Get Off The Bench: Round 6

So we finally get to the last of these Multi Bye weeks for a while and thank god for that!  I must say that the bye is really giving us DT coaches the sh*ts as it means we have to put some of our chumps on the ground who we really only drafted to make us some quick cash!  So this week firstly check that you have all of your Fremantle, Hawthorn and Geelong players onto the bench and see what choices you have left.

We are now seeing some of our more favoured fringe players now start to get rested with “General Soreness” so we are starting to have to scrape the barrel a bit more in terms of who we are going to put out on the park.  We are also now starting to look at downgrade targets so make sure you are checking Chook’s Rooks to see who you should be picking up but then the hard part comes in weeks like this in terms of who do you really trust to get you a score.  As has been widely commented on at this website over the last few days we were really let down by some of our guys this week in terms of C Rich, Jesse O’Brien, Jayden Pitt and Rohan Bewick. So some weeks it just isn’t going to happen, then throw in the uncertainty of the vests and all hell breaks loose.  So lets just have a look at what we have to work with this week!


We seem to have an abundance of defenders at the moment who are in this fringe category to choose from so you should be able to find some value here.  The most obvious guy is Dyson Heppell he has been on fire lately and should return a fantastic score against the Gold Coast and continue his march to the Rising Star.  I would expect a nice ton out of him if he doesn’t suffer with a vest, also check the team on Friday night as he may be out, rumors are around that he may be rested this week and he is on the extended bench.  His buddy Michael Hibberd finally makes his appearance this week.  I am not going to include him in my ratings since we don’t know how he will go with the big boys, but Roy thinks we should get him on the park, so if you have him and are feeling lucky, put him out there and see what happens.    Nick Duigan is another guy that has continued to deliver for us, but did struggle with a 53 last week against Adelaide.  I am a little concerned with him this week given he is playing the Swans at the SCG and a lot of visiting teams to the SCG can struggle for points particularly on their first visit.  DT Talk’s Brodie Smith has been a star over the last 3 weeks and I see no reason why he will stop this run, they are playing the Saints at home and I expect that given the Saints poor form of late he should be ok to run and collect stats.  Teammate Luke Thompson has also been ok in his first two outings with a 45 and a 59 and for the 2,956 of you that have him, he wouldn’t be the worst to play this week.

Brisbane ‘s Jesse O’Brien was one that I expected big things of last week but he didn’t perform only racking up 48 pts in the Lions narrow loss.  This week they have the Tigers in Melbourne and I am unsure of what he will do given he seemed to play well last time he was at the MCG against the Dees where he had 78.  Play him but with caution.  Andy Otten is another that has disappointed of late, he had a breakthrough the other week with an 87 against the Power but then dropped back to the 50’s last week.  However, the clown has gone and gotten himself dropped!   Stefan Martin from the Dees has put in a good run of late with an average of 73 and he has avoided any vest action too which makes him a good bet to get it now!

Cameron O’Shea from Port Adelaide has been putting together a tidy run of scores with 70 in each of his last two outings, he has started to step up and win his own ball of late and I can’t see him getting dropped in a hurry either as there aren’t a great deal of options at Alberton currently.  Once again though he could be a victim of the Green Vest this week as he is yet to wear one in his first 5 outings.

The Gold Coast go to Etihad to play the Bombers this week and trying to pick the form of their youngsters is a bit like trying to pick a winner at the dishlickers, just pick one and hope like hell they know what they are doing!  Danny Stanley was the backline standout for the Suns last week with his 75 with all of the other guys doing stuff all.  Toy and Tape both scored a 37 and K Hunt got himself a 26 (to give him an average now of 27).  So there isn’t really a form line to go on here apart from playing the more experienced Stanley.


The mids are certainly an area where we see a hell of a lot more vest action than any other with these fringe guys, particularly because of their more versatile nature.  The Coaches have worked out that a ruckman isn’t the way to go for a starting sub (Mark Seaby…  what was Longmire thinking) but it is a smaller running guy that can have an immediate impact on a game.

