LAWS OF DT: Never Sideways Trade

FIRST LAW: Never Sideways Trade and Never Trade a Premium (excluding injury)

We’ll have a look at a couple of popular trades that people made and see whether this law has held up.

Nick to Jack: This was a popular trade after round 6 with Jack coming off scores of 105 and 91 with Nick struggling with 80 and 43. Although this trade would have made someone about 65k, since then Nick has averaged 104 and Jack has averaged only 75. Nick is now on a steep incline upwards, while Jack’s price is falling slowly but painfully. Most people value a trade at over 100k, so for 65k and a loss of 30 points a round this was a long way short of a good return.

Good Trade Bad Trade: Riewoldtingly bad trade.

The TKOL special: Don’t ask me why but tkol decided to trade Montagna to Mitchell after the Hawks bye in round 6. Monty had averaged 96  up to round 6 and Mitchell had averaged 119. Monty also had a bye coming up. Alright, maybe there was some logic to it, but seriously, this  was a horrible trade. The trade would have cost him 20k and since then Mitchell has played three games for an average 83.3 while Monty has played two with a 130 point average. Even with the bye Monty has outscored Mitchell by 10 points (260 vs 250). Add a rookie’s 70 or 80 to that and you looking at wasting a trade, 20k and 90 odd points.

Good Trade Bad Trade: Lose-all-respect-as-a-dreamteamer bad trade.

Bewick, Irons etc to Curnow: Picking up Curnow after two rounds definitely paid off. Although he had an unfortunate shoulder injury stalling his progress, he still made you a rapid 180k and gave you 97 points a week to play with. Once he comes back he may still be a keeper for some teams with weaker midfields. Bewick and Irons on the other hand, have hardly played and produced disappointing 30’s and 40’s when they have.

Good Trade Bad Trade: Good trade.

Broughton to Adcock: This would certainly have been a good trade, especially when Radcock was still cheaper than Broughton. It would have made you points, and although Broughton finally tonned up in Round 9, Adcock is looking like one of the top couple of defenders for
2011. There is a side point though; if you had have brought-in (pardon the pun) Enright or someone else instead of Adcock this would have been a waste, gaining only a couple of points a week.

Good Trade Bad Trade: Good trade, but only if you picked Adcock to bring in.

Heath Shaw to Enright: This would have been very tempting after round 2 with Shaw managing only 140 points in the first two games while Enright scored a whooping 230. This trade would have cost you about 40k. Since then however, Enright has averaged 79 while Shaw has averaged a touch over 100. To add insult to injury, Shaw is also worth 65 grand more that Enright now, taking the total cost to over 100k.

Good Trade Bad Trade: Delete-you-team bad trade.

My Verdict: Never sideways trade a premium. Although a few may have paid off, the majority of the examples were just a waste of a trade. The best trades, like getting in Curnow after round two, show that grabbing a rookie you may have missed can be worthwhile but trading premiums after round two is too much of a risk. While Broughton out may have worked, a trade like Heath Shaw to Enright has proved terrible. Of course, with hindsight, it may be possible to find a few sideways trades that would have definitely worked, aka bringing in Fyfe for an underperforming forward, but in most cases you will just waste a trade.

What is your verdict on the first law of DT?

– sent in by Glen from WA


  • First… admit that i have thought the saints should trade Nick for Jack in real life….but their recruiting department (given their track record) could misconstrue that to mean “Nick for…nothing”….and still go thru with the deal

  • Not 1st

  • I think there is a bit of luck involved Glen

    two of my best trades this season have been sideways – Didak to Fyfe in rd 7 and Boak (why????) to Rockliff rd 8.

  • Your much better of following my example and downgrading swan to the up and coming evans. Hes the ultimate athlete and cant take his hand off the leather. Swan is playing the eagles and will get steamrolled by the tagging force of selwood. That whole team is in form so swan will struggle. Evans is unstoppable. captain material in his second game what a steal!!!! another great tip. zac smith to kepler bradley get on it

    • Good thinking but ‘spoken’ by a coach who has 22 trades left

      • @world cuppa, what are you trying to imply?

