That One Day in April: How to win $500

There have been mixed reviews about AFL Dream Team in 2011. The inclusion of the Gold Coast has created a unique dream team season where previous desirable team structures are not as attractive. Even if the ABC’S were still together and in their prime, you would not necessarily like to have this as your midfield because of the introduction of byes. I have seen some comments like ‘I can’t wait for 2012 when DT is back to normal’. Personally I like the new challenges and considerations for this DT season and have found a way to take advantage of this and do three things that have been previously considered impossible.

  1. Make use of your girlfriend (non-sexual)
  2. Get your girlfriend/partner/imaginary friend interested in Dream Team
  3. Win the weekly prize of $500

Most people going for league wins are stacking up on players from the Multi-Bye rounds. Let’s use round 4 as an example. Any players from St.Kilda, Brisbane and the Doggies will be being picked up by people going for league wins. So it goes without question that these teams will be weaker in round 4 and will probably be carrying donuts. Players going for the overall win will be spreading these players out across their teams to ensure that they have cover. It is likely all of these teams will be paying a premium for Goddard, Boyd, Voldt, Montagna ect. They will also be saving their trades (as best they can) and will have a selection of premium rookies that they will want to get came time to cover the byes.

What does this all mean? Round 4 is there for the taking! This is where your Girlfriend comes in handy.

DT rules are that you are only able to have one team per person. I remember the Josh v Chop incident…. What a loser.. anyway, get your girlfriends permission to use their email address and ‘Help’ them put a team together and tell them $500 is up for grabs and they will probably let you watch every game of the first 3 rounds for analysis.

The advantages you will have in this team is you can:

  • Chose to select none of the players from St.Kilda, Brisbane or the Dogs and use your money on the remaining premiums which should create better depth in your team.
  • Use all your trades every week if you want.. you only have to get to round 4.
  • Start Gaz. His price wont have changed. – Also, only chose Gold Coast rookies who you want on your field for round 4 because their price wont have changed.
  • Along that same theme don’t chose rookies from Adelaide or the Kangaroos either unless you’re going to use them on the field because they wont have changed price by round 4.
  • Play R. O’Keeffe. The one from Carlton whose name is spelt the way Dave Hughes would say it. He’s only $80,400. Spend your change on your field.
  • Play Conners and Lids/ Gibbs and Scotland/ Swanny and Pendles/ Buddy and Cyril/ Bartel and Selwood, you get the picture. Its only one week, probably play as many Hawks as you want as they play the Eagles at Aurora…Sam Mitchell anyone?
  • Monitor Calvin’s Captains for those team matchup stats and who is giving up the most points per game. You will have trades to change your mind if someone is underperforming. These trades will also give you an advantage over people who are holding players with 1-2 week injuries.

I have made a league specifically for these round 4 targeted teams which you are welcome to join.

League code is 975266

Given that these teams will probably be untouched after round 4 it would be good to group these teams into leagues so that we don’t spoil the season for other people.

I’m sure there are more things to consider and Round 6 will also be interesting with no Hawks, Cats and Dockers because there will be more price alterations.

If you are going to create such a team put your league code in the comments.  Good Luck!



    • my wife’s totally in – even if she doesn’t know it yet! I may have done a similar concept last year and watched my team totally suck and get creamed by my normal team – still made gf though in a crappy public league!

  • Could be a good way to get some $$$. But I’m going for overall. I don’t like having more than 1 team. Even if it is for something like a weekly prize. You have one team and you have got to decide what you do with it. Overall, League, Eliminator or Weekly is what you have to choose from.

    A fair chunk of people on here probaley have lots of teams, they can do what they like. But if I had more than 1 team (I Never have, I Never will) I wouldn’t gloat, brag or even talk about any other team but my main team because any person can create a “risk” team, it is just a matter whether it pays off!

