Trade Rules: Sideways Trades

I’m having my worst season of Dream Team ever and just had my worst score ever of 1,624. FMDT!!!

But things had started going horribly wrong from the first of Richmond vs Carlton and after two rounds I was ranked 40,786. It was at this point that I did something very foolish, I made two sideways trades.

I’d watched the players I was getting in, they were playing excellent football, and I’d watched the players I was getting rid of, they were struggling, but hindsight is now kicking me and telling me it was the wrong decision. There were definitely other trades I could have made that were better, but I went with the sideways trades. WRONG!

But as it happened, after two rounds I traded Robin Nahas for Chris Dawes and Andrew Swallow for Andrew Embley. Hasn’t exactly worked out.

  • Robin Nahas – 51, 62, 94, 26, 98, 138, 136 – average 86
  • Chris Dawes – 119, 112, 99, 86, 76, 54, bye – average 91
  • My Returns – 51, 62, 99, 86, 76, 54, bye – average 71


  • Andrew Swallow – 114, 77, bye, 118, 109, 68, 71 – average 92
  • Andrew Embley – 115, 155, 95, 105, bye, 81, 63 – average 102
  • My Returns – 114, 77, 95, 105, bye, 81, 63 – average 89

So two trades spent, in the most crucial round of trading, and they actually sent me backwards rather than forwards.

Following this discovery, I went the step further and did an analysis of my team and how it would have scored to date if I hadn’t made a single trade. I kept Pendlebury as Bartel as my consistent captains and picked the subs based on the information before the round and the result was amazing:

My actual score after round 7 : 13,079

My score if I had made zero trades : 13,219

I would have 140 more points if I hadn’t traded! And let me point out that I’ve traded out players like Broughton, Palmer, Everitt and Irons. I’d been blaming my poor starting selection for my poor season, but it looks like I have no idea how to trade either!

Hopefully you guys can use some of this for an article to put out there reminding people how bad sideways trades can be (and if not I’ve had my say and my friends wont try to beat me up for whinging again about how crap my dream team is going).


Tristan (Swamp Dragon)


  • I was lucky with my round 3 trades. I got rid of Green for Pavlich and Hibbered for Liberatore. This is only my first year of Dream Team, but I’ve already decided that mid priced players rarely work and even when they do it doesn’t gain you much, as you could have had a rookie going up by almost the same amout.

    • It’s the price you pay for job security and durability. If they turn into a good player (like Fyfe, or the like) then you can get way ahead of other coach and if they don’t work, then their price is not far away from an upgrade to a premium.

      • Yes, but they are very risky, and even when they come good, they can get you ahead early in the season, but the players who go for Guns N Rookies only will catch up later in the year. Especially as not many mid pricers end up coming good.

    • Mid-pricers like Yarran and Jurrah can be helpful as they just hold their value and score reasonable scores without setting the world on fire.

    • Statistics prove that 95% of mid range players are as useful as goat shit.

  • who should i get for grimes dont have any left over money either,

  • Interesting point. I did a downgrade/upgrade trade this week to change Green to Chapman, the week that he finds form again, the same thing happened after I got rid of Petrie (for Cox, so I don’t really mind).

  • I used those rounds to get on the good cash cows i had missed. And im glad i did it.
    Your example will be one so many people can relate to.
    But on the other hand there are people out there who have done sideways trades and have reaped the benefits so far.
    I reckon it’s 50 % educated guess work 50 % luck.

  • I would like to appologise to all Jed Adcock owners ahead of this round, for i have traded out Grimes for him this week.
    I am the jinx of all Dream Team selection….

    My pre round 1 team had Foley, M Morton, Everitt, Bruce and decided to choose J Selwood over Bartel because Bartel was knocked out in his last pre-season game (ironic i know)

    I think i ended Mitch Mortons career. I gave Foley the shits and in round 2 i think Everitt played a half of football with out scoring a point.

    I still have Selwood but the other 4 are long gone out of my team. Since then i have traded in Enright, Gram, Curnow and last week i traded in Chapman. Enright and Gram started the season off well but as soon as i have them in my team they go quiet and as for Chapman, i planned around trading him in last round and put the big C on him straight away only for him to get his lowest score since………..well, a long time!!!

    So Adcock owners be aware……I HAVE JUST TRADED HIM INTO MY SIDE!!!!

  • I am thinking of Drummond or Pratt for Grimes?? any suggestions.

    every one is jumping on Adcock and he is getting to privcey but is worth it though. someone different would be good.
    I reckon Adcock’s scoring may dry up now that Drummond is back in the side as that running half back flanker…

  • My three mid-pricers this year were Everitt (downgraded to B.Smith), L.Anthony (downgraded to Curnow) and Knights (needs to smash out 100 against GCS or he’s on the chopping board). Mid-pricers are definitely not worthwhile based on hype – only going to pick them if they are proven DT scorers and received injury discounts.

  • Everyone seems to be overlooking Carrazzo. He’s averaging over 90 so far guys!

    • He’s got the bye this week so no one is going to trade him in.

    • You obviously didn’t have him last year, started the same and 2nd half of year was shit!!!!
      Also the bye this week is big factor, hardly going to trade him in this week if he’s not playing.

    • His scores will also fluctuate depending on his assignment – loose head-to-head or tight tagging.

  • During the multi bye round including Geelong I was facing three zeros.Traded Steve Johnson to Colin Sylvia and Mitch Duncan to Chris Dawes (didn’t realise the bye was this week otherwise I would have got Brennan and the 136 points this week would have been nice). Last round Higgins to Chapman. These trades have worked out so far and have pulled me back into the top 2000.

  • starting off with dangerfield, hurley, foley, palmer had cost me big this year i need a big trade to save my team. is A. Swallow for selwod or chappy a bad one? or curnow for mzungu when he gets back?

  • I was happy with my trades Hodge out for rischetelli and hale out for goldstein

  • I am thinking that J. Frawley may take on Grimes’ free man in defence role so maybe a possible trade at 273K?? What others think??

    • Give it another week?

    • Not a bad idea. I like it, especially as he has only been chosen by 1.6% of teams.

      Also, take a look at Xavier Ellis…apart from one bad game (not sure if he got injured) he’s performing quite well.

    • That is my trade for Grimes and I aint waiting a week, I need to use next week for my GC players.

  • Anyone know the status on Robbie Tarrant?