“Sandilands, you weak arse shit…”

The headline comes from one of the first ever DT TALK episodes when Aaron Sandilands was a late withdrawal from Calvinator back in 2007. “Sandilands, you weak arse shit… why the f**k didn’t you play!” Well Calvin, he will be missing for 4 weeks, what should you do?

The biggest Dream Team news of the week is that 211cm ruckman Aaron Sandilands will be missing for 4 weeks. This is an interesting time frame as it is right on the borderline for many of us as to whether we trade him or not. The fact he is one of few premium rucks makes you want to keep him and ride him out.

Here’s the main info that can help us with some decision making. Sandi is priced at $410,900. This makes him the most expensive ruckman in the league meaning you could trade him to whoever you want. The ‘turf-toe’ injury should see him missing 4 weeks (St Kilda, Hawthorn, Essendon, Melbourne) returning for two games (Brisbane, Gold Coast both at home in WA) before Fremantle’s 2nd bye in Round 16. If you’re a glass half empty coach, or one who is very wary, it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that he may miss 6 games and then return after his bye.

This is what I think you should do, in order. Obviously a lot will depend on what you have going on with your team, trades left and your own personal thoughts of what’s going on with the whole injury.

#1 – Trade to Dean Cox

Most coaches have Dean Cox but if you don’t, this is the perfect opportunity to get him in. He is averaging 10 more points a game than Sandi anyway. Absolute no-brainer for me.

#2 – Use DPP and play Drew Petrie

Are you one of the few coaches to have the Drew Petrie in your forward line with a link to your ruck with Joel Tippett? Then this is why you did it. Get Petrie into your rucks and Tippett onto your forward bench. Do it!

#3 – Hold him and play Zac Smith

If you already have Cox, then holding him and playing Gold Coast’s Zac Smith is a good option. In his last two games he has cracked the DT ton with 103 and 106. If he can dish that up, then you beauty. Realistically he is likely to average 70-80 which would be handy points while waiting for the big man to return. The potential negative here is that Smith has got his scores without Josh Fraser playing. Fraser is likely to return this week, if not he won’t be far away, and therefore could affect scoring.

If you have another ruck on your bench who is playing, if you consistently get 70+ from him, then play him.

#4 – Trade to another ‘premium’

There aren’t too many other ‘premium’ rucks that I’m all that confident or keen on. Todd Goldstein ($383,700) has averaged 100 this season with 108 in the last 5 rounds. His ceiling is pretty high with 136 two weeks ago against Melbourne. He has been scoring well thanks to Hamish McIntosh being on the sidelines. He will be there for another 4-5 weeks according to the injury list so his scoring should be ok for the time being, but what happens for the last part of the season? Hmm.. also, Goldstein himself is listed as a test for this week for a hip injury. This isn’t a great sign.

Sydney’s Shane Mumford ($336,600) has been OK this season averaging 83 and could be a half decent option. He scores quite well in SuperCoach, but is a little inconsistent for DT. Matthew Leuenberger ($326,200) is probably the next best bet. You probably wouldn’t be happy with what these guys will offer up to your team if you selected them. For a cheaper option, Patrick Ryder ($280,300) has been down of late thanks to the Bombers playing Hille and Bellchambers. He is capable of scores much better than what he is priced at, so he is value… but comes with a massive risk.

#5 – Downgrade Sandi to Bailey

Now this one is from left field. Max Bailey debuted last week and the Hawks will be looking at playing him as much as they can. There are plenty of risks with picking Bailey, but you would only look at this option if you have a 3rd ruck you are happy with playing – ie. Zac Smith. So this is like Option #3 with playing Smith, but you will have him for the year (unless you upgrade him later) but while doing that, pocketing a cool $300K to help with doing whatever you want to your side. Would be very handy. You won’t have a $400K premium on your bench and you are able to do a couple of other upgrades. Win, win!

These aren’t ALL the options you have, but something there might take your fancy. Who knows what the right answer is. It all depends on how many trades you have left and what you are willing to do with your team. If you’re a Sandilands owner, let us know what you’re doing with him in the comments.

For more on Aaron Sandilands, tune into DT TALK LIVE from 6pm AEST tonight.


  • anyone trading out sandi has no idea

  • I’ve read all the posts and I’m pretty sure this one hasn’t been covered yet……

    Rucks: Sandi (inj), Cox, McCauley (not playing), Keefe (not playing)

    Unless I want to take a doughnut, I really don’t have much of a choice but to trade Sandi this week. There is a remote chance that Keefe gets named this week if the Anvil doesn’t come up, but this could also be a last minute team change.

    Since my decision will be based on maximising scoring potential, should I:

    1) trade Sandi for another Premium OR

    2) downgrade Sandi to Bailey or Browne and upgrade Tappscott to a premium this week and save spare cash for future upgrades?

    P.S. Eagles next bye will also be a problem, but I’ll cross that bridge at a later date!!!

  • I hope the Petrie Dish get’s injured this week and then watch everbody panic next week !

