Andrew Krakouer: $139,500

The AFL website has just posted an article about AFL Dream Team pre-registration (which starts from tomorrow) to win tickets to the AFL Grand Final.

We are told that Andrew Krakouer will be one of the bargain buys of 2011 because he is coming in at a starting price of $139,500. A little more than what the Fan Planner had him at originally.

Anyway, register your interest and be in the running for the 4 GF tickets. We know three blokes who will tag along with you!


  • It says in the the article that Krak is ‘the same price as many recent draftees’

    I wonder if that means that all of the draftees will be $139,500 ….

    • Nope, they won’t be. He is just priced in the range of the draftees. We will see the most expensive (ie. Swallow) around the $170K mark and the cheaper/rookie listed players around $85K-$90K ish.

  • Still worth it unless you think you need cover for swan or pendlebury in the bye rounds.


  • Andrew Krakouer was a slow player at Richmond who excelled in the wet at the MCG.

    What has turned a spud into the next best thing?

      • i played in jail with him and we won the premiership, and he killed it..then i went to watch him play a scratchy with the eagles last pre season that some wafl players got invited to play in,and he absaloutly couldnt get near it.
        and then we all seen what he did in the wafl last year so its i bit of a unique form line.
        but ill b takin the chance on him.
        mzungu ill pass

  • Deck of Dream Team on him on the 30th of Jan (2nd last one)
    Be ready! It’s a belter if I say so myself!
    I guessed him at 130k though, better fixed that up, wasn’t far off though

  • One of the additions to that group, mature age recruit Andrew Krakouer, finished well back in the pack with the likes of Alan Didak, who is progressing well in recovery from surgery on his pectoral muscle, and heavyweight utility Leigh Brown.

    • Luckily Kraks will never have to sprint 2km flat out in an actual footy game. If you had seen him cover the ground in the WAFL GF against Claremont last year you wouldn’t have any doubts about his ability to run around on a footy ground. One of the most dominant games I have ever seen…

  • any idea what the Magic number may be?
    or whether he will be DPP

  • Going by my calculations the MN should be 4152

  • Hey Warnie and Calvin, heard somewhere from a guy who got his prospectus that, Ben jacobs is a DPP, big chance to be in a lot of teams now?

    What are your thoughts on Simon Hogan this year?

    • Not sure on Hogan. Will monitor his role in the cats preseason games bas for Jacobs, yeah look out for that! ;)

      • cheers, i reckon Hogan could take GAJ role and switch from Forward to mid with Chapman throughtout the game. got a 50 possie game in on eof the last rounds of the VFL last year.

        • Steven Motlop might get games ahead of Hogan, they will definitely be competing with each other for a spot.

  • Can’t wait for the Deck of Dream Team article on “Krak” as I’m a Swan Districts fan

  • Boys, do we have to register our interest tommorow to have a chance at the 4 granny tickets or can we do it now? Why is Krakeour at 139,500 if he hasnt played for 2 years?

  • bit off topic (infact way off topic, but still afl related) but this vid is a classic you got to watch it.

  • has anyone else’s fanplanner team changed? m0nty changed all the prices and has changed my prem/mid/cheap/rookies count. i think he knows the magic number

    • He knows. All you need to work out the magic number is just 1 player’s price. It’s 4152. Last year is was 4294.

    • yeah but its still not for sure
      i got another 150k in the bank though

  • Yep the true numbers are turning up I think and they arent as good as they looked a week ago……Varcoe at $310k makes that decision easier……he was $250 odd….Krakouer being up $55k……..oh yeah nows its gonna start to get really hard to balance the books!!

  • could be a good pickup!
    were you boys at the dev cup just recently?

    • Yep we were! Great day! Came home a lot richer!

      • yeah your right amazing weather for it!
        sad to say i couldnt back a winner,
        was thinking bout coming over to chat about dt
        but thought yous might wanna a day off!

  • all the super premiums look to be about $15k cheaper

  • feathertopDT

    so the fanplanner were off on him by 50K wow
    and also i have a few names if anyone could tell me yes or no for
    Majak Daw
    Cameron Richardson
    Josh Toy
    Daniel Talia
    Ben Jacobs
    Tendai Mzungu

    Thanks all :)

    • Daw- unlikely to play, but cheap with valuable dpp.
      Richardson- mature age bank flanker- hopefully can fill in for inj Grima who’s likely to miss 1st half of 2011
      Josh Toy- should be a popular pick
      Daniel Talia- should get games, again cheap with dpp.
      Jacobs- as for Talia, albeit bit more expensive & with dpp, could be good upgrade target to GAJ!!!
      Mzungu- running half back, who again, hopefully can slot in for the injured Hayden who also looks like missing first half of 2011.
      So aside from Daw, big watch in Preaseason games!!!
      Hope this helps.

  • Has anyone heard anything about Tapscott??

    • Melbourne website says he is a hard at it old school footballer likely to play in the nab cup. Nuggety hard forward flanker with massive cannons. Watch with care as melbournes farward line will be pretty hard to crack.

