Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6

Last Weeks Top Picks

Top 3 Vice Captains Options

#1 – Montagna = 126
#2 – Rockliff = 109
#3 – Goddard = 113

Top 5 Captain Options

#1 – Swan = 104
#2 – Bartel = 124
#3 – Pendlebury = 166
#4 – Boyd = 162
#5 – Selwood = 134

Ahhhhh yeah! So as you can see… I sorta know my stuff so this week, make sure you are listening. Actually, those numbers up there are pretty amazing and lets hope we can get some like that this week from our captains. Before we get stuck into that though, let’s have a look at how the Loop Hole™ works for those who are just joining us for the first time or for those who just screwed it up last week. It’s pretty simple so if you know it… skip on down.

The Loop Hole

Stage 1

STEP 1 – Select a VC from the Thursday game (Cox, Grimes, Sylvia…)
STEP 2 – Select a ‘Captain’ from any other game for the weekend (Swan, Boyd, Montagna…)
Note – you can not take a ‘C’ off anyone… roll with it and just give it to someone who isn’t playing on Thursday night.
Now sit back and wait for the Thursday night game to be completed…

You Like the VC Score

STEP 1 – Place a guy on your field who WILL NOT play this week (Bartel, Pavlich, Buddy…) and switch him to the ‘C’. This score will not count and then the VC score will.
STEP 2 – Make sure you still have an emergency selected to cover this ‘fake captain’.
The Risk – by using this ‘emergency’, means that you can not use another emergency in that position. So therefore, using your Rucks is a safer bet.

You Don’t Like the VC Score

STEP 1 – Go ahead as normal and select a ‘Captain’ to take over… Swan or someone else!

* The Loop Hole™ is a registered trademark of DT TALK as people need to invent their own shit and stop copying everything we do at our website. For sure, have your own site, just come up with your own shit!


The Cut Off Number

This changes each week remember. Last week my cut off number was 125 when Montagna had the VC which made me very nervous when he scored 126. But I stuck with it and went him till the end. Lucky call really. This week my cut off number is 130. “But what if he scores 129 Calvin?” Can’t you read bro? It’s 130!!.. unless I get real nervous. Nah it’s 130! Read on down to find out why…

Vice Captain Options

So the game is West Coast Vs Melbourne for those who don’t have a roster handy. So of course, Dean Cox will be the most selected dude this week. But why? Coxy didn’t miss a game last year and old blokes like me, enjoy the week off. He’ll be as fresh as a rookie out there this week! His lowest score against the Demons is just 93 in his last 3 games and had 96 on them last year. He is averaging 108 in his last 3 this year and should be too good this week. Jack Grimes is another one to look at. He has played the Eagles 3 times over his short career for scores of 112, 143 and 109. Pretty crazy really. Grimes would have got my #1 spot here, but his form is rather poor as he has only averaged 83 in his last 3 this year. As for Colin Sylvia… it’s a pass. His highest score is just 88 on the Eagles over his career of 7 games and is coming off a 48 Vs them last year. YUCK Col.

Bombing the Suns

Are you ready for this? So I hear that the Gold Coast Suns got a win? Whoop de do da! Jobe Watson and Brent Stanton will show them this week how things are done, Jobe especially. He jas been in smashing form this year averaging 115 in his last 3 games and is coming off a 101 (29d) against the former premiers last week (tough game).  This week he’ll find it so much easier. Jobe has only played at Etihad twice this year for scores of 134 and 135. Look out cause the Bombers will blow the Suns to pieces – Boom Tish!

160+ Gang

Boyd and Pendles! What a huge effort last week. I was very glad to take the 4/1 offered by sportingbet for Boyd for most touches as he went on the 162pts with 45d. As for Pendlebury…. man, he had 34d, 10m and 3g. Wow, 166pts later he has an ANZAC Day medal. This dude can play! Now, some people out there will chase these guys this week, hoping for another 160+. Now look, they actually could do it again this week based on their numbers, but please don’t get shitty if they don’t. They are playing each other!! Boyd’s lowest score against them is just 107 in his last 5 averaging 126 in his last 3 and Pendlebury had 101 and 136 in his last 2 against them.

