The Game Plan (DT Style): Round 7

Upgrade/Downgrade Options

Many of our cash cows will start to hit their ceiling price in the coming weeks and this is where we need to downgrade them to an up and coming player with only 2 games under his belt. Here are some names to think about

Michael Hibberd (ESS, $92,500) – Popular DT player over the pre season finally made a debut for the bombers last week against the Suns. Scored 48 to half time, and then only scored 20 in the second half to get a score of 68. Job security isn’t high but should get enough games out of him to make a bit of cash. Being a DPP makes him more the worthwhile.

Duigan (CARL, $217,500, BE/76) à Hibberd (92,500) = $125,000

Or wait a week

Liberatore (WB, $228,300, BE/38) à  Hibberd (92,500) = Upwards of 157,000

With a BE of 76, Nick Duigan needs to go and Hibberd is the man to look for.

Matthew Wright (ADEL, $92,500)- Wright played a terrific game for the Crows across half forward last week in the big win over the Saints, scoring a solid 60 points. This was his second game after a sub affected 27 against Carlton. Neil Craig seems keen on the youngster so job security should be safe for at least a few more weeks.

Pittard (PTA, $226,500, BE/51) à Wright ($92,500) = $134,000

Gysberts (MELB, $215,500 BE/76) à Wright ($92,500) = $123,000

For the sad and sorry people who fell into the Gysberts trap again, get rid of him for either Wright or Hibberd. Possibly wait on the Pittard trade until next week for Hibberd.

Keiran Harper (NM, $92,500) – Harper made is debut for the Kangas in replacement for out of favour DTer Cam Richardson got the flick. Scoring 61 in a flogging of Port Adelaide doesn’t really tell us much but he looks good nonetheless.

J O’Brien (BL, $212,000 BE/62) à Harper (92,500) = $119,500

Richardson (NM, 136,700, BE/42) à Harper (92,500) = $44,200

Cam Richardson’s job security is an issue after some terrible performances for the Roos, Harper will most likely be his direct replacement and this means you should get rid of Richo now. It’s only 40 odd thousand but it will become a much larger long term gain. O’Brien will struggle to stay above 62 this week, hedge your bets and go with Harper.

Mitch Wallis (WB, $92,500) – Wallis produced a nice score of 70 against the Pies on Sunday after a sub affected 10 in his debut. His first price rise won’t be huge so you could possibly wait one more week to get him in.

Gysberts (MELB, $215,500 BE/76) à Wallis (92,500) = 134,000

Or wait a week

Liberatore (WB, $228,300, BE/38) à  Wallis (92,500) = Upwards of 157,000

Would go with the Libba to Wallis trade next week as Wallis’ price won’t go up very much this week

This week I would be getting rid of Duigan for Hibberd, then next week trading Libba for Wallis.

Get Him IN!

Dustin Martin (RICH, 390,300, BE/58, AVG: 104) – Has the highest average of any Tiger with 104, including an average of 117 in his past 4. The man is a freak in not only Dream Team but football. Expect more of this form for the rest of the year so get him in before his price goes up too much!

Paul Chapman (GEEL, $455,500, BE/121, AVG: 113) – Many didn’t get Chappy from the get go due to injury and an interrupted pre season, but hasn’t he hit his stride lately, averaging 117 in his past 4. So now is the time to get him in!

David Mundy (FREM, $421,100, BE/111, AVG: 114) – Mundy has killed in Dream Team this year with an average of 114 which ranks him eighth in the league for average points. Definitely an upgrade target you should be looking at with scores of 120, 112 and117 in his last three.

Get Him OUT!


Brad Green (MELB, $328,800, BE/129, AVG: 70) – Green seems to be on the slide not only as a player but as a Dream Teamer, has dropped 29 points off his average from last year and this form will likely continue. Can’t see him get anywhere near his BE of 129, so give Green the flick and upgrade to Chapman!

Greg Broughton (FREM, $310,800, BE/142, AVG: 63) – If you haven’t already got rid of him, then here’s a reminder. Get rid of Broughton! He has frustrated many DT coaches this year with a price drop of $80,000 and average of 63 to go with it. Many coaches placed faith in the only Greg in the AFL but he has and never will repay this faith. GET HIM OUT!

 The Ins and Outs


In: Danyle Pearce, Travis Boak, Daniel Stewart, Jay Schulz, Simon Phillips
Out: Chad Cornes, Jacob Surjan, Matt Thomas (Back), Mitchell Banner, Cameron O’Shea (Shoulder)

What this means for your team? Boak back in will excite some coaches and no sign of Ben Jacobs, apparently he is carving it up in the SANFL and will hopefully get a game in the near future. Keep an eye on him!


