Western Bulldogs: Dream Team Preview

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After last years NAB cup win it was all about the Bulldogs and there chances for the premiership. Its fair to say that didn’t work out and they are along way from it. Yes they have made the prelim the last three seasons but they just don’t seem like they are up there with Collingwood, St Kilda and Geelong. This year I believe they will drop off a lot and I am tipping them to come 8th. Will that affect some of there players dream team scores? Well I guess it would a little. But if your a dream team jet it doesn’t matter who you play for! Matthew Boyd is one who will once again be one of the highest averaging players while Brian Lake will continue to be a dream team whore in the backline picking up a whole lot of points.

During the trade period the dogs went out to get some speed and picked up the likes of Nathan Djerrkura, Justin Sherman and Patrick Veszpremi. Djerrkura only managed to play 4 games at his time at Geelong. In those games he got scores of 29, 58 and 45 (all in 2009) and 40 (in 2010). He has played no where near enough to know know how good a player or dream teamer he will be. You would think he would get a lot more games for the dogs then he did with the cats and he will be as cheap as chips so watch his pre season!

Sherman came across to the dogs after 6 seasons with Brisbane. In his time there he showed he could be a dream team jet with an average of 87 in 2006 and an average of 86 in 2009. Although season 2010 was a year to forget for the Shermanator and most of his ex Brisbane team mates as he was only able to average 66. The good news from that is that he will be pretty cheap for someone who has shown they are a gun. You would think he will play a bit more time in the midfield as they got him for his speed and also he will be in a good side once again so I reckon he could average 85 plus!

Former Swan Veszpremi is a lot like Djerrkura because its going to be really hard to tell what your going to get from this guy. The reasons are also the same, he hasn’t played enough games! He played 11 games in three seasons for Sydney with averages of 65 and 47 and in his only game last year he got 71. Okay so maybe he has shown a little more then Djerrkura but what role will this guy play? Probably midfield but he could also play half back or forward. He is someone who you really need to watch in the NAB cup because he will be very cheap and could be a good be a good unique pick!

The two big name players the dogs got out of the draft were Mitch Wallis and Tom Liberatore (thanks to the father/son). They are two dream team guns in the making. Wallis captained Vic Metro in the 2010 Under-18 Championships and averaged a very good 28 disposals in three matches before injury struck! In the 2010 TAC Cup Grand Final, he had 47 disposals and was awarded best on ground! If that isn’t a dream team slut I don’t know what is!!! I reckon he is a good chance to be named round 1 and if he is lock him in on your midfield bench!

Liberatore last year averaged 22 disposals and four tackles a game in the Under-18 Championships, he was named All Australian that year! He then went on to pick up 28 disposals in the TAC Cup Grand Final. I am not sure if this kid will be named for round 1 but he will be a very good downgrade option later on in the season!

The Bulldogs byes are in rounds 4 (multi bye round) so if you are going for a league win thats great and in round 20 which is a week before the finals.


Brian Lake

In 2010 Lake took his dream team game to a new high averaging 99 points pre round which is unheard of for a full back. He takes a lot of marks and every now and again he doesn’t mind playing a bit of kick to kick in the backline. Thats why this man is an ex factor for any team that has him. Last year he got over 100 points twelve times which includes that game where he got 192 against North Melbourne (I’m sure we all remember that). Although Lake has had an injury interrupted pre season and I would keep away from him because of that. I reckon he will be a great upgrade option later on in the year once he gets his fitness up!

Lindsay Gilbee

2010 was a very inconstant year for Lindsay and that would have annoyed a lot of coaches that jumped on him after his great start to the season. In his first five rounds he got scores of 167, 130, 124, 97 and two low scores of 46 and 65. That shows when he is at his best he is an amazing dream teamer. The down side is he doesn’t do it enough, he only got 100 or over two more times and ended up with a 84 average. If you are thinking of taking the risk with him your a really brave person as I don’t think he will ever change. He is a great player but I can’t see him going out and averaging 90 plus.

Ryan Hargrave

The big question with this man is will he ever return to his 2009 form which planted him in the best defenders in the game? My answer is no. I think he could easily average 85 but I can never see him averaging over 90 again. In 2009 he showed the dream team world that he was an out and out gun averaging 93 and getting over 100 nine times. Although last year he went back to his old ways averaging 76 and only cracking 100 four times. He ruined a lot of teams and I can’t see many people forgiving him any time soon. I would keep far away from him but at his price I wouldn’t be surpised if a few people did take the risk.