        • Only that it’s a great idea (I meant to say “Spoken like a coach who…”) but only if you have plenty of trades left because ultimately you’d want to have sufficient trades to get Swan back after collingwood’s next bye.

          With Byes and injuries, you can conceivably end up with $1.2m worth of players (e.g. I’m going to have Rockliff, Swan and Watson, it seems) on your midfield bench alone but you wouldn’t hesitate to fix this problem if you had mor ethan 20 trades. I only have 14 left so must think twice before taking this option.

    • i thnk you’re on crack mate

      if Evans is ‘unstoppable’ why has he not been there for the whole season?

      will he hold a spot once Trengove and Scully are back?

      have you seen Swan’s record v the eagles?

      do the trade and keep us up to date with your progress (if you are serious, which i dont think you are)

  • I’ve got Liam Anthony in the mids … yea I know… :-/

    Same situation as discussed above – do I upgrade him to a premium mid, or keep the faith in his abilities to score premium scores as he’s done in the past? I considered it last week, but decided to keep him as per the sideways trade rule discussed above.

    Guess the rule depends on how many trades you have left, but no matter what the number, trades are GOLD!

    I think sideways trading rookies for rookies is more acceptable, particularly if the outgoing rookie is not getting the games/points expected. I did this with Atley > Curnow and have no regrets. Similar situation is now faced with a potential Matera > Lynch/Mzungu trade….money to be made, but anything can happen (injury to the incoming rookie, or Muston/Gysberts disease).

    • I agree the Atley to Curnow was sideways and a good one, coz it’s worth getting the top rooks if you missed them at the start.

      Matera to Lynch though doesn’t fall into this category. It’s a different category – culling fattened up cows. This is what DT is all about and how you end up with 22 guns by season’s end

      PS I had Anthony too and chopped him 2 weeks ago when he got dropped for Sammy Mitchell. Has been a shit trade so far but Mitch will come good and it’ll be worth it to have Mitch in finals and not Anthony

      • Matera’s breakeven is still only 29 (source FFGenie) and given he’s been averaging close to 60, he’s still got a bit of fattening up to do.

        Then again, given Lynch’s scores to now and Mzungu’s potential, it might be worthwhile trading out Matera….and upgrading Anthony….hmmmm…..

        And what about other Liam Anthony owners? Any plans?

        • Traded him last week to J Selwood. A tad sideways, but still think it’s the right call!

        • Mate I’ve got Liam.

          I am also a massive supporter of the ‘DO NOT TRADE PREMIUMS’ philosophy. I’ve been burned too many times.

          I have been tempted several times this year – early on with Foley, kept him, glad, Petrie, kept him, glad, Broughton, kept him, jury out but 92 on the weekend was pleasing, Nick Riewoldt, kept him, glad, Liam, keeping him, plan to be glad. My teams starting to look good in my eyes largely thanks to these decisions to stick by my choices preseason. Instead of sideways-ing I upgraded disappointing mid-pricers and what I call ‘pre-fattened’ cash cows – e.g. I turned Jeremy Laidler into Jed Adcock when he was 290K. So I’ve added the likes of Adcock, Suckling, Redden, Hodge, Fyfe, Higgins (doh…) to those mentioned previously, rather than replacing them and have lots of premos as a result.

          Anthony’s problem is not with his DTing ability – he averages a point a minute when on the field. Even before he was dropped, though, he was getting only 70-75% game time. And it isn’t short bursts like Swan is used, he sits there bored for most of a quarter every week. I just hope that Brad Scott starts using him more after his banishment.

          He’s back, I’m starting him on the field and I’ll be bloody surprised if he doesn’t crack 80, and realistically think a ton is as likely as not. I’ll upgrade Foley before I look to ditch Liam. If I ever let him go, it will be to bring in a super-ultra-mega gun like Ablett or even maybe Michael Barlow in a six weeks or so, after his first monster score of 2011. Even so, I’ll be sad :(

          There are worse 6th/7th midfielders going around, methinks

    • i dont think matera to mzungu/lynch is a sideways..its a downgade – a cash in and start again cash cow

  • Who would you consider a “Premium” out of Dawes, Duncan or Darling?