Still #1 Swan

Let’s not get carried away chasing those massive scores from last week, because it just might be Swan this week. Last year Swan had a poor ANZAC Day score and came back the next week to have 140 on Carlton. Yeah he only had 104 last week and it might have annoyed you a little but watch out this week. In his last 3 games against the Bulldogs he has averaged 35d with scores of 157, 128 and 143 all coming in 2010.

Good luck this week, and remember where you need to come to find the best captains advice in the land. Get in there and make sure you have everything ready for the Loop Hole™.

Personally, I’ll be following what I have in my wicked graphics. Coxy with the VC and then I’ll go Swan if Cox can not break the 130 mark. See ya next week.


  • Brilliant!

    • Decided to rely on others for my captaincy choices. So far this year i’ve taken Swan’s 104 (instead of Boyd’s 162) and Goddards 80-odd instead of Swan’s 162. Yes my x2 captain was beaten by one player that week.

    • This week if Cox gets 125+ i will go with the theory that a cock in the hand is worth 2 swans in the bush!!

  • Swan (C) – No one can run with him. Enough said

    Cox (VC) – Should do very well.

    • Cowski, that’s getting a bit old mate. Swan’s a pleb of a footballer. Sure he racks up the dreamteam points, but he’s a slut. He like a $2 hooker, just slutting it up and giving you the A-Z in std’s. Never have had the little waddler in my team and went with Pendel’s at the start of the year with full confidence he would give Swan a footballing lesson. And Cowski, have a look who Picken goes to, cause it aint gonna be your mate waddler.

      • finding the footy is a skill. and he has one of the biggest tanks in the comp, with a strong body to boot… that’s why he’s not taggable.

        shut up idiot.

        • Opposition coaches don’t even bother tagging him.

          And Panga .. go take your head for a dump.

          • You have no bloody clue mate. You’re a fool.

            Just because he makes it seem like there is no one on him, does not mean opposition coaches have not looked at trying to stop him with a designated tagger. His running capacity and footy smarts makes it extremely difficult to limit the impact he has on a game.

            Opposition coaches and players have tried their best to reduce swannies effect on games, have failed, and are now giving up- he is untaggable. They then focus on giving the tag to Pendles or Dids who are more susceptible to having their performance diminished when on the receiving end of a tight tag.

            Now answer this for me smartarse… Does the Great Dane’s ability to make opposition coaches basically concede he just cannot be stopped make him a so called “pleb of a footballer”?

            Have a look at this man’s stats (look beyond the disposals column you idiot), or even better, watch a game of football and try and understand that Swannie is just a great footballer who consistently plays very well, week after week. No doubt, he is one of the competition’s elite.

            Is he the most talented player??? No, I don’t think he is. Pendlebury and Didak are the more gifted Magpies imo. However, his impact on games and his standing as a player cannot be questioned. Have a look at all the awards he has received to date and all of the accolades from respected people within the football fraternity.

            I don’t even know why I am defending him. His performances over the last few years speak for itself.

            p.s… no one can run with him.

      • This so called pleb of a footballer was voted 2010 Most Valuable Player by his peers.

        The only thing I see that’s getting a bit old mate, is people like you saying Swan
        isn’t tagged because he doesn’t have much impact or his skill level is poor.

      • Give this guy a column or a website. He knows better than the majority of AFL players who voted Swan the most valuable player in the league. How can we forget how little AFL players know about their own game, lucky we have fucknoseatitill8or

  • cox is the top of guy thats is goood for the loop hole im backing him for 140 againest melbourne im very happy with the loop hole this week and welldone this week the poeple u said went great

  • Cox as VC and Watson as C.

  • Should probably update that graphic of Swan. I only see one sleeve.