Matthew Boyd

Well well well… Matthew Boyd… One of my all time favourites! What else can I say about him then he is an out and out superstar! Last year I was able to upgrade Dustin Martin for him and he was one of the main reasons I won my first premiership! Last year he averaged an amazing 115 which was the 3rd highest in the league after Swan and Ablett. He only got under 100 four times so he is super reliable and he is also very durable only missing two games since 2006. Before 2010 he had averages of 97, 92 and 104 which shows he has been good for along time now. Don’t be surprised if he averages 120 this year because he is that good! He is locked and loaded and will no doubt be leading my midfield with Swan this year.

Daniel Cross

When we talk about the best dream team midfielders going around this man never gets a mention which now seems very unfair. Week in week out he pumps out very respectable scores and is one of the most underrated players and dream teamers going around. Last year he averaged 103 which I bet a lot of people didn’t know. He also got over 100 an amazing 16 times which even surprised me one of his biggest fans. The thing is he has been a gun since 2005 averaging 95, 102, 93, 96, 96 and that 103 I just talked about. If you are looking for a unique pick then he is a perfect man for you! I will probably pass on him but I am still going to have him in the back of my mind.

Adam Cooney

Cooney is probably the Bulldogs best player but is still far away from there best dream teamer. He is yet the average 100 in his career, not even in his Brownlow year. I feel like he could be in for his best season dream team wise and I am tipping him to averge 95-100. He has shown he can score pretty well, getting two 147s last year and a huge 170 in 2006. Its now time he does that more consistently.

Ryan Griffen

Griffen is only $300 less then Cooney and also goes along the same lines as him as he is yet to average 100 in his career. He has only scored thirteen 100’s in his six years with the dogs which is pretty shit for someone of his class. I have a feeling that like Cooney I reckon he is in for a break out dream team year where he could average 95-100. You might find yourself chosing between Griffen and Cooeny pretty soon and I would go with Adam if I had the choice. I will pass on both though.

Callan Ward

Ward is very cheaply priced and has a lot of upside to his game as he is only coming into his 4th year. Injuires ruined his 2010 season but he still managed to get scores of 107 and 103 and in 2009 he got a couple of big scores of 118 and 104 which proves one year it will click and dream team will be his game. Is that year 2011? Well personally I reckon he is one year away from being worth picking. I just want to see him put a few more good high scoring games together but I will still be watching his pre season very closely and if he does well he could be a smokie chance of making my squad.


Stay away from all Bulldogs ruckmen!!!! The best of the lot is Ben Hudson and thats showing something as he has only cracked 100 once in his 7 year career.


Daniel Giansiracusa

Gia is Warnie’s boy as we all know so I better be nice to him here! 2010 is his best year to date, averaging 93 and getting over 100 ten times which included scores of 154, 142, 140, 133 and 125 which shows he really knows how to score! He has always been super consistant throughout his career averaging 87, 85, 82, 93 and 86 from 2005-2009. He seems to struggle to get points when he plays up forward so if Eade shows signs of picking him as a full time midfielder in the NAB Cup jump on! My worry is that with Johnno and Aker gone and Hahn on the rookie list, that Gia might play a lot more time up forward.

Shaun Higgins

Higgo has been my boy for a few years now but towards the end of last year I lost faith in him and traded him out for Paul Chapman. This man is made from lego and will frustrate the hell out of you as every couple of weeks he is out because of his hammys, ankles, soft tissue injuries or even thyroid problems. 2009 was the year when Higgins had the least of his injuries in his career and he was able to get an average of 89 with 8 scores of over 100. So that shows he can be very good but I wouldn’t take the risk. Pass.

Robert Murphy

Murphy is a very skilled footballer and will be a tad underpriced for a player of his quality. He has never been a consistent dream team scorer but he has still smashed out a big score every now and again. In 2008 he averaged 89 with seven 100s including a huge 149! He went back down to a 77 average last year so he will be priced cheaply and for some strange reason I have a good feeling about him. He is also named as a backmen. I very much doubt I will pick him but he is someone to watch over the pre season.

Barry Hall

Last year big Baz was one of the most selected players in fanstasy land and he ended up being a good cash cow. He came 2nd in the Coleman but could still only manage to average 74. He is one of those players who relies on a bag of goals to get points and lets face it no matter how good you are you’re not going to kick five every week. Thats why I promised myself I am never going to pick those types of players again. Although when he was with Sydney he averaged 91 in both 2005 and 2006 but that was along time ago now. I don’t see how you could pick him.