    • Can I pick the word ‘or’ as my premium??
      Dawes started the year with premium scores, Darling has been better of late I believe. Haven’t followed Duncan

    • None mate. Dawes probably has the highest ceiling though

  • The TKOL Special was a disaster. There was an excuse though, the unprecedented MULTIBYE Period.
    Although I failed dismally, i do commend myself for having a crack and trying to revoloutize a change in the game that we coaches had never seen before!

    Once again I refer to Rocky Balboa when speaking to his son at a crucial time of the latest Rocky Movie.
    “it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done”

    • your attempt at the word revolutionize is almost as bad as that trade.

      • So is your attempt.

        • ????

          • In this country, it is spelt with an ‘s’ rather than a ‘z’. You are using American English there.

            I say this only to explain Pitbull’s comment. I couldn’t personally give a shit.

    • I’m glad you commend yourself. That’s one positive vote for and 3500 against.

      • Haha. Fail.

      • I dont know TKOL, but he seems to be copping it for that trade…In his defense, yeah it didnt pay off but that was unlucky.. I think if you want to win this year you need to do sideways trades over the multi bye rounds and you need some luck. We have more trades this year, why not swap mitchell to monty when he has the bye? Monty was on the way down and mitchell was on the way up, it turned out bad, but that was just luck. I would prefer to use a trade to have a premium with a bye covered with another premium than use a bench player…yeah its risky and yeah you need some luck, but it is a good idea, and I did the exactly same thing. Who could have predicted mitchell was going to turn to shit?

        • It was not unlucky – it was f**king stupid.

          It was the action of the type of person who would sprint the first kilometre of a marathon so they could say afterwards that they were winning it at one stage. It was ego-driven – I don’t care where you are ranked in Round 5 or even 10 – it is irrelevant. Brag about your ranking in Round 24.

          Wankers who sideways trade to avoid having lots of money sitting on the bench during byes will not be bragging in Round 24 because their ranking will be cod-ordinary – like them.

          • I respectfully completely disagree. You need to take chances to win DT and you need to have luck. the only way to be ordinary is to do what everyone else is doing. Pretty rich of you to start calling people with this tactic ‘wankers’ and ‘cod ordinary’. You must be a good bloke, congrats, how’s that working out for you?

          • They are not wankers because they are trying another strategy. They are wankers because the strategy is about being in front, now, having a nice small number to constantly mention in every post.

            I don’t think it’s ‘pretty rich’ to call TKOL a wanker. I think it is a statement of the bleeding obvious. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion.

            A strategy dependant on multiple sideways trades simply will not work. At the end of the season, I won’t bother saying I told you so. The key offenders will have lost interest in their teams and won’t be looking at this site any more anyway.

    • Revolutionise a change, WTF

  • Good read boys.

    Speaking of a sideways trade, I’m pretty keen at offloading Dal Santo this week. But what to do? He’s got a b/e of 160 odd and has dropped down to $350k, with the realistic expectation of dropping another $20k odd this weekend. With $113K in the bank with 16 trades left I’m wondering what I can do with him?

    Do I keep him or is it time to say goodbye?

    Thinking this week of getting in I.Smith (if named) or Mzungu (prob next week) and upgrading Dal to Selwood, Monty or Gaz, as am wanting to bring in Chappy next week too. Thoughts?

    Team is as follows.
    B – Goddard, H.Shaw, Enright, Deledio, Adcock, Heppell, Duigan, Lower, Puopolo, Toy
    M – Swan, Boyd, Pendels, Dal Santo, Gibbs, Swallow, Harris, Wallis, Jacobs
    R – Cox, Sandi, Z.Smith, Bailey
    F – Franklin, Goodes, N.Roo, Stevie J, Knights, Darling, Petrie, Krak, Matera, Prestia

    • Dal Santo to Hodge.

      Straight swap.

      Dooo ittttttttt

      • Hodge over the others? You don’t think its worth spending more to upgrade to one of the mentioned previously?

        • Well it is but it just seemed convenient.

          • Not doubting the convenience, just trying to way up and justify getting in Hodge before the others as I have cash there. Hodge always gets a heavy tag…Monty is at his lowest for the year (as is Hodge I guess) which is appealing. Really want Selwood but he is expensive. Wanting to bring in Mitchell in a couple of weeks also.

