Michael Barlow: $456,200

So we get another player price for AFL Dream Team today from the latest DT article on the AFL website. We learn that Michael Barlow will be priced at $456,200.

They also discuss whether you should pick him or not. Now we’ve got this question a lot from people over the last few weeks.

The simple answer is no, don’t pick him.

Barlow is coming back from a snapped leg (even though the DT article says a knee… novices) and isn’t even training fully yet. Heck, he probably won’t play NAB Cup and is even in doubt to start the season. We all know he has a whole heap of Dream Team ability – we all had him last year – but it’s going to be hard for him to maintain that average/price. You’d be better looking elsewhere.

The other bit of info we see in that article, is that Gary Ablett is $43,000 more than Barlow… making him $499,200.


  • Does this mean people now how enough information to work out the “magic number’ and determine accurate prices for most players?

    • Theoretically, yes. That Ablett price puts a spanner in the works. Rookies may not be exact and also the extent of discounting is not yet known. So, I guess it’s a wait and see. Fan Planner is still an awesome guide though

    • ye forget about him (he may never come back).the big question is, where do we find another barlow???

  • Monty has Barlow within $100. Not sure if Fanfooty has been updated today though to change his price or whether that was post Krak’s price being released. I noticed he has increased the price of some of the GC players. The free agents that signed have a $5k markup and the rookies they signed last year have a $20k markup. Has there been something else announced as far as Gold Coast players are concerned that I have missed?

  • Just wondering when TKOL will STOP bragging on about Last year and good (“lucky”) he was.

    • I cant help that ive got the winning formula.
      2011 will make 2010 look like a B grade.
      The Kings of Leon will be driving the Toyota in 2011!

  • completely unrelated to michael barlow but nonetheless important, all dt talk enthusiasts need to watch an american comedy that airs on fx that’s called “the league” and is about a group of guys that run an american fantasy league, look it up on youtube it is hilarious.

  • Way to pricey for me this year, will watch his return and maybe consider him next year!

  • I whole point of picking rookies is to get the next Barlow, not the current one.

  • If he plays the roaming forward/midfielder role like Chappy and Dids, he will become elite -just like them.
    He is so, so clever & skillfull, and kicks goals (GAJ style).
    I reckon like GAJ, this year he will prove to be pretty much untaggable.The only concern is his body of course.
    Great Dream team upside, but unbelievable Supercoach scoring potential!


  • The League is absolutely hilarious, 2 seasons in now. Kind of inspiring me to get a trophy for
    My league this season

  • More insight/validation of fanplanner pricing:


  • The delorian needs to get to exactly 88 mph