    LOL ;)

  • I have Cox,Sandi,Smith and Bailey. I’m not trading Sandi as no doubt I’d want him back in when fit and 2 trades is a waste. Look at it this way… Sandi misses 4 weeks then takes another 2 to get back into form then Freo have their final bye. This means Sandi will be incredibly refreshed and dominant (more than usual) for the final 8 games while other 1st string rucks have played the whole time (excluding bye’s).

    If your a chance for the car you will have Sandi for the big run home, also if your gunning for the car you know 2 trades is worth more than 300K!!! surely people are starting to look at their teams and realise they simply wont have enough trades to milk all their cows…. bit of perspective for you.

    • 2 trades isn’t worth more than 350K

      • Sorry 300K

        Each trade is worth about 100K

        • I disagree, take a Darling > Mzungu trade =$175k or Liber > Jacobs=$163K…. 100K each?? whatever mate

          • You can’t just take 2 of the best fattened cash cows and say that a trade is worth ~ 150K.

            Most people wouldn’t make a trade if it they were making < 100K, anything above that is a bonus.

          • I didn’t mention Curnow champ (the most fattened rookie). And guys like Stanley,Harris and Duigan will be joining that 250K rookie down to 92K target very soon. If it wasn’t for GC’s 2 byes Stanley and Harris already would be making over 150K. So FAIL Bertie :)

          • Well I think we’ve been spoilt by the number of performing rookies this year, it certainly wasn’t this good last year or the year before.

          • Agreed, my original point was just highlighting what IMO a trade is worth and when I looked at the better 5 or so rookies to downgrade $150k profit seemed to be the norm.

          • Yeah this year it seems we should be aiming for 150K from our cash cows.

  • What do people think about this move? Have cox, sandy, smith in the ruck atm

    Ive got 19 trades left (although 4 planned for this week and next). So trade out sandi for bailey next week if he goes well this week. Then make some cash off bailey for awhile while playing cox/smith then trade back for sandi after freos bye?

    • Nah just play Smith as cover.

      That’s why we have him!!

    • I give Bailey 2 weeks max before he gets injured again and then RETIRES from football for good …

      It’s in the stars people , trade at your peril !!!!

      • Coming off three knee recos, isn’t he?

        Caveat Emptor times a billion.

        • yep 3 threes knees is correct and he pulled up sore after the Sydney game the other nite …

          only a matter of time IMO …

      • Yeah, I don’t see Bailey as a long-term prospect (only replaced the injured Renouf and may not even be named this week let alone 4-5 weeks from now!) whereas someone like Andrew Browne looks to have gained some form in the 2s and has forced the selectors to pick him. Winning form is good form, so if Browne continues to play well and you’re hell bent on replacing someone, at least keep your options open. You have the added bonus of waiting on this move if you want to because after this week Richmond have their bye, meaning you can wait till R12 to bring in Browne before his price rises. By then, Smith’s current form will tell you whether it’s worth the move or not… plus we should be a bit closer to knowing whether 211’s ready to return.

  • Downgrade Sandilands to cheap ruck option, assuming you have either Z.Smith / Petrie for coverage. ( Plus have Cox also)

    Then hit the upgrade path in the next couple of weeks and get as many premiums in as you possibly can.

    Much better value for money than having Sandilands sitting on the bench doing nothing.

    No brainer.

    • No brainer unless you have limited trades and a heap of cash cows maturing. Then the no brainer is to harvest the cows who will never play for you and upgrade them to premiums.

      Sandi warms the pine for a month but comes straight back into ruck in a months time averaging his usual 100+ during which time you’ve used 4 to 6 trades to turn 6 cash cows into 3 premiums and mzungu plus two others.

      • net 300K from one trade is hard to pass up.. combined with maturing cash cow rookies over next couple of weeks you’d be crazy not to do it, that’s what trades are for… to upgrade to premiums after all.. and the sooner the better

  • I’ve got Cox, Sandi, Smith and Lobbe (DPP) in ruck. Petrie (DPP) up forward.

    This week will switch Petrie into ruck (figure Smith may struggle for a big score against Geelong and with Fraser stealing middle time off him). That will mean Dangerfield and Krakouer both have to be on the ground up forward for me. Matera as emergency with Lobbe and Prestia in the grand stands.

    Will see how this week unfolds before pulling the trigger on any trades (particularly given I have 14 left, not much cash but a heap of cash cows maturing over the next month).

  • This is just my luck only traded Sandi in last week, I get him for one game and he gets injured. I also picked up Mitchell a few weeks ago and he hasn’t had a score over 100 for me yet!

    I’ll just play Smithxseeing as Sandi is new to my team

  • I’ve already got Cox, Smith and Bailey. Downgrading Sandi will let me use Petrie also, so I’ll have too many options and 300k. :D

  • I still am not sure what to do yet.

    I have Sandi, Cox, Smith, tippett and Petrie fwd line.

    $300,000 grand is tempting.

    I am not ready for the downgrade till next week anyway I think.

  • Smith or Petri to COX?

  • whats the better option

    1) Gram – Delidio & McCauley – JTippett (DPP Petrie in ruck)

    2) Gram – Puopolo & McCauley – Cox

    DEF has a donut and RUC has a donut – so 2 trades needed for cover.