      • I was thinking the same thing … Dal Santo to Hodge is a no brainer …

        • This is kind of true – Dal Santo to anyone is a no-brainer, really, because that would be the requirement…

          You might want to read the headline of the article again…

          Or don’t – trade, trade, trade your asses off, just make sure you don’t actually improve your team or anything…

  • How long till SWAN gets a rest ? Will need to manage the injury he has over the next few weeks. Maybe a RED vest coming on !!! Hold off on the SWAN as “C” maybe.

  • Broughton finally tonned up in Round 9???

    Broughton scored 92 in Round 9.

  • This Lewis Johnston of Sydney looks a likely type.

    20 years old, first rounder a couple of years ago.

  • Don’t listen to this tripe people.

    I traded Goddard to Gibbs and Monty to Swan after round two, because the old rules do not apply to this year. Tell me that was a bad decision?

    This loser rates TKOL enough to put him in the write up, I saw that bit and stopped reading.

    • It was only a bad decision if you run out of trades well before the end of the season. But most people would be asking “why?”.

    • well actually they are looking like being bad trades in the long run mate…and no offense but the fact this bloke is writing articles probably makes him more qualified in all things d.t than you are…i mean are you serious about those trades or are you having a laugh?? and he’s mentioned tkol in this article to highlight a bad trade that he made not to talk him up..but having said that tkol is most likely an infinitely better dreamteamer than you are as evidenced by these two ridiculous sideways trades that you have made..i suggest that you delete your team instantly and never comment on one of these forums again..that is all

    • @Barony

      I agree, this year doesnt apply to others as we have never had multibye rounds before.
      This article is absolutely dismissed!

    • You’re right on the money mate, this year is very different with the byes and multi-byes.

      Sideways trading is what keeps teams up in the rankings to cover for multiple premiums being out in one week. DT gave us extra trades for this very reason too.

      It’s worked for me. It’s just a matter of luck as to who you pick and if they triumph or burn…

      • I traded Foley (~$320k) to Hodge (~$325k) a few weeks ago and am loving that decision. I will eat my hat if that sideways trade doesn’t pocket me an extra 15 points on average for the rest of the season.

        • Mid pricer to premium, buy low sell high. Might seem sideways in price but it is actually an upgrade, thats why you pick mid pricers, for the short jump to fallen premo’s. Learn what sideways trading is.

        • Dude that isn’t sideways. Foley made you 100K and you turned him into an underpriced gun.

          That shit is textbook. Nice one.

      • In Round 24, you’ll be telling people where you were ranked in Round 10, and how unlucky you’ve been since then…

  • am considering trading Higgins to Chapman, is this a good idea or should i trade Higgins down to a Lynch/Mzungu and do an upgrade to Chapman next week?

    Would like to have Chapman in my side for the Gold Coast game.

    I have 15 trades remaining and would rather not use 2 trades this week.

    • Same dilemma. I don’t need to trade ‘cos i’ve got plenty of fit players running around. But I do want chappy in before the end of the season and now seems the perfect time to get him. He’s likely to score 900 points against GCS. Chappy loves smashing teams single handedly.

      • Chappy’s BE is 122 (according to Assistant Coach) and 136 (according to Fantasy Freako), so it is likely his price will stay steady or fall a little. You could afford to wait a week if you needed to. [With a few guys still increasing in price each week, I’m going to wait another week before cashing out one of them and trading in Chappy or another premium mid.]

        I agree with all the comments about this season being different, and so some of the rules are out the window. Personaly, I am really focussed on having bench players playing in every position and having plenty of flexibility with DPPs. I’m trying hard not to lose this flexibility when I am trading. My 10c worth!

  • traded goodes to fyfe before round 5, best sideways trade ever.

    • Not really, bet you Goodes averages about the same if not more than Fyfe for the rest of the season.

      • what a putz of a trade, Goodes carves it up in the 2nd half of the season

        • agree, everyone knows that, is the reason he has won 2 brownlows, poor trade, i guarentee goodes will avg more than fyfe

    • Shit trade, should have found another way to get Fyfe in your team.

