Alan Didak: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Alan Didak
Club: Collingwood
Position: Forward
Bye Rounds: 7 & 13
2010 Average: 99
2010 Games Played: 20
Predicted Average: 100

Why should I pick him? Didak is easily one of the best forwards in the AFL. Plus he is a great Dream Teamer! In he last 3 years he has averaged 95, 103 and 99 last year! In the last 2 years he has scored 90+ a nice 65% of the time and although he’ll come with an expensive price tag, he’s certainly worth it. In 2009 (his best year) he played 17 for his average of 103 he had some massive scores such as 141, 141, 153 and 156. He came home strong last year too with an average of 111 in his last 6 games. Didak is a gun and certainly needs to be in your team at some point in 2011, if not from the start.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? He misses games and does crap dancing after he kicks goals. He has missed 11 games in the last 3 years and played his last full season way back in 2006. He is a little loose and has been fined for many things like, tripping, fighting, charging and once for wearing a sh*t mouth guard… or maybe he should have been.

Deck of DT Rating. ACE – He’ll be priced at an average of 99. He won’t be cheap but is clearly in the top 7 forwards in the competition and if you are serious about 2011, you’ll need him in your team at some point.


  • As much as I can’t stand this guy he is a gun! Will be in my team at some point of the year most likely from the start. He scares me for some reason!? (dt wise)

  • I’ve had Thomas penciled into my side for a while, but it looks like he’s a Mid only for next year. Same goes for Douglas and Rockliff. Didak’s looking more likely now. I have three premium forwards already who I prefer over him, so it’ll come down to him or a mid-pricer if I don’t have the cash.

  • He wont be starting in my side this year as i am expecting a slow start but the plan is to upgrade to him once he is back in shape. What a gun and gotta strongly disagree with you guys he isnt a bad looking bloke…….with a premiership medallion round his kneck and holding the cup!!!! lol

    • I think his price will dip a bit as well. I’ll get on after the buys!

    • You’re spot on, will take a while for him to recover from his injury. Perfect upgrade after the Pies second bye.

  • I will grab him after round 13………….if he is not suspended by the tribunal or his own club by then :-)

    • Yep, won’t be a starter for the Warne Dawgs. He will be a perfect upgrade target!

      • Ditto

      • Spot on Warnie!

      • Thats what I was thinking but im scared not picking him from the start.

        I know hes coming back from an injury but he could just as easily smash it straight from the start. Considering he played the entire final series with the injury he was still in there.

        Forwards are very hard this year, I want to start with 4 premiums but if I dont start with Didak my 4th may end up being Pavlich, who im not excitied about at all!

  • Hahaha – crap dancing, shit mouthguard AND dodgy haircut AND the fact he looks like a rat, but all this aside he is a gun and will definitely be in my team at some stage this year.

    For now I am monitoring how quickly he resumes full training after the pec surgery.

  • Lovee Didak! Loveee him!
    My favourite player and an out and out gun.
    At this point he isn’t in my side (you will see why if Warnie puslishes my Collingwood artical) but there is no doubt he will be at some point this season!
    He is a premiership player with The Mighty Dermy’s.
    Go Didak and Go Pies!!!

    Good write up Vin :D

  • As the Prospectus would say
    “Unstoppable! Get him, Sit back and enjoy the 100’s”… or something like that.

    Absolute height of his power. Like Chappy last year. People said, ill upgrade him and wasted 10 weeks of dominance.
    That’s Didak now! Non negotiable. Don’t waste his spot on someone else!

  • Locked in my team, gun player and he can always go into the midfield. I don’t see why everyone thinks he’s a ‘bad boy’, he hardly gets suspended. Remember when Jake King punched him in the guts in ’09 he didn’t retaliate and just played it cool, even through the brawl that followed. If you watch him on stuff like The Black and White show, he’s actually a modest and humble man. I think it’s just from what happened with Shaw, but those days are over.

  • I’m going with Didak. I mean would people serious go with Sylvia, Green, Johnson, Harvey, Johnson, Goodes over him? Voldt, Pav and Didak were easy locks.