Thanks for reading,


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  • Great write up PieMan…………If Gia goes into the midfield, I think he is worth getting on, I think Veszpremi will be worth a look as well…………. I will be keenly watching the NAB Cup.

  • Just wanna get everyone’s thoughts on Boyd and how the captaincy will affect his scores.
    I wouldn’t know for sure but I dare say most guys that have gone on to be captain of their club has seen their first few years of captaincy reduce their DT scoring ability. Do we all think that will happen to Boydy?

    • I reckon that it would only do good things for Boyd. He is you ultimate blue collar worker, he will pump out big scores week in week out. The reason being is his versatility and ability to push through the pain barrier and rack up big numbers in the junk time. He has got where he is from hard work as opposed to natural ability, he came off the rookie list and has gone all the way to captain. He generally tags but finds the pill and tackles like a trooper!

      Its Boyd or Monty for me and both will be in my team by mid year…

  • what do you guys think of Jamie Charman 97K for Brisbane?

  • Nice write up.
    Keeping my eye on little Hooper.
    Special mention to Brodie Moles too-couldnt pick him, but wouldnt surprise me too see him increase his average by 20pts imo-gun in the making!

    THANX to all guys who took the TIME & EFFORT to provide us with wonderful articles!!!

    • Yeah he will def increase his average, a good Tassie lad and mature aged will slot into eagletons role possibly?

  • How the F do you use or find the watch list option? Arrrrrrgh.

    • Does my team need to be full already?

      • don’t think so Shaz – are you trying to add them in from the Stats pages??

        that’s how i do it – from Stats pages just add them in I think …

        great write-up on the Dogs Pieman and cheers to the DT Talk boys for the Deck and pre-season articles …

        love your work!

  • Great work from all who wrote these. They should all get a prospectus, or at least a coke and a smile.

    I’ll be going with Boyd from the outset this year and be looking to upgrade to Lake down the track when his price drops. Can’t see rooks breaking into the side early one but I’m usually wrong about those things.

    NAB tmo. Can’t wait to finally watch some footy. Will the freako be back this year gents?

  • G the Boydy V Montagna is a tough one. They both pump out very similar scores and they both have the league round of in round 4.

    I think for my money though i will choose Montagna JUST over Boyd. He comes in at 13k less and is probably just a tad more capable of that “monster” 150+ score due to his goal kicking ability and getting cheap marks on his own.

    Also u could not be more right about Gia. As soon as he went into the mids last year he dominated! When in the forward line he starved. Giving the retired players and the players they already have in the mids, i reckon gia is a definite NO GO!!

    • Im thinking Boyd ov er Monty purely becasue of the bye in round 14, picking Monty up over that bye should be pretty handy

  • my favourite review, thanks PieMan!

  • Off Topic.
    How many people are considering the Petrie – Hale as forward/ruck cover.
    Would love to hear peoples thoughts on it.

    • i really cant find room for a ruck/fwd spot in my fwd line with the likes of krakour and knights taking up valuable room lol. But Renouf hasn’t been named in hawthorns’ nab cup list so i guess Hale and Bailey will be doing the ruck: http://www.afl.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/208/newsid/107571/default.aspx

      • don’t worry just remembered they are sending their “young” team over or something.

    • Not sure whether Hale offers enough value priced at $184K. However if he proves me wrong it could be a good move to have DPP options.

    • Hey Orbs – wasn’t considering Hale in the mix, but I’ve got Petrie in my FWD line, with joel Tippett ready to DPP Swap if i need him…

      But now i’m coming to a bit of a crossroads with it… I can have either Leuenburger in the ruck and Petrie in the fwd, with the ability to cover a missing/byed ruckman, or i can have Petrie in the Ruck and Macaffer in the FWD…

      So i’m interested to know what people reckon – Leuenburger or Macaffer?

      • Well im a collingwood supporter and whilst i love Macaffer and thought he was great in the grand final im still not 100% sure on his job security. I think Kraouker is a walk up start in that side and maybe tarrant as well.

        I also think fit and firing brad dick is a certain starter in the side.
        Which means probably Dick for Blair, Tarrant if i had my way would have Browns spot (yes brown was good in the GF’s against riewoldt, but thats because we quadruple teamed him for the most part). Then kraouker im afraid would probably take macaffers spot.