    • Not good… last 3 round Goodes 331….Fyfe 303…at least 2 of goodes early low scores where wet days…Be interesting to see if Fyfes scores suffer over the next 4 weeks.

    • You guys weren’t listening, it was ‘the best sideways trade ever.”

      The best sideways trade ever, guys, the best sideways trade ever.

      It was the best sideways trade ever…

  • Sideways traded Broughton > Adcock when Broughton was stinking it turned out to be a good sideways trade after all.

    Down to 11 trades and I’ll use up two more and the remainder will be for the unfortunate Long-term Injuries.

    • Last weekend I got a combined 210 points from Adcock AND Broughton.

      I don’t think you can decide for sure yet whether this was a good or bad trade.

      I’ll admit that it could be, because Greg still hasn’t cracked a ton yet, but it might not be…

  • whos the better option out of mzungu and smith? due to my trading plans I have to use this week to trade ONE of them in. next opportunity wouldnt be til rd 12 if i really wanted to still get one of them.

    so there you go, I.SMITH vs. MZUNGU?
    (mzungu gets off to an early lead by having a cooler name)

    • With freos injury list you would expect the mzu to have better js…Hopefully he doesn’t re injure himself to soon…shrug..

  • What another pointless article by Warnie hiding behind the name Dream Team talk. Obviously people on here just want to talk about their trades right now.
    This just further strengthens my claims to have my own segment,”The Kings Speech”, Thursdays after Calvins Captains & before The Teams.
    Give the people what they want FFS, “Vote for “The Kings Speech”

    • do you stutter and stammer like the guy in the movie? he was semi retarded wasnt he?

      • You my friend must be semi-retarded to think that having a stutter makes you intellectually impaired…

    • sorry to burst your bubble mate but this article is probably a lot better than any arrogant bullshit that you would put together. you ain’t no king

    • tkol, is says it’s sent in by Glen from WA.

    • I didnt relise that Warnies real name was Glen from WA

      • Well who the F… is Glen from WA to write an article on Rules of DT when he is nothing but a crumb on my plate!
        Bin the bullshit and give the people what they want “MAXIMUS MAXIMUS MAXIMUS”!

    • I think the article has a point. Sideways trades are for noobs and people who make poor decisions at the start of the year. you should only sideways trade injured players; even then they should be long term injuries. Save your trades for cash cows.

    • Fuck off retard.

    • Seriously tkol….f**k off. no one wants you here. save yourself the bother of posting

    • Yeah, insulting warnie is probably not the best way to get your own article.

  • I employed some sideways trading throughout the multi-bye rounds and it worked well keeping me up within the top 500 overall rankings.

    I also had Swan, Pendles, Shaw and Dawes going into the Pie’s first bye.
    Sideways traded Swan to Selwood and Dawes to Chappy – PAID OFF BIG TIME!!! :-D

    Chappy was a slow start, but still outscored Dawes and Selwood has been consistent with 120’s since.

    Still got 11 trades with only 2 major upgrades to worry about.

    • ,,,I sideways traded Swan to Selwood (for round 7) as well and it has catapaulted me to 148 overall!
      For me it was a no brainer, and I’m so glad I did!
      1) Selwood was at his absolute cheapest price, was killing it, and had gotten his 1st bye out of the way.
      2) watching Swan closely during rounds 5 & 6 he didn’t move like normal and didn’t look himself. Word was (since confirmed) he was carrying a niggle.
      3) Swan 2 byes plus Geelong during rounds 7-13.
      4) Getting my rookies right at the start meant I had trades up my sleeve to try and maximize my weekly score for those rounds rather than relying on a non-premium to keep me in touch with the overall leaders.

      A well timed and thought out sideways trade is a highly profitable proposition if executed correctly.

      • @ PKS

        The best coach in the business. Dont tell the mob your genious, their text books down understand X factor!
        It will be an honour passing you by a once gain!

        • @tkol – The hunter becomes the hunted! Should be a good tussle!

      • Can’t beat that logic.

      • PKS, to me, it is all becoming about the increase in average per game. Sideways is OK if I think I will take a an average of 75 to 95. But it is it is for only 10 more points per game, it’s better to hold out and turn a seventh back averaging 70 into a back 95 using two trades.

