Bin Laden Message (thanks to BigAdz)

Some of you may remember the Hitler Downfall Dream Team video from last year, well BigAdz was behind that. He was sitting on a plane and made this quick one featuring Bin Laden. Be on the lookout for the next Hitler one!


  • 1st!

    Haha that was gold, ‘Is Joel Bowden still a premium?’, ‘better caves and sand dunes’

    Had me ROTFLOL

  • Quality. “So I can use the Air Con…”

  • Is Joel Bowden still a premium


  • Hehe, yeah. I question if this guy is still alive. Haven’t heard shit since US bombed the crap out of the caves he hides in back in 02′

    • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

      • hehe, great movie that. Yeah maybe. Think he shat himself after US moved so quick against him, probably living in Pakistan in some palace.

  • Funny shit!

  • better caves and sand dunes that’s gold :)

  • waste of time, hitler cant play xbox live is where the comedy is at

  • Brak

    need a warning about not having a drink when pressing play, lmao

    Do you suppose he barracks for Essendon?

  • Can’t seem to find the downfall one he did :(

    Anyone got a link?

  • According the the latest Iraqi Information Minister’s press release, Presti scored 215 last round. Only Saddam, and Tkol had selected him as captain.

  • Hold on….did you say he was sitting on a plane when he made this?

    I don’t know about you, but I’d be a little nervous if I was sitting on a plane and the guy next to me was watching a bin Laden video.