Jared Polec has had himself a nice a nice 83 and 67 so far and this kid is a gun in the making, I would play this guy with some confidence, now that he is in the side I can’t see him dropping out in a hurry.  Ed Curnow is dominating still and this guy is the new Barlow for mine, I haven’t seen any weaknesses in his game.  He is in and under and is getting his own ball at stoppages and is all over the ground.  Play this guy each and every week at the moment.  The other gun Dyson Heppell we spoke about above.

One of the surprises for me has been Stewart Crameri this guy has been smashing out some scores over the last few weeks and doesn’t really look like slowing down, so get this guy on the park if you have him, particularly against the Suns.  Speaking of the Suns, I saw them last week (although I would rather forget the game) and I was impressed with what I saw of some of them.  Harley Bennell played a tidy game and is averaging 70 currently so he is a reasonable choice.  But the two guns in their side are a must on the field this week are David Swallow and Dan Harris.  Swallow has really started to show some of the promise  that we all knew he had in him, his 80’s over the last two weeks have shown us this.  Harris have been no slouch eaither with 60’s over the last few weeks too.  Another guy that has done well from the Suns is Trent McKenzie who has an 82 and a 76 to his name, so if you have him I would put him out there if you need to.  To answer the question I got from @adamwaringrider on Twitter this week I would go with Swallow over Harris this week as I think he is really starting to dominate the middle with GAJ for the Suns.

Shaun Atley has lifted by scoring two 60’s now after two 40’s, I am still not sure about this guy so if you have a better option I would play them instead.  He is playing against Jasper Pittard who has scored 77, 87 and 79 so far, so he is another decent choice.  Libba is another that is doing well and I wouldn’t hesitate to play after his 82 last week bringing his average to 86.  His teamate Mitch Wallis only scored 10 after wearing Warnie’s green vest for 3 quarters last week.  I think we can’t judge him on this score, I would like to see a full game out of this guy first though before putting him on the park.  Just beware though as I reckon Libba is due for a vest or a rest, so be careful.  Lastly, Reece Conca has started to come into a bit of form, but he is still a little incosistent for mine.


After listening to DT Talk Live whilst putting this together tonight I hear that a lot of people are looking to go to Shaun McKernan for C Rich and I don’t mind that one, I think this kid has some potential and has a couple of 58’s to his name, but I think that he will score a lot better when either Taylor Walker or Kurt Tippett aren’t in the team and he can be the main target up forward.  Jesse O’Brien has been mentioned up above and I am a little concerned about this guy after last weeks performance.

The Suns have a couple of options here for us are Charlie Dixon who is starting to look ok, he had a 65 last week and is hitting some form I reckon, but if you have a better option use it, and speaking of better options, there is Brandon Matera.  Last week’s Rising Star nominee scored a nice 84 and is on fire!  I like his play and I think he is only going to get better.

An interesting one is Brennan Stack from the Doggies, he has had 47, 48 and 69 to go along with a sub affected 20.  I don’t know if too many people have him, but I don’t know that I would trust him, but hey, if he is all you have then go for it.

In last nights game I would have gone for Jack Darling over Luke Tapscott as I think JD is only on the way up and LT is starting to wane a bit.

So the stocks are a little thin in the forward line this week, so hopefully you have enough guys to play.

Here are my picks for the week


  1. Heppell (if he plays)
  2. Brodie Smith
  3. Duigan
  4. Stanley
  5. Jesse O’Brien
  6. O’Shea
  7. Toy


  1. Curnow (every day of the week!)
  2. Heppell (see above)
  3. Crameri
  4. Swallow
  5. Polec
  6. Harris
  7. Libba
  8. Pittard


  1. Darling
  2. Matera
  3. Tapscott
  4. Jesse O’Brien
  5. McKernan

Thankfully next week we will have a full compliment of players to pick from which will mean these decisions are a lot easier!  You will note that I haven’t included A Krak in the analysis this week, that is basically because I don’t think he will play and if he does he will be the sub, so play him if you have to, but I would avoid it at all costs.