  • Sweet – Swan VC and Cox C…

  • Also look out for Embley.

    Calvin please update Swan’s picture – he has a second tats sleeve which makes him 10% tougher

  • jack watts vc
    tyrone vickery captain
    Is this a good choice?

  • Cox Vc pass mark 125, Jobe C, will tear the gc boys a new one

  • Think I might actually go for Grimes over Cox for the vice captain, something a bit more unique it seems, and I feel he’s due for a big one.

    Get the feeling Watson is gonna smash out a big score too, but since I don’t have him will have to pick Swan as backup.

  • sylvia vc, swan c

    • i dont mind sylvia as the VC loophole option. he does shit against the eagles, but the guy has such a big ceiling and can go BOOM at any minute. good luck to ya. i might do it as well.

    • same mate, i’ll be going sylvia the VC, just cos alot of people are going coxy, and even if it doesn’t work out, still got captain swan to turn to… i’ll be hoing for 130+ from colin to keep his VC score

  • Probably going Grimes as VC but hes going to need a pretty good score to stop me picking Swan C, Swan’s record against the dogs last year was very good.

  • Guys, no one gives a shit about the picture. I don’t anyway.
    FOCUS… Pick ya captain

    • Nah, I thought the same thing. 2011 Swan + more inkwork = Possession phenom!

    • Peter Griffin told me chuck Norris had a fist for a chin I just assumed Swannie was the same now.

  • im thinking of trading yarran to petrie
    Pros: 1. gain 40000ish
    2. get rid of yarran

    cons; 1 sort of a sideways trade

    • mate am in the same boat. Think am gonna do it yarrans BE is to high an i reckon he’ll be in for a few price drops. IMO. My original plan was to do this trade before rnd 5 but i got spooked off by drew’s 60’s, should have trusted the big petrie dish!

  • Cox (VC) Swan (C) ……..

  • when does this weeks fantasy freako’s come out?

  • Why do you need to have your “fake” captain on the field? Can’t you just make a non-playing bench player captain?

  • Sylvia VC- thinking Moloney might get the tag, (or more so hoping.)
    Swan C.

    • i want to put the VC on Sylvia but his record is disgraceful!

      • Very true, but worth the risk, I reckon- like Jim Cowski said, the guy has a huge ceiling!
        I know it was vs GC, but what a huge 3qtrs he had after only notching up 3pts at qtr time.
        Coxy could smash it as well, but I’m not trusting a ruckman anymore!

        • yea i might do it. COx coming off the bye though

          • Your gut instinct on Coxy and the bye is spot on mate.
            Remember his awesome form pre-season and early on at Subi when he was fresh as a daisy?
            He has to be a VC lock this week!

            ps…Sylvia and Grimes are both too unpredictable to be seriously considered ahead of Coxy…

  • Is it worth trading in Cox? Or have I missed the chance? I was thinking of going Richardson to Lobbe, purely because of his DPP status, and then going Vickery up to Cox. What do people reckon?

  • Definately hoping for a big game from Cox. I took Monty’s 126 last week, would have gone Swan if I ignored it. I’ll take 125+ from the VC.

    • Considering Swan is such a strong second chance captain this week, I really reckon 135 is the pass mark for Cox to maintain the Captaincy…. just my 2 cents :)

  • I think this week would be a good chance for the bombers to give Watson a bit of a break. I can see him spending more time up forward so i wouldn’t be surprised if his score suffers slightly.

    I know logic says pick a captain when V the GC but the stats are showing the guns are not averaging any more when playing the suns.

    It seems to me like a good chance for a coach to give a rest to the top players as well as using it as an oppotunity to test new roles/game plans and generally fuck around with everything caus lets be honest, any team other than Port could play their board of directors and still walk away with the 4 points.

    Personally i’ll be going Swan, the dogs lack a good quality shutdown/tagger type and he’ll be pissed he missed out on another medal.

    • Which stats are you referring to? The stats that say GC and Port have let their opposition score the most 100s per game (both averaging 5 per game) or some other stats?