    • I am not sure on Pav, how many times did he get over 100 last year? I don’t think it was many.
      I am going Sylvia over Didak at this point for a couple of reasons.
      One reason is because I want Krakouer in my starting 7 and I don’t want two players from the same club in the same position!

      • agreed… plus i dont want swan and didak havin byes at the same time… i be picking him up after 2nd bye for sure. trying… not to have 2 premiums from same team to start with. plus as pieman says, krak in fwds for me too.

      • Couldnt agree more, Pav went quiet towards the end of last year and couldnt find the ball for long periods.

        I know hes a gun, but hes getting old and my confidence in him has dropped.

        • What are the chances of pav spending more time in the midfield with Anthony being recruited up forward and sandilands resting up there aswell?

      • Agreed

    • Not sayin that these guys are better than Mr Rat-tail -coz I thinks Dids is aGUN- butt….If your priority is a league win then Sylvia, Green and Goodes absolutely come into calculations as great options. Their byes all fall on the league head-to-head bye weeks. Handy.
      If you can manage Collingwoods byes around mid year, he’ll help you towards the overall/car. Get the best of both worlds and upgrade to him soon after round 13.
      FWIW, I think Sylvia is about to have breakout seaon and is a MPP ta boot!

  • Didak or Chappy?

    Chappy- A GUN, played 20 games last year averaged 115, but hamstrings are a worry.

    Didak- Ditto,

  • He has been in my mind for a while now but I couldn’t fit him in. But now is HAS! Goodes, Pav and Dids and see if Brown could squeeze in somewhere. And cuzin Voldt who won the Coleman Medal.
    Great player. Great gun. Injuries are a problem though.

  • At this stage I’m thinking he won’t be starting in my side in Round 1. There’s no doubt he is a gun but with such an expensive price I want to make sure he won’t be missing any action in 2011. He’s definitely first in line for a forward line ‘upgrade’ though.

  • great write up, funny shit :) as for didak, i’ve had him for a while now, plan on keeping it that way too ;)

  • not for me….at this stage.

    definite upgrade target.

  • I think after the limited pre-season with the pec coupled with the fact that I will try and avoid 2 premiums from one team until their byes are done make him a lock for round 14 for me.

    • I agree, dockerone. I’m going for a leaugue win. The problem with Didak (and Swan) is that he costs top dollar but has byes in rounds 7 and 13. So Didak can play a maximum of 13 out of the 15 DT league H&A games. Add to that the 2 or so games that he will probably miss (judging by his history, age and limited preseason) and it is likely that 11 out of 15 H&A games would be a good result. I can’t bring myself to start with a player that costs > $400k if he will most likely play 11/15 H&A games (or 13/15 at best). I will trade him in after round 13. He may hurt me until then, but I can easily cover him with Sylvia, Buddy, Voldt, etc and there is a lot of value in the forwards this year.

  • A lock for rnd 14, like GAJ will be a lock for rnd 10.
    Short & Sweeeet!!!

  • Beginning to think not starting with Didak could be a mistake……up til now i have been thinking the same as most of you that with his two early byes, pec & limited preseason he would be a perfect upgrade target…..ok I admit that I was on the Krak bandwagon there too for a while…..HOWEVER if I have read and heard right even with Didaks limited preseason he still came in very close if not just ahead of Krakouer in the 2km time trial…..that isnt pumping dids up too much cause he was towards the back but with the amount of afl preseasons under his belt and the sports science geeks as good as they are now I reckon he will pick up fitness ready for round 1 and also alot quicker than Krakouer who does not have the amount of AFL preseasons which is important
    How much time will Krakouer get straight away….I know he blew the WAFL granny to bits but lets face it….the pies are the defending AFL premiers who have a shite load of young talent that he has to leapfrog…..heres one name straight off the bat….Brad Dick……has showed a fair bit at that level, injury free and I believe running very well in the preseason……..Hmmmmm maybe not having Dids from the start and expecting too much from Krak may be a mistake………..
    Sorry about the length of this post after reading through this thread I was thinking as typing and got away from me!!!

  • Dids is an upgrade target !

  • Great player to watch! will be an upgrade if he stays fit and in form!