        I am loving having Fyfe from the start.

        • My big question at the moment is, do I;
          a) Turn my 8th back into Sam Fisher and my 8th forward into Ryan O’Keeth and have huge depth?
          b) Do I turn my 6th back into Sam Fisher and 6th mid (Libba) into Mundy?
          If I chose to trade Libba I would have Sam Isles, Ben Jacobs and Isac Smith on the bench (ouch) with good DPP
          Would you take the extra depth or the risk in this situation?

          ps Just heard that Buddha is in a band with Jesus and Hendrix is playing lead.
          Apparently God got so jelous that they were jaming without him, that they let him play the keys in exchange for perfect livers.

      • Great minds think alike PKS, loving the move and it’s certainly paid off.

        I also wasn’t convinced with Swan’s mobility, that’s why I chose to hang onto Pendles and ditch Swanny for the cheap Selwood.

        Picking good rookies at the start makes a huge difference to trading plans.

        Midfield of Pendles, Boyd, Murphy, Thompson, J Selwood & Buckley looks pretty strong this week.

        It is all about having that X factor, that’s why I shake my head at so many people posting their “unique trades”, it doesn’t become so unique once everyone here catches on….

  • My two trades this week are ( I Have 17 trades left):

    Out Stanton In Jacobs
    Out Matera In Lynch

    This gives me a total of $390,000 including 53,000 I already have.

    Next week

    In Ablette – Out Harrison
    In Selwood – Out Swallow

    This will make my team

    Def Enright, Lids, Goddard, Russel, Gibbs, Hibeberd, Puopolo, smith, Toy, Pederson

    Mids Swan, Boyd, Bartel, Ablette, J Selwood, Heppel, Liba, b Jacobs, Mzunga

    Ruc Cox, Z Smith

    Fwds Chapo, Fyfe, Goods, Franklin, Volt, Krak, Lynch, Richardson, Horlin-Smith

    I will make a few trades in the backs….. may bring in Adcock.

    It is a risk that Stanton turns his form around but watching him on the field last week was embarrassing. I have 17 trades and I feel good about my long term plan and it does not include Stanton.

    • I really like Stanton to Jacobs. Stanton is a shell of a footballer at the moment and is gawwwn.
      Not sure about the Lynch one tho mate. Maybe use the Stanton cash to upgrade to a super-premiun somewhere else?

    • personally I think trading stanton out is a bad idea. I would look for someone else to get jacobs in if you think you need him, probably more upside with mzungu in a week if you dont already have him imo.

    • Just watch Ablett this week mate, I think he’s going to be pretty battered and bruised after he faces the cats…

      Wouldn’t surprise me if he pulls up with general soreness next week and doesn’t make it to Patersons next week.

  • Bad Trades

    Drop Delideo after round 2
    Drop Conca after round 4

    Good Trades

    Didak – Pendles after round 2
    Varcoe – Fyfe after round 3

    Good initial selection (unexpected / beyond expectation)

    Suckling, Cox, Knights, Adcock

    • Varcoe to Fyfe – perfect example of an excellent sideways trade!

  • Bring in chapman / J Selwood / Monty ??

    • Yes do it Teza. Bring it Chapman / J Selwood / Monty. You’re obviously a borderline genius.

      • i meant which one – i know all are good picks.

        • Depends. Whatever mids do you have? Who are you downgrading?

          In my humble opinion, Chapman should be forward only. Like you said, they’re all good picks. Selwood over Monty for me, and Gaz Jr ahead of Monty.

      • @Glen Twenty

        Would you consider ditching Higgins for Chapman a sideways trade? And if so, how would you rate in on your Bernie the Bad Trade Beaverometer?

        • To me trading a semi/oft injured premium to an uber premium isn’t really sideways, that’s updgrading IMO.

        • higgins is done, trade him out before he tanks under 300k

    • Same boat…thinking Chappy next week either one for this week.

  • boys (warnedawg, calvin, roy, chop) I have a trade question.