Hit me up on Twitter @pkd73 for any questions and matchups you want me to look at in this article next week.


  • With so many players being rested, ie Shaun Higgins, this will be my first week with a donut, and I’ll probably have 2 of them. I’m resisting the urge to trade as the players I want are having byes anyway, this round is a disaster before it even starts.

    • +1… I’ll be flat out fielding a side of 20 let alone 22 plus emergencies!

      • That was the problem I had last week. I have a full side this week …. just

        • Same. I gunned it in the first MBR, sucked hard in the second and will bounce back hard in the third. Need to make up some spots in the overall standings!

  • I would like to Welcome Jobe Watson to The Kings of Leon & bye bye Irons :)
    I look forward to his next four weeks against GC RICH BRIS & WCE.

    Swan Pendlebury Boyd Mitchell Watson Curnow : Libba Harris Atley


    • P.S A full team this week should steady the fort
      P.P.S One more round Until Chapman enters my & most forward line! Ahhh the dream how I love/hate you!

    • Did you end up grabbing Adcock as well, mate?

      • No Adock at the moment.
        Im keeping my faith in Bruce as a keeper which currently leaves me with 5 back keepers!
        Once Watson & Chapman are in the next two im only 4 players away from my full side!
        By then Lake should be a a good price & hopefully Adcock or Enright will be affordable too!

    • Why’d you decide to upgrade mids first?

    • brownlow man right there he will win it for sure

  • is it to early to upgrade shiels to j. watson, shiels has already made me 90k but i cant see him makinh me too much more?

  • With Fletcher in doubt do you think it will increase Heppell’s chances of playing?

    tkol – my whole salary cap combined couldn’t afford your mid field – well done.

    • I dont have Heppel but I definately would be guttered for his owners(not) if he was rested, its just unlucky!
      Against Gold Coast though you can see why they might potentially give him a spell and let him recharge for the Eagles next week!

    • Whilst they aren’t similar players, with Fletch out it does mean they need an extra player so it could be Hep, but I am not convinced he will play, it would be ideal to give him a rest this week against GC then play the next 3 before their bye.

  • Sorry guys but this is still my fave piece of Robert Walls material……….

    • Looks like he will have plenty of time now to make more with ten losing rights

  • Are people keeping Cox’s VC score?

    • I’m not, taking the punt on Swan or Pendles (probably Swan). My round is likely to be fked up anyway so I might as well. If he somehow pulls out a 150, the gamble will somewhat make up for the likely fwd donut (if Krak doesnt play).

      If he pulls out less than 120, then FMDT.

    • I’m keeping Cox. If some one pulls of a 130-160 (swan,pend,boyd etc.) it’s only worth another 10-40 points. Besides, knowing my luck the bloke I give captain to would get injured.

      • *off not of

      • I think you mean 20 -80 points as it will be doubled.

        • I think you only get what they beat him by.

          Work it out if Cox gets 120 and Swan 140.

          Cox (c) 240 + Swan 140 = 380

          Cox 120 + Swan (c) 280 = 400

          Swan scores 20 more points than Cox and you are also only 20pts better off for having him captain over Cox.

          • Yer u make sense, little gain even if Swan hits 140…fk that, I’ll keep Cox’s score. Still hope Swannie gets 140 though :-)

        • This old chestnut again? Love it!

  • So whats everyones par score this week, im looking at 2000 with a bit of luck :)?

