop in price within the next few weeks

      • I dont think they will drop price as Franklin’s B/E is 82 and Johnson has a B/E of 43…..

        • Option 2. I’d be tempted to go Stevie J although he is injury prone and has a bye during finals. Buddy pulled out with a calf or something similar, may not come back 100%.

        • Johnson’s breakeven is low this week but will shoot skywards next week and the week after because the two huge scores go out of his running average

  • 9 trades left and $91, 900 left in the bank. Baffled by the number of coaches who traded out Swan from the Assistant Coach.

    Team at the moment, ranked 2002.

    Gibbs, Shaw, Deledio, Adcock, Goddard, Heppell, Lower (Swallow, Puopolo, Jacobs)
    Pendlebury, Boyd, Murphy, Swan, Selwood, Ablett (Swallow, Hibberd, Smith)
    Cox, Smith (Sandilands, Derickx)
    Goodes, Franklin, Riewoldt, Knights, Darling, Lynch, Mzungu (Chapman, Pitt, Prestia)

    What trades should I do this round or should I hold on to them for the remainder of the season?

    Sandilands > Goldstein
    Swallow > Bartel (to enable Swan on the bench for 3 weeks)

    Any other options for trading ideas would be great.

  • Trade plan – this week swallow to gaza, matera to chappy if his fit.. B4 round 14 Evans to pendles and duigan to shaw.. Will leave me with 7 trades and this side.. Backs: god, Gibbs, lids, shaw, rawlings, heppel, hibberd, Stanley, puopulo Mids: pendles, swan, body, selwood, gaza, bartel, Jacobs, krak, prestia Ruck: sandi, cox, smith, keffe Fwds: chappy, Sylvia, goodes, buddy, volt, Petrie, knights, muzungu, darling, lynch

  • I don’t see why everyone is getting rid of Swan, when he comes back and not injured, he’s going to be unbelievable

  • Anyone have an idea about what’s the go with Otten?

    • Playing in the SANFL.

    • I just read a write up of crows in the SANFL on thier website, I think he got 8 kicks and 12 handballs or something like that. sounds like he did ok, might get a game after the crows horrible form

  • Swan to Ablett??? Just putting it out there, similar cost, Ablett is flying and will play the next two swan misses…..Will two weeks in Arizona fix osteitis….doubtful??

  • Want to do my last trade to complete my backline…

    Shaw or Broughton??

    • Shaw IMO…he has been more consistent and Im not 100% but I thini without Sandi, Freo struggle, more ball for Broughton. Plus Shaw looks as tho he has form + consistency this year.

  • Hey guys looking at upgrading this week. Got Pittard from Power and want to upgrade got 170K and also have Swan who will be out for possibly the next 2 weeks.

    Thinking of Swan > Ablett
    Pittard > Goodes/O’Keefe/Sylvia any other thoughts?

    Got 15 trades left. Can upgrade Swan later if he starts going better or I’m thinking Pendles and Daisy are better options at the moment.

    • If you have ample trades, sideways Swan if you want. Ablett or Mitchell would be good choices. I might go Swan > Mitchell but I only have 12 trades left so Im unsure, I said the same about Bartel last week and still kept him…but he’s not injured.

  • Do people really have 2 trades to waste ? One to trade swan out and one to trade him back in ?? And just a warning on broughton he played whole game midfield on the weekend Barlow is back soon that may mean back to defence for broughton.. And seen some people considering bringing didak in ?? Based on what his cheap ?? Doesn’t matter how cheap he is if he only averages 70 odd..

  • Maybe we should all check Nick Maxwell’s team before deciding to pull the trigger!

    • Sorry meant to say whether or not he has Swan – He doesn’t so might be time to go!

  • just monday traded :O couldn’t help myself and there may be more to come. Will have to be careful with swan out and swallow most likely to get weeks leaves mid reserves kinda weak…

  • Hmm???? Options:

    Jelwood>Swallow(i dont want to gun mids out for finals)
    I can do anything because i was clearly out in the first couple rounds(Grand prize)
    12 trades remaining and have 301k in the piggy…
    I can trade kraukeur>Swallow
    Then next week Bartel/Selwood/Montagna > Sylvia???? Thoughts???