    Lets say I want gary ablett jnr in my midfield and I can get him now if i downgrade harris to jacobs and upgrade d swallow. Is it better to wait til my cashcows peak before using them for a double trade or should i be snapping up little gazza as soon as I can get him? not really relevant to the article but any help would be appreciated.

    • Might as well do it now mate. What you gain in letting them grow a little further is lost because GAblett and Jacobs will be rising too, and you won’t be getting GAblett’s scores in the meantime

  • My only sideways trades have been after round 2 where I corrected some bad choices (Polec > Curnow, Atley > Harris) but if I needed to do a sideways trade then I would. You wear your bad decisions just like you brag about your god decisions. Someone on DT Talk might bag you out but not all of us are here to win, I just love playing the game!

  • @crispy – agree, in fact I don’t consider fixing a poor initial rookie choice to be sideways – rookies are such a jackpot and so important as cashcows that correcting after round 2 any poor rookie choice (for me it was also making sure not to miss the boat on Curnow) is just good DTing.

  • @ PKS

    Im thinking of some radical trades as you have paved the way before me.

    We’re like 2 wolves trading through the desert, in search of strippers and cocaine! DT Blood brothers?

    • yer …

      I Love doing it side ways ;)

      Trade for Trade in rounds 22, 23,24

      I will be doing it side ways for the last 3 weeks ;)

    • do your induced Kickboxer (or whatever it was) trading ban is over?
      That only started a few days back didn’t it?

  • What about a sideways trade when the player is jason gram I think that one has to be done

  • Who out of Curnow, Libba, Harris should I turn into Ablett this week?

    • The three of them are half the man SMJ is!

      • Remember about 3 weeks ago when you had written him off this season TKOL?

    • if you want a legit answer you have to atleast share who the rest of your mids are.

      • Ok, they are:

        Pav, Swan, Pendles, Selwood, Curnow, Libba, Krak, Harris, Hibberd.

        • Trade Libba I reckon – b/e of 33, revitalised Hawthorn and then Geelong next two opponents, doesn’t have the job security Harris does. If you have held onto Curnow might as well wait as probably only one more week.

  • I traded Duncan to Dusty Martin after round 1
    The guy who doesn’t wear a watch he decides what time it is.

    Cheers fellas this is my first post. So a big HOWDY my credentials are rank#146 overall

  • Good trade or bad trade?

    Tapscott -> Tom Lynch
    Foley -> Scott Thompson


    Tappy is injured obviously… Foley is unlikely to rise in price much more, Scott Thompson is about to go up in price. Thompson is a gun and has 4 easier opponents in the coming weeks (Bris, NMFC, WCE, WB) and with a unique pick like that my score could really move forward when other’s don’t. Next round Richmond has a bye and I also have 3 Richmond players (Riewoldt, Foley, Lids).

    This is a very important trade for as I am currently ranked inside the top 50.

    Current midfield is: Boyd, Pendles, Selwood, Mitchell, Foley, Krak/Prestia, Swallow, Harris, Buckley/Heppell

    -Triple bye round (Adel, Freo, Melb) I will be missing Sylvia, Pav, Knights, Sandi AND Thompson if I get him. That might be too many considering that not everyone will have that combination.

    -It’s a sideways trade almost…

    -If I get Scott Thompson in it will be a while before I can get my 6th premo mid.

    If anyone is keen to have a look and see if this will hurt my team’s structure I think it’s #49 in the top 50.

    Cheers in advance,

    Spector’s XXII

    • thats exactly what im doing this week. but instead of Foley im trading Bewick. Thompsons a unique pick whos scoring well…remember that 61 is injury affected and didnt play the 4th quarter against Melbourne so his average would be way higher. Good trades and yeah Foley wont go much higher, his scores are too up and down

    • Thomo’s good in the dry – doesn’t like the cold.

      Rained against Hawks in the opening round and was wet against Melbourne at the G.

      Unique – yes. But is there other options like Fyfe or Sylvia who are more consistent and offer DPP.

      AAMI stadium gets very wet later in the year, keep that in mind.

  • shut up tkol you spud, instead of talking crap on here try to do some half decent trades for a change?

