Don’t dream it’s over

Pt 1. The F Bomb

Everyone’s favourite quote is FMDT, I mean we sit for hours pondering the perfect team, reading the articles that commend our judgements or open our eyes to new and exciting possibilities. We check injury updates and some even follow the magoo’s to see who might be the new dark horse (should that be dark cow?). Its one third of the way thru the season and by now teams are settling into long term outlooks and solid coaches are outlining trading schemes and season long keeper/downgrade/upgrade outlooks.

This last week I took the step of making a spreadsheet to outline the next six weeks of DT. My preferred trading regime, my manipulation of MPP to maximise the output of my bench according to byes and a goal to have my side settled after the Pies 2nd bye. It was all too easy, it all seemed to be falling into place and my team ranked 650 in the world was on its way to a top 100 finish.

Then in FanFooty terms : I  “flowered” up

Due to unforseen circumstances my usual work schedule was interupted on Friday and I was not in my office impatiently waiting for Friday teams to be updated. The grand plan was to bring in Hibberd for Markovic and upgrade Tapscott to Fyfe. It was already marked off on my spreadsheet, just needing confirmation of Hibberd making the cut. I was so far out of my usual headspace that it wasn’t until 4.5 minutes til lockout that I realised I hadn’t done my team. And I wasn’t sitting at a computer either, I was driving in my car.

I pulled over at the next opportunity, whipped my iPhone out and loaded up the site, waiting, waiting, waiting. I look at my dashboard 3 minutes… that clock is fast.. surely .. surely…SURELY! It loads up and I log in, 1 min 45 seconds to lock out, holy hell. Need to downgrade Markovic to have enough cash to get Fyfe, im tap a hole into my screen on that little T under his name. Waiting, waiting and then who do I want to trade in… no-one on the first list of names and no ability to scroll, Im dying here! I tap “Players I can afford” and finally get Hibberd ready to go…


“shower, flower, power, flower”

Pt 2. The Fallout

My good pal Watson who has been killing it this season is sitting on my ground, cooking up a donut, my bench emergency is Isaac Smith, who isn’t playing, off to visit the General. So I’m starting the round about 115 pts behind the 8 ball.

Luke Tapscott scores a wonderful 16 pts before doing a hammy, Fyfe scores 120 in an almost BOG performance. Hmm there goes 104 pts I’ll never see. Markovic gets his average of 31, no price gain there, and Hibberd smashes an 80 and its his third game so I miss his price rise. There goes $50k I’ll never see.

Im now one week back in my schedule of upgrades, Rockliff gets injured and with Watson still out I may need to make a move there too, two trades aren’t going to cover it this week. I’m out of eliminator and I’m waiting to see how far I drop in rankings, it might be season over.

One thing is certain however, I have an alarm reminder set for every Friday afternoon til season’s end.


  • Saying FMDT is so lame

  • tough taboules

  • I think this short movie clip perfectly describes my response to this article:

  • FMDT – I included Higgins / Gilbee – combined score of 56

    Toughen up princess

  • what does the acronym FMDT represent?
    i have seen it quoted on this site a few times but never understood it.
    if you haven’t had fyfe from the start well then you haven’t had fyfe from the start.

  • hmmm tapscott injured, didak as sub, harper scores under 20… that DT

  • All I wanna know is how do u forget about dream team on a Friday arvo of all days. Easy for me to say with my 2325 score

    • He didn’t forget, he has a life. And it distracted him temporarily from DT…

      Feel for you darls. This happened to me on Friday as well – managed to get to a computer with minutes to spare just before lock out to do a downgrade. Feeling all relieved, did a last minute check, when suddenly I felt sick: Realised I’d somehow overlooked subbing out one of my GC’ers when I painstakingly (so I thought) got them off the field earlier in the week and that I’d absentmindedly put an E back on Zac Smith in the meantime, at the same time thinking “why did I take the ‘E’ off him??”
      My massive mistakes hit me with 1 minute to lockout. Bandaids all over the field… too late. Nooooo!!!!!! Note to rookie self: Take bye players off field early in the week and don’t mess around with Emergencies mid week, until trading on Friday!!

  • Hibberd was always going to play!! and what the hell are you doing with markovic in the first place there was at least eight in front of him to pick no sympathy here mate you Fu_ked up!!! what did you end up scoring and you should already know what you dropped i would say in the thousands L

  • It happens to everyone at least once in the coaching career of a DT’er,

    You curse the week and learn from the lesson.

    If I know I’m going to be hard pressed to make lockout without looking at Friday’s teams I settle on what Thursday’s squad sheets offer.

    ie, the week before where I ended up going with Retzlaff over Puopolo because he was named on the ground and was sure not to be an emergency – avoiding the donut.

    It screwed my planning and I lost about 50pts but it beat risking a donut. I also dropped back from 237th to 351st in the rankings which the extra 50pts would have proven handy for,

    But in the end, you’ve just gotta remind yourself (as hard as it may be sometimes) that there’s bigger things in life, like working and earning a living, than DT…

  • Also, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”?

    Surely, Lily Allen’s song “F#ck You!” would be more fitting… :-P

  • What is a ‘foul swoop’? Is that like when the trainers rushed to change Foley’s undergarments in round 1?

  • And that is why I always trade straight after lockout finishes on a Sunday night ;)

    • not a good practice to get into i wouldn’t think

      • I remember a comment last year “you are better off to trade early in case there is an emergency early lockout” made me wet myself a little :)

      • ah, sorry ‘UmpiresRFu_ked!!’, I couldn’t find that darn sarcasm font to make it obvious to you of my intent, the wink obviously wasn’t a big enough clue…

        • yeah i actually noticed that after i posted my reply, its funnier now lol

  • iPhones have the ability to scroll, so you are misinformed, or lack fingers. Judging by markovic in your team I would put money you have been misinformed.

