Is Petrie served up on your dish?

One of the bargain picks of 2011 is set to be North Melbourne’s Drew Petrie. He is priced at $209,700 due to playing only 2 games at 50.5 last season. We can go into how he has been a high averaging player in the past, but you could just have a look at what Roy had to say about him in his Deck of Dream Team write up. In short, he averaged mid 80s in the two seasons prior to last year. Let’s couple this with his two NAB scores of 72 and 111. He is sure to be at least a fantastic cash cow, if not a ‘keeper’.

But the worry in selecting him comes with the fact he is suspended in Round 1 and follows up with a bye in Round 3.

So… Petrie can be selected as a FWD or a RUC. This is quite handy with some strategy. Roy argues that at his price he could be a ruck keeper. If he can average over 80, then you’d take that and leave him as your #2 for the season. As a forward, Calvin might see him as a bloke to upgrade… but if he does pump out an average of 80, then you could do much worse as your final 6th or 7th forward.

If you start with him in the rucks, then it’s going to be hard to cover him in those first few rounds. Our rookie rucks aren’t looking too promising. Everyone’s third ruck, Zac Smith ($106,400) hasn’t played a preseason game and may not start the season… and Gold Coast have a bye in Round 1 which doesn’t help anyway. Max Bailey ($97,600) is probably the best bet to play, but it might be a couple of weeks until we see him. Lachlan Keeffe ($92,500) might get some games early to slot in there to cover in the Magpies backline (and for your rucks).

Thinking outside the square here, Roy has suggested to play Tyrone Vickery ($172,000) as your third ruck who has had 95, 73 and 69 over the NAB series. These kind of scores would see him edge towards the $300K figure in the first half a dozen weeks and also offer great coverage for Petrie in Round 1 and 3… as well as your other ruckman (Dean Cox in Round 5 or Aaron Sandilands in Round 6). He could be a good cash cow. David Hale ($184,800) could be considered as a FWD/RUC to make a link with Petrie. His preseason numbers of 54, 82 and 48 aren’t as good as Vickery’s, but could be a handy DPP link.

Starting with Petrie in your forward line should be easier to cover. With three on the bench, and a few rookie options who SHOULD be playing round one, cover shouldn’t be too hard. A lot of people will have Brandon Matera and Dion Prestia (both have byes round one), but Cam Richardson, Jack Darling, Shaun McKernan and other forward options will be able to slide off the pine to cover the first and third games (bar Richardson as he is a North player too… sharing a bye of course). Also with the flexibility of DPP you should be right. It will be easier to cover players earlier in the season than later.

I am personally in two minds on whether to pick him or not. As I said in the latest video, I really don’t want to miss out of him. It will create some havoc with my team and structure… but, it should be worth it. Like Roy said, he could be a keeper… but if not, a nice earning cash cow.

What are your thoughts on the Petrie Dish?


  • get on PETRIE who cares bout rnd 1 and 3

    • Yeah who cares at 200k not too much more than a rookie, so what if he misses two early games
      As if all our rookies are gonna play 22 games anyway
      And if he can average 75+ and play most games I’ll be more than happy
      Petrie locked and loaded

  • but if you have him in your FWD line, will he replace Knights?
    I’d rather have Knights..

    But maybe in the RUCKS… but I already have Sandi + Cox?

  • petrie forward tipett(GC) dpp link coz and sandi barring injury u have good cover for cox and sandi and a handy 6/7th forward tipett might even get some games

    • +1

      • Starting Petrie FWD to cover Cox and Sandi in Rd 5 and 6 doesnt make sense. These are two of the hardest rounds to field a strong FWD line with Green/Sylvia/Tapscott, Darling, Goodes/ROK all missing Rd 5 and Chapman/Johnson, Pavlich, Franklin/Smith all missing Rd 6.

        • atm i only have Goodes and Frankin to cover in those rounds…I do have Isaac Smith in the midfield i also have Prestia and Krakouer as DPP cover, unless im stung by injuries i will have required cover up forward

    • exactly what im doing

  • cant fit him in with rd 1 and 3 in the way!

  • yeah but J Tippett has played a few minutes of pre season, im not even sure he’ll get a game this year

    if you really want a DPP link then Petrie/Hale would be the way to go

    just depends how much you want a DPP

    • to much money sitting on bench with cox and sandi on the ground tippett is only there to swing petrie back and forth with those three u should be good all year….fingers crossed

    • Had Hale last year…never again.

  • Petrie Dish, ahahahaha *facepalm*

    A few things on Petrie:

    He averaged mid-80’s playing all over the place (CHB, CHF, ruck). This year he’ll be playing predominantly at FF and may only ruck for the time Hamish is missing. This may reduce his output (it will certainly reduce his consistency). With reduced output he’s not forward keeper material, and personally I think Fraser is a better chance of being a keeper in the rucks (and Fraser won’t miss two out of the first three games). I wouldn’t bother with the dual-position link either, as none of the other R/F players are worth a spot in your team.