  • My most questionable trade this year was prior to Round 6. D.Rich $312,500 -> D.Swallow $233,000 for a single trade profit of $79,500. Since then Rich has had a low of 60 and high of 129 with an average of 90 over 4 four games and value of $335,000. Swallow has had a bye and played three games for an average of 85 and value of $283,000. What do you guys think?

  • Would like to go for the round win this week, but have some major spuds atm.

    Higgins has a serious head injury and has forgotten how to rack them up.
    SausageRioli will be camped down in the forward line from here on, so it could be goodbye to 100+ scores
    McKernan’s days are numbered and there is no more fattening of that lamb. In the gun.

    Thinking that I might downgrade McKernan to Smith/Mzungu and then look at uping Higgo to Gablett or Chapstick.

    I don’t really want to have Rioli or Higgins warming the bench as rooks going flying past them.

    Extremely crazy trade option could be Higgins to Ablett and Rioli to the frenchman LeCras.

  • Cant decide between who to trade to jacobs out of matera and lower. So evenly matched :/ this decision is taking me ages

    • Matera is not in the same position as Jacobs for a downgrade?

      • ahhh shit stanely not matera haha

        • Trade Stanley, Lower is a midfielder therefore higher ceiling and should have better consistency now he’s hit his straps. Also in a better side which helps.

          • Thanks mate, i was leaning towards lower for that reason (about him bein mid) and since im not the only one thinking that I reckon thats what i’ll do

  • Never sideways trade based on the premium’s form because they will come good eventually:
    (eg. the three Saints, Montags, N.Voldt, Goddard)
    It’s only justifiable if there team role has changed for the worse, i.e Broughton and Gilbert.

  • you should go for GAJ not s/thompson, as gaj has had both his byes so he is worth 120 points (or so) more to you for the rest of the year…….

  • is it alright to sideways trade if they have been out fo two weeks with a bye coming up

  • Not going to be able to sleep tonight.. Just going to have the names Goodes, Pavlich and Fyfe running through my head all night.. Done as much analysis as possible, but still can’t split them. Please please please please let 2 of these players have injuries (1 week injuries, I’m not that mean) so my decision is made for me…
    Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe…Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe…Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe…Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe…Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe…Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe…

    • Goodes normally hits his straps in the second half of the season, something to think about. I’d probably be leaning towards him for that reason

      • Yep he’s in the lead in my mind for that reason. Also I have no other Sydney players and only 1 lions player so I should be ok for that multi bye round. I think I’ll disregard Pav now. Good consistency but just doesn’t pump out the big scores often enough, Fyfe and Goodes should out score him for the rest of the season. Looks like a coin toss tomorrow evening, that may literally be how I split it.

        • haha yeah pretty much 50-50. one other thing i didnt think of before is that fyfe might struggle in the next 4 weeks without sandilands tapping it down to him

    • Hmmmm.. I’m looking at Goodes this afternoon, because I can’t afford Chapman this week and may not have the patience to wait till next week.

      I already have Pav and Fyfe. So yeah – nice selection. May they all stat their asses off this weekend

  • DEF – B.GIbbs, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, Ni.Lower, B.Goddard, D.Heppell, L.Thompson (P.Puopolo, J.Toy, A.Otten)
    MID – M.Hibberd, D.Swan, C.Judd, N.Dalsanto, S.Crameri, T.Liberatore (D.Swallow, S.Atley, D.Harris)
    RUC – D.Cox, D.Petrie (A.Sandilands, J.Tippett)
    FWD – L.Franklin, N.Riewoldt, A.Goodes, J.Riewoldt, J.Darling, A.Didak, A.Krakouer (D.Prestia, T.Lynch, C.Richardson)

    Who you want to get rid of: J.Toy, A.Otten, S.Atley, C.Richardson

    Who you are waiting a few weeks on:

    Who saved themselves: B.Goddard

    Who you want in:
    A.Otten/J.Toy –> Deledio/Adcock???
    S.Atley –> Pendles/Boyd/Selwood/Barlow/Watson/Montagna/Bartel
    C.Richardson –> Fyfe/Knights/Chapman/Pavlich/Green/Premium

    Isaac Smith???

    Cash in the bank: 358,700!!

    13 Trades left….

    Too many choices!!!!!!!!