In: Brendan Whitecross, Isaac Smith, Paul Puopolo
Out: Cyril Rioli (Hamstring), Matt Suckling (Knee), Cameron Bruce (Knee)

What this means for your team? Out go two popular pre season picks in Rioli and Bruce due to injury and out goes DT surprise packet Suckling. All three changes will hurt many teams and more importantly will hurt Hawthorn themselves. On the other some very big ins that will give us more downgrade options in the coming weeks. Puopolo and Smith were popular cash cow picks pre season and have finally come through this week and are ones to keep an eye on.


In: Daniel Giansiracusa, Brennan Stack, Ben Hudson, Zephaniah Skinner
Out: Dylan Addison, Brian Lake, Jordan Roughead, Thomas Liberatore (Soreness)

What this means for your team? Libba goes out and this will affect many teams plans for the son of a gun who has torn it apart early. Libba potentially only had one or two weeks left in him before hitting his ceiling. Don’t worry he’s only being rested, so hold onto him. Lake goes out, no biggie due to poor early form and Zeph Skinner comes in, watch him could be a unique pick up in a couple of weeks


In: Heath Grundy, Nathan Gordon, Alex Johnson
Out: Paul Bevan, Kieren Jack (Ankle), Jesse White

What this means for your team? Finally Alex Johnson gets a run after being emergency for a number of weeks; the Swans have huge wraps on him so keep an eye out for him. Jack is sidelined for up to 6 weeks for an ankle and could hurt some brave teams who took the risk on the youngster


In: Josh Hunt, Cameron Mooney
Out: Cameron Ling (Hamstring), Taylor Hunt (Knee)

What this means for your team? Not much at all, unless you have an auto fill Geelong team


No Change. Although Pedersen is named emergency!


In: Daniel Jackson
Out: Shane Tuck (Soreness)

What this means for your team? Not much really although some teams may have taken a punt on Jackson but as for Shane Tuck, let’s just not go there.


In: Clancee Pearce, Greg Broughton
Out: Ryan Crowley, Jesse Crichton

What this means for your team? Broughton returns but as I have said you should probably give him the flick although he could be asked to play a more attacking role due to injury of Suban, trust your judgment on that one.


In: Nathan Krakouer, Joseph Daye, Sam Day, Nathan Bock, Tom Lynch, Daniel Gorringe
Out: Luke Russell, Josh Fraser (Back), Charlie Dixon (Calf), Harley Bennell, Steven May, Seb Tape (Rested)

What this means for your team? Wow! 6 changes for the new boys. Out goes Russell, Fraser, Dixon, Bennell and Tape that are DT relevant. Most teams should have back up for these players so hold them, they will get plenty more opportunities! Still no Prestia, what’s happened to him? McKenna’s not making many friends in the DT world. As for the Ins not much to worry about there


In: Josh Drummond, Bryce Retzlaff
Out: Broc McCauley, Jared Polec

What this means for your team? Many teams would of brought in rookie McCauley last week and will be gutted to find out he won’t experience a price rise this week. Retzlaff is a promising youngster who comes in and could become a handy downgrade target and will get plenty of the ball going forward.


In: Dustin Fletcher, Alwyn Davey, David Myers

What this means for your team? Not although there are concerns for Michael Hibberd as he is named last on an extended bench. Make sure you check the final teams before making a decision


In: Will Schofield, Thomas Swift, Gerrick Weedon, Ashton Hams
Out: Andrew Gaff

What this means for your team? Gaff makes his way out for exciting youngster Gerrick Weedon who has been impressive in the WAFL. Watch out for him as a potential downgrade option.


In: Matthew Bate, Michael Newton, Matthew Warnock, Ricky Petterd, Addam Maric, Neville Jetta, Joel Macdonald
Out: Jared Rivers (Ankle), Cale Morton, Stefan Martin, Jamie Bennell

What this means for your team? Not much although if you persisted with Petterd then you will hopefully be rewarded


In: Ivan Maric, James Sellar, Jared Petrenko, Rory Sloane, Christopher Schmidt, Jack Gunston
Out: Brodie Martin, Phil Davis (Shoulder), Richard Tambling (Suspension)

What this means for your team? Phil Davis once again out, if you have him give him the boot.


In: Raphael Clarke, Justin Koschitzke, Brett Peake, Nicholas Winmar, Arryn Siposs, Ryan Gamble
Out: Alistair Smith, Zac Dawson (Suspension), Will Johnson (Concussion)

What this means for your team? Not much but two potential downgrade options come in Siposs and Winmar. Watch them


In: Christopher Yarran, Lachlan Henderson, Matthew Watson

What this means for your team? Yarran returns and for those that showed some faith you will hopefully be rewarded.

Final Word

Hopefully we can all return well into the 2000s this week with some big efforts from our premiums to cover the Collingwood bye. Should all be looking at a downgrade/upgrade trade this week, hopefully you make the right decision with Captain etc. Good Luck!


  • Traded Duigan to Puopolo then Suckling to Adcock. Will get Suckling back in by trading maybe a straight swap Danny Stanley if he’s right.