    • In my mids I have Swan,Penlebury,Bartel,Jelwood,Montagna and Boyd (Hibberd,Irons,Mzungu)

      So if i trade Hibberd>Swallow after swan is back in he is no use…
      So this is why im leaning towards the bartel/jelwood>Swallow


      • my bad swallow has bye in finals anyway:(

      • thats silly… why not keep them untill finals?? plus geelong have second week of finals so if you win 1st week it wont be a problem. i would not do any of those trades. smith is dominating so why trade him and swallow is going to have his bad days.

        • Thinking swallow next week has gold coast , noing that monty is going to drop a fortune and thinking if this is a time to trade him it is going to be a great first game for him in my team, thats all im trading him for im thinking????

      • 1st note. Don’t base bringing in Swallow in just because of one game. He was playing agqinst the worst midfield in the comp.

        Q: Swan>Swallow
        A: sideways, no.
        Q: Z.Smith>Goldstein
        A: z Smith scoring like a keeper, leave for now
        Q: Jelwood>Swallow(i dont want to gun mids out for finals)
        A: Why trade out one of the best mids in the comp because of a bye in, like 2 months time?
        Q: Montagna>Swallow
        A: Also sideways, no.
        I can trade kraukeur>Swallow DING DING DING! A decent suggestion
        Then next week Bartel/Selwood/Montagna > Sylvia???? Thoughts??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • will didak come good??

    • im waiting one more week till i jump on… like many…

      • I have no interest in Didak either… i’d rather pick up fyfe & sylvia(assuming he’s not injured) over the next 2 weeks.

    • why are people getting on didak?? he’s been shithouse this year,, yes he’s cheap BUT HE’S SHITHOUSE

  • just traded sandi > Jtippet & matera SJ20 winning

  • Out Of Curiosity?
    What would be the best Midfield option?

    1) Micthell
    2) Hodge
    3) Redden
    4) Thompson
    5) Bolton
    6) Montagna
    7) Other?

    • Wow thats really quite a broad question… who else is on your field? how much cash you got? do you even need midfielder?,,,,

      ,,,,But Mitchell totally Mitchel

    • Griffin? Very consistent ton getter and not a bad price

  • my midfieid is set, with swan, pendles, mundy, selwood, boyd and monty… i have harris as my backup mid, other 2 are just cash cows for me… would it be wise to maybe trade harris to scully, seeing scully has more scoring potential if i need him on field… i have 15 trades in the bank… any thoughts…

  • Why can’t people stay on topic?

    Defenders, people, defenders…

    Okay, so be honest…

    Hands up if you cut Broughton and have/are going to/are thinking about trading him back in

    • I’m getting Goddard this week, and selling Stanley.

      My backs will be: Gibbs, Deledio, Goddard, Enright, Adcock, Suckling, Broughton (Lower, Jacobs, Howard)

      I was more excited about that before Adcock’s 47 and Suckling’s 67

      I’m thinking Howard for Stanley – I need to get Goddard as a mid so that I get back the def-mid link I lost when I turned Heppell into Hodge the week that was virtually a sideways trade (teenagers are not keepers people).

      Any other suggestions for a defence downgrade? Nicholson? Anyone think Talia might get a go soon?

      • You already ahve Lower and Jacobs covering so if you want a downgrade option who will play games but doesn’t need to cover have a look at Jeremy Taylor from the Gold Coast (of course wait a few weeks if you can to see how he goes)

        • I will need Jacobs to cover Broughton in Round 16 and since Lower will also be out that round, if any of my other backs is out that week, I’ll need the kid I bring in to play. Apart from that week, it probably won’t matter. I did contemplate an 80K player for that reason but I will be heading into Round 14 with only 4 trades left so I really want 30 of my 33 at least to be getting a regular game.

      • Why don’t you have puopulo or hibberd ?

        • You can’t have them all mate.

          The weeks those two bubbled, I didn’t need a downgrade in the backs or mids. Starting with the buy trades strategy, almost all of my trades have been upgrades – Jacobs a convenient exception! I wasn’t too keen on Hibberd because I knew I wouldn’t have the trades to downgrade these guys post fattening, and Hibberd won’t cover shit in Round 24.

          Getting one of them would have involved trading Lower, which I’m not keen on. Very happy to have a starting midfielder as my 8th defender!!

      • Dusty Cotch n Conks

        I was thinking Howard as a downgrade too.
        I have Lower, Poo, Stanley, Otten and Jacobs that aren’t on field keepers. I think I’ll keep Poo as supports and upgrade Stanley and Lower.
        Was looking at Adcock and S Fisher, although Adcock’s recent scores have scared me. And my research says that if he’s gonna get injured, it’ll be soon. Maybe after Bris’ last bye, if he’s going OK then I’ll look at him.

        • I’d defs go Sam Fisher if it was me. But Adcock won’t get injured this year (yes, I am touching wood)

  • 1st note. Don’t base bringing in Swallow in just because of one game. He was playing agqinst the worst midfield in the comp.

    Q: Swan>Swallow
    A: sideways, no.
    Q: Z.Smith>Goldstein
    A: z Smith scoring like a keeper, leave for now
    Q: Jelwood>Swallow(i dont want to gun mids out for finals)
    A: Why trade out one of the best mids in the comp because of a bye in, like 2 months time?
    Q: Montagna>Swallow
    A: Also sideways, no.
    I can trade kraukeur>Swallow DING DING DING! A decent suggestion
    Then next week Bartel/Selwood/Montagna > Sylvia???? Thoughts??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • i want to bring in goddard this week. i have heppel, adcock and enright to choose between to go. leaning towards enright…has not done a thing since round 2…biggest disappointment. However michael voss the spud is playing adcock in a pocket tagging lately so thats affecting his scoring. while heppel is still young and could be inconsistent as the season goes and he tires, altho he has been probably the most consistent defender of mine for the year!

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    Thursday’s 9pm C31

  • worth getting broughts now??

  • cant believe u ppl are talking about getting in a. swallow. 2 weeks ago his owners (including me) were hating him and wanting to side trade him. he puts up 2 decent scores and suddenly hes worth side trading dane swan for. ..ROFL GET A PROPER MIDFIELD PREMIUM U IDIOTS

    • You sideways traded him, didn’t you? And now the grief that almost inevitably follows…

      I feels for ya, mate. He has averaged 120+ in the past three weeks, though.

      Who’d ya get? Mitchell?

  • Have 330k in bank and looking to upgrade mids (weak point)-

    Currently- Swan, Jelwood, Ablett, Harvey, Swallow D, Kerr (Hibberd, Buckley I.Smith)

    Probably will trade out Swallow … Would like Pendles but would have to wait till after the bye (5 pies players already), so possible upgrades are Watson (cautious to do this), Boyd, or Griffen (who I like as a unique pick, 2.5% teams). Thoughts??

    • No love for the Biggest Bloke Here!

    • Boyd and/or Pendles. Both more durable than likes of Griffen, he seemed to get more soft tissue injuries cause he is more of a burst player!!!

    • Which Swallow is that???

      • Sorry read again, see is David (read the D for Kerr)!!! Yep upgrade him to one of 2 mentioned.

  • Who Should I trade out of Duigan or Stanley to bring in Enright? Backs are currently:

    Goddard, Gibbs, Delidio, Suckling, Lower, Heppell, Duigan (Stanley, Puopolo, Jacobs)

    • Stanley has seen off both of his byes…

      Having said that, I am trading him out this week.

      But then, I ditched Duigan many moons ago…

      I have Enright, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t be falling over myself to get him in.

      I reckon I’d get Fisher or Gilbert if I was still shopping for defenders. Especially Fisher

  • Broughton vs Enright?

    • Got both and hope it turns out not to matter.

      But if I could do a free trade I’d turn Enright into Sam FIsher and keep Broughton.


    • Enright has some big risks with him with Geelong going so well. Look at last week, James Kelly was subbed off.
      Cats will continue to rest/sub off key players leading into AFL finals, potentially hurting DT finals IMO.

      • Not to mention their finals bye!!!

      • True but Enright has already had his GIB (Geelong Individual Bye) – week before last.

        Heard on the radio that almost every player in the Cats mix has been GIBed so far this year – only three or four have played every game.

        My boys better not get GIBed by Jelwood the same week Daisy has a compulsory week off..

  • wouldnt mind broughton but unless i swap him for lower will have 2 many freo players for their MBR

    • Still going for overall then???

      • yeah at the start of the season no. But im ranked 148th now so would be kinda silly not to have a red hot crack

        • Yep, fair enough. Need to have a go if you are in that position!!!

          • other thing with broughton is sandi’s inclusion and barlow both will affect his score

  • This article makes me very very happy. my final defenders lineup has the goods.

    Goddard and Adcock

    Rawrlings, Shaw, Enright and Gibbs

    with heppel to round them out :D