      • Is he likely to get games this year? was all hype last year about him

        • Well to be honest with you I don’t no, he may play a coue games depending on how much he delivers in the nab cup. I assume he would play 5+games

  • Hey boys. Is there anyway of pulling your fanfooty team up that you have previously made or do you have to go through and pick all yours players again? Cheers

  • G Ablett = Mid only
    D Thomas = Mid only
    Sidebottom – Mid only
    Mzungu = Utility
    Hodge = Mid only
    J Kelly = Mid only

  • Robbie Gray = Fwd only
    Ben Jacobs (Port) = Utility
    CHAD = Fossil & Def only (who cares)
    Gia = Fwd only
    Sherman = Mid only

  • m0nty’s prices have given me more money in the bank. Now I got Buddy and I have 5 premiums in my fwd line, which means I have 12 premiums in my team now. DT’s looking pretty good for me this year.

  • Ouch a few of these players not having DPP are really starting to hurt the shape of my team….Sidebottom being mid only is a pain in the arse

  • prospectus has arrived!!

  • A quick flick through the Prospectus this morning revealed or confirmed the positional eligibility of the following (possibly) relevant players –

    Mzungu = Utility
    Mitch Morton = Utility
    Gilbert = Utility
    Issaac Smith (HAW) = Utility!!!
    Heppell = Utility
    Hibberd (ESS) = Utility
    Ben Jacobs (Port) = Utility

    G Ablett = Mid only
    D Thomas = Mid only
    Sidebottom – Mid only
    Hodge = Mid only
    J Kelly = Mid only
    Scott Selwood (WCE) = Mid only
    Sherman = Mid only
    D Beams = Mid only
    Ziebell = Mid only

    C Richardson (Nth) = Fwd only
    Lachie Hanson = Fwd only
    C Rioli = Fwd only
    L Henderson = Fwd only (injured anyway)
    Robbie Gray = Fwd
    Gia = Fwd
    M Daw = Fwd only (look for another FWD-Ruck link)

    A Everitt = DEF
    Birchall = Def only
    Bruce = Def only
    CHAD = Fossil & Def only (who cares)

    Some midpriced MPP’s taken away but some cheapies thrown in – Smith & Hibberd.
    Richardson goes against the initial Fanplanner and may thin out the DEF cheapies.

    • Round 6 Hawthorn and Freo byes make Mzungu / Smith MPP almost useless.
      Especially difficult if you have Hodge MID, Franklin, Rioli, Pav FWD and have to cover Sandilands in the Ruck.
      Geelong with Bye also = Horror round!

      • hey shrew,
        i heard you live in Darwin on the big footy website, recon you cou,ld let me borrow your prospectes when your finished with it? :)

        Thanks for the updates

        • Book sellers will permanently loan you a Prospectus for a reasonable price ;)

          It is unlikely that I will be finished with mine for sometime.

          • nah, just go to a book shop with a piece of paper and go have a quick look at it and take some notes. :)

            any nice little article in it that you would care to give a few notes on. :)


          • A very smart write-up by some boys from “DT Talk”?

            Will read over my morning coffee tomorrow but a glance looks like what they have already posted here regarding tactics, structure and negotiating the byes.

            Thanks DT Talk lads for a fine site and congratulations on the recognition by being printed in the Propectus.

            Please get back onto Boag’s and run the Tipping comp again this year.

            I REALLY enjoyed it in 2010.

    • What about Duffiled anyone, is he listed as a Back of Mid?

    • that sux shit

  • The AFL DT pre-register comp is the same ‘most original team name’ as last year. Were last year’s comp results ever published?

  • “All “Utility” players in the 2011 AFL Prospectus according to each Player Table

    Adam Goodes
    Adam McPhee
    Alan Didak
    Alex Johnson
    Andrew Carrazzo
    Andrew Krakouer
    Andrew Moore
    Ben Jacobs
    Ben McGlynn
    Billie Smedts
    Brad Sheppard
    Bradley Harvey
    Brendon Goddard
    Brent Harvey
    Brent Staker
    Brett Deledio
    Bryce Gibbs
    Bryce Retzlaff
    Callum Wilson
    Colin Sylvia
    Dan Nicholson
    Daniel Menzel
    Daniel Talia
    Darcy Daniher
    David Astbury
    David Hale
    David Zaharakis
    Dion Prestia
    Drew Petrie
    Dylan McNeil
    Dyson Heppell
    Gary Rohan
    Hamish Shepheard
    Heath Grundy
    Heath Scotland
    Ian Callinan
    Isaac Smith
    Jack Steven
    Jack Weston
    Jackson Ferguson
    Jackson Trengove
    Jake King
    Jamie Bennell
    Jared Brennan
    Jarryd Morton
    Jason Davenport
    Jason Gram
    Jayden Post
    Jeremy McGovern
    Jesse O’Brien
    Joel Tippett
    Kepler Bradley
    Kurt Tippett
    Leigh Brown
    Leroy Jetta
    Levi Greenwood
    Lindsay Gilbee
    Lukas Markovic
    Luke McPharlin
    Lynden Dunn
    Matt Austin
    Matthew Broadbent
    Matthew de Boer
    Matthew Lobbe
    Matthew Pavlich
    Michael Doughty
    Michael Hibberd
    Michael Hurley
    Michael Johnson
    Michael Osborne
    Mitch Morton
    Mitchell Duncan
    Nathan Fyfe
    Nick Salter
    Nick Winmar
    Patrick Dangerfield
    Paul Chapman
    Rhys Stanley
    Rick Ladson
    Ricky Henderson
    Ricky Petterd
    Robbie Hicks
    Robert Murphy
    Ryan O’Keefe
    Sam Gilbert
    Scott Stevens
    Shane Edwards
    Shaun Higgins
    Shaun McKernan
    Simon Buckley
    Taylor Hine
    Tendai Mzungu
    Thomas Schneider
    Tom Hunter
    Tony Armstrong
    Warrick Andreoli
    Xavier Clarke”