    • Is Suckling really worth another trade to get back in? You should only be doing those kind of trades for players like Swan or Boyd etc. if at all.

      • He’s cheap still and killin it, just hope he gets back to where he was after his injury. I want Adcock so there was my chance. Then Stanley will rise a few more times and will pretty much be a straight swap back to Suckling and my Defence will be complete.

  • Is there a loophole or are people cheating to try and win the Eliminator? The person I’m up against is ranked 250,250 and I can’t see their line-up. What’s the go?

    • Seems strange. What’s their team name? Have you tried searching for them in the rankings pages, could be an eliminator glitch?

      I thought teams had to be completed before round one to be eligible, but maybe not. I suppose if there is a loophole, this team could have registered early in order to qualify for eliminator, but not picked a team yet. Shouldn’t be allowed IMO.

      Let us know after lockout if a team appears.

      • Will do. Their team name is swanee1 searched it and still couldn’t see their line up. Will see what happens after lockout.

    • I can’t see my opponents team either.

      Maybe you can’t until lockout?

      • My opponent has Barlow in the midfield.
        I think Im safe to go through to the next round!

      • You should be able to see your opponents team.

        At first there was a problem viewing teams using IE. I used Firefox and worked fine. That problem has now been resolved, (for me anyway) and IE should work fine.

        There are teams with no players selected, so you may have just got lucky drawing them, or…there’s something dodgy going on. You won’t know until after lockout.

  • hmmmmmmm J. Selwood or Watson to combine with Swan, Pendels, Boyd and Bartel in the coming weeks?

    • Same Mid & can’t wait til next week.

      Went for Selwood as higher kick & tackle ave plus Jobby has a bye in 3 weeks

  • ffs… $2.5k on bringing in Chapman for Richardson… FMDT! Only way I could get him in is a downgrade from Duigan to Puopolo, Thompson or Pederson, but one past the bubble and the other ones haven’t reached it yet.

  • HIBBERD – Emerg
    PEDERSEN – Half Forward

  • Another downgrade possibility:

    Gerrick Weedon (NEW) FWD

  • Bartel or Chapman for captain!!??

  • Hibberd out.. How many itchy trigger fingers went early and traded him in for Duigan before final teams. Ouch if it was you..

    • 1300 teams did Duigan to Hibberd haha. Not to mention all the people that did Otten to Hibberd or even Broughton. He’s been the 4th most traded in player this week haha.

  • Pondering my next two upgrades: tough decision between Enright + Watson vs Scotland + Selwood

  • The team I am playing in the eliminator has one Brendan Fevola!

  • Is anyone trading N Reiwoldt out?

    • Nup – 1 more week.

      If he fails this week its a straight swap to Cousin Larry.

      I mean Jack.

  • Harris to Dal Santo…Good move?
    He’ll be my semi-unique keeper, jumping off Harris a fortnight too early I know but big league match up this week

    • Harris is one of my best mids and with a breakeven of 12, theres still a bit of $$ to be made on him. It depends if u can afford to drop a half done cash cow in exchange for a league win

      • Breakevens of keepers are irrelevant once you get them in.

        • Exactly. Do I write off the 50k I miss out on, for a keeper with a proven record who is hopefully at his lowest point

          • Exactly, there is too much talk of ceilings and BE’s on this site now that its become more popular with what seems like not many people having playing DT before.

            I know of someone who upgraded McEvoy to Sandi this week. Sandi had dropped a bit, Mac had risen a bit. Both probably had further to drop or rise, but if you wait until Mac hit his ‘ceiling’ then Sandi might have also risen back to his start price. Its all about timing and not necessarily about BE’s and ceilings.

            Look at Duigan, he has a BE of what, 70odd. BUT its important to remember that is not his BE for his entire season, if he pumps out a 100 in his next two games, it’ll drop and his price will rise further, a lot of people still don’t quite get the rolling average. If there isn’t a suitable trade down target, then i’m not going to pull the trigger on him for the sake of it because he has had a couple of sub par weeks over the past 3.

            In a few weeks time I’ll probably go Shiels to Joey, even though Shiels may have further to climb in price (last nights big score may confuse that idea though), you don’t HAVE to wait until he has ‘maxed’ out to upgrade to a premium player who has had a bad month. Anyway, there is my two cents….

  • Hibberd out. Not a good sign for your article

  • There were about 200 of them on here yesterday going on about how you need to take calculated risks to win at DT…..they couldn’t be told to wait until he was selected and on the bubble.


  • Does Hibbard out make Swallow to Iles a better trade? I was planning on waiting a week and getting Hibbard on the bubble, but now that he’s at LEAST 2 weeks away, I’m tempted to trade someone in.

    20 trades left.

  • Just checked my eliminator. Versing a Guy who is ranked 255,000

    He hasnt made a team yet as of last week…. Hoping he doesnt sneak one in now just in order to win Eliminator… :O