      • Just to say i didn’t see any markedly higher scores(over their average) from the players i would have considered as a captain. Nothing that would make me select a captain purely because they were playing the suns.
        My point was more that i worry teams may use the GC games as an opportunity to rest players and experiment therefore electing a captain playing them could be risky and more so as the season progresses as they need to manage injuries, fatigue, blood new players etc.

        • A very good point. Watson could go out there and just cruise along not really putting in a huge effort. But im guessing they will be angry about loosing to Collingwood and be out to make a statement. Will be another week of changing captain every 30 minutes till lockout.

  • Just to stay on topic, Cox VC, Swan the big C if he gets less than 125…….. suprise suprise.

    Anyway opinions on: batchelor > Hibberd (has to play soon surely),
    then: Otten > Adcock (DOMINATING)
    have 19 trades left and 179k in the bank, doing these trades will leave me with 17 trades and around 80k

    • Otten to Adcock is a good one.
      Batchelor to Hibberd is not very smart. Batchelor is playing and has been improving slightly as he goes along he should still make some cash. Hibberd may get a run this week but it may be some time before he reaches that magic 3rd game.

  • what’s everyones problem with yarran all of a sudden, they practically feed him the ball in the backline at carlton, if he is playing this week there is no need to get rid of him yet

    • I agree. Minus the 1st game against Rich, he is probably their best user of the ball down back. Unlucky to get hurt during the game. Looked like getting high 90’s before that. If he played through might not have laced up for this round. He’ll be right. Speaking of MPs though, its Hurleys last chance in my team, if he can’t kick 6 goals or at least push high 90’s, then bye bye Hurley, hello Fyfe!

  • What about Embley as a VC? Surely his current form deserves a mention and some consideration!

  • Embley as VC is a good bet.

    J Polec or D Harris on the field???

    • harris every day of the week. start first year rookies over seasoned players at your own risk.

      • ill be picking prestigiacomo over heppel then. thanks for the advice :p

  • u only mentioned stanton,
    how do u rekon he’ll go
    i really want to go him but not sure if its worth the risk

    • Plus he’ll be out Round 24. (GF round) Unless you plan to trade again in Round 23, not cool when there will probably be injuries, players being rested etc. to deal with. Up to you though. Maybe off-load him by rounds 19-22

  • What time are the rest of the teams up today?

  • if you wish to avoid issue with naming non playing player as captain other option………List VC tonight and do not name captain (this can be done). In morning either appoint playing captain or if happy with VC score do not appoint. VC score then counts and you dont have to worry about using an emergency. works .

    • wtf?

      I think Calvin has explained it clearly enough…..

    • I understand what your getting at, that worked in round 1 when we could trade a player out and the captain would not reappear, but as far as i know that cant be done anymore as the C just remains with the player you trade in. Im pretty sure the C cannot be removed from your team ever. So unless you have a magic trick to teach us all then i dont think it can happen or we would all be doing it that way.

  • im going with sylvia for the loop hole because he has a ceiling much higher then cox.
    cox will get much more consistent big scores around the 120 mark, but sylvia has the potential to have a monster 150+ game
    I will take the risk considering i have the great dane in my side who will most likely get used anyway

    • sylvia only has the 1 ton this year flogging the gold coast scoring 132 (highest score agianst eagles is 88)
      cox has scores of 142 and 127 at Paterson this year. (highest score against melb is 122)

      go with your gut but don’t let facts get in the way

    • Sylvia has only gone over 150 once in his career so i’m not sure where your getting your mail from

  • Yeah you don’t need to use an emergency if you are not happy with VC score. You only need to use one when happy with VC score.

    Last round I set Cox C and Rockliff VC before thursday game.

    In morning I set the C to Pendlebury and then subbed zac smith onto the ground instead of Cox.

    No emergency needed.

    If I liked the VC score I would have made Zac Smith emergency and left Cox on field.