Kieren Jack: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Kieren Jack
Club: Sydney
Position: Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 5 & 19 (both multi bye rounds)
2010 Average: 90
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 102

Why should I pick him? Firstly I have a soft spot for KJ because he won me heaps of money in the last 5 weeks of the season doing DT bets on (he was never the favourite and kept winning). When looking for premium players, and being priced at a 90 average is premium, it is important the player finished the previous year strongly, bumping the average up, as opposed to starting strong and dwindling away. The improvement is exactly what KJ managed to do, averaging 107 through rounds 16 to 22, giving us an indication of what he is capable of in 2011. In the first month of last season, KJ’s role lacked the freedom he has since received and his DT scores reflected that when he didn’t manage to score higher than 81. I see this as a positive because it assisted with keeping his price down, and that tagging type role he began the year with, is hopefully a thing of the past.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Unfortunately for KJ, when he was asked to do a tagging role, he was good at it. So, there is always the worry that he will be called upon to to stop a dominant opponent. While on the topic of tagging, due to Jack’s individual dominance in the second half of the year, he was often receiving the number 1 tag in the middle. It will remain to be seen if he misses the in and under work of Brett Kirk to give him outside possessions.

Deck of DT Rating. KING- A reassuring point of selecting KJ as a premium is his durability. In the last 3 years he has only missed 1 game. This kid is a superstar in the making and has made significant improvements each year and his end to 2010 suggested he is destined for bigger and better things. I think if he fits into your team structure and you are a fan of the kid, it would be a fun unique pick and you will not be disappointed. It is always scary selecting premiums from Sydney, however he is definitely one exception to the rule.


  • Great option for the midfield guys….and I hate to say it one I had not considered…..the possibility of being asked to tag again though is a big risk….

  • Deck of DT Rating. KING

    Yet the picture is of a queen :P

    You’re not insinuating that Kieren is Priscilla Queen of The Footy Field by any chance? :P

  • Shhhh….. he’s my boy ;-)

  • At the end of 2010 I had him locked for this year, but midfield spots are tough! He’d be my first choice for a ‘low’ priced premium capable mid (+105 avg), but I’m not sure he’ll quite get there. Currently I have the true premiums, and three sub 200K players. In the mix right up until lockout.

    I think he’s a better selection than A Swallow, although that’s probably irrelevant. If you’re deciding between the two, it might be better picking Jack if going for the league win, and Swallow if going for the car.

  • TBH Kieren was not someone i was considering, even as a swans supporter (shock horror, i know!) but he is deffinately worth considering. he deffinately stepped up last year and i think he can improve again this year. for me it all depends if i can fit him in my team. money is a big factor but for me nick malceski is a lock and im going for the “no more than 2 players per club” rule this year, so i guess it depends. i was looking at taking everitt, but price permitting. i’d love to have kierzza in my squad. at this is stage he is a 7/10 chance to make my team.

  • From a League point of view, he’s very appealing. Durable and the Swans are one of 4 sides with both byes on multiple bye rounds (ie League “holidays”). He is at an awkward price but I have one configuration where I have three super premiums, KJ as the fourth MID and then rookies. It can work and is worth a punt IMO.

  • I would highly consider Kieren Jack in my team. As long as he is not to pricey…..He is Locked in

  • Well I’ve got him as a 3rd mid, with 2 rookies starting and one cheaper mid pricer (callan ward), perhaps skimping a bit in my mids but if ward and jack come off it will be worth it

  • Crossy could be another good option, though he handballs a lot, he’s a consistent DT’er and I’ll watch Jack in the NAB Challenge games.

  • Been on the radar for a while now, just hope with kirk gone he doesnt go back to a tagging type role

  • Great to see a writeup of someone a little off the radar.
    In saying that however, you have opened up his potential to everyone else. KJ was my smokie for the year and was and obviously still IS in my squad.

  • I wasn’t really thinking about him till now either… Hmmm.. I currently have Liam Anthony ahead of him. We will see.
    Good write up Roy :)

  • The ideal mid for those going for a league win (like me):
    – Sydney play all DT league rounds,
    – He became a premium over the last 2 months of 2010, but is only priced at 90,
    – He rarely misses a game,
    – He is only 23, so is still improving,
    – He should get more tog now that Kirk has retired and, since he has such a big motor, should benefit from the new interchange rule.
    I think that, at worst, he will be a competent 6th mid by DT finals time.
    Locked and loaded.

    • all the talk is about Horse’s new game plan, set to involve alot more hard running than roos’ stop start, one on one style, which should suit players like kieren.

  • lost at poker the other night to a guy who looks alot like jack.

    but anyways, im going for overall so i dont think this guy will help me out that much.

    but a great write up with a very appropriate predicted average imo.

    p.s i just realised looking at the picture that its the opera house on the swans kit. i always thought it was some sort of swan with its wings spread out.
    well, you certainly do learn something new everyday.

    • Wow, I always thought it was a swan myself, a somewhat funny wing spread out swan as you said, but a swan nonetheless..

      • Woah, i’m a pretty big swans fan and i hadnt even realised that myself, it does sorta look like a wing or something

  • Hi Warnie, do you reckon Jono Brown is worth consideration this year?

    now to Jack…………………Likley

    • Calvin is the man to ask about JB. Come back on the 12th Jan… I’ve just looked in the scheduled posts, and Jono Brown is up on Wednesday!! Calvin has him there ready to go!!

      • woot woot – go browndawg!!

        • Browndawg 2011 coleman medalist.