  • Hmmmmmm coxies 242 as captain take or ditch for swanny whats peoples thoughts

    • tough one considering Pendles 322 / Swann is never quiet two in a row – worst case would be you would break even, perhaps a Esso midfielder – Watson / Stanton might kill the pig

    • i think i might take it

    • Going with Swan, Boyd or Pendles, though probably Swan. Cox’s score is tempting, but I need all the help I can get this week. My sub 1000 score Saturday night could still look awesome come Sunday night if I put the big C on someone for the final game :)

    • If i didnt have Watson playing Gold Coast id take it. I really dont think im taking a big risk going with Watson, He’d almost have to be playing on a broken leg not to get over 100, so my risk is small. If he fires he could blast out 150 odd and then i’d be kicking myself for taking Cox. Also late exclusions are scaring me so my emergencies are crucial this week.

  • Trade thoughts:

    This week

    Richardson – JReidwolt
    Hale – Mccauley (back up)

    Next week

    Duigan – Pedersen / Hibberd
    Krakour – Selwood (cat)

    • I’m strongly thinking of the same trades this week – depends a bit on krak

      with the bye next week he definitely won’t play, so if you’re already going to trade him next week, wait until teams are out tonight and if he’s out trade him instead of richo.

      At least richo is a possibility of playing next week

      • I can see richo playing in the reserves for the next 2-3 weeks and only holding on to krak for another week so the gap b/w him and selwood can reduce, Cash gain in dropping Hale.

    • My thoughts are still to hold your trades….

  • Dogs are weak as piss – Higgins had half his possessions in the last qtr – soreness BS
    Hall 5 possessions – obviously spent to much time at Cottesloe or Margaret River

    The Dogs will be embarrased and disgraced whent hey play the pies – playing the best can only make you the best when you play your best team

  • I think I might take it to hey does anyone know hibberts vfl dreamteam scores tossing up starting him or not

  • I really like the look of HIbberd, should i start him ahead of Harris?
    or too risky?

  • hmmm risk matera’s score or use the emg loophole to take tappy’s 61

  • Yeah I picked swan after I had goddards 120 and it coated me to break the 2100 barrier last week

  • Just traded Otten for Adcock.

    If Stanley and Harris play (currently on extended bench) I will have a full 22.

    Taking Cox as VC (121 is good – got burnt last week with the Goddard/Swan gamble)

    hope to crack 2000 this week.

  • Do you guys think trading Yarran out for J. Riewoldt is a good trade ?

  • Who do you guys reckon will be a better trade up target between Mitchell and Watson???? same diff????

  • Nice write up….but little need for it this round :P If you got 2 arms and 2 legs you’re playing this week!

  • Should I get rid of krakouer or richardson

  • Soooo People

    do we use the loop hole for COX ? 121 ?

    or just put the C on Swan?

    • I think for anyone asking is Coxys 121 worth enough, it depends on who your regular captain is. If you have swan id give him the (C) cause his past three have been 121, 141 and 128 (AVG 130) his lowest being the same as what coxy scored. Watson should rip it up against gold coast and is worth a punt, Montagnas past three vs adelaide are 127,112 and 151 (AVG 130) and pendles past three vs Bulldogs are 99,82,138 (AVG 106) id stick with coxy over pendles here, even though pendles is better than his previous numbers.

  • This may sound a bit left field. But with Collingwood having two close byes in 7 and 13… I’m thinking of dropping Swan next week and upgrading 2 players and then when my rooks increase bring back Swan after his second bye…. A cunning plan ?

    • no.

      • +2

        WHAT TRADE SWAN O U T !!!

        Duh! Paper or plastic? Hellooo? You have any idea what plastic bags do to the environment? o_O

        AAAAAAAAGHHH!! SWAN! That’s the greatest weapon on the face of the DT planet — Trade Swan!
        Just imagine getting nailed by some of these Teams with Swan as the BIG C! Oh the humanity!

    • I think its an interesting tactic. Having 500k on the bench isn’t going to help at all, so you could easily make up some points over those rounds. If you can spare the trades and feel like taking a risk then go for it. Its unlikely he’ll go up much in price, and he might have string of bad games and you pick him up cheaper.

