DT TALK Live: Round 6

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  • Love your show guys. My team is trash this week… I am focussing on my League from here on in! No trades used yet but all the regular duds are in my team!

    • Im feeling sorry to hear you guys having some issues this week so i went hunting.
      Check out this forward line. This is for anyone who thinks they have problems, think again.
      Atleast your not this (Phd) guy.

      GOODES, Adam $399,200 1st Forward
      DARLING, Jack $180,100 2nd Forward 98
      PETRIE, Drew $244,400 3rd Forward
      MATERA, Brandon $153,500 4th Forward

      KRAKOUER, Andrew $171,000 Emergency
      FRANKLIN, Lance $400,800 Bye
      RIOLI, Cyril $354,600 Bye + injury
      HIGGINS, Shaun $374,800 General Soreness
      PRESTIA, Dion $162,100 General Sorness week 2
      RICHARDSON, Cameron $136,700 Dropped

      3 donuts + sandi/tippett jr in the ruck means Broc McC takes the field with ryder.
      Warndog did you find that remove team button from the Doc himself
      Hope this brings a smile to peoples faces.

  • hahah great vid guys

    krak or pitt>j riewoldt


  • Great episode fellas.

    Don’t worry about “not being up and about” – it just makes us all feel better that we are not the only ones hurting this week

    Good luck this week – we all need it

  • Looking at 3 krispy creme’s this week :(

    Couple of options;

    1. R.Tarrant (spud) > Hibberd & Richardson > Hale (gives me DPP ruck to swap Petrie into FWD’s)

    2. Vickery > McCauley & Richardson > J.Voldt

    Option 1 leaves me with 1 donut & Option 2 leaves me with 2 donut’s but a bargain keeper in J.Voldt

    Help please……

  • Gr8 info guys, now for Round 6 just got my hole team playing. I went for a durable sqaus before the season started. Yeeeeeessssssssss

  • Thats Sqaud LOL

  • How much megbites does the video use up?…I’m running low atm (Only need to survive til Sunday :P)

    • LOL do you have a set amount for a month and then it goes mega slow if you use it all up? I have to wait for the 14th and it looks like i wont get past the 5th of May. LOL. I cant load AFL website when it runs out which is sad.

  • why doesn’t Yarran have a green circle around him?????

    He is named in the back pocket

    • I was concerned with that too…. not sure whether they know something we dont…..

      No changes for Carlton but I assume they’ll be giving Yarran till the last minute to prove fitness

  • top show again fellas chin up warne dawg ive managed to claw my way back 10’000 places in the last two rnds it can be done! until then chief DRINK UP!!

  • F*CK!!!! I just realised I have the C on Grimes instead of the V!!! ARGGHHHHHH DAMN LOOPHOLE GREED
    Was gonna go Watson for C if Grimes no good, so I hope he plays Shite

  • Bit of advice from the guru’s please.

    3 issues;

    FWD – Broughton -> ? Already have Heppell, Duigan, Toy, Lower, Hibberd . ??????????????????
    I can go with out doing this week as I have cover.

    What I do need to sort out is;
    MID – Krakour is my key to keep the MID/FWD DPP alive. Is it too early to grab Mzungo? He’ll just be there for DPP purposes till he plays. Current rook mids are Curnow, Swallow, Harris, Libba.

    FWD – C Richardson -> Already have Darling, Matera, J Watts, Prestia, Fyfe.
    FWD line is where the 0 is pending.

    $30,800 in kitty.

    Thinking Broughton -> Adcock but thats about all I can come up with. My first 100% option black out. Please help DT genius’s.

    Anybody know anything about these ctr, fwds?
    Tendai MZUNGU, FRE
    Isaac SMITH, HAW
    Robbie HICKS, RIC
    Dylan MCNEIL,SYD

    • Don’t know if you’ll have the cash to do it but here’s what I did to avoid the donuts. Might help….

      1. Prestia to May – Don’t see him making a heap of cash but was named at CHB so you never know. Hopefully he can at least play three or four and make me a little bit of coin while I wait for Mzungu to come back.

      2. Richardson to Petrie – Was always thinking about The Dish as I have J.Tippett to switch and cover rucks down the track. Don’t expect him to smash out too many scores like last week (one or two would be nice though) but should be consistent enough to be my F7 come seasons end and have 100 times the faith in him compared JVoldt.

  • What do you think are the chances that Adam cooney will pick it back up?
    im considering starting Libbatore or harris over him this week.

    • Trade him instead if you’re going to do that. You dont field a rookie or a suns player over a premium you got specifically to score points.

  • Is 121 from Coxy enough to keep the captaincy over Boyd/Swan/Monty??

    • it’s enough for me.

    • A Cox in the hand is worth two in the bush

    • Wondering the same…normally I would say take the Cox, but given the horror round score I’m bound to make, I want to take a gamble on Swan or Pendles pulling out a 150+ to at least partly make up for a likely donut in the fwd line.

      Probably going to take the punt on Swan.

  • Don’t feel bad Warnie. If you need a pick me up check out Dr Dream Team’s forward line. Higgins, Franklin, Rioli, Krakouer, Richardson and Prestia. Still faces a donut even if he double trades!

    • i thought dr dt was a genius (*loads of sarcasm*) he double trade boyd & volt out rd 4 bought in someone and rioli i reckon

  • dont worry warnie. I copped a donut the same way you did. I used the loophole and thought my backs were safe. I placed the emergency in the forwards etc and didnt have one for the backs so broughton screwed me. Still pulled a 2091 but it could of been that much better. ah well.

  • late watching the show lads, but thats what happens on the other side of the world. nice work Mr so call premium in trying to get Warnie out of the depression. warnie cheer up, it couldnt be worse than missing the show last week.

    Anyone with an issue watching the communiqué transmission last week, it was some sort of software thingy that I managed to fix it by updating the adobe flasher and the java environmentalist, one of them fix the jobby.