  • Reminds me of a friday night last year heading into the G to watch a saints game, call the missus to log in and make one trade. A painful process explaining which buttons to click etc. Anyway, after 10 minutes the trade is done. Webberly upgraded for Fisher. Get home after the game, log in, and to my horror i dont see a 134 next to Fisher, it was a doughnut. WTF? Oh dear, i have managed to not explain clearly enough and brought in Leigh Fisher…..

    • bahahaha…classic mate!!!

    • Haha, I did the same thing. Couldn’t even blame the missus! Luckily it was only Finals DT a couple of years ago which doesn’t matter.

  • Glad I played Warren this week who was first and I gave him a nice little beat down :)

  • On the iPhone’s browser, I don’t get the scroll bar on the Trade page on the DT website, so I use this link instead…

    Not sure how long the VirtualSports guys will keep this WAP site up, but it still works, and you can make team changes (trades, capt/VC, emgs, etc) just fine on an iPhone/smartphone browser. Only warning is that you might have to exercise some patience scrolling through the list of players when you go to trade someone in.

    Better option than getting your missus to do your trades over the phone anyway… :-)

    • Wow, this worked from my work PC.

      Because of ‘internet security’ my work PC doesn’t show the Dreamteam website properly (only a white screen with text and no icons), so I am unable to do anything late doors. The time difference from London to Oz used to be perfect as I could get to work Friday morning and it would be just before kick-off.

      One thing however that doesn’t seem to work though is subbing players who are dpp. For example it doesn’t recognise I can trade Gibbs (who is a midfielder in my team atm) to Hibberd (who is in my defence).

      Oh well it is something at least.

  • Screwed!!! FMDT with Sandi out for a month!!!!!

  • FMDT shit shit shit. Traded in Mzungu and the dude sits on bench 3 qtrs b4 being subbed in 4th quarter. Better yet friday before lockout thought i’d have a few bevis and checksome player stats ect… somehow accidently Mzungu ended up as my non-preferred frickin captain for round 9. Lockout hits and i see what happened-OMG WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my r9 effort screwed. Better yet Sandi gets injured, freshly traded in Rockliff (two trades wasted 10 left) average 114 only scores 59 before being sidelined with injury. Mcevoy is not named to play and a heap of my big names have a shocker of a round namely Mitchell and Shaw. Cheers guys!!!! Oh and it didn’t stop there. Bloody Higgins!!!. Subbed of against the Eagles to score only 29- SHIT!!!! Ur getting the axe for sure this week Higgo. Finally damn Lower who i was just about to cashin on sat on my bench and pulls a frickin 119 for the round. WTF do i do with him now? To top it off my opponent ended up scoring around 2350 to rub salt into my wounds. F-ck I HATE ROUND 9 and Shaun Higgins.

  • Had to rush my trades Friday night too. I knew the instant I traded Lower out instead of Luke Thompson that it was a mistake… The results proved it and ive felt sick every time I think about it

  • I was annoyed when I traded lower (119) for puopolo (53) to give me enough cash to trade curnow for mundy (86) who was averaging over 110

    • Mundy is a good trade but i know what you mean. I did the same except i think Lower is a keeper and trade out Thomo, his cash has dried up.

  • I stuck with higgins. BIG mistake! Now do i just hope he plays or trade to anyone i want. Already have Rvolt, Buddy, Goodes, Higgins, Yarran, Darling, Tappy(hammy), Matera, Mckernan and Krakouer.

    Was thinking Tappy to Lynch and then i have no idea. Could upgrade my backs with Duigan and Heppell to trade out.

    One small problem i have though! Only 11 trades left. A good thing is I only have Gibbs, Duigan, Heppell, Judd and Yarran as players out in the finals. No Geelong or North players except Damn Pedersen(all those injuries and can’t get a game still). If Judd;s foot is bad he is gone too.

    Injuries have killed me – Connor, Suban(the week he did it), Coad, Grimes, Curnow.

    Best upgrade Backs Vs Forwards???

  • A little tip i have to prevent issues with the scroll feature on iphone (or other phones), when trading players in is to add them to the “watchlist” during the week.
    Only player you are interested in will come up so saves you sorting through all players trying to find the one you want…….used it during EPL season and works a treat.

  • Re. iPhones

    You can actually scroll down in the players box! You just need to enlarge the area to make it easier then put 1 finger on the screen then use another finger to scroll up or down¡

  • Thanks for an enjoyable read Warren.

    Always appreciate reading an article from another ‘everyday’ DT Coach going through the trials and tribulations that the majority of DT Coaches experience.

    I just hope that other coaches are brave enough to share their experiences, have a thick enough skin to ignore the pathetic jibes from the minority of small minded posters on this site and Warnie, Roy and Calvin et al keep posting their stories.

  • Warren – feel your pain buddy – actually happened to me last Friday. Had been tossing up my trade options all week and was chatting on the DT live chat here on the site for last minute advice. I’d already downgraded Lower to Puopolo to free up cash for my upgrade of Harris to either Mundy or Rockliff. I needed to get a GC player off the field and replace him with a gun. Got interrupted by a nappy change (no, not mine!), got back, got distracted, next thing I check and there are seconds left, clicked trade on Harris, clicked on Mundy, got to the confirmation screen, clicked yes and bam, lockout!

    After kicking all manner of things for the next hour, I then went on to win 3 out of my 5 leagues and score 2241, but lost the other two leagues (important games against top 4 teams) by around 15 points each! Mundy’s 80-odd would have had me stress-free Sunday night and cruising home!

    To compound matters now, both Rockliff (injured) and Mundy had sub-par games and have made by choice for a mid upgrade this week even tougher! Lesson learnt though.