    • . There are plenty of Millionaires who were laughed at when they shared their wacky idea’s of chasing the prize.
      Basically what you need to think about is how much lower is your replacements score’s are going to be then Swanns, Then add the points you think you will gain from your upgrades. If it works out in the positive for you then go for it. Factor in his bye’s and thiers within that timeframe.

  • hey guys if i drop richo for harper to save the donut i’ll have 52k in the bank.

    also i have boak and he’s out this week and he’s going shocking (hes meant to be my fourth premium) so should i hold him or upgrade him with the 52k?

    the better players i can get with this money are….

    -jack redden
    -marc murphy
    -ryan griffen (then ill have grif and boyd)
    -andrew swallow

    • Id get rid of Boak, come seasons end hes not gonna be up there with the premium mids, id get either murphy, rockliff or rischitelli (as a unique)

      • cheers mate, which one would you get out of those 3?

        • Rocky, Murph has a bye during finals.

          • yeah thats the thing, rocky then albert lloyd? what are your thoughts on rocky and rischitelli?

        • If you have Curnow and see him as a keeper id leave murphy, murphy has a shit month coming up aswell, sydney, saints, Bye and geelong. Go with rockliff, he plays the tigers, gold coast, essendon and north melbourne over the next month, should improve that 106 average

          • what about rischitelli?

          • You could do worse than Rischitelli as a 6th mid, just depends on how the rest of your mids look. Provided hed be your only unique mid could be a good pick, dont want to go too much against who the majority will have if your thinking about overall. His next month he plays essendon, Brisbane, adelaide and has a Bye. but id still go rockliff over him

  • I’m probably over-thinking this week but i honestly can’t decide between playing Duigan and B. Smith as my 7th defender. Duigan plays tonight against the Swans compared to Smtih against the Crows. I think both players scoring will benefit from playing in loosing sides as they will see more of the ball however i am unsure as to who has the potential to rack-up more cheap marks across the half back line.

    I don’t want you guys to answer this question, as your opinions are just educated/not so educated guesses like mine, but instead, lets see your thoughts

    • Brodie Smith for sure this week , is only getting better …

    • Ill take a non educated guess and say, I thought Brodie Smith played for the Crows??

    • Firstly, I think B.Smith plays for the crows.

      Secondly, I like Smith because the swans are tight as it is, but especially at the SCG. Althought the Saints can be, who knows what game they are going to turn up with. I think Smith wins more of his own ball too….

    • * against the Saints.

  • Otten to Thompson(ADE)
    Richardson to Riewoldt(JACK)
    Save 2 donuts. Still got 1.
    Have 18 trades left if i do it but i don’t plan on trading in the the next month.
    Thoughts please.

    • Aiming for overall so i need to get a good score this week.

      • I dont think you planned on trading this week either by the sounds of it. Cover one donut if you have to, but trades are too valuable.

      • Do it. Alot of people will say save your trades for later. But really if you are going to save trades for emergencies later then whats the point if your just coping the 0 now??.
        This week the 0’s are actually going to happen no if’s but’s or maybe’s. Anything after this week is speculation and may never come to fruition.
        Basically you can hinder your chances now by dropping behind the pack, or you can keep in check and hope a bit of luck swings your way. Who’s to say you dont arrive in the final round with more trades then you can use anyway. Then you’ll be kicking yourself when your short of the prize by 100 points.
        You may suffer down the line you may not but you will deffinately suffer this week if you dont.

        • I’ll plays devils advocate.

          And what happens if you lose by 1000 points because you didnt have any trades for the last three rounds because you kept covering donuts all season?

          Stick to your plan. I dont think you planned on using 6 trades in the first 6 weeks. Do you think the eventual winner will have had a full 22 every week?

          I’m not sure there is a correct answer…….i’d cover one. The one with a worse JS. Prob Richo

          Good luck!

