AFL Injury List: NAB Cup/Challenge – Round 3

James Craig (hamstring) – TBC
Sam Jacobs (hamstring) – 2 weeks
Jared Petrenko (abdominal strain) – 2 weeks
Sam Shaw (hamstring) – 3 weeks
Scott Stevens (head) – 1 week
Nathan van Berlo (hamstring) – 1 week
Bernie Vince (knee) – available
Will Young (shoulder) – available

Brisbane Lions
Callum Bartlett (knee) – indefinite
Jamie Charman (achilles) – indefinite
Xavier Clarke (knee) – indefinite
Josh Drummond (hip) – 2 weeks

Lachie Henderson (hip) – 1-2 weeks weeks
Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – 5 weeks
Luke Mitchell (shoulder) – 3 weeks

Nathan Brown (knee) – season
John Ceglar (knee) – 2-3 weeks
Brad Dick (shoulder) -1 week
Alan Didak (shoulder) -1 week
Josh Thomas (foot) -4-6 weeks

Darcy Daniher (groin) – TBA
Alwyn Davey (broken arm) -3-4 weeks
Courtenay Dempsey (concussion) – test
David Hille (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Michael Hurley (corky) – test
Jake Melksham (bruised knee) – test
Tayte Pears (foot) – TBA
Kyle Reimers (thigh) – TBA
Michael Ross (hip) – TBA
Ariel Steinberg (knee) – 2-3 weeks
Andrew Welsh (abdominal) – 1 week

Hayden Ballantyne (foot) – 1 week
Michael Barlow (broken leg) – TBA
Roger Hayden (foot) – TBA
Joel Houghton (broken arm) – 3 weeks
Garrick Ibbotson (ankle) –  4-6 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) – season
Tim Ruffles (knee) – TBA

Jimmy Bartel (tonsillitis) – 1 week
Marcus Drum (ankle) – 4-5 weeks
Cameron Ling (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Andrew Mackie (corky) – 1 week
Cameron Mooney (knee soreness) – TBA
James Podsiadly (broken hand) -2-3 weeks

Gold Coast
Gary Ablett (groin/hip) – 1-2 weeks
Campbell Brown (shoulder) – TBA

Luke Hodge (achilles soreness) – 2-3 weeks
Sam Menegola (wrist) – 5-7 weeks

Robert Campbell (achilles) – 6-8 weeks
Troy Davis (thyroid) – 6-8 weeks
Jack Fitzpatrick (foot) – 3-5 weeks
James Frawley (shoulder) – 4 weeks
Colin Garland (calf) – test
Max Gawn (knee) – test 
Jordie McKenzie (groin) – 1-2 week
Cale Morton (finger) – 5-6 weeks
Michael Newton (broken wrist) -4 weeks
Tom Scully (knee) – test

North Melbourne
Ryan Bastinac (knee) – indefinite
Luke Delaney (calf) – test
Nathan Grima (back) – 3-5 weeks
Ed Lower (knee) – indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (achilles) – indefinite
Marcus White (shoulder) – indefinite
Levi Greenwood (ankle) – 5-6 weeks 

Port Adelaide

Hamish Hartlett (hamstring) – test 
Ben Jacobs (glandular fever) – indefinite
Matthew Lobbe (dislocated shoulder) – 9-10 weeks
Andrew Moore (groin) – ongoing assessment
Ben Newton (ankle) – ongoing assessment
Simon Phillips (jaw) – 6 weeks
David Rodan (knee) – 3-4 weeks
Steven Salopek (knee) – test
Jacob Surjan (knee) – ongoing assessment

Jack Riewoldt (knee) – 1 week

St Kilda
Tom Curren (ankle) – TBA
Michael Gardiner – TBA
Clinton Jones (concussion) – test
Justin Koschitzke (ankle) – TBA
Arryn Siposs (quadricep) – 2-3 weeks 

Sydney Swans*
Craig Bolton (achilles) – indefinite
Daniel Bradshaw (knee) – 2 weeks  
Campbell Heath (knee) – 9-11 weeks 
Tadhg Kennelly (knee) – 3 weeks
Brett Meredith (ankle) – test
Shane Mumford (knee) – 1 week
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (hamstring/gluteal) – 2-3 weeks
Nick Smith (knee) – 1 week
Matt Spangher (quad) -2-3 weeks
Jesse White (ankle) – test

West Coast
Sam Butler (thigh) – 1 week
Daniel Kerr (hamstring) – TBA
Eric Mackenzie (hamstring) – TBA 

Western Bulldogs
Adam Cooney (hamstring) – 1 week
Brian Lake (knee/hip/shoulder) – 4 weeks
Ryan Hargrave (ankle) – 10-12 weeks


  • Sucks that Greenwood is injured

  • Knights not listed?

    • Cwaigy said during the week that it wasn’t too bad, they only pulled him off after the first half last week as a precaution.

  • Interesting to see scullery there. Think it might be a cover to stop him playing with the team due to his potential defect to the giants.

    • I thought it was pretty well documented that he was injured.

      Although C. Morton seemed stumped by the question on the weekend haha.

  • Add Malceski to that list. He has done his knee.

    Good to see Knights is okay, now he has a chance of earning a spot back in my side.

  • The selection that will be playing on my mind right up to lock out:

    “star forward Paul Chapman is no certainty to play before round one due to a minor groin complaint.
    The club yesterday revealed Chapman was suffering groin soreness, having previously been restricted over the summer by a niggling calf injury”

    How have these niggles impacted on his pre-season? Will he line up in round 1? If he does play will he be eased in, thus making him a candidate for use as a substitute player?

  • Anyone know what’s going on with Ben Jacobs from Power. Listed as glandular fever – indefinite. Was a good possible rookie pick. Averaged over 25 possesionsin TAC and U18 champs. Might not play for a while. May be a late starter to the season.

  • At least Lake hasn’t picked up a fourth injury….

  • Uhh, Rodans gonna play this weekend?

    Same with a few other power players on that list?

  • I was really looking forward to getting some Dick this year. Does anyone reckon he’s best 22 when fit? Been reading the pies board and they can’t seem to agree. At some point soon that Dick is going to explode I’m telling you….

    • I agree. I think he’ll be more useful once he hardens up

      • Definitely. Once he gets used to performing in front of a crowd, he’ll harden up and then explode you mark my words….

    • Mate when he is fit he is in our best 18. I’m telling you if he gets his body right he will soon become one of the best small forwards in the game! Read my Collingwood article, I did a little bit about him. He was my smokie but he probably doesn’t have a chance of making my side unless he plays next week. He is a GUN though. One of my favourite players.

  • Hehehe the Dick has issues. Lacking confidence cos not performing and too worried about getting injured.4 major injuries to date. Will spend time in the vfl to rebuild. Expect return to form by rnd 10.

  • We still get part of the story. The Cats web site talks about Chappy as being out with a calf injury but don’t say boo about him here.

    Also what has happened to Billy Smedts? Not a mention in the NAB games, nothing on the Cats web site and norhing on any if the injury sites or here. Has he been lost in the post?

    • Bye bye Ian Callinan

      “The practice match is turning into a nightmare for the Crows, with mature-age recruit Ian Callinan out for 6-10 weeks after ripping his bicep off the bone. Kurt Tippet was also injured in the opening minutes”.

  • Damn there goes Callinan…….

    • callinan injured??

    • Negative: Miss out on a rare rookie priced player likely to play round 1 and score well

      Positive: Going to be a great downgrade target at about week 11 or whenever he can fit back into the lineup

      • who to pick in his place now?

        • Mckernan??

        • If you’re like me and had minimum spare cash floating around, you will have to make a few changes to free up the cash. If your just looking for a forward rook, I would say in order of importance:

          Krakouer, Mzungu, Matera, Richardson and Prestia.

          If you have some of those on your midfield bench then the next few players I would consider at this stage would be:

          Smith, McKernan, Michie and Darling

          • Daniel Talia must come into contention now as well, especially if Martin is a long term injury

    • bugger…feel sorry for the ol’ geezer. Oh well, looks like Prestia back in my team.

  • And they got a 4th injury in the 2nd half…Brodie Martin…poor crows!

    “The club confirmed that Martin would have scans on the same knee he injured last season, with a spokesman noting that the injury “did not look good”.”

  • Could have been worse…I could have lost Knights on top of Martin and Callinan from my lineup -_-

  • According to

    This is Sydneys updated injury list (without Malceski)

    C. Bolton – indefinite
    Bradshaw – 1 week
    Heath – 8-10 weeks
    Kennelly – 2 weeks
    LRT – 1-2 weeks
    Spanger – 1-2 weeks

  • how far is Craig Bolton from playing? how is he doing at trainning?

  • latest reports, Callinan sidelined for atleast 3 months