    FWIW, I considered him up until his suspension, but missing two of the first three rounds I just don’t think he’s worth the trouble.

    • well said.

    • mate fourth rucks are about as useless as tits on a bull, with petrie in fwd and using the link he will provide excellent cover for sandcox for the 4 games theyre out plus injuries god forbid. This means your rucks are replaced by a forward rookie instead of a ruck rookie 30 point bonus imo.

      • There’s a lot of assumptions that have gone into that Kingy.

        Assuming we go with the ‘tits on a bull’ strategy, and that forward rookies are worth 30 points per week more than ruck rookies:

        J. Tippett (cheapest R/F) provides 120 points (4 rounds of cover at 30 points).
        McCualey (cheapest available) provides 34k (about 8 points per week), which equates to about 192 points to your starting team.

        This is assuming that:

        1) Your forward rookies are even free to cover your rucks (rounds 5, 6 and 16 are multi-bye rounds, won’t you need those rookies to cover your forward line?).

        2) Cox and Sandilands play 22 games, which might be seen as a bit ambitious.

        3) You’re keeping Petrie in the forward line all year. If he’s not scoring well and you decide to trade him out, your forward rookies won’t be able to cover Cox and Sandilands’ second byes and Tippett becomes dead money.

        Personally, I’m going to go with Keeffe/Moran/Bailey, hoping one of them may get a regular gig at some point, while using Zac Smith as cover.

        • yeah that has crossed my mind about petrie being shit, but he’s averaged 85 the two seasons before last yr so he wont average less than 80 imo. However injury is another proposition, and if that happens yeah ill have to trade him. But i have smith as 3rd rookie ruck as insurance if that happens. on your dead money statement that might be the case if petrie gets injured but tippet might get games himself, If i do trade petrie later keefe won’t be playing later anyway with maxwell and others coming back, moran isnt in adelaides best 21 and bailey has 3 yr history of knee reco’s so the options are slim pickings anyway. However u make a good point about multi byes hadn’t considered that. round 5 should be ok with only goodes out, round six with stevie j and buddy are both out could pose problems if one of darling prestia matera and richardson dont play.

          • thanks though it did give me food for thought and i know where your coming from it is risky but if you take no risk you get no reward.

    • Roflmao…Petrie dish…^_^…

  • Anyone considering trading him in after round 4?

    • yeah no shit, i don’t think its a case of having him from the start or not at all. I’m jumping on him for Round 5

      Darling – 2 cash increases (assuming plays all games), sneaks up closer to Petrie price before Petrie goes up, easy trade and rd5 is bye for Darling anyway
      On top of that, Petrie conveniently uses DPP to slide into the ruck to cover Coxy for rd5 and Sandi for rd6

      i’m not as stingy as most people with trades but seems like a simple effective strategy to me

      • I’m certainly waiting to trade him in after round 4. In that time Petrie will post two scores which gives you a chance to see if his pre season results were flukes, and you get a little time to see if other FWD mid pricers like Knights, Fyfe, etc are working out. Also, by that stage we’ll know if Smith, Bailey or the others are getting games and are good for our RUC bench.

    • no. You would only trade him in in round 5 if he was going to be a keeper in your team which he wont be. I was strongly considering him until his suspension but he is a no for me. Also he wont avg 80 imo maybe 75 if you are lucky and you are better off buying a rookie instead who will be 110k cheaper and averages 60. If you are adopting this strategy then you would be crazy to do it in the fwds as there is no way he will be a fwd keeper and you will have to burn 2 trades on him which is simply not worth it.

  • The SuperCoach winner last year had Juddy for the first four rounds of the season, even though he was suspended four matches.

    • Juddy is a little more certain though, less risky to get him. Judd is also a midfielder, so cover could have been more than adequate if he had the right rookies (which one assumes he did, given he one the friggin thing).

    • that was supercoach mate.

    • You must be talking about the winner in your SC league swanlow36? If you’re talking about the overall SC winner, then i’m calling bullshit because I’ve seen his starting team.

      • so your saying last years winner didnt start with judd last year

        • Correct. The only mid premiums he started with were Ablett and Selwood + Ball (if you count him)

  • Looking for a fairly competitive league- around 2000 average, join if your game and will stick to it all year :)151168

  • Try as hard as you like, you just cant fit every underpriced player into your structure.. Petrie is one i’ve just decided to forgo… initially.
    Taken D.Cox & 211 for the rucks + rookies on the bench. 4 premiums with Higgins + rookies in the forwards. I’m of the opinion that Higgins should average more than Petrie / Knights / Hurley / Vespremi / Brad Miller / John Anthony or anyone else even remotely promising in that mid price bracket. Petrie missing 2 of the first 3 games just reinforces that more.

    That said, I may keep Petrie in my pocket if something goes horribly wrong early in the season as his earliest price change is round 5.

    • i took him as a ruck, he will be a second ruck keeper. vickery will cover for the byes/suspension and will step up this year to also make some money…win win!

      • I wouldn’t be looking for Petrie as a second ruck keeper with a bye in the
        first week of finals.

  • I will get him in round 4 or 5!

  • I’m stoked with my structure, but had a fair wad of cash, so I have Petrie on my Ruck bench, and I’ll use him to cover the byes for my other two, if he looks like he’ll make money, i’ll keep him, if not, I’ll downgrade him to a rookie who I then know will be playing. I know it burns a trade if he’s shit, but I’m prepared to do that for the potential gain and lack of difference to my structure.

    One issue with structure though: Boomer, Stevie J, or Pav? I only want one of them

  • Rucks- Sandi, Cox (Bailey or Z Smith, J Tippet)

    Forwards- Franklin, Goodes, Reiwoldt, Higgins, M Morton, Knights, Petrie (Richardson,Prestia,Matera)

    IMO J Tippet and Petrie DPP is fine whether Tippet plays or not…

    Other than Tippet, my rookies or low price players are….D Stanley, Lower, Duigan, Hibbard, Heppell, D Swallow, Harris, I Smith, Bailey or Z Smith, Richardson, Prestia and Matera.
    Thats 12 rookies plus any downgrades through the season, i have 24 trades, for every upgrade there is atleast 1 downgrade, add injuries, suspensions and form drops i think ihave enough rookies (cash cows) and can afford to use J tippet for the DPP only.

    we all need cover for our rucks with the byes….my cover will not be wasted on the bench when not required for cover!!!!

  • kinda unrelated but what does everyone think jolly will average this year?

  • Looking for a fairly competitive league- around 2000 average, join if your game and will stick to it all year 151168

    • I’ve got 2 leagues left to fill mate and may as well make them competitive, so ill jump on board

      • Really? I have 2 competitive leagues. Two leagues with friends and a random league to dominate in case I don’t do well next year so it will make me feel better.

  • I need a midfield rookie under 105K

    Any suggestions????

    Currently got Swallow, Harris, Pittard. Not happy with Pittard

    Can you tell me one and why?

    • Bewick, Atley, I smith, Irons, Hibbard, Buckley

      because these guys r the most likely to get selected in round 1

      • Bewick is most likely because of where the lions are at in terms of development. Oh, and his 118 (even against the GC) is juicy.

    • possibly claye beams showed some promise in nab

  • Looking for a fairly competitive league- around 2000 average, join if your game and will stick to it all year 744866

  • At this stage my rucks are sandi, cox, petrie and rookie (gorringe/bailey/keeffe/moran). I figure I’ve got backup with a guy who is their sides best 22 to cover the bye rounds for sandi or cox if they have a bye or a week or two off through injury.

  • This sounds crazy and stupid but if there was more solid 3rd and 4th ruck starters/security I’d be totally different and run Fraser/Petrie as 1st and 2nd rucks!!! then upgrade them. Actually that is stupd….

  • I,m starting with Petrie on the bench and swapping him with Knights in Round 2 when Knights has a bye and then do the same thing next week and swap Petrie with knights in round 3.

    No problem.

  • Bewick or Pittard

  • Go Lobbe over J. Tippett. 12k more expensive but he will play later on once he comes back from injury, so at least you can make some cash out of him.

    It was Petrie vs. Knights and I went with Knights.

  • I’m still trying to work out if Cox is worth it. There seem to be a lot of ponderables.
    1 His 85 average last year. Apparently he played through injury all season.
    2 His tog this year. If Darling works out, the Eagles will have Josh Kennedy, Quentin Lynch, Darling and potentially Cox for forward roles. If he’s not in the ruck, would the Eagles prefer him to be wrapped in blankets on the Bench?

    I’m well aware that he’s flying at present but if he does average 85, I’d rather have Petrie’s whatever.

    • I doubt he’ll be wrapped in blankets off the field. Eagles might have options, but that doesn’t mean they’re that good. Lynch is an awful player. You’d think Coxy will be out there almost the entire game given he is one of their only true classy players.

  • league available for anyone to join 322927

  • Droppy Tree all the way, start with to save trade, if injured rookie in, if not, yee hah.

  • Shiels or Palmer as 4th mid and why please…

  • alot of these petrie strategies involve 2 many trades for my liking. Everyone is either using him as a cash cow or hoping he will be a keeper. I think a decent rookie will be a better cash cow and they generally wont have injury concerns compared to what happened to petrie last year. If using as a keeper..he misses too many games early as well as one of the finals…

    as tempting as he is….not for me…

    • a keeper as coverage for ruck byes and handy 6/7forward and a possible use for upgrade in a crisis…..

  • Don’t really see the need for the F/R link this year. Fraser would be much more likely to be a keeper compared to Petrie, and won’t miss 2 rounds at the start. In my eyes Petrie would be purely a cash cow, as I’d rather have Cox + The Tree, and missing 2/3 of the opening rounds is not ideal for a cash cow.

    Came down to Petrie vs Knights in the end; Knights for me.

    • Fraser is a hack. Petrie is a cash cow..with an upside if he plays as good as he did pre broken foot.

  • I can see the logic in picking Petrie, unfortunately he doesn’t work with my structure – so I’ll pass… I’ve spent far too long on this to start mucking around with things now.

    Good luck to those that select him though.

  • League to join 888084

    • Well done Cannon – I’m in – it’s amazing how many times I’ve attempted to join a league only to see that dreaded “That league is full” response.

      To others you better hurry – 2 spots left.

  • right now i have petrie as my third ruck. he misses round 1 and 3 and can cover cox and sandilands in rd 5 and rd 6. then the first downgrade in the forward line will be to tippett from the gold coast. that means i will bring petrie up front where i hope to keep him as my 7th forward. hopefully he gives me around 80 a game. i can then use him for ruck coverage down the season also.

  • Final Dilemma for my team??

    Petrie + Boyd vs Cox + Grimes ???

  • cox and grimes, but if petrie wasnt suspended, then petrie + boyd, plus with cox grimes you can have Montagna in mids!

  • Higgins and Petrie

    or Knights and Jolly

    If i choose petrie he will be my second ruck with cox. and vickery and smith on the bench

    • im a maggies supporter and jolly just gives too many free kicks away- plus higgins another in that horror rnd 4 multi-bye round!
      i’m risking it with Knights, atleast doesnt leave SA till round 5, with view to bring in higgins asap, both could have really good years.

    • Knights and Petrie.

  • i think alot of ppl are basing picking Petrie based on his scoring 75+, but i only see him scoring 60 and not really making enough money to be a cash cow and not enough points to be a keeper… remember macintosh and goldstein are #1 and #2 rucks for north. With the suspension, early bye and injury concerns couldn’t possibly justify picking him, especially if u r risking knights aswell. For those considering knights/petrie/higgins good luck fielding a side all year.

  • cox and jamar? or sandi and fraser?

  • hey lads whats your thoughts on having
    sandi ,cox (vickery,smith)
    and start with darling in the forward line and hopefully get a price rises out of him then trade him to petrie in rd 4 or 5 before petrie goes up???that way vickery can be my cover for cox and sandi byes as no other rookie is garenteed games. i have 100k in the bank at the moment so should be able to swap darling to petrie if darling goes up 20k???this way i dont need a ruck DPP to swap with petrie like tippett who prob wont play?let me know what u think

  • This may sound strange and pay me out if you like, but im seriously considering starting Sandi, Cox and Petrie (bench) all in my rucks. Hear me out. First off, rookie rucks going significantly up in price are about as common as first year Mick Barlows. By having cox and Sandi, Petries suspension and bye means nothing to you. Secondly if any niggling injuries were to happen to one of them you have Petrie to sub in as well as covering them for both of there byes. Thirdly Petries price is a sure thing to rise unlike almost all of the other rucks. By keeping him until rd 17 after freos last bye and cashing him out for a rookie priced player you are then a massive chance to be able to upgrade a mid cash cow to a premuim in one foul swoop. You might decide that having an extra 100k on the ruck bench is a bad idea but i’m leaning towards going that way.

    • So $100,000 extra on your bench is worth about 24pts per game (Going off starting prices). So by investing this cash in getting an upgraded player somewhere else on your field you should get an extra (22games x 24pts) = 528pts

      Some scenarios:
      Cox + Sandi = 185pts / game = 4070pts if they play every game

      + Cheapest ruck – unreliable so only available to cover two byes and gets 30pts = 60pts
      + Use $100000 to get Boyd instead of Cooney (example) – Boyd last year averaged 24pts/game more (24pts x 22gms) = 528pts
      TOTAL = 588pts


      + Petrie averages 80 fills in 4 games = 320pts

      So for Petrie in the ruck without a DPP swithch to work, you’d really need Cox & Sandi to miss more than the four games probably at least 8 games between them. Could happen but I’m not going with this strategy.