          He’s the player I /must/ have in my team each year. CARN BROWNDAWG

          • has browndawg started training yet???

            i think he may still be recovering from that groin surgery.

            will start slowly me thinks. certainly an uprgrade target round 8 onwards.

      • Any chance of Bachar Houli getting a write up?

        Richmond chased him pretty hard during the off season.

  • Thank Warnie

  • Hey Warnie,

    Some concerns over the following players: Prestia, Cripps and B. Jacobs. Will these players be playing in round 1 and I hope that Morton will become the Colin Sylvia of 2009

    • How is Warnie supposed to know if they are playing round 1.
      I didn’t realise he owned a crystal ball.

    • Prestia you would think barring injury is a good thing for round 2 MY crystal ball says he is no chance for round 1!
      B. Jacobs – I think everyone has there eye on him, he is in my initial lineup but do have concerns about how much he will actually play this season.
      Cripps is the interesting one for mine… others have reminded me the saints defence can be tough to break into but I have heard from a couple people i know that Cripps is VERY promising and the coaching staff are keen to see him play………but as with all the rookies it a wait and see proposition at this stage

  • Warnie, what do you think about Callum Wilson W.C.E.?

    • Eagles have lots of players who were out with injury at end of 2010 coming back in. At $193K, way too much risk of not getting a game.

  • Great gutsy player sure to be a star.
    The fact it’s the Swans, new coach/gameplan? etc…
    Personally, I see him as the “Carrazzo,” of the Swans, albeit a much better tackler, & can see scores of 70’s & 80’s.
    I’ve gone for Malcheski and ROK.
    Not sure why ROK faded out last year, but doesn’t seem to be in any teams.
    I think well see him back at his best- deck of DT chance perhaps?

    • he was playing with a groin injury for most of the season

      • ROK is an interesting one. His average dropped 10 last year (I think because he spent more time fwd because Bradshaw was injured and he had that groin injury) so you’d think he’d be a good pick this year, especially with TDL and Rohan in their second year helping out more in the fwd line and Bradshaw coming back. But ROK is 30. How many 30 year olds increase their average from the previous year?
        Looking forward to your opinion of ROK, DT Talk. And thanks for all the work you’re putting in over summer. It’s going some way to keeping me sane until Feb 11.

        • He was definately playing with some sort of injury, (groin apparently,) and I remember in one of the games he spent a great deal of game time on the bench.
          (I remember people typing stuff like- what’s happened to ROK? Hasn’t moved off 40, is he injured?)
          So if fully fit, I’d say yeah, this 30yr old can improve on his previous years ave.
          Was tinkering with my team, more so, likely starting premiums, (realized no point stressing over rookies,)
          and notice JB is 30!
          And with his dodgy groin- gonna be interesting to see Calvin’s post on the champ on Wednesday!

        • ROK not for me. Got burnt on him. Remember Lockyer last year, when he starred in the Pre-season but only played a handful of games and retired end-of-season.

    • Sorry for the double post

      He had a role change and was used as a tagger the entire second half of the season. If thats his new role with Kirk gone then expect his average to drop even more this year!

  • Definetely considering him, great player. Will step up as a leader in Kirk’s absence. He and Bolton will dominate the midfield, and with Goodes up forward, Malceski down back, Swans look to be a real contender.

  • Who is ROK?

  • Ryan O’Keefe

    And I wouldn;’t touch him this year. He had a role change and was used as a tagger the entire second half of the season. If thats his new role with Kirk gone then expect his average to drop even more this year!

    • TBH i dont see him staying in the tagger role this year. when he wanted to be traded a few years back it was because he wanted a midfield role. his role changed to tagger last year due to his injury. if he comes back 100% fit then he will resume his role as a dominant midfielder for the swans. i dont think his DT average will drop. PS sorry for the off topic post.

      • He’s had surgery on it, so we’ll have to see how ROK bounces back in the NAB

        • I dont believe he was changed to a ‘run with’ player because he was injured.

          Also their best tagger retired last year and there is a massive hole.

          Someone has to to take that position, but who will it be?

  • Thanks Coasters,

    Do you reackon dumping Kade Simpson For Jack?

    • Yep. The other smokie from the Swannies is Josh P Kennedy. Played all 22 last year at 70 avg and is ready for more midfield time this year. Approx $80K less than KJ and is primed for breakout. If you’re looking for a mid-range MID , Josh P is your man.

    • I would take Jack over Simpson easily.

      Right now Jack is in my team but i will be watching the NAB very closely to see what position he will be playing.

  • Do a Deck of Dream Team on Stanton :D

    Article says that Stants did his PB in beep test and the yo-yo test. Consider him his NAB Cup form is good and he might not be selected in the Big V Superstars.

    • If he is dual listed as a then back he must be considered, but he really cant handle a tag and will cause you to pull your hair out every week.

      He will not be in my midfield. I dont care if he smashes out 145 one week and 55 the next week. I would take a player who scores 100s week in week out.

  • Don’t forget with Captain Kirk is gone…………….guess who will get no 1 tag………don’t get me wrong I still think he will be good enough to average 100-ish

    • that’s a good reason for me to look elsewhere at the swans for an upgrade target – i will chuck out a potential smokie for you all because of my man-crush on …

      Hannebery – early season you can watch how he goes with Longmire’s new game plan and when your rookie cash cows mature you can think about jumping on board (depending on his form) safe in the assumption that Jack will get the tag ahead of him.

  • The most he will average is 100 because he plays for Sydney but go ahead pick him