    Thanks to onthepulse at fanfooty.

  • Just to add another popular player that many had as a duel-position last year, Luke Hodge is now listed as Mid, in my mind I had him as a lock in the backline now a re-think is needed.

  • Houli anyone? Would be much appreciated if someone could give info as to what his positioning is

  • Some good names on that “Utility” list.. thanks.

    Havent heard much talk about Pav? Would be a good pickup I would think.. great for a League win and a MPP, should also spend more time in the middle with a few Freo fwds maturing and cementing their spots?
    Deck of DT on him hopefully?
    (Prob not seeing as you guys already nearly finished! Looking forward to them!)

  • Just Pre-registered, & read the changes to DT 2011.

    Under the new system, private leagues will play 15 rounds, have five general byes, and play finals between rounds 21 and 24.

    “But it is important to note that the overall competition will play out over the entire 24 rounds,” Jankulovski told

    “Plus there might be a surprise or two.”……..,..???

  • Anybody know anything about Nathan ablett and whether he is likely to play round 1?, also anyone know anything about Sep Tabe and Lucas Cook (Melbourne)?

    • im a hundred percent he wont play round 1

      • Bugger, wanted to start with one ablett this year, also would it be a dumb decision to get hargrave, i Know he sucked last year but in 09 he averaged 93.2?

        • You do GC have a bye in Round 1 right? Wouldn’t suprise me if Nablett is playing in Round 2 tho. Probaley be a regular. I’d stay away from Hargrave. Better options out there

    • I can’t see cook playing this year. His very ‘raw’. Maybe look at Jeremy howe or Luke tapscott if your after a Melbourne forward rookie.

  • out of interest
    Who do you think will be the top 7 Defenders, and Forwards?
    the top 6 Midfielders? and the top 2 Rucks?

    • Hey, good idea :D

      Here’s mine for ya:

      1. Brendon Goddard (going out on a limb here, i know..)
      2. Greg Broughton
      3. Brett Deledio
      4. Bryce Gibbs
      5. Beau Waters
      6. Paul Duffield
      7. Brian Lake

      1. Dane Swan
      2. Gary Ablett
      3. Matthew Boyd
      4. Brendon Goddard
      5. Michael Barlow
      6. Paul Chapman

      1. Dean Cox
      2. Aaron Sandilands

      1. Paul Chapman
      2. Nick Riewoldt
      3. Jonathan Brown
      4. Alan Didak
      5. Daniel Giansiracusa
      6. Matthew Pavlich
      7. Jared Brennan

      Very doodgy probably, but i did it pretty quick, and its quite hard to predict with injuries and what-not.. But anyway, there it is :)

  • Now that Thomas is only a mid I need a replacement.

    Would love to see a Deck of Dream Team on Adam Goodes. We saw last year when he finally went in the midfield all the big scores he pumped out.

    • hey pieman, i have done one on goodsey, he will be up shortly

      • 22nd January to be exact. Big day that day, hey Roy?

        • congratulations roy.

          ryan o’keefe is an interesting one – i never knew he played with an injury for the second half of last year. i just thought he turned to shit.

          but if he is over his injury, he seems to be slightly under-priced.

  • Champion Data need to get their $%^& together as far as MPP selections are concerned. You’d swear they have made some choices based on their Dream Team’s!

  • TEAM NAME: tumtum
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, S. Gilbert, B. Deledio, G. Broughton, J. Adcock, A. Otten (S. Tape, M. Coad, N. Duigan)
    MID: D. Swan, M. Boyd, L. Anthony, B. Houli, L. Shuey, D. Swallow (A. Gaff, D. Prestia, M. Weller)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, S. Jacobs (Z. Smith, J. Redden)
    FWD: N. Riewoldt, M. Pavlich, J. Brown, D. Zaharakis, C. Knights, D. Petrie, A. Krakouer (B. Matera, T. Mzungu, D. Talia)
    CASH LEFT: $13,700

    what do u think guys/girls?