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Brendan Fevola: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Fev just keeps doing stupid things. Whether you hate him, or hate him more he must be considered in 2011. After a poor 2010 that saw him average 33 points less a game than 2009. Fev is back in 2011 and for those who can see past his stupidity he maybe one of the bargins of the year.

Name: Brendan Fevloa
Club: Brisbane
Position: Forward
Bye Rounds: 4 & 19
2010 Average: 56.4
2010 Games Played: 17
Predicted Average: 80

Why should I pick him? Cause he will be dirt cheap! After a crap year he will be priced at his average of 56.4… and this is waaaay down from the 89.5 he averaged in 2009. Moving to a new club is always tough and Fev joined a team on the way down and found it mega tough. In his defence, he played the majority of the year with an injury… which came about after he heard Brownie was playing hurt, so Fev copied him trying to be cool. His best year was in fact in 2009 where he averaged 3.9 goals a game and played the entire season, in fact Fev, didn’t miss a game over 2008/09. But 2010, where he only averaged 2.8 goals a game was a different story. He can win you a game off his own bat… when Fev kicks a bag it usually ends up with a huge number like a 131, 131, 136, 142 like he did in 2009. Oh and one more thing… if you are going for a league win… then Fev is your man as the byes Brisbane have do not count towards league games, only national ranking!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Cause he’s a dickhead! A massive massive tool and if you are like me then you couldn’t handle seeing his name in your team. He is also very up and down, exactly what you’d expect from a key forward though. He can have massive scores as I’ve previously mentioned but with the good comes the bad scores (in his good year in 2009) of 34, 31, 45. And when will Brisbane finally have enough of this guy? After what he did over the New Years period where he threatend a cop? He’s not right! Brisbane have granted him leave to get rehab and to sort himself out, but Vossy is running out of patience. What will he do next? He’ll piss in a restaurant, kick a kid or spit on Vossy… who knows, he’s as loose and as random as they come.

Deck of DT Rating. JACK – Could be a queen, as he may be a smokey …. but he’ll be nearly priced as a rookie! He’s a mega cash cow and if you think he won’t improve on the average he’ll be priced at… give yourself an uppercut! Certainly a player that I’ll be looking at in 2011… even if I upgrade the tool later.

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