          • Like i said, thats all speculation the only thing that is deffinately going to happen , is him getting 3 0’s this week.
            Id rather die off at the death then be out for the count before i even get started.

          • i see your point oh wise one.

      • Ok guys, thank you both. I wont be able to get any work done today but come 5:30 hopefully i choose the better option.
        So gherkin, what you reckon going down Richardson to Harper? To risky?

        • If you plan on keeping Jack do it. Whats the points of saving your trades to keepers later in the year if your going for overall? If you play smart then you shouldn’t need heaps of trades at the end of the years and plus the keepers scores earlier will only help you at the start rather than the end.

  • Stanley before Toy ? He’s named on the extended bench… dodgy

    • Toy as emergency? Or do you actually have multiple people playing on the bench

  • Guys

    My structure is sh!thouse this week and I have got Krak and Buckley as emergencies in the midfield (and j O’Brien as my other E in the fwds) – all other bench players aren’t playing!!!

    What’s the story with 2 emergencies in one postion if they get called up?

    • the lower score between them will be the one that counts

    • The lower scoring players score will be used so you’ll just have to put one of the E’s on a player who isnt playing

    • Having 2 emergency’s in the one line is not smart at all. You are condemning yourself to the lowest score. At least if you pick one you will be 50/50 of getting the high score.

  • AFL_KatrinaGill Just to reassure @Adelaide_FC fans Andy Otten has injured the knee he had reconstructed in ’09 but it’s not major. Definitely NOT an ACL

    • Even more incentive to trade Otten this week…….

      • Yeah not looking good ay, it also says Andy Otten will see a specialist on Mon with Suspected bone bruising, how ever long it takes to recover from that…

    • If it’s short term it could be a positive actually. At least we know he was not just dropped from form as that would be a harder road back id say.

  • Boak not playing. Trade the guy out. Done nothing this season.

    • Who was asking about the Boak to Redden trade??. Atleast now you have your decision made easier.

  • Saw some twitter feeds that Dawes, Harry o and another c’wood player are doubts for the wb game. Anyone heard anymore.

  • Dr Dt live chat 2:30 WST or 4:30 EST Chuck it in the diary. Can’t wait to ask him about his recent ‘success’.

  • Whats the word on Rioli? and is he worth trading out if the injury is only minor?

  • For anyone with Krakouer still in their team in the mids…I just dpp subbed him with Fyfe so instead of him being an eyesore next to all those midfielders he looks right at home to the right of Matera and above Richardson.

  • Surely Heppel being named on the bench indicates he will probably be the sub?

  • Burned another 2 trades this week. Not exactly what I was planning, but it freed up some cash and gave me a full squad for this week, whilst setting me up alright for the coming weeks. Richo > Darling proved great, as he’s already risen 40k with what looks like more to come.

    Wasn’t really focussed on overall until a great score last week took me inside the top 500. Also the league I care about is pretty weak, so I should be able to win that without any serious strategy.

  • Is Krakour playing or not. Listed as interchange.


    John McCarthy
    Dayne Beams
    Simon Buckley.

    Noob apologies in advance. I am at work and too busy to research in detail.

  • This is the first time I have actually asked for any opinions. But I have a Dilly of a Pickle. I have just downgraded J O’Brien to Hibberd as I felt $200,000 was to much to be sitting as an Emergency in my defence and O’Brien looks to be going nowhere fast. I now have $160,000 in the kitty and was looking to upgrade Yarran, Knights or Robbie Gray to a super premium. However I have C Rich in the starting line-up due to Franklin and Pitt having the bye. I feel I want to do the upgrade and cop the donut, as upgrading C Rich will just get me another mid-priced player. My other option is to see how these three players go this week and keep the upgrade until next week, again coping the donut. Help is appreciated.

  • Got a few handy tips on for this round. I’m on 789 from 6 players so far!