AFL Dream Team Cheat Sheet 2011


We get heaps of questions about Dream Team. At work everyday, at the pub and even when we’re just trying to buy a loaf of bread! So we thought we’d put together a ‘CHEAT SHEET’ for those who need to know the best rookies to pick and who we have in our Dream Teams.

This is not the be-all-and-end-all of Dream Team for 2011. This is more of a basic guide for people to follow and see who some of the ‘must have’ picks are (obviously in our opinion). Handy little things include ‘locks’ on the team we have created – all players with locks are in all three of our teams. We have included the byes in a handy format (stick it up on your wall near your computer – we have) and some other tips from us.

Feel free to email it onto anyone you want. We’d love it to be out all over Australia (or the world)! Some good advertising for our website!

Stay tuned to for the next week! It’s going to be a big one!


  • swallow or gaff? or someone cheaper neither has really impressed and i think swallow will get alot of attention with all the wraps he has in a limited midfield outside ablett….job security is great though. only decision to make on my team until teams are out really.

  • Looking for a bit of advice

    Currently I have

    Goddard, Gibbs, Gilbert, Deledio, Grimes, Otten, Heppell with Lower, Duigan and Stanley on the bench

    Swan, Mongtagna, Bartel, Judd, Krak, Swallow with Harris, Hibberd and Irons on the bench

    Cox and Fraser with Z Smith and Charman on the bench

    Franklin, Harvey, Riedwolt, Higgins, Morton, Knights and Richardson with Talia, Darling and Matera on the bench.

    Charman is only there until I see the starting teams next week. I won’t be taking him in. I have about 14k left and would love to someone get Bachar Houli in here. Any ideas/thoughts?


    • any good rookie Ruckman expected to play round 1. Want to keep smith but still need someone to cover petrie in round 1. Dont want to spend too much

  • slyvia vs higgins + 60k

  • Ryan O’Keefe? Thoughts?

    • Had him locked but somehow I turned him into A Goodes, ROK is a definate keeper but is he better than Goodes or Pavlich? I think the $30K to $40K is money well spent. Would love to have him in my team, just no room for him and the Rd. 5 Bye (Melb, Syd, W. Coast) makes it hard two pick both. (Especially if you have Green, Sylvia or Darling and Tapscott on your bench)

  • thoughts on rockliif, adcock and hurley ?

    • as a lions supported – i like rockliff, he could very well step up this yeat…. not convinced adcock will live up to expectations,…. havent really looked at hurley so cant comment……..

  • Really want a second league. Any one got spots left???????????

    • Looking for a fairly competitive league- around 2000 average, join if your game and will stick to it all year 151168

  • JUst had a thought. If you didnt want to pay the $20 for the assistant coach, could you just make a team every two weeks, and use the two week trial?????/

    • a little unethical, but i guess that would work

      • I love virtual sports work, but they have more than enough money. Im not gonna feel guilty at all if it works

        • haha
          my two brothers have teams and i know there passwords
          I’ve used there assistant coach which has given me 6 weeks of it
          but i dont have a card to buy assistant coach on. if virtual sports came and asked me for the money id give them $20 cash
          but i recon the two week thing will expire
          everything assistant coach tells you is on fanfooty anyway

  • who is the best midfield rookie under 112000? cant include bewick-i already have him

    also, who is the best back rookie? cant include stanley duigan lower hibberd or heppell


  • A question about the partial lockout…

    If I make a change (obviously non Richmond and Carlton players) after the partial lockout, will that count as one of my 24 trades?