        Im just saying i could be wrong, but if ur spending that much coin, you want 100% job security. Not waiting anxiously each week for the footy shows sides.

        • I agree Krakouer and also Dick are in our best 22.
          Although I am not sure on Tarrant. I think Brown is ahead of him.
          I am not 100 percent sure on Macaffer as well but I reckon he is a bit ahead of Goldsack.
          Blair is one of my favourite players but I am not convinced if he is in our best team.
          I would say three of Macaffer, Goldsack, Blair or Tarrant will miss out.

          • Spot on boys. Krac’s four goals in the intra club match speak loudly. And if Dick is healthy he will get a chance and make the most of it. Tarrant could be the ultimate key position sub, I hope he plays well but only kids and people who click ‘auto fill’ will have him in their team.

            Ahhhh, Collingwood has depth again, how beautiful.

          • Dont forget Tarrant has been close to all Australian selection the past 2 seasons and has a point to prove at the maggies. Tarrant also has more upside as he could be a pinch hitter and go forward and get you a couple of goals where as Brown i dont think could do that.

            I guess you have to look at it a few ways. Whilst our premiership window is well and truly open you want to put our best team on the park and i believe Tarrant is part of that side.

            But you also want to blood the young kids as much as you can like Brown. As harsh as i am on brown (which was quite a lot until the grand finals) i do think he has potetnial to be a mal michael type brick in defence. The GFs would have done wonders for his confidence. He just now need to learn he isnt playing local footy and cant bomb the ball out of defence!!!

            But the fact is half our premiership side is under 50 games!! They say you donmt become a true player until you reach 80 which only means we are going to get better! Its a good time to be alive!

  • Great work Pieman and spot on about Crossie. He is Mr reliable. If it wasn’t for the byes, I’d be taking him and Boyd. Still tempted to anyway. If you’re looking for a premium who is “you get what you pay for” he is your man and let’s face it, that’s what you want in a premium.

    • Daniel Cross. You get what you pay for and he’s a gun, but due to the bye in round 4 involving St Kilda, Boyd, Montagna and Cross will all have to be subbed off from the mids.

  • Gotta love boydy

    Picked him up at the start of last year, banking on a guy who would give me a 98-100 average but play every single game.

    He ended up missing two games (freak hand injury) but averaged 115.

    Ive said it before and ill say it again, he plays 13 times this year at etihad. He absolutely loves it there. His scores there last season were like this. 128, 154, 108, 75, 143, 116, 142, 117, 145, 112, 117.

    Quite simply, GET ON. 118+ Average 2011
    (doggies captaincy should only help him imo)

    • Thats some wicked stats! Might have to consider changing him for monty now!

    • Captaincy could help him NOT get subbed off.
      If the pies are up 12 goals in the 3rd, someone like swanny would have to be a chance to get subbed off for the rest of the game- dt heartache! Bit surely a team would be less likely to leave their captain sitting on the pine?

  • Thanks everyone :)

  • I think ayce cordy will play
    the dogs website says he’ll get some time in the backline

  • Sweet article Pieman.

    Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews, I’ll be looking at them again in about 41 days and 58 mins.

    Boyd is locked in for me. I’m starting Swan, Hodge, Monty and Boyd. I know it’s a little extreme, but why waste 2 trades getting one of these guys when there are so many GC rookies out there just waiting to eat grass until they explode! There is good money to be made over the next few years and with 24 trades, I’ll take four mid premiums straight up thanks. I’m a s*&% c*&$ hahahahaha

  • What’s everyones opinion on D.Morris?

  • Lake or no Lake? that is the question

    what r your thoughts


    • No Lake, he’s injured 8-10 weeks, how many weeks until season starts 6, 7 weeks may not pull up in time; risky, pencil him in and see if he pulls up in time

      • yeah cheers for that,
        might down grade hime then wait till he returns and see how he goes, if he goes down in price might bank on him then


    • He is plenty far away due to off season surgery. Could drop in price and be a decent upgrade midseason imo.

      • Won’t pick Lake in the draft for FantasyFooty. Got him at pick 192 and it was the best draft pick ever and this game is a great alternative to the DT Pro comp. Doing it this year DT Talk guys?

  • Best of all the write-ups pieman, might have to start calling you dogman! Great work to everyone who submitted one, they were fantastic reading.