DT TALK 2011: Corporate Box Special

Calvin, Roy and Warnie were guests of Boag’s Draught in their corporate box for the Round 10 game between Melbourne and Carlton at the MCG. It was an awesome experience and we thank Juzzy heaps for hooking us up.

We chat about what Captain Hindsight would say about who we should have picked from the get-go this season. Which players should have we started with (instead of some of the rabble in our teams). We also catch up with Collingwood Premiership Captain Nick Maxwell down at the Westpac Centre and also a couple of other things such as Down, Down… Prices Go Down and a Chopper!

Don’t forget about our charity golf day that is supporting United We Stand on 10th June 2011. This will be a fun day, so go on and sign up. If you’re a Collingwood supporter, then you might want to be there for the huge prize that we have donated. Thanks Jono!



  • its a scam!!!

    the top 2 ranked teams in dt are coached by a ‘catherine’

    the 5th ranked team is by a sarah…..

    these must be some guys 2nd 3rd and 4th teams!

    investigate afl! we want action

    • Simple. Change my name to ‘catherine’, and in 2012 call my team ‘frog a goat with a lemon doodle’.

    • Probably the reason some countries allow a man to have 6 or 7 wives,
      nothing to do with belief or religion, its so they can enter more Fantasy Teams using their wives e-mail addresses….

      • at least be creative and name them differently!

        i hope catherine tells him he cant have the car becuase she won it fair and square

        • Rumour has it that 3 or 4 years ago, the overall winner was DQ as it was his ‘wife’s’ team. I’d imagine if you win, the first thing VirtualSports would do is verify any immediate family members names and email addresses to ensure you haven’t entered more than once. It is stated in the T&C so I wouldn’t chance it. Would be devastating to win and go home with no cigar!

          • Untrue.

            If the person exists, then they won’t do anything about it. Ie. My Dad knows about his team and I help him… it’s all good!

          • but its like the tour de france… the winner wins and gets all the accolades then 6 months later gets found out for cheating and stripped – they give the win to the 2nd guy but he gets no accolades..who wants to win like that!?

            should weed these people out early.

      • On a more important topic- down and staying down!! Because he’s shit!!!! :D


    • who said you are only allowed one team and who cares how many you have you still have to pick the best team all year i could have 1000 teams and still not win so stop whinging everything in the world that money involves is rigged you should know this by now you fools.

  • Great stuff guys!

  • My personal Team Hindsight (not sure if u cud hav afforded this squad with initial budget but gave it my best guess)

    B – Gibbs, Deledio, Heppell, Adcock, Scotland, Suckling, Duigan (Stanley, Lower, O’Shea)
    M – Swan, Pendles, Boyd, Shiels, Rockliff, Curnow (Libba, Pittard, Harris)
    R- Cox, Petrie (Smith, McCauley)
    F – Franklin, Sylvia, Stevie J, N Riewoldt, Fyfe, Knights, Krak (Tapscott, Darling, Matera)

    Just didnt make it – J Selwood, Sandilands, Murphy, J Watson, Crameri, Laidler, Pavlich, Nahas, Goddard

    Out of all of them SHIELS is the one I’m most pissed about missing tbh the kid is an absolute jet and is seemingly tearing the comp to shreads without any recognition in dt land

    • Why would you start with Riewoldt?

    • With hindsight I don’t personally think you’d pay 500K for Swan when you can have him for 420K now and less soon…

      I know he scored lots of points at the start, but he’s been shithouse for a couple of weeks and it will in all likelihood continue until after their bye…

      My starting midfield would have been Pendles, Mundy, Scott Thompson, Shiels, Foley, Curnow, Swallow, Liberatore, and Harris. You’d aim to pick up Boyd and Swan at the perfect moment… (and Hodge IMO)

      No offence, but your Captain Hindsight should be called Captain Obvious – apart from Fyfe and Goldstein, there was a fair bit of ‘der’ there. Suckling? Shiels?

  • Loved it! Great stuff.

  • Great video guys, I actually missed that theme song!
    You should of nailed Nick when he suggested Mcaffer and Tarrent as potential trade options later this season!

    • It’s called respect bro. Isn’t St Joey’s ranked higher then you?

      • Its friendly banter “bro”.

        • He had a bit of validility with the tarrent comment. I watched him in the crows game and they rotated him through the forwards also. Not just the key defender role.

  • Is anybody else getting the mobile site when they go into the Trade Talk Tuesday article? It’s annoying as hell.

  • Well done guys. Top effort.

    • Appreciate it.

      Considering the Box suff was about 6 stubbies in, the Maxwell interview was when we were hung as ten men and then the Down, Down and Golf stuff was a last minute inclusion on Sunday evening when were were still mega hung… it came up well! Haha.

      Hopefully we will put one together in a fortnight when we are over!! Hope to see a few at the golf day, and then Saturday arvo at whatever pub it will be we drink at before the Hawks v Cats game.

  • Good stuff lads, keep it up, I miss the old youtube episodes!

  • is there a way to know when someone replies to your comment? or do you just have to refresh and look

  • Haha nice episode boys!

    Down down, Higgins is down – coz he’s shit! Haha

    And how good was Moloney’s “Oh Yeeeeaaah”!

  • Funny, funny stuff fellas.. prob do some of your best stuff after you lot had a few Boags!

    “Im useless” -Nick Maxwell.
    As a Bombers fan, I whole-heartedly agree with this slightly taken out of context quote! :P

    Surprising to hear Swanny doesnt have himself in his DT.. so prob not much of a DT coach then!
    Should have asked if Dids and Shaw have themselves in their teams.. bet Heater does! That’s why he’ll always kick it to himself in the kick ins!

  • A few quick positive’s on the horizon for this week.

    Chance Bateman OUT for 6 weeks might pave the way for I Smith owners.
    Inside word at North is that Cam Richardson will return this week.
    Heraldsun today mentions that Jobe Watson will be right for Friday night!

  • Nice one boys. Seeing you at the MCG makes me miss Melbourne. Like the outtakes at the end.

  • Thinking of trading in maxwell as a unique back option, what do you reckon guys?

  • Anyone know what’s happening with Jason gram? Will he get a recall soon?

    • I dont think he will be playing any time soon.
      The Saints have won a few games since his omission. The bloke is a downhill skiier so expect him to spend the winter @ the snow, not in the AFL.

    • He’s leaving my team next week, paving the way for Deledio. Bullshit how when I traded him in he scores in the 50’s and 40’s then gets dropped.

  • Awesome vid fellas. Pissed myself laughing through the whole thing. Good on Boags for helping you out with a box at the G too, good reward for the work you guys put into the site.

    One question for Warnie though. I noticed in the DT Talk live vid last week around 25 minutes in that you finished off your Boags Draught and reached for another beer, and cracked open what looked like a Tooheys Extra Dry! Nice way to look after your sponsor, ‘specially when they hit you up with a box at the G, haha. Looked like you tried to hide the label too, lol.

    Loving this website this year. All the extra stuff we are getting is great!

    • Yeah. The supply of Boag’s had run out and I was left with some beers in the fridge from someone who came around and left them. Bad work by us. For the record, it didn’t taste any good.

      Hopefully we get some more very soon!

      • Unlucky that you had to watch the worst game of the year.
        The week before you could have seen Carlton vs Geelong!

        • Beer was flowing, we were talking rubbish… it was all good! Apart from my ‘keeper’ defender Duigan getting injured and sucking.

          Looking forward to the Geelong v Hawthorn game in a couple of weeks.

          • lol@ Duigan. I must of told 100 people how I knew he would be a keeper before last Fridays game!

  • Dreamteam has been much better for me this year, especially since I’ve found this site, oh and watching you guys talk shit and make me laugh has added that extra dimension to Dreamteam as well.. nice work love it.

    Damn you Higgins…!!!!!

  • Hey totally off topic, so apologies… but…

    Has anyone bought or played the PREMIERSHIP COACH 11 game they have advertised on the sidebar?

    Is it any good?

    • Yeah I’ve got it, its not too bad at all. Depends what your looking for in a game. You can either SIM a whole match or fast forward at like 32x the speed. But yeah only a little bit in and its fun.

  • @ Warnie can you fix the “mobile” theme thing?? It goes into that mode all the time and even when I click off at the bottom it remains. Thanks

    P.S It’s doing my head in :(

    • Not sure what the go is with the mobile theme? Working fine for me on my iPhone (ie. I have it not in the mobile theme – makes for easier editing of stuff). Is this happening on your desktop/laptop?

      Also, for people viewing on mobiles, what would you prefer? Normal site, or the mobile site?

      • On my Laptop, a few people have mentioned on here in the last 24 hours also. And when I access it on my I-phone I just use the normal site. I thought when logging in/out from phone to Lappy it may bugger the settings but it doesn’t. Also last night in the trade talk thread peoples replies were going all over the place??

        • Ok, I have temporarily deactivated the plugin. Maybe we need an iPhone app! Haha. Who would want one?

          • Hell Yes!

          • Yep the site was constantly switching to mobile theme on my desk-top all last night.
            An iPhone app would be cool *IF* the articles blog/thread clearly showed who-was-replying-to-who like it does on the main site.
            Also Warnie, please read the first page or so of the disgaceful posts/rubbish that hijacked TBettas article blog yesterday. Disturbing, and it hurts YOUR site. Certain individuals should never be allowed to post again.

          • Android app please…iStuff sucks!

          • Cheers Warnedawg

          • Iphone app would be sick. But it might a pain in the arse to try and scroll through the comments to see if someone has replied to you. DOn’t know if you could do it, but if you get a notification when someone replies, that would be sick.

          • Warnie can I suggest also that when you click on a comment in “recent comments” on the left hand side of the home page can it go directly to that comment instead of the latest page for that particular thread? i.e if it’s a recent comment but say on page 2 of a 3 page thread it takes you directly to page 3. Make sense I hope lol

          • I don’t think I can fix that unless we make all the comments on the one page (which isn’t cool if there are 300 on a post…).

          • Yes to iphone app! Would even pay for it.

        • Fair enough mate.


    must be the only message board on earth without one

  • Maybe next time you do a Youtube show you guys could do an Anti-Captain Hindsight team. You know, like the team of a guy with the worst karma in the world – it looked great and turned to shit in a matter of weeks.

    Key players would include Higgins, Didak, Jack Grimes, Sandilands, Riewoldt, Goddard, the rest of the Saints, Liam Anthony, Hodge and then you’d trade him out in Round 6, Krak same etc etc. Start without Swan and bring him in for Hodge…

  • Awesome fellas, I want more of this!

  • Yeah excellent! love the Dt eps… Love Choppers CHOP! I vote more of Choppers CHOPS in the future! WEEKLY!