    • ahh, bit of harmless fun. If he was really in it for the easy large doubt he’d publish this article. And guessing i’m not in it for the cash now either since I posted here and you can all dob me in now…

    • Yeah, I only do the 1 team, otherwise there would be no time to work, eat, sleep……
      My mate did it last year, and I remember him saying stuff like, ‘if only Bartel & Gilbert were in this one……….”
      TORCHER, if you ask me.
      Like tattslotto, if only these 2 numbers were in this box…….
      Then there’s the Karma element- either way I’m not fussed!
      If i was to win the car, (yeah rite,) it wouldn’t be coz of multiple entries, more like coz i did my research, and had an unbelievable amount of good luck with trades and injuries!

  • Nice one Warnie.
    I suggested the same thing in an email i sent to maanco regarding his “Lowest scorer comp.”
    Have read previously on posts about, “cheaters,” that have more than 1 team, so I’m sure this blog will be flooded with posts. hahaha
    On a seperate note, it would be WONDERFUL if V.S could have a seperate Live Draft comp. next year, that commences from round 1- and they could scrap DT GOLD.
    They should still have an entry fee, but perhaps one that would incorporate a poker tourney payout schedule that would reward the top 5%. (or whatever prize structure/types they wanted.)
    Would certainly keep people interested imho.
    Just putting it out there!
    I guess they could do it with the normal comp,(forget live draft,) …..say charge $2 per entry,(max 1 per person)
    and there’s a prize pool of $600k.

  • Got my lady in on this already haha, dream team’s alright with her, dream team’s alright with her ohhhh yeaaaah!!!

  • Whoever organised the buy fixturing in rounds 4-6 is an absolute prick. It’s like every single player I look at as a premium mid or up forward is almost unpickable because I’ve got someone else from that bye round playing in that round, and I really don’t want 2 donuts in a line considering my bench is pretty GC heavy.

    The time I’m spending isn’t on picking players, but trying to shuffle players around so I get hurt least by the bye. I’ve probably spent 10 hours in the past week focusing on nothing but balance, and still can’t find the combination I know is there.

    This is doing my head in, massively.

    • So true!
      Did my head in with Mzungu- a must have imo!
      So I cant have him in my fwd line coz Chappy & Franklin, so off to the mids where it’s him and Bartel as the sole rnd 6 representatives!
      So not so much the fact that Sandi is $50k more than Cox, but because he too is in that horror round.
      Rnd4 the big 3/4- Goddard, Reiwoldt, Montagna/Boyd……also makes it tougher going for the likes of Gamble, Polec, Wallis……..
      Rnd 5 probably the easier to manage???
      Having no Bribane players in my team is the only upside to round 4.

  • Got a team filled with Cats, Saints and Bulldogs and if I’m lucky, I could take home the chocolates :D

  • round six is the only round that i now have an bye issue with think im going to have to cop one forward 0 not happy but happy enough…then again still 29 days till bounce down so more issues will arise id say

  • new league…Round 4 peakers….124513

  • To do such a team I would say you should create it at the end of round 2 because then you could pick all the improvers you had missed out on and they would not have changed in price.

    But I think this year you can’t create a team after the start of round 1 and that is probably why.

    • Where did you read that?

      • That rule came in last year, all teams must be COMPLETE by first lockout, as in previous years some would leave incomplete during first couple of non league games then grab every rookie etc to try to win their leagues.

        • I love it how people make up bullshit. Last season, you could enter after round 2. I doubt it will be changed this year either.

          • na, i think that was because a few found a loophole last year – they had partial filled teams who’s players still fluctuated in price, but they somehow kept unlimited trades! therefor this year i’d say you can still enter after round one, but hopefully fixed this bug…

    • You will still be able to make a team after Round 1.

  • My missus is doing similar but going for round 16.

  • Whats with the weekly prize only being $500, wasn’t it $1000 last year?

  • I’m doing supercoach just for this accept I’m going for the Rd 16 prize!

  • Keep us informed on what scores the league gets, maybe post it up here on DT Talk

  • Round 6 league code 754553. Totally different strategies to consider. I think I have got it sussed. Just gotta do some research on the magic number and average price increases for